The Wake Up Call And Becoming Conscious

We have all had our wake up calls, when things got so bad in our life that we were traumatized out of our own complacency.  We were operating mostly unconsciously.

It could have been the break up of a relationship, losing our job, a traumatic health issue.  It was probably something on the outside.  But it was because we were in denial of something on the inside.

the unconscious got played out in our life.

In psychology it’s referred to as acting out.  And really, almost everyone is acting out to one degree or another.  The less conscious a person is, the more they tend to act out.  And there is just so much that can be done from the mind to bring things to consciousness.

For instance, abandonment issues.  One can go to therapy and work at discovering that they suffer from abandonment issues, stemming from their childhood.  It’s good to be aware of emotional issues and how they affect one’s choices and responses in everyday life.

And maybe there will be some improvement in the person’s life and in their relationships.  But generally there will not be any real shifts in consciousness.

And that’s because there is no acknowledgement of the soul as part of the equation.

Nor of past lives, of the aspects, of the galactic story the human has taken on.  That they are here to resolve the galactic story of dark versus light, good versus bad, masculine versus feminine.

And resolving that story requires a full awakening process.

And, once fully awakened, duality is no longer a reality the awakened person needs to participate in anymore.  Its purpose is ended, other than to enjoy from a broader perspective.

Animus And Anima by Maria Chambers

In the awakening process, everything that was separated out comes back together, integrated back to a new balance.  The masculine and the feminine, the dark and the light.

In this new balance, things respond differently, energies respond differently to the person.

But in the process of the recalibration things appear to be breaking down, and life feels out of control for a period of time.  Old systems are leaving, and new ones are being put into place.

It can feel very frightening to the human personality, and the utmost compassion is required for that human.

Those reading this and those who resonate with this blog have been through that process, and know intimately how exhausting and frightening it has been.

But the good news is that, for us, the world we once knew as duality is pretty much in the rear view mirror.

Now the trick is to navigate in the new reality we find ourselves in, while still living along side the old world, which itself is rapidly changing.

As we can clearly see, the world outside our door is going through its growing pains.  What we are seeing for instance now with the Trump administration is what happens when the unconscious mind is allowed to be in power.

To the aware observer it’s a clear case of acting out and projection.  It’s the galactic story on steroids.

Trump epitomizes the deeply unconscious portions of humanity.  And what happens when we allow those unconscious parts to be in the driver’s seat.

This is what it looks like when we choose fear as our primary motivator.  This is the outcome of choosing leaders and policies from a place of feeling vulnerable.

The chaos and cruelty we see in this administration is the result of disowning the feminine.  There is no choice then, but for the toxic masculine to run amok.

And it will get a lot worse before it gets better, because, this toxic system is still supported from within.  There is a resistance to change from within.  So things will have to really spin out of control to spark an awakening in a very, very stuck consciousness.

Those who support the system, who are in deep fear of change, who want protection from the ‘others’ who are actually just parts of themselves they are disowning…..will have to have their own lives so disrupted that they begin to see that the old way simply no longer works.

They will have to become victims of their own boogeyman.

As long as they see the problem outside themselves, they believe that is where the solution lies.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

But those of us who have been leaving duality behind, who no longer are invested in it, can appreciate the chaos out there.  It has purpose.  And the light quotient is accelerating things, illuminating the shadows more than ever.

This transformation, awakening process is all about moving beyond the limited, human mind.  Bless it, that mind, but it really can’t be the control center anymore.

It is slowly acquiescing to the soul.

And if we are tempted to believe that the mind should be in the driver’s seat fully in our life, we can tune into the daily news, and we will be unceremoniously reminded that, no, not on your life!

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10 thoughts on “The Wake Up Call And Becoming Conscious

  1. Oh dear Sistar Goddess!

    Amen amen, Wahe Guru, hallelujah, oh yes oh yes!!!

    You said it again so perfectly.

    I recently posted something I read from my Daily Word about healing…. And I said, “what if the world is healing?” In the crazy chaos…….

    But what you say and describe here, so perfectly perfect and so confirming snot what I have been”getting”.

    It is a little hard to live with someone who feels that all is fucked…😀😀♥️♥️

    My new mantra is “I AM starting a joy epidemic!” I add this to my longtime, #wallowingingratitude………

    Loving you, dear sis!!

    Thank you so much!

    Loving me, loving us all!


