The Children And Our Radiance

Image by a Maria Chambers

We are experiencing, here in the United States, a crisis that we have not seen before.  Innocent children being torn from their mothers and fathers at the borders, in an attempt by the Trump administration to send a message.  One to his base that he will do whatever it takes to reduce the number of immigrants in the country.  And secondly, send a message to the Democrats that he will not compromise the building of the wall at the Mexican border, and they better comply with that agenda.

And he is using innocent children as bargaining chips, holding them hostage.  They are already traumatized from the process of fleeing from the threat of terror, rape and death in their home countries.

And now they are unceremoniously ripped away from the one stabilizing support they have left, for possibly months, and some may never see their parents again.

The Trump administration is just echoing a sentiment that has deep roots in this country’s history and all around the globe…that of racism.   The idea that the only worthy people are Whites.  White Nationalists and White supremacists have become emboldened since Trump took office.  He is a channel for their fear and hatred.

In 1924 Woodrow Wilson signed an anti-immigration policy, banning immigration from various ‘unworthy’ countries.

Recently our president called these countries ‘shit hole’ countries.

In the 1920s our government did what they referred to as a ‘scientific’ study, funded by taxpayers, that ranked human traits from superior to inferior of various races and ethnic groups.

It should be no surprise that White Anglo Saxons were at the top of that list.

The government in the 1920s wanted America to look like it did in the previous century.  Which was predominantly White.  They even tried to pass a compulsory sterilization law to ‘improve’ the gene pool.

Senator Durant Smith back then said, “Thank God we have in America perhaps the largest percentage of any country in the world of the pure, unadulterated Anglo-Saxon stock; certainly the greatest of any nation in the Nordic breed. It is for the preservation of that splendid stock that has characterized us that I would make this not an asylum for the oppressed of all countries, but a country to assimilate and perfect that splendid type of manhood that has made America the foremost Nation in her progress and in her power.”

Jeff Sessions warned in 2015, “Within seven years we will have the highest percentage of Americans, non native-born, since the founding of the republic.”

And he now has the authority to punish children because of the idea that some are unworthy of God’s grace.

Make no mistake, this is not about politics or about people coming over the border breaking American law.  It’s about fear and racism, pure and simple.

No President has been able to solve the immigration issue, which is a complicated one, and will require some coming together of both parties for a solution that satisfies all concerned.

But it seems that compassion has been totally extracted from the current situation.

The reason I am writing this post is because I know this has been on the minds and hearts of so many people.  And I am sure many of you have already sent out your love to these children.

We are in a wonderful place, as lightworkers, ascension pioneers, awakened beings….whatever you want to call us…because we have raised our vibrations to such an extent that we can gently send our consciousness to these children, without an agenda, without pity or suffering.

They benefit more from that higher vibration that the fears and worry thoughts that many are sending out.

We can send them our loving embrace as a group, as we gently allow our consciousness to sit with them.  It doesn’t have to be for long periods of time, but just enough for them to sense our presence.

That’s all it takes, and it can have a profound effect on them.

If that feels joyful to do, then I am happy and I know that your radiance  is magnified.

My love to you all.

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47 thoughts on “The Children And Our Radiance

  1. anneke.

    I find myself wondering WHY there are borders at all?? If you think about it.. Borders are there to keep people in a certain needs a passport to leave the country. There are many people who can not get a passport..I was in Morocco and many people there want to leave, life is Hard and brutal.. but they can not get a passport.. It is all part of the divide and conquer and enslavement of humanity… Last time I wet abroad the security was ridiculously stringent.. We even had to take of our shoes. Then you get stuffed in an airplane with no room and barely breathable air…. Like sardines in a tin… You feel ill for days afterwards. Not to mention the fact your arse feels weird from string in such a cramped space for hours. There is much space in the world but people live in certain confines areas…. Fighting to survive…. More so now then ever….. The price of oil goes up daily and so foes everything else….. Food banks are now so busy here in the UK they have trouble coping! And this so called War on terror..ism… Has caused terrible repercussions for a lot of people…. When it seems least to me.. that a lot of these attacks are orchestrated by the shadow government..Falso Flags.. The Totalitarian Tiptoe…. Think about How our world has changed since 9/11. They are tightening the noose…..And I am utterly amazed at the sheer number of people who truly believe that Trump is the saviour!! Collective insanity? To me he resembles the Swedish cook from the Muppet Show… Well, the shadow side of said cook! Bot that Hilary Clinton would have been a good option… The political paradigm is sick and corrupt and not about freedom but rather about giving away our power….. The system is broken, by design…. we do not need hierarchy.. we need empowered people willing to see, hear, and share. As humans we have a lot more in common then we have differences. We all want safety, shelter, clothing, health, LOVE and happiness… Yet so many structures have us believing we need to fight one another… Trump is just another psychopath in a long line of psychopaths serving the masters at the top of the pyramid… Whoever they are…. My dream is to see this world heal, to see people embrace one another, to see convergence and ease and flow. I know, I’m an idealist….sigh…

