Who Are You?

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Who are you?  Well, that’s a loaded question, and one only you can truly answer.  But there are probably some things you have discovered about you, through this infinitely difficult and mind-blowing awakening process.

You have discovered that you are not the singular you that walks around as John or Mary or Chris, and lives a singular life of work, family, and friends.  You no longer define yourself as just being a human personality in a human body.

You know you are much, much more than that.

You know you are not here to just live another lifetime as just a human going through the very human iterations from birth to death.

You sense that this lifetime is special.  But beyond that, you aren’t sure exactly what that means.  Or that meaning may shift from day-to-day.  But there is a deep undercurrent of knowingness that you just can’t put into words.  You just know.

You can’t explain it to anyone in your life, nor do you really want to.  Putting it into words would only diminish it.

You are a compassionate person, and a wise person.  Wise beyond your years, wise beyond your human self.  Yet you are still experiencing a very human body and very human day-to-day concerns.  You may be someone who is at the earlier stages of their enlightenment, or the later stages.  Or somewhere in between.

if you feel like you have been through the underbelly of the beast of ascension, have faced your deepest fears, are often just bored and wondering why you are still here, you are most likely in the later stages of your ascension.

And along with the boredom is a sense of not being connected to the world outside your door anymore.  But there are also moments of absolute bliss.  Where you are so deeply connected to your I AM.  And again, you can’t put it into human words.  Nor do you really want to.

But you know in those moments that you are something so much more joy-filled than the conditioned human who doesn’t know how to feel that joy on their own.

So who you are is really a magnificent and unique being.  With special gifts and qualities that you came here to express and share, but even beyond that, you are courageous, and capable.  You are one of the few souls who came back this lifetime to be in the forefront of a consciousness shift the likes of which this planet has not seen.

Mull that one over while you are sipping your coffee or tea or wine or taking the dog for a walk.

Some days you feel great.  Some day you feel like you have been dragged over the coals.  You know you deserve to feel good.  It’s befitting the Master to be vibrantly healthy and to be financially flush.

You may wonder why you are not yet what you feel in your heart.  Why is it taking so long?  Has something gone wrong?  Or does it require even more patience?  Your mind may be looking for definitive answers to these and so many other questions, but comes up short.

You have patience but you’re not a saint.  You are still very human, and you are also the Master.  As the Master, you have the broader perspective, but you also have a short fuse when it comes to some very human, lower consciousness things and people.

You have the advantage though, of knowing what you know, that the reality outside your door is not real.  It’s the made up version that you created in order to work through issues.

But if you connect with this ascension material, you are done with that operating system.  The one outside your door.

So you are a Master, a soul, infusing themselves in a human body and personality in order to experience the best of both worlds.  To be the wisdom and to be the sensual human.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

At least, that was the game plan.  How it actually plays out is an individual story.  There are various factors involved.  There is no one-size-fits-all ascension process.

But that’s why it’s so fascinating.  There are so many versions, and so many stories to tell.  But of course that’s if you are not too tired and disinterested at this point.  That’s understandable.

The more light you allow in, the more your old operating system needs to be upgraded.  But there comes a point where you are done with that as well.  There can’t be endless upgrading.

So, who are you?  It’s not a question your mind can answer,  nor does it really want to.  The mind is growing weary of all the unanswered questions.  It wants to just do what it’s good at, and not be burdened with the responsibility of figuring out ascension.

But if you just put your hand on your heart, and take a deep breath, you can feel it.  You know who you are.

Enjoy Live Your Life from Smell The Roses

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27 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Ian

    There is everything right about this writing of your, Maria. It articulates the process I, myself, have gone through; the conclusion that have settled. This occurred for me in a very human way, for that is what I am: Human.

    The importance of what you described I can validate from the work I’ve done in my chosen vocation. Iremember when the realization of my “Knowing” animated consciously; when it came on line for myself and not just for my hospice patients. It was during a very ugly and heated argument I was having with my husband several years back, for after this moment, we pretty much stopped arguing because I finally saw the double standard I HATED so much; one of my most gigantic (Titanic) triggers was reveals. Until this point, I was always super super charged up, defensive beyond belief…ready, able and willing to do battle and go to war. I HATE hypocrisy. I guess this is why I hated myself so much for a really long time.