    1. My dear siSTAR Elizabeth…I also thank YOU for shining your radiance here on the healing Planet. On the Planet that is healing. Well said.

      And thank you for reblogging on elizabethsadhu. 🤗💕💕💕

  2. Ian

    This blog made me think about some things a little differently and gave some well needed perspective and some pieces to a puzzle as I think about them. OK…I’m going to be brave here, but I need to be careful about it because, Maria…you are an incredibly balanced communicator, and this blog was very care-full-y crafted.

    I’d always avoided very deep analysis of my own “Two Spirit” nature as a gay man. I’d agree: I believe I came into this life to balance out a fairly feminine spiritual nature by being male. And as I’ve gone through my life long process, I feel this Masculine nature coming more on line even as my empathy is tempered from toxic to more balanced. Toxic empathy is TOXIC, and toxic and driven objectivity is TOXIC.

    This is as much of masculine and feminine as I’d known within myself as I dare try to convey, for like I said…I had resisted analysis. It was hard enough being gay in the 80s on through the AIDS epidemic in a very well developed gay community in crisis (San Francisco) back then.

    OK…after reading this blog, conscious expression of masculine and feminine with in myself are asserting. “Empathy and Objectivity” within the context of “Toxic” is about all I’d been willing to acknowledge because these had ALWAYS been at war within me my whole life.

    Imagine a very powerful Sponge healing hospice nurse and how Oh so toxic and in perfect alignment with the perfect storm that way of being would create and be waiting to hit in 2015 when I got burned out in hospice after 23 years and decided to go work in a prison as a highly empathic sponge healing nurse believing my degree of compassion (I was truly naive) would protect and advance me in that place as it did in hospice.

    Oh Contraire!! Prison is the exact opposite in masculine objectivity as hospice had been in feminine empathy: Law, order, penalty and consequence…judgement and swift control, imprisonment! There is nothing feminine about it, and anything remotely resembling feminine (empathy, caring…nurturing…creativity and intuition) was squashed like a bug, sprayed with poison…terrorized and bullied. It’s the law, rules…objective…MALE MASCULINE in prisons.

    My perfect storm…my wake up! It nearly killed me with my 170/120 blood pressure by the time I said “ENOUGH!” AND BAILED…broken…but not really broken, but so galvanized in a new perspective about compassion, honesty…assertive duty to the “Spirit” of laws, rules, perspective and many other things that I was no longer functional. For the first time in my nursing career I was fired several times, abandoned jobs…was paralyzed with anxiety between what jobs I dared even try to take as a nurse. And when I found a job, I could find any degree of fraud, dishonesty…cheating…mal-practice, debauchery and inauthenticity of spiritual consideration of any mission and values….and I would just melt down…

    No matter where I went…all I saw was terrible awful evil in the world…and if any dared to rope me into it…SHAZAM!!! ZAP…POW, BAM…SMACK DOWN…ZING! NO ONE WAS EVER GONNA CONTROL MY PERCEPTION OR MISLEAD ME…POISON ME OR DESTROY ME. Wasn’t gonna have it…not one inch!

    And people grew in terror of me very quickly after hiring me. In interview…I KNOW MY STUFF, but no one asks about integrity (even though it’s almost always in a mission and values statement). No one asked me what compassion had come to mean to me (even though it was in their mission and values). No one asked me about Following my scope of practice and the laws and rules and ethics of nursing (even though these are all stated in a mission and values and/or job description or duty expectations), and when they actually saw what it meant to me in my practice “WOE IS THEM (AND ME)…I SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE WITH MY E-MAILS AND VERY DISCERNING AND DESCRIPTIVE OUTLINES OF WHY WHAT I WAS SEEING WAS REALLY NOT GOOD.

    Three years of that! AND NOW…OH THANK GOD! It’s finally neutralizing (becoming neutral but not hardly extinct, for all those lessons could never be unlearned…nor would I want them to be….

    for it lead to a deeper understanding, and as I read your blog…this blog today…I think it all sorta comes together now…and I see more than just masculine & feminine…I think I get a better sense of what is beyond the toxic. I think I see better…what is also the divine.

    It’s still not razor clear or sharp, but I think I’m finally getting the “Sense” of it. I think I must have been very very feminine in previous life times if I felt I needed to come here in a male body to balance something as great as the concept of Feminine.