    1. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being an idealist. I would rather that than pessimism. Trump is a symptom, as you know, of a deeper disease throughout the world. And it’s a cutting off of the feminine energies. It’s the toxic patriarchy.

      Nothing can really change until the feminine is embraced as an equal partner. But that requires people going within and accepting their own sense of fear and abandonment, and stop blaming someone or something outside themself.

      Trump’s followers are those who are steeped in fear and want someone to ‘protect’ them from those fears…fear of change mostly, as they see their world becoming more diverse culturally, and as it moves away from the world in which men controlled women, and there were mostly Whites in power, White men, I may add.

      Fear of change. And they love that Trump channels that anger toward those who threaten that change. He can do no wrong in their eyes.

      But he doesn’t represent most of the population, fortunately. And I believe he is in power now to highlight those portions of society that need purging. That’s my optimism. Some would say he’s just a sign of things becoming more totalitarian.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. It is hard to witness such hate.

    Surrounding the children and families involved with love and light.

    Surrounding the president and all concerned with this issue with love and light.

    Surrounding ALL worth love and light.

  3. X

    I gotta laugh right now (and I’m even afraid to do so) because this article is potentially full of some really major land minds (which is perfectly fine because I’ll tell you…strewn about the periphery of the ground/foundation of my own passions are some pretty “F***ing sensitively triggered landmines with signs pointing to where they are. The signs say, “I dare you to step on in…go on…I dare you.”

    It’s ok. The focus of the passion here is in advocacy of children. Speaking of landmines, my DEAREST friend, Mercy just happened to bring up a childhood story about a neighbor of hers who was the son of his grandfather (His father was also his grandfather). She hit one of my landmines. I went off! Not in accusation of any wrong doing she had done, but about child abuse. I exploded! It scared her, and now she is a little distant (It will heal…she’s my dearest friend and knows me well…and loves me). This morning I texted her….

    “Sorry about going off the other day about the child abuse thing. I still have an outrage about it I guess. I “Can” sit and talk objectively about stuff like this…I suppose. Truth is I realize (and I’ve realized this for a while) that there are rules about such things….AND THEN there is the reality of a thing like rearing children. Mercy, Child rearing ought to be as easy as breathing. And I wonder why it’s is not (but have plenty of experience as a child to know the principle behind why it’s not…and I’ve wondered and wondered about my own childhood for my whole life). I’ve reconciled quite a bit, but there is still “little Brian” to contend with. He’s still sulking over it all. So…I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. You were just mentioning something. I didn’t go off at You…I was just outraged at about the topic (but not at you).”

    With regard to holding these Children in detention for what their parents have done: I hope they are well fed; given shelter…good food and clothing; I hope they are given education and access to communication with their family. No doubt the detention of the children is a political thing, and If this is being done to prove a political point then how can it be done in a way that is not cruel or in-humane? The political point is being made (because it was done and exists now in reality), and is there a way to make of it the best it can be?

    “Non-maleficence” means…in order to heal something a wound is created as in…tearing open a chest to pull the heart out and fix it and then put it back in again. totally acceptable practice. Not everyone survives it…but most do and are healed.

    What is happening is now part of the history of these children like it is the history of those Japanese Americans that were interned back in World War 2. It didn’t need to happen, but it did. At the time, the reason for this was that we were at war with Japan…”And all is fair in love and war” was very much at play…or was believed to be true enough to warrant a safety measure. My Grandfather was “Almost” interned. He was from the Philippines, and his mother was half Japanese. He had to report to some office and Prove he wasn’t a conspirator…prove his race and heritage before they allowed him to continue in his citizenry.

    All that I say isn’t said from an absolute truth about what is right or wrong. What ever happens in life can be judged, censured…warred against. And this is what inspires change.

