Be Best…Or…Mediocre At Best

I decided  that I wanted to be part of the Melania Trump Incentive, Be Best.  But, what does that mean?  Now I’m assuming that means the best daughter, son, wife, mother, artist, musician, writer, or spiritual person?  To be the best at whatever we deem important.

So, if we follow that logic, then if we think it’s important to be just mediocre then we can strive to be the best at that.

Because, frankly, being the best person or humanitarian feels like there is a lot of work involved.  I’ll leave that for the other folks out there who are stoked at being the best at things like the best human being or social activist or the top of one’s profession.

Or for instance, being the best at setting boundaries with others.

I will tell you right now I’m going to do that about half the time, maybe three-quarters of the time at best.

Recycling?  Using less plastic bags?  On a scale of 100 percent, probably fifty to sixty percent.  Memorizing baristas’ names at Starbucks?  Thirty percent.

Remembering other people’s birthdays.  Mmmm…I’m going to drop that one down to ten percent on a scale of one hundred percent.

Or having a handle on this whole embodied enlightenment thing…depends on what day of the week it is.  It can range from zero to about eighty percent.  So if you take an average figure, I guess it would be a little above mediocre.

Which, according to this article, is good.

In other words, if you want to be the best at being something, why not let it be being the best at being just mediocre?  Because then you are still being best.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Just by being here and being among the best of the best of advanced souls, we are entitled to be mediocre at anything else we want to be or do.

Researchers say a bottle of wine a day is good for you.

And when you look at how the bar has been set to an all time low for ‘being best’ in the Trump administration, mishandling things writ large right now, and is creating one of the biggest humanitarian crises in modern American history, you have to admit you’re looking pretty damned good, even when you’re just being mediocre at best.

So, relax, have another cup of coffee, or a glass of wine.   Heck, drink a whole bottle. You got this.

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17 thoughts on “Be Best…Or…Mediocre At Best

  1. Dear Maria,

    Hilarious and poignant!! So we see Mrs Trump encouraging the American masses to waste their energy and focus on striving for the impossible! Best being yet another strive-for target, which is so unlikely to be achieved (to be actually and literally best at anything) that it keeps humans focussed on something not in their ‘best’ (haha) interest. Based in comparison and ‘not-good-enough-as-I-am’ Best is a fully duality-based concept. So yeah, Maria, lets play with best…….who remembers Monica in Friends getting upset that she was not good at massage and Chandler convinces her she is the BEST at giving bad massages…she could win awards for bad massage….and then she is happy. Funny, but makes the point you are making here Maria, that we can be best at something if we frame the something so we can actually achieve it!! But I doubt that is what Mrs Trump means.

    Big Love to all xxx

    1. Gail, I remember that FRIENDS episode…hilarious, and so true about the whole concept of THE MAKING OF THE BETTER HUMAN. And how even the spiritual community can get caught up in it as they strive to be the most patient, most understanding, and wisest.

      It’s why so many are baffled about feeling more anger and impatience than ever. How can a so-called spiritual person be anything but kind and patient and turn the other cheek?

      But what they don’t understand is that as we become more conscious, we are not going to go out and harm anyone, or incite violence. We are no longer in that paradigm.

      But it doesn’t means we have to become the doormats. We are discerning. We don’t suffer fools easily. Sometimes that means walking away from someone.

      And, yes, agreed, Melania had something else in mind. I can also see her thinly veiled anger at her husband in her actions.

  2. Lipstick gypsy

    Research Q Anon and don’t believe all the “facts” that are being presented on the news. Putting Trump in a bad daylight is exactly what they want you to do. Sure, he’s a flawed human being, but he’s up to good.

    1. Well, as I said to you in a previous comment, it depends on what you mean by ‘good.’ As I said, he is doing good by being a catalyst for change. He is helping to move the needle from a very stuck place. He is showing up as the cartoon villain who is trying to create dissent and discord by policies and practices that roll back human rights by at least 100 years.

      His flaws are not a ‘bug’, but a feature.

      And I believe it is meant to push those who have been complacent to the forefront, especially women. Because he is a mirror for a consciousness that has become normalized. The worst of the toxic patriarchy, here and around the rest of the world.

      The absence of the feminine has created so much imbalance, and now it seems the results are in our face, of that lack of the feminine in the world.

      Pushing away the feminine aspect (that embraces compassion, cooperation, and her ability to see the bigger picture,) never resolves anything. If one is a conscious human, who has embraced their soul, and their own feminine nature, they don’t need statistics or verifiable facts to see that Trump is self-serving. And, in being self-serving, and craving drama and power as his drug, he is serving humanity.

      Catalysts come in many forms.

      The awakened person just ‘knows’ not through the filter of fear, but through the open heart, and through their soul’s wisdom, that everything that is happening on the world stage is totally appropriate.

      That actually there is no good or bad, but just experience. They know that all is well.

  3. X

    I didn’t just “Like” this article. I loved it. My take away from it is “Do your best,” and that DOES look different every day.

    It is all relative. And this article makes me think about my passions and how every day I put “More or less” energy into it (depending on the day…how many solar flairs and black spots are happening…phase of the moon…what going on with my husband, etc). That said, I still have my passions (and a healthy dose of the mundane). Regardless of what I can muster to invest into them each day, they give returns that fill my soul; keep gas in the tanks so I can keep on truckin’.

    Thanks for this fantastic article Maria. It was FABULOUS! It was “The best.” Really made my day!

  4. kat

    I don’t know if this is related but it just crossed my mind and I feel compelled to write it here. I just watched a youtube video of a young woman who was talking about going through a psychotic episode that was triggered by stress. It was really scary to hear and watch (she included real time footage).
    And then I thought how lucky are we on the ascension path, that we survived this ascension thing (and still are surviving it, altough it has gotten easier) without our brains going into psychosis mode due to stress and strees surely it was. Not knowing how long this is going to last, what we want and how to get out of “the void” can definitely be classified as stress. Is it because we are more resilient and/or are getting more emotionally stable as this process goes along, because we are getting rid of so much shit and confronting old stuff that we then let out of our system? I don’t know but I am really grateful that I did stay mentally sane during all of this. I really truly am. Love you all xx

    1. Wow, a Kat…I am amazed at the synchronicities here…I just wrote a post addressing this issue, and it’s sitting in the queue waiting to be published. I held back on publishing it because I didn’t know if it was the right time, for some reason.

      And you answered the question wisely. We are fortunate because we have gone through most of the mind’s resistance to this process. We have faced our deepest and darkest fears, and we realize that those fears are paper dragons.

      Those who seem to be going insane are feeling the effects of the intense light on the planet. And since so many don’t recognize that they are not their minds, or just their human personality, that they are so much more,they have no where else to go, unless they choose to go within, to their own soul, for its wisdom.

      Most are feeling crazy and don’t know why, that it’s just a human mind battling with itself.

      1. kat

        “Wow, a Kat…I am amazed at the synchronicities here”

        I know!!! I just went back to your page to see if anyone replied to my comment and then I see the title of the newest article. Haven’t read it yet but I will now. So weird isnt it (but then again it’s kinda normal for us haha).
        Love you Maria

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