    Post thought: I think this is why I did not vote for Hilary. Something about her resonates with some of what I’ve discovered in my journey. I’m not going to call it bad or wrong, but I will call it human…and challenged in that…a challenge I have no direct experience with in this life…but it is one half of two spirits I sense in myself and have warred with as a man and within my self.

    Thanks for your blogs…and for these opportunities to share.

    1. Ian, good for you for resisting analysis. And for giving yourself some intense and disparate experiences. From hospice nurse to prison nurse. Wow. And a taste of how the masculine or feminine operates or is absent in those environments.

      And as you say, you came to be intolerant of the lack of integrity at any job. Another fallout of ascension/enlightenment, in that we have less tolerance than EVER for energy feeding and that’s what happens in so many companies. There is so much energy feeding going on.

      And thank you for your perspective of being a male who has embodied his feminine nature in this lifetime, and has thus walked an arduous path. And how you describe balancing out your spiritual feminine nature by being male.

      And of course you are speaking to the galactic story of how the masculine and feminine were at war, even before the earth was formed, and how bringing that battle down here to such a slowed down environment in order to experience the separation and bring the two back together without the wounds.

      Whew, a tall order. But we on the forefront of this process are more than capable. If anyone thinks we are not doing as much as those in a 3D workaday world, they have no clue.

      We do more before breakfast than most people do all day. Lol.

  3. Ian

    OMG! INDEED. It’s all working hard, and so many levels, paths…even dimensions to work hard in or on.

    Keep up those fabulous inspirations, Girrrrrl! Ye ha!
    Love ‘em 🤩😍

  4. Woah I’m so focused in balance lately, everything out of it seems hazy. I’m trying to not get attached to any feeling or thought and this helping me to notice in a subtle way this veils and misconceptions as they leave. I may not interact a lot here with you all as I wish. Sometimes when it comes to face this mess it gets hard to assimilate what I’m feeling and putting into words and it looks like I don’t have a lot to say.. but I always do!
    It’s been a crazy crazy journey and I’m so grateful for the existence of a place like this! When I can I always come here to take a look at the exchange and understanding thats happening, it’s a safe and sacred place, and I feel so in home with you all and I couldn’t agree more with everything you say here!!
    All I can do is to express my love and gratitude for we all are together!
    I’m not so into politics and I don’t even live in America, but I do love to read your perceptions on that. Here in Brazil we are experiencing a though moment at politics too. And in this wave of caos and clearance it’s maybe about to get crazier with the elections coming in October. And me? All I can do is to sit down, relax and put my belt on focusing in healing myself.

    About the masculine energy has anyone noticed that the next eclipse will be full in middle Orient etc? I believe it will help to bring to light part of that war energy there.

    Love to you all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Tainara, I’m so glad you are feeling the love and support in this amazing community! We all create it, each with our own unique perspectives and each with a deep committment to loving and accepting ourselves.

      And I agree with you, there is a lot going on, a lot to unpack and it’s good to just take it in and allow it to assimilate.

      And, yeah, it seems to be global, the intensity of these energies and how they are affecting people everywhere. People sense something is different, even if they don’t know anything about ascension. But many do sense that the system as it is now isn’t working very well. No matter what country they are in, there is still predominantly the patriarchy. And by its own definition, it is not going to be able to go forward into the new energy without the balanced feminine.

      So, yes, fasten your seatbelt and continue the self love and self healing. And know that your radiance is of tremendous value, not just here, but everywhere, throughout all that is. 💕💕💕💕💕

  5. Ian


    I think it’s so good that you consider yourself so carefully with regard to all this stuff happening around you. Being sensitive, feeling…aware can get really confusing when it all gets taken on and then in and mixed up with your own. But you are saying you consider yourself…AND THAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT.

    Considering yourself doesn’t stop what comes in. I wonder if we do too much stopping of input if it doesn’t cut us off too much from important…information about what is true for us. But being able to really consider yourself; your feelings, idea…opinions…loving them all deeply strengthens you so deeply, and it let’s you “manage” what comes in so you have the say about that, too.

    Bravo! I’m glad I read your input today. It reminded me of some things I needed as I begin something new coming up soon. I needed to remember to manage through my perceptions so I don’t get overwhelmed by what’s going to begin soon (Starting two jobs…one I know…and one is totally deviating from the familiar).

    Thanks all for this great space to share. Thanks Maria And Tainara.

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