No More Processing

Art by Maria Chambers

At this stage of our ascension we are not processing for the collective.  We are now ‘nurturing our own radiance,’ to borrow a phrase from a very wise mentor of mine.

We are in the process of releasing things that no longer serve us.  We are releasing our ancestry, our bloodline.  It’s why many of us don’t feel that same connection any more with our biological family.  We are letting go of our spiritual families back home.  We each belong to a particular spiritual family, some are from the family of Michael, for example.  Your angelic families of origin.

it’s not a letting go in anger, but in love.  As we release them, we also set them free. We are in a place that can’t accomodate dependency or holding energies.  And that is why we are letting go of any caretaking or processing for the collective, for humanity.

What we are doing requires a lightness of being.  We can’t carry baggage into our freedom.

And that means we are not required to do anything for humanity except nurture our own selves.  And in that self nurturing, that is the greatest service we can offer the rest of humanity at this time.

Art by Maria Chambers

We are not going to access our joy or our freedom if we believe we still need to process our emotions for anyone.  We have moved out of that role.  At least, if you are someone who resonates with this material, and you are not feeling any joy in the idea of processing for the collective.  It’s a feeling you can trust.

And this goes doubly for the female gender.  We are not going to be able to feel the joy of our soul if we are still care taking anyone including humankind.  As women and those who carry the feminine balance, we are finally giving ourselves permission to let go of the notion that pain and suffering is a virtue.  That notion has been a part of our DNA for a very long time.

The idea that as women we must carry the wounds of humanity’s heart.

That is being extracted from our cells.  New cells are being created that have us feeling our freedom here on this planet.  A freedom that women have not felt on a planet that still perceives her as less than worthy.


Art by Maria Chambers

And on a human level, it’s not anything we need to try to figure out.  It’s happening naturally, as we integrate our soul.  Because our soul, at this stage, is not into suffering.  It has learned that suffering and martyrdom get you nowhere.  Except to create more suffering.

So, the new way is seen by some as a selfish way,  an irresponsible way of being, especially for a ‘spiritual’ person.  Then, maybe we need to redefine spiritual, or take the word spiritual out of the equation.

Putting ourself first goes against the grain of everything in this world.  Whether you are on any particular spiritual path or not.  Tis better to give than to receive is one of the oldest adages, and one of the most manipulative.

Our freedom relies on our self-nurturance.  And that self-nurturance includes enjoying the sensual nature of life and the joy that our soul already embodies.

Others on the planet are taking over the role of holding and processing energies for humanity.  But for us, it’s time to move on.

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31 thoughts on “No More Processing

  1. kat

    “We are not going to access our joy or our freedom if we believe we still need to process our emotions for anyone.”

    Preach sister! All I can say is “YES” to all you’ve written and your artwork for this article is amazing. I love the colours and the contrasts

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  3. I love it Maria! I noticed I’ve been feeling different about this lately, it’s like you said about “take the word spiritual out of the equation” I mean, it sounds funny at first but I feel that the goal is to be a 100% able to be aware as humans. Is it too crazy? Cause to be honest sometimes I feel a certain resistance about it! In the sea of information you’re the person that I feel like we speak the same “language” It makes me feel we live in the same world!!

    Thank you for saying that about my English, I felt so genuinely happy!
    I saw there that it was your birthday, happy birthday! I wish you all the happiness and love!!!!

    Lots of love! ❤

    1. Tainara, it make sense to want to be 100 percent aware as a human. I believe it’s why we are here. As souls, we are already enlightened, but now we wanted the best of both worlds. Human and Divine. What a Concept!

      And yes, it’s so nice to find soul connections with others. And you are quite right, we do live in the same world.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! Love to you, too, my friend. 💕

  4. anneke.

    It was always my understanding that if one wants to heal the world one needs to heal oneself first… The idea that we are Processing and suffering through all of humanities ills and darkness seems like martyrdom to me and reeks of religion… NOT my thing at all. Besides..a lot of us have been through so much trauma it is one hell of a job to just clear and heal that… Lately i feel as if I am simply not getting anywhere… So much little to show for it after 9 long years. That is just today..other times I feel more positive.. Ups and downs… I watch people, pay attention and have to say that most people never change at all.. Not one iota. And then there is a theory about Soulless people..Back ground characters… And if we are in some sort of simulation that would make sense to me.. I know it sounds harsh or judgemental perhaps.. I am not saying it is the truth.. But I Do wonder sometimes. With some people I sense Spirit, even if they are not awakening as such.. But a lot of people feel dead.. empty… Like I am in the presence of an inanimate object. It is unsettling.

    1. Anneke, I think we all are doing the back and forth thing. Maybe it’s a natural part of this transformational process we are going through. But, agreed, suffering is old energy, and smacks of organized religion. Even made suffering a virtue. But that’s the antithesis of what we are about.

      And, interesting you say people don’t change. I devoted that topic to a post a while ago:

    2. fxwrk

      Annekke, soulless humans are definitely a thing…..some ‘people’ are empty/devoid of a higher self/spirit component. Others have a rudimentary, animalistic consciousness devoid of higher abilities like conscience and love (these are the sociopaths/pyschopaths.)