    Another fact about how “Immigration” has been moving these days is that some nations that have taken in refugees (What is being called “Immigrants” these days) have a marked increase in rape and crime against these’s nations citizens perpetrated by these same people. NOT ALL OF THESE REFUGESS DO THIS, but there is also the cultural element…that may allow for this by men of women in certain cultures. That does’t go away. Cultures influence cultures when they mingle, and it’s not a selective process.

    So we have this process in our nation that specifically limits cultural inundation to overwhelm our own Identity as a nation and our own culture. Our Culture is a pretty good culture despite that we are just as human as every other people on the earth with our greatest and most perverse expressions through this culture of ours. As a whole…America is a leading nation for a reason regardless of who has been president at any given time. We have THE best constitution and declaration of independence. If we as a nation keep holding it “together,” the expression of our constitution and the declaration of independance will continue to evolve through us (and those that come into our nation through the right channels WHRE BY THEY SWEAR TO UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION…they hold up their hand…and say they believe in our nation, will fight for it (not against it)…uphold our laws…and in so doing THEY HAVE FREEDOM TO BE WHO THEY ARE). Its our standard. It is an ever evolving thing, and here we are continuing to evolve. What is happening these days is simply evolution pains…growing pains. We’ve had them before! But our constitution has been the foundation by which we must interpret how this goes…and it’s important to do our best to abide by the laws of the land.

    Anyone else entering our nation in a way not consistent with the law is unvetted…has made no commitment to us…they are an unknown…unproven…do not pay taxes (and so do not contribute to the welfare of all). They have not sworn OR PLEDGED allegiance to our nation. Is that fair?

    Eh…”All is fair in love and war,” But…don’t we want our society to be, more or less, preserved (even with our cultural diversity which is actually fairly well balanced as it goes through fits and starts)? Love is a feeling (well…in this context it is), and so there is no “Law” about feelings. We may feel what we feel (thank Goddess) War…we actually have laws about how we will engage war…and we are not at war with ourselves. We are one nation with liberals and conservatives (and everything in between)…actively working (not waring) to balance it all out over time. Immigration has laws. Do we believe in laws? I do. We have a process to change laws, and that is in process right now even though there is no assurance that either side will prevail (until the final decision).

    It’s all ok. We’ve had uglier times in our nation’s history. All eyes are on this thing going on with the kids in detention…and so…that should keep things pretty transparent. Even the president’s wife made a public statement advocating for not allowing America to be perceived as cruel or inhumane.

    I for one choose faith, and I LOVE that Maria asked for our hearts and minds to focus positively. There is a verse in the Bible that says to pray for the leaders of our nation. It also says to obey the laws of the land. And our human nature dictates that when injustice prevails, people will only take so much before they rise up and have a revolutions. I’m thinking about China and Russia with regard to this…both opted for a socialistic and/or communistic model to replace their patriarchies. How’d that go? Eh…they have their culture, it has it’s own history of good and bad.

    We’ had our own revolutions, too…and here we are today? Our constitution had a great deal to do with that…our three circles of government. Considering the state of other nations? We’re doing GREAT! AND THERE IS STILL HUMAN NATURE.

    KEEP THE FAITH, Y’ALL! Have Fatih…and still speak out (freedom of speech…I love that one). We are Americans and a people living amongst other people who are different. We have a process that vets people. For safety (AND the integrity our our society such as it is). I hope we can find it in us to honor it. AND WE ARE STILL A MELTING POT! I’m proof of this (German, Irish and Welsh – Philipino, Black and Cherokee AND GAY TO BOOT). Melting pot. Everyone before me not from this country came through Elis Island (we have the papers…and they are really cool when their brought out for family to share where we came from and how we got here).

    Love in spirit. And despite what is said, I support all of you..100%. I do.

    1. I agree we are a democracy and I love the idea that I have the freedom to write these things about the president of the United States, while other countries oppress their people and suppress free speech. That’s one reason I chose to incarnate into a freer political environment.

      I wrote the article with the intent on walking my consciousness into a situation without agenda, without expectation of outcome, other than connecting with the children. These little ones especially are more open to the higher vibrations and can relate to them more easily than the adults around them.

      And the whole immigration situation can be looked at from many different perspectives.

      I use the administration and politics generally as a metaphors for how our mind works, how the galactic story is being played out, how whatever is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is happening within. And I normally stand back from the drama of it all.

      But I thought this recent low point was a good place to jump in and allow myself to use some of my master skills, such as radiating my consciousness to where I thought it could be of help.