    My husband has it in him to argue in a particular way that really used to set me off. In fact, ANYONE arguing with me in this particular way would set me off; at home, in my family…at work. This was one hot red button I had absolutely no mastery over until I “Got it.”

    When one dares to go into my field of being, my mind…my psychology and tries to undo what has taken me my whole life to put together in a “Program” that keeps me alive, thriving…safe and sound of body, mind and spirit…I defend like on to death! I will get real big, loud…drama queen! I will draw attention to it…warn, growl…bare my teeth!

    The double stand is that, in my career as a hospice nurse, it’s really really REALLY super important NOT to go in and assert my particular way of being, doing and believe on someone who is dying; vulnerable…has lived a long hard life. And me or anyone else going in and trying to scratch out some offending threads that are seen poking out in their coping and and then without permission go and yank it….and then see the whole canvas of their mind and spirt come undone. I’ve seen that happen, and in doing so…the body follows. What life is left is spent in complete agony, pain…suffering…agitation. And the family is observing…and they come undone, too…and their grief is extended and deepened, for their coping is related to the patient. THAT IS OBSCENE TO WATCH; IT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE THING! IT IS INHUMANE!

    When we try to undo a person’s natural process of coping and being by asserting our own template over theirs, we undo them (if they aren’t strong enough to stop you)…and suffering is exponentially increased by (place some zeros behind the percentage indicating exponential increase). It is so very uncompassionate, thoughtless…selfish…cruel to do this to someone, yet…

    …I have seen some people who claim to be compassionate…and are deemed by many to be so. And when these same people are the types that go after loose threads in peoples psyche believing they “Know better”…It makes me want to SCREAM!!!

    Yet…sometimes we do this and we don’t even know it…have the best intentions, but the result is the same: We undo a person, they regress…get lost; become insane! Trust me! They are sane! Leave their coping alone…be discerning of them as you are of yourself, and a lot of trouble can be avoid for all concerned.

    I do NOT let people go in an undo my loose threads, for I am a master weaver of my own life. I’ve woven every thread into my canvas just as I’ve wanted it and/or needed it! I hadn’t realized this until I’d found myself screaming at my husband one day because in his arguing…he is trying to tear down my “Programing” to replace it with his own, and he would do this by invalidating my fundamental principles…the sources of my experience that taught me how to survive in this world. He’s say they were’t real. I’d go insane because I wanted to believe him because He loved me, and I loved him. This wasn’t love. Me going insane was not love, nor was it my highest expression. Him undoing my mind was not love; it was wanting to be right. That’s all it was.

    He didn’t do it on purpose, No. He just wanted to be right! And when I realized this…I realized it is so for every one…everywhere. In all situations where I’ve found this true, it was so!

    Now…I see this. My husband IS right (for himself). I Love him for it, and I LOVE THE BOUNDARIES I set up using simple words: Do as you will, but harm none!

    It works! I am sane for it. I hold this true for myself. Hypocrisy and double standard: Check!

    Your entry today, Maria…reminds me of this lesson. Thank you…

    1. You make a good point, Ian, because everyone, no matter where they might be in their own growth, have their own version of truth. It’s hard to accept that there are many truths. And that trying to change someone else’s perspective is not really being compassionate.

      For example, Yeshua (Jesus) assists millions of people on the planet, by speaking through the crack of least resistance. For the very religious, he speaks through perhaps the pastor, or for those who have moved out of religion, he speaks through a channeler, or for many who believe it’s possible, he comes in very directly.

      And you do the same, by honoring your patients and where they are at. Especially at the end of their life, I agree, it’s a fragile place to be, and they may be frightened of what is beyond their physical life. They need a gentle soul to help guide them, to encourage them, and to have compassion for them.

      They are blessed to have someone like you to be there for them.

      I have lost many loved ones and have had the blessing of hoispice be there at the end for some of them. I recognized what an important job that was, and that the hospice worker was there for me, too. They put my mind and heart at ease, especially if they were compassionate.