      “Without spirit, they are temporary beings whose awareness forms shortly before birth and dissolves shortly after death. And if so, then for them, spiritual life lessons serve no purpose, karma from past lives does not exist, there is no higher Self acting as chaperone, nor would they have genuine interest in anything that serves a purpose beyond their current mortal existence. ” You can read more about it here, this article goes into excellent detail:

  5. Barbara

    I find that when I put myself first, my need is to nurture others. That is what brings me confidence in my own strengths as a woman. My radiance shines when I help others to shine in 3D… one tough son of a bitchin’ dimension for anyone to shine in!

    Maria, a little while ago you wrote about how a woman had found your journal and read it and returned it when you went looking for it, and you were thrilled that, as I understood it, your experiences and your radiance through writing about your experiences helped her, though you may never see her again. That, to me was your Divine Feminine nurturing, not only for her, but for you, too.

    Seeing others radiant as a result of your own is not an ego trip. For me, that is pure Divine Feminine and if… a tiny ‘if’, by any chance I help another, whether or not I know it, I have nurtured myself. This is hard to explain. I no longer need to process my emotions. I just have to be me, emotions and all… WTF is wrong with emotions? Nothing… though I confess when the incoming energies hit me, I’m one pissed off lady! Love, B.

    1. anneke.

      When you put yourself first, you do not feel you Have to nurture others, apart from when Spirit calls you to do so.. I think you are still in rescue mode…. Which means you are not really wanting to look at your own stuff.. I know because I used to do the same.. And it used to make me feel good to “nurture others”…. But it was at the expense of my own inner development.. It is a kind of Co-dependence..a projection… I do not feel I am responsible for other people.. I am responsible for my own journey only. I am happy to let others go about their own journey and do not interfere… This is not selfish, it is right. If you think you are finished with your inner work and are called to focus entirely on Nurturing others.. Then you have a messiah complex and are in NEED to really look at yourself! People need to learn to Nurture themselves, to stand in their own power, anyone propping them up is actually not helping at all.

      1. Barbara

        HI Anneke, I didn’t mention anything about feeling I ‘Have’ to nurture others. I don’t go where I’m not wanted ; )… long time ago one of my mentors said words to the effect, “Observe yourself, observer others, and take none of it personally.” Tough one to do, but once having mastered it, life seems to come full circle to what originally brought one joy in the first place. Agreed… nurture yourself first, stand in your own power, practice that for a few decades (I’m a slow learner) and eventually one finds one can nurture another without emotional attachment… it’s not an indifference or coldness or messiah complex, it’s a natural… I think, as part of the Divine Feminine. Anyway, now it’s back to coping with the incoming, which means I don’t get around much anymore! Love, B.

        1. fxwrk


          If your soul lights up when you help others to sense their own radiance, I see that as natural, its just who you are……you aren’t ‘trying’ to be nurturing, you just radiate that kind of energy. We are all becoming enlightened but that doesn’t mean we don’t have individual, unique qualities that are particular to us. It seems that for you, to nurture IS to put yourself first….because its natural for you… and its not coming from a place of control or unconsciousness.

          And if your ego is lined up with that natural quality/your inner essence and you also *want* to help others, even better! Alignment ❤ We have egos, I don't think we all become the same person once enlightened, with the same desires and behaviors…besides, if everyone felt like Anneke once awake, no one would help anyone else to wake up and heal. Personally, I am extremely grateful that there were people who felt drawn to nurturing me while on this difficult awakening journey.

          I don't know if I would be alive right now without people who cared about more than just themselves. I think there is a huge difference between feeling fundamentally responsible for other peoples lives and outcomes, and allowing the feminine energy of love and caring seep out of you through actions that are natural, spontaneous and joyous. The world could use more of it right now to be honest.

          All in all i think its not really 'wanting' or 'needing' to nurture others that motivates awakened women….I think its more just allowing our feminine nurturing energy to coexist healthily alongside our masculine energy and its focus on the self.


          1. You are spot on, Fxwrk, everything you’ve said here. It is how you ARE once awakened; aware of peoples’ need at several levels AND aware of their innate energy, so you can SEE if your support and nurture will be helpful, unhelpful or wasted. And aware of our own capacity.

            You said, “its just who you are……you aren’t ‘trying’ to be nurturing..” I think that is the point…. trying is old-energy. Now we just DO, from a place of awareness and care for ourselves and others.

            Also nurturing is very different to ‘propping up’ To nurture is to encourage and empower (open and expansive energy.) To prop up is to stop from falling over (fearful and contained.) Totally different.

            Good to meet you here xxx

          2. kat

            “If your soul lights up when you help others to sense their own radiance, I see that as natural, its just who you are……you aren’t ‘trying’ to be nurturing, you just radiate that kind of energy.”

            You took the words out of my mouth. I would like to add that I don’t see it as either an inherently feminine nor masculine thing, it’s just part of a personality (or soul make up) or it isn’t. With me, it isn’t, at least not long term. I definitely do like to help and nurture people when it brings me joy (like cuddling my boyfriend or a cat 😀 haha) , I just dislike it when it is expected of me because I am a woman.