      But I also understand that everyone has chosen their path, even if it looks terribly painful to us. Even the little children, on a soul level have chosen to be courageous for the benefit of all concerned.

      Everyone is playing their roles.

      We all get that things have to become pretty bad sometimes in order to initiate real change.

      When Donald Trump, and he is just a channel for the consciousness that elected and supports him…when he points a finger at Mexicans and calls them rapists, he is denying his own history of rape. (His first wife, Ivana, at least one we know of). Not to mention all the other alleged physical abuses and assaults toward women over the years.

      When he points his finger at others (at Hillary for instance) being corrupt, he is in denial of his own corruption. His entire adult life has been spent bending or breaking laws for self-enrichment.

      So when he accuses others of crimes, corruption and bad behavior, you can rest assured it’s invariably the opposite. That those he is accusing are probably pretty decent people, and he’s uncomfortable with that fact.

      His blatant disregard for the children is obviously his disregard for his own inner child. That child had been crushed a long time ago. It feels abandoned, disenfranchised and angry.

      He is in Fear of his own emotions (other than anger). His unwillingness to face his own sense of abandonment. It’s easier to project than self-reflect. One of the problems with the toxic patriarchy.

      There is no bravery in that.

      I believe in laws and in reasonable immigration policy. But what about when our own administration bends and even breaks laws in order to deter immigration from certain countries?

      “The Trump Administration also appears to be putting more asylum seekers behind bars. In March, the A.C.L.U. filed a complaint in federal court alleging that the Administration was detaining asylum seekers indefinitely, in some cases even after they passed the standard screening, known as the credible-fear interview, at the border. Five Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices, the lawyers wrote in their brief, “have detained these asylum seekers based not on individualized determinations that they pose a flight risk or a danger to the community, but rather to deter other migrants from seeking refuge here.” The lead plaintiff in the case is a teacher from Haiti, who has remained in detention for close to two years, despite having won his asylum case, twice, in immigration court. The government is refusing to release him while it appeals the decisions.”

      And let’s do some fact checking about taxes, contributing to our country and undocumented immigrants.

      “Immigrants who are authorized to work in the United States pay the same taxes as US citizens. And, contrary to the persistent myth, undocumented immigrants do in fact pay taxes too. Millions of undocumented immigrants file tax returns each year, and they are paying taxes for benefits they can’t even use.
      The best estimates come from research by the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy, a Washington, DC, think tank, which suggests that about half of undocumented workers in the United States file income tax returns. The most recent IRS data, from 2015, shows that the agency received 4.4 million income tax returns from workers who don’t have Social Security numbers, which includes a large number of undocumented immigrants. That year, they paid $23.6 billion in income taxes.
      Those undocumented workers paid taxes for benefits they can’t even use, like Social Security and Medicare. They also aren’t eligible for benefits like the earned income tax credit. But the IRS still expects unauthorized immigrants to file their taxes, and many of them do so.”

      And violence
      “This is not the only study showing that immigration does not increase crime. A broad survey released in January examined years of research on the immigrant-crime connection, concluding that an overwhelming majority of studies found either no relationship between the two or a beneficial one, in which immigrant communities bring economic and cultural revitalization to the neighborhoods they join.”

      They found in studies of statistics that the crime rate in densely populated immigrant areas has actually gone down.

      So if our own government is going to use the law as justification for their actions, I hope that they will evolve to a point in which they will hold themselves to the same standard, and instead of spinning facts or outright lies about statistics such as crime in relation to immigrants, refer to verifiable facts.

      “The study from researchers at the University of California, Riverside, and Highline College — which the authors wrote about for the Washington Post‘s Monkey Cage blog — concluded that there was no evidence of higher crime rates in cities with sanctuary policies.
      “We find no statistically discernible difference in violent crime rate, rape, or property crime across the cities,” the researchers concluded. “Our findings provide evidence that sanctuary policies have no effect on crime rates, despite narratives to the contrary.”

      Between me and you, the type of person I feel the most vulnerable around is that white guy I see hanging around Starbucks wearing the red MAGA hat.

  4. X


    INDEED! You’re speaking of hypocrisy…and I LOATH HYPOCRISY, AND IT’S EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE! It’s like those depleted uranium bullets they used in the Gulf War. Their ability to pierce any armor was unmatched by any previous munitions!! And all those bullets after doing the job they did…UTTER OBLITERATION OF THE OPPONENT’S DEFENSIVE ARMOR, is STILL strewn about the desserts of that land…still killing and making people sick…making the land sick…and it will never go away. THAT IS HYPOCRISY.