      So thank YOU, Ian, for the work that you do. 💕

      1. I agree with you Maria; Ian you are a blessing to those you serve!

        As someone who just encountered hospice, I can see what you mean. I could see the hospice nurse for my mother was trying to figure out the family relationships. It was interesting, one of the last nasty things my mom said to me (from her disappointment that I wasn’t who she wanted me to be :o) the hospice nurse was there listening. I was proud of myself for not reacting to my mom. I just kept saying the same thing calmly. Being a recording, if you will.

        I also have a close friend who’s a retired hospice nurse. I’ve heard a lot of stories from her of patients and families.

        You do a precious service for families Ian!

      2. Ian

        Maria, It’s funny to me when you said, “It’s hard to accept that there are so many truths.”

        It is hard. And as many people as their are on the world; there are that many truths. It’s the same as what I tell families when they are in deep turmoil about “Why” their loved one is dying from (name a disease)…and they are grieving.

        I say, “As many people as there are on the Earth…there are that many deaths, and so death is normal. Now it’s (name the person) time…and I’ll be there, too some day.”

        If I say this, I can’t just leave. I have to wait for the response…see how far in it goes…or if they see it as a platitude which means that’s not a truth that helps (so I can switch to the purely clinical)…or…if it heals and gives a moment of perspective and a space to take one more breath where grief is mitigated a little.

        The goal is not to solve or halt grief. How foolish would that be? Halt part of a healing process (grief)? I think not! The point is to set grief free a little…give it wings to see a little bit higher…see a bit more light so it can continue with better sight and not get as lost as it can lead people to do.

        That’s all “truth” is (not the “T”ruth)…our truths…help us see higher then we were before. Imagine someone who was once in the darkest dungeon of their mind. They learn a truth that leads them half way up and out of the dungeon. You see this from the top of the stairs looking down in to that dungeon. You reach your hand down to them from where you are at the top of the stairs of that dungeon…encouraging them to keep stepping up from that place you once might have been (I’ve been there). You have absolutely no desire to go back down in there. The door might close behind you…you could get locked back in…and then there would be two of you down there with nothing but co-miseration between you both…in the dark.

        Nah…just stay up there in the well lit door way…keep the door open so those below can see where to go from where you are in your light, but let them climb out…Call to them…let them take their own steps. If you go down there and snatch their hand and try to drag them out…your worst fear will likely come true. That door is gonna slam shut behind you both.

        See…someone has to hold the door open. Those someones…they are us.

        Let’s all keep working on ourselves. All the places we work…the people there…they need us (and we need us, too).

        Love in spirit.

    2. Wow Ian. Great awarenesses! I’ve learned tons from my husband too.

      When I was younger I would often “fight for my life” in arguments. I realized an important thing. I gave up being understood. And also, that he needed to be right, which made me stand up to him, saying I needed to be right. Its a big awareness to have, to give up being right and give up being understood. I believe marriage or any relationship is about learning about me, not them. As long as I stay aware.

      1. Ian

        Hey Sherry,

        Thanks. You too. I’m so glad to be made aware we’re not alone. It’s humbling to know we share a degree of grace that is the same between us.

        Thank you all for your beautiful grace.

  2. Patrice Karst

    Beautiful words and loved your song too! This is one tough time to get through and your blogs help me immensly sister. Bless you for that…

  3. Ian

    Maria and all the participants who engage this reallly special space she created…you all are truly inspiring!

    I just want I remind everyone that hospice is my “Job.” It’s a human vocation that requires skills I’ve always wanted to foster. I had no idea of the consequences of this choice (until they smacked me between the eyes, knocked me down, knocked me out…and that I struggled so often to “work” it out for myself.

    …but a friend of mine once told me one day as I was bemoaning all my victomhood, “no matter where you go, Eee Eee, there you are.”

    When I got this…many years later (Thanks Mer!!), I realized that even if I’d chosen being a barista at Starbucks…responsible for touching someone’s hand 200 times a day passing money or coffee all day long…conforming to an human standard I might not be feeling each and every time I acted in that capacity…I’d have experienced the same lessons and felt the same degree of duty as I do in this “Job” I have now.

    We all suffer. We can all heal. We can all be maimed and be the one who maims another.

    These things Maria brings up and facilitated through this blog are so important To anyone seeking The Better way!