            ” think its more just allowing our feminine nurturing energy to coexist healthily alongside our masculine energy and its focus on the self.”

            I feel the feminine nurturing energy (which also men embody, but many of them block it off) is currently being redirected to heal the feminine within the person. It doesn’t mean noone is being nurturing to anyone outside of themselves anymore, but the focus is on within. That’s at least what I’m picking up.

  6. Elila


    So. Needed. THIS. Thank you my friend. A little reassurance goes a long way these days, and I’m still feeling the energies behaving a bit wildly and randomly causing a kind of irritability and overwhelm–hard to think clearly!

    Agree with fxwrk and understand what you mean–you ARE putting yourself first and nurturance is a natural extension of that and lights you up. And the way I see it anything that lights you up IS self nurturance. Look at our beloved Maria–isnt she nurturing ALL of us here? Including herself? Would anyone say SHE has a messiah comp!lex??? I don’t think so. She puts herself first and nurtures her own radiance and fortunately for us it’s very natural for her to share herself in this way. Any “diagnosing” of others or accusatory tones are pretty out of place here–this is a loving supportive community where we respect and value one another as unique individuals.
    Just sayin.
    Love to you all ❤❤❤

    1. Barbara

      Hi fxwork and Elila, thank you both for saying so well what I was trying to say. After I read Anneke’s comment to me above, I thought of the Kenny Rogers song, words to the effect… “I’ll just check in to see what condition my condition is in.” I did that and two things I discovered: One, Peace of Mind WITH Awareness and secondly, apparently, I’m carrying a gun with no trigger! Hey, I’m triggerless! Once again, I thank Maria and her Safe Place here and to the very unique and loving community that gathers. Love, B.

  7. Barbara

    PS to Anneke: Dear heart, this is not a beating up on you. This a thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to check in with Soul and get myself sorted out before I go ‘out there’ again. Nor is this a holier than thou. This is living life for many years as the one in the playground who is always trying to please and yet getting bullied for that attempt to please. When I learned that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”…. yes, I’m that old…. I learned to listen. I Hear You, because I’ve been through what you’ve been through and if none of that makes sense, that’s okay, because we’re here and actually ‘doing it’, and because we are I appreciate so much those who recognize that each in our way are ‘doing it’. Okay, ’nuff said, time for bed. Love, B.

    1. ‘thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to check in with Soul and get myself sorted out before I go ‘out there’ again. ‘

      This is part of what we seem to do here. You did it for me Barbara, the other day, when you spoke about whether people are really open to growing or not, and that made me pull up, check in and then say ‘thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to check in with Soul and get myself sorted out before I go ‘out there’ again. ‘

      Nos da (Welsh for Good night) xxx

    2. anneke.

      Barbara, sorry if I sounded judgemental! But this whole ‘We need to be good to people and give give give” meme gets my feathers ruffled… For years I did that and got exactly NOTHING back.. Just people who are ME ME ME… You know what I mean… But clearly you are in a different space then I thought.. So I misunderstood and it is actually My OWN stuff coming up here! Bit of a trigger for me LOL. I am just So tired of selfish, self absorbed people.. And am going through a difficult time and keeping my boundaries intact now. Of course there are great people out there, but on the whole I find humanity to be quite difficult to deal with, so I don’t. I need to process my own stuff, conquer my inner demons… And have no time or space to nurture others who will not give anything back.. Perhaps when I get to higher ground I will actually meet some people who KNOW how to LOVE, but so far..No cigar! But if the out there is somehow a reflection of the IN here… Well, I am working on it all.. and feel exhausted and angry and fed up…. Of this insane asylum we call reality… of the constant struggle….survival…. trying to keep my head above water… It’s all been so challenging it is super charged… And I find that Words DO hurt me… Cruel words well as sticks and stones..More so I find.

  8. Ian

    I’m re-listening to an audio book by Anita Moorjani called “What if this is heaven.” It’s a follow up of her book called, “Dying to be me,” which was about how she died from stage four Lymphoma…and came back…and completely healed. She said that in her near death experience (NED), all the many many lenses she was conditioned to see herself through were stripped away. Within that state, the essential key to healing was found: Love yourself unconditionally. In her latest book, she further defines what this means. She says that self love is not a feeling of love but rather it is a state of being; accepting yourself beyond how other’s tell you you should accept yourself, and by this…we serve our purpose….and this is the most loving way we support others in doing the same thing. It’s not a feeling. It’s an empowerment.

    In my incredibly jaded youth, I did not believe in unconditional love. NOT AT ALL, and self love…What the hell was THAT??!! HUMPH!

    BUT NOW…I get it

    Bless you all on the same journey that is life…which I believe is, in and of its self, the love we’re looking for. OUR LIFE is that love. Realizing that THIS simply is too big to contain a feeling or define a feeling or be fully expressed by a feeling, so…that in mind, Let’s make the best of it.

    May the journey bring to you all the joy you dare to see in it.


  9. Thank you so so so so so so much! Beautifully stated.

    I LOVE this art. Wow!

    I love you dearest Sistar Goddess!


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