    So I get exactly what you say, and I agree with you absolutely! You are honorable…and I esteem you…and support you in this endeavor, Maria. Thank you for speaking out…and using this venue to help bring awareness UP! TURN IT UP! TURN UP AWARENESS!

    Amen! And thank you…for all you do.


      1. mom2bzs

        What an excellent analysis you did of the whole situation Maria. I totally agree with what you intuited about Trump. It was right on. You’re a great writer. I applaud you!

        1. Thank you, mom2bzs. I was thinking about how challenging it was for me to stay in a local shelter here in Florida last year as a major hurricane came to the area. There were about 1500 of us, adults and children. The shelter was relatively comfortable, and the staff was friendly, but the only thing that helped me to cope was knowing I would be back home in a day or two.

          Then I thought of the children and toddlers who are essentially incarcerated without their parents for possibly months. But, the good news is citizens across the country are raising millions of dollars to hire lawyers to represent the parents, get those parents out on bail, and reunite them with their children.

          It’s so wonderful to see how the human spirit can rally in times of need.💕

  5. mom2bzs

    My brother lives in Florida and he called me last year when the hurricane happened. He stayed in his house when it hit. That must have been scary!

    I didn’t know citizens across the country were raising money to hire lawyers to represent the parents. Even though immigration is holding the parents, they can be let out on bail? That’s wonderful!

    1. Interesting your brother lives here…where I live, the Tampa Bay Area, seems to be a vortex of safety, and even the last category 5 ended up just dissipating at the last minute. I’m kind of glad I went to the shelter, but for reasons I didn’t expect. To experience so much co operation among people of diverse backgrounds and countries of origin. It was heartwarming. but yes, I imagine those who stayed home were a bit rattled waiting it out.

      Being in the shelter helped me to enjoy the storm from inside very solid walls, so I actually loved the feeling of the storm coming through, as it felt like a real cleansing of old stuck energies.

      Yeah, I heard the news about the fundraising yesterday. It seems there is a huge support from everyday people out there for these families. Hearts and wallets were open. One woman started it expecting to raise $1500 and it became quickly thousands, then millions of dollars in a couple of days. I’m sure the figure is going up hourly. Amazing. And Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels Lawyer also offered to be of help to the families.

      It helped me to realize that we do live in a pretty good country filled with compassion backed by action, despite the nation’s problems.

        1. X

          I love what Elizabethsadhu did. She even offered the link to the article so other’s could evaluate a personal choice to, also, consider option as a path to express a highly exalted way of responding to what may be found to be an aversion to our sensibilities and what we deem a threat.

          It was not a hate filled response. It was a loving response. It was self loving that leads to selflessness. It was self loving in that she honored her own beliefs about what is happening in the world…based on how she sees it and what it means to her. It was selfless because she gave away part (enough) of herself to become part of another (others) well being. Even telling other’s she did it was self loving that leads to selflessness that becomes a part of others (This must be true, for I am inspired. See? Self love works).

          Thanks, Maria for creating this venue…and sparking/inspiring that change that is so well needed on the Earth (and in people for people and for the Earth).

          I would point out that the “Opposition” also does this. That chaos responds in the same way that harmony does. Do not fret, or hate…or worry over it. It is between harmony and chaos that all elements derive…that sheering contact point where harmony and chaos resolve into balance. There in is life. There in love continues…and creation may continually renew.

          Be well. Peace.

          Thanks for this inspiring Blog…and the people that follow and share (with me).

    1. Mainstream news, well, it’s not perfect of course, but I think they are doing a pretty good job (except for Fox) of making sure the verifiable facts are presented in light of all the departures from the truth that Trump practices.

      And I agree that Trump is serving the greater good. And I define greater good as more awareness, more consciousness. And he’s doing it by being a disruptive force.

      He’s not really introducing any new ideas into the 3D consciousness, in fact he is mirroring a very old, stuck consciousness of bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia, all based in fear, of course.

      He is just a very loud and clear representation of the toxic patriarchy. And on a soul level he has chosen that role, and he is playing it to perfection.

      It’s needed in order to move the needle on a very old, very stuck consciousness on the planet. The light coming on the planet which is predominantly a feminine energy is doing its job of disrupting old, stuck energies. Exposing the shadows.

      The feminine is coming back. And it’s terrifying the toxic masculine. The old, patriarchal system.

      So Trump is a channel for a consciousness that hasn’t wanted to embrace its own feminine for a very, very long time. And he is showing beautifully, he and his orbit of people, how bad things can get when the feminine is disowned.

      By being so abrasive and disruptive, he is pushing people to question their own integrity, and their own values. Especially those who have accepted racism, or sexism, or homophobia, for example. Things that have become veiled or normalized as part of the culture. We can call these the shadow aspects of the country. And his staunch supporters are trying to dig their heels in even deeper. They don’t want to face their own shadow.

      Protecting and defending Trump equals protecting themselves from having to self-reflect.

      And, by the way, when we don’t face our own darkness, guess what can happen? It gets projected onto any of a number of things, people, and conspiracy theories, which are victim-based.

      So yes, bless him, he’s done more for Americans and even the rest of the world. Catalysts for change come in many forms.

      1. Thanks Maria!!!!

        Beautifully and perfectly stated. You say it so well.

        love you, E

        It is hard to watch at times but I love how all the shit is coming out to the light to be healed.

        PS. I had another realization about what Trump is doing. Besides showing as a example that racism, sexism, etc is ok. And folks are rising up! He is also showing that being a narcissist is ok. I am having this come up in my life….interestingly. AND I AM just saying NO! HA!!

        My hubby’s ex-girlfriend has been a CONSTANT presence in our life for 27 years and I am DONE! He feels he needs to take care of her like she is a 5 year old child. She is 66 and she mostly acts like a 5 year old. She is the most needy person I have ever met………………………………….. and so it is all shifting.

        love love love to us all!!!!!!

        1. Oh, yes. The narcissist. Amen, sister. Having lived with one for quite a long time, I can relate. In fact, he has all the classic characteristics of one. Sense of entitlement, needing constant admiration from others, arrogance, jealousy, lack of compassion…it’s that damned fragile ego.

          And, ooh, boy. The ex. Must be some karma there between them. Been there, too. The needy ex. No sense of boundaries. I felt guilty because I was the one who ended it, But like you, I had to say no more. Not easy when you have a history together, but the alternative is to compromise your own joy.

          Good for you for drawing the line. And really it’s best for all concerned.

  6. X

    “Do not fret, or hate…or worry over it. It is between harmony and chaos that all elements derive…that sheering contact point where harmony and chaos resolve into balance. There in is life. There in love continues…and creation may continually renew.”

    The old and the new must meet! They are drawn to one another. Friction is the outcome…new (re-newed) elements are derived (are revealed), and we have opportunity to create from what comes of this.

    Maria was right. These ARE interesting times. Keep your hats and your heads…your hearts and minds (as opposed to loosing your minds…your hearts and heads over this stuff, and of course it’s no fun chasing your hats across the road…or as it flies off during a wild roller coaster ride).

    1. Indeed…so true that the old and new must meet….in fact, that’s the new energy…where two opposites come together, the human and the Divine,.

      “Keep your hats and your heads..”. I like that one. and, I personally hate when my hat flies off on a windy day here in Florida. Lol.

  7. sweet pea

    beautiful and compassionate as always Maria. the whole situation is so heartbreaking and infuriating 😞

    and i totally agree with you that trump is the symptom of a deeper disease. yes – it is all racism, fear, hatred, ignorance, arrogance… truly just soullessness 😞 it may be immature of me, but i’m honestly just completely done with trump supporters on any level at this point. we’ve tolerated and tolerated and tolerated but it’s proactive harm they are causing and really just willful evil to me all theses ideologies they hold and support. people have differences and we grow from listening to different points of view, but there is nothing anymore that a trump supporter has to say that is anything but ignorance and hatred and darkness.

    i had been seeing a lady for healing bodywork for the past 9 months, and i cancelled all my future appointments today because last night at my last appointment she gave me a completely unsolicited rant on muslims. 😞😞😞 she’s a “christian” who was abused her whold childhood by her straight, white, christian, father… so all of the harm she has suffered in life was by a straight, white, christian, american male, yet none of her hatred in life is directed at him, instead it’s all directed at people of color, gay people, feminists, etc. – all groups of people who have never caused her any harm 🙄🙄🙄 i honestly just can’t take her willful ignorance anymore 😞

    as always, thank you for the higher view Maria, and sorry for the rant, but ug my heart hurts over this situation and i’m realllly completely done with about 63 million hateful people right now. 😞💔

      1. sweet pea

        thank u Elila 😞💔 ug just so exhausted with it all.

        honestly feel like so much of my energy has been pulled down to earth because of this the past few years. i feel wayyyyy too “grounded”, and wish i could find some sort of “spirit” feeling again. like remember when this whole ascension thing at least had cool dreams fuzzy meditations loll… i feel like i haven’t felt any kinda dreamy “higher energy” in so long 😞💔

        1. Elila

          Hmm I never thought of it that way—of being TOO grounded, but that’s a good descriptor. I also have not felt a higher energy in too long and now with full moon energy i am just feeling overwhelmed and a little sad and endlessly tired of seems. Kinda just over everything 😕. But so glad we have each other to compare notes at least haha

    1. mom2bzs

      I understand how you feel Sweet Pea! It hurts my heart too SO SO much. An older (white male; no surprise there) at the gym I go to is very conservative. I have gotten into politics with him, but I told him a while ago, I won’t go there anymore. The other day he comes up to me spouting off about how the immigrant children had scabies?! Holy shit! I did pick up the rope (my analogy to being baited; picking up the tug of war rope) something initially about being a woman when he asked how I felt about it. He was just out for blood. I realized it right away and told him I wouldn’t talk politics. he kept going to so I walked. I won’t bloody my head when the wall won’t move. I am love period!

      1. sweet pea

        yes mom2bzs, that’s where i’m at too. i’m just done. it takes me out of my peace every time, and it’s clearer than clear that their heels are dug into their hate 😞💔 there isn’t anything i can say that would encourage a new way of thinking or inspire a positive step towards growth in them because they don’t want to grow.


    2. Hey sweet pea
      Nice hearing from you, rants and all…Lol…interesting about the body work woman. I have to wonder if you even downloaded some of her energies as she was working on you? I ask because I used to get massages, but lately I don’t feel comfortable allowing anyone to work with my body unless they are very clear themselves.

      We have a tendency to pick up on others’ stuff. And we can’t affoed to do that anymore. So it will be interesting to notice your energy and if there will be any shifts now that you stopped the body work.

      And good insights about her being in denial of her own abuse by her father. Absolutely it’s a deep and insidious disease, and I get really impatient too with the ignorance of these Trump sickofans.
      And especially of the Bible thumpers who are using god to back up their bigotry.

      Talk about zero tolerance. I have zero for these knuckleheads.

      It’s fascinating how its being played out with the public humiliations of those in Trump’s orbit. (The Red Hen, And other incidences) The message seems to be, that even the progressives who have been patient are tired of the hypocracy. They are saying, you don’t get to endorse and enforce hatred, AND expect to be graciously served.

      But, I am not sure that it will really make a difference in the minds and hearts of those in the Trump Bubble. But the tension out there can be cut with a knife, for sure. And understandably so.

      1. mom2bzs

        I know what you mean Maria. I’m so extremely empathic; I pick up on my massage therapist’s energy and also when a woman colors my hair. Hell, I can pick up someone’s energy from across the room!

        1. Yeah, it can be a real challenge sometimes! Especially as women, we have been the emotional absorbers for so long. Thank goddess that’s not a feature of the new consciousness. The caretaking is being extracted from our DNA.

          1. mom2bzs

            Extracted from our DNA! Yahoo!

            I had a recent friendship I had to relinquish. This woman had a horrendous (!) abusive childhood. When I first met her (through a friend) my friend intuition was don’t go there. But I did as I felt she was very sensitive and I could understand her empathic feelings at the time. I repeated some old patterns I had learned with my mother being an emotional caretaker. Funny cause I’ve stopped this with my mom. As you can imagine, she had so much victimization from her childhood, and being as empathic as I am, I decided I could help her :o(.

            I started getting that old drained feeling, seeing what I was doing. I put up a firm boundary (yay for me!). I saw myself more caring than ever and realized that I was to put that caring towards ME! It taught me a great lesson in taking care of myself and not caretaking anyone anymore. It had to be driven home this way, so I forgive myself when I think AGAIN?!

            I notice I’m pulling back now, taking care of myself better. That situation taught me tons. And when I feel bad and guilty for “abandoning” her, I realize she’ll find someone else or hopefully learn to care for herself. I’m done :o)

          2. Sherry, first, kudos on trusting yourself, letting go of the friendship AND the caretaking role. Not easy to do considering the resident GUILT that gets triggered.

            But there is no room for the type of sympathy or empathy required in some relationships if we are serious about our ascension. This process requires all of our attention.

            And of course, those who feel ‘abandoned’ by us are sovereign beings creating their own experience. Their script reads, “I always get abandoned.” And until they recognize their own sense of abandonment, they will continue to create other scenarios in which they are abandoned. And as you say, they will find somebody else.

            So there are no victims. They are playing a role, and unconsciously pushing away the friendship. I have had this happen several times in my life. I was always the ‘bad guy’ and they were the victims.

            By unplugging from the old roles as caretakers of humanity, we can then offer to humanity a new potential for an awakened, self accepting woman.

          3. mom2bzs

            Yes Maria, guilt is an old friend of mine🤪. Oh no I don’t do that empathy and sympathy dance anymore.

            I’ve been the “bad guy” myself a lot of times. When I was younger, it took me longer to realize and break away from these women. Not anymore. I come first always

      2. mom2bzs

        The Red Hen? See how I don’t keep up with the news?

        I was listening to a Kryon channeling yesterday from the Science and Spirituality Conference. Bruce Lipton, who’s a scientist said something that was interesting to me. He passionately said that Trump was changing government faster than anyone else could. Obviously it means destroying how it is now. Could this mean a global caring compassionate world body?! I choose to think so. I’ve had visions of it for a long time.

        1. Mmm..interesting. Yes, I agree that Trump is here as a catalyst for major changes. And as much as I like giving credit where it is due, it’s the feminine energies here on the planet that initiated the change, and they are working through people like Trump. Because the toxic patriarchy is resisting the feminine mightily. And this is what that resistance looks like.

          The Red Hen is a Virginia based restaurant and its manager asked Sarah Sanders, Trump’s spokeswoman, to leave the other day after she and her family sat down to dinner. The owner consulted with her staff, and they took a vote to 86 Sanders.

          The restaurant competed the meal, and there was no physical violence but the story became a national head butting as you can imagine. And it’s just what Trump lives for. It’s his juice. Divide the country. It’s causing internal polarization and also divisions between the United States and its allies.

          And Yes, this is how change occurs. It’s very disruptive. I mean, look at what we Ascension Folks have been enduring.

          But co-operation among all bodies can only happen when everyone is ready for peace. Not everyone is ready for or wants freedom. But that’s why we are here. We light workers are helping the planet by planting seeds, and by demonstrating how a human can love and accept themselves, which in turn allows the Christ consciousness to embody within.

          1. mom2bzs

            Yes, I agree Maria. It is the feminine energies that is the catalyst. After all Bruce Lipton is a man.

      3. sweet pea

        “I have to wonder if you even downloaded some of her energies as she was working on you?”

        yes Maria, that’s exactly why i finally decided to cancel. i have been ignoring her random rants like this for a few months because she was good at the actual work, but last night was so out of line that i felt like i can no longer see her without being affected by her energy. i have had anxiety all morning today and i felt like it was nagging at me to just remove myself from the connection 😞

        and yes Maria, she is a “bible thumper”, and yes with my religious background that’s the group that has been hardest for me to tolerate this whole time.

        i really do think so many women that support trump are abused women in some way – emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. and he is this larger than life example of the awful men in their lives, and so instead of facing their experiences, they double down on a man who represents all that abusive energy and normalizes and even “glorifies” it. that way they don’t have to face any of their internal issues, they just pretend all this suffering is great, and they channel their anger from their suffering at all these other external groups of people who have never hurt them in any way 😞

        thanks for letting me rant, i’m so exhausted y’all 💔😞💔

        1. mom2bzs

          I agree Sweet Pea. This is the patriarchy at its best.

          I know from personal experience facing experiences can be brutal. It takes a lot of courage.

          Why is it that so many women are so passive aggressive, jealous, and threatened by other women?! I work in a school district and its rampant! Besides this, I can FEEL how other women feel this way about me (my mom taught me well!). They try to cover it up, but its so apparent. They just don’t realize it.

          How sad that us women have trouble supporting each other. I’m not saying all women, but a lot!

          1. sweet pea

            yess the internalized misogyny is so frustrating 💔😞💔

            i was raised in an incredibly abusive patriarchal home, and it’s pushed me like a force towards feminism and independence and sisterhood. it’s also why trump infuriates me and makes my skin crawl.

            it really is just a confusing part of human nature how people create their own prisons and fight against their own freedom and happiness 😞.

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