    I’m so glad Maria brought up Jesus…his deeper meaning and message which is so powerful, for it can make any act…vocation…station in life very deeply important for the benefit of all.

    Thanks Maria!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the song, Ian. Sometimes i find for me it’s easier to express in song what can’t be said in words

      And I agree, we are here to radiate our light, whatever form it takes. 😍💕

  4. Barbara

    Who am I? Well, it took me years to learn who I was not… then years of “Wherever you go, there you are” to years of “Been there, done that”. When I was a kid I went to a one-room rural schoolhouse (which is now a museum, which I visited last year and explained to the curator what certain of its facilities were for, like cloak rooms, wood sheds, ink wells and indoor pit toilets!) and then I went to a two-room rural schoolhouse, and then to a big multi-room high school, and then to Journalism School (yep, wanted to be a Journalist)… good grief… note to Elila, that is one of my all-time most covers-it-all expressions… and then, good grief, graduated to “out there”… only to discover that I’m in a one-room 3D school house called Earth/Gaia/Planet third from the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy, and that I wasn’t actually from Earth at all, but a volunteer to help Earth graduate after her students learn that they are in a one-room school house and there are much, much bigger school houses “out there”. Love, B.

    1. Elila

      Barbara! I *love* “good grief” (I have an uncle named Charlie Brown, after all ). And I love your schoolroom analogy–excellent!!!
      As a side note I also seem to be using our other favorite, WTF, quite a lot lately lol lol

      1. Barbara

        Yep, WTF works, too. I’m thinking I’ll use WTF in private and GG in public. And don’t you think the Peanuts comic strip was actually a cosmic strip as in so many truths revealed with tons of humor, though I did note when I was reading it that Lucy was portrayed as a female who could not be trusted (that darned football scene every autumn), but yet she pined for Beethoven who was not the slightest bit interested. Good grief, how we’ve been conditioned. I longed for Lucy to hold that football just once, and for Beethoven to look up from his piano! Wow, an uncle named Charlie Brown… what can I say other than WTF and GG? Love you, Elila. B.

  5. Ian


    (cackling…sonorous cackling)! Barbara!! Classic! (giggles). I LOVE IT! (I gotta re-read this one). The thrills! The dread! Such highs…such deep disappointing….GOOD GRIEFS!

    IN A NUT SHELL! How’d you do that? (Groan…I wanna do that!)

    1. Barbara

      Dear Heart, Ian,

      You’ve already done it. I have learned so much from your comments and for that I’m greatly appreciative. Here’s something I learned in my “Been there, done that” and oh, my, how I wish I could do it again! It’s a “Been there, done that” that I experienced in my early twenties. There is a magic between humans who are able to connect energy that goes way beyond gender identification and sexual preferences. I have no other word for it than to call it a merge, no penis or vagina involved, no endearments or foreplay, no nothing except a total understanding of the other that each is safe and right in their expression of love resulting in a merge that makes sex kind of take a backseat… damn, now I’m at a loss for words… the merge is a total protection, perfection of all that is right about being human in the comforting arms of another human. Something like that! Will I ever experience it again? Hope so, but after that experience I knew that I had to carry on with my one-room school and not go searching (too much) for that experience again. But, yes, you already have it and so do those who comment here at Maria’s wonderful safe space. Love, B.

      1. Elila

        Ahhhh Barbara you have just put words to something that while I’ve not actually experienced it, I have suspected it exists for years now. What you describe is exactly why I’ve had this underlying feeling for so long now that sex (at least the twisted permutation of it that seems to be the norm now) is sort of wildly passé or outdated. Maybe even a little barbaric lol. And what 3D is calling “making love”–im sure this is a gross generalization (& i know there are exceptions) but the very thing that seems to be lacking in the physical relations portrayed ” out there” is the very thing I long for most—-that deep connection to another human wherin all the “sex” stuff isnt the main event or even required! I hope that made any amount of sense (and I don’t mean to offend anyone who is in love with a great partner and really digging sex)–it’s just a persistent feeling within me, almost like a blurry, distant memory in a way?
        And yes on Peanuts being a cosmic strip haha. So many of the things ostensibly directed to children have such great messages if you look…..Monsters,Inc. anyone? Or the Muppets?
        Love you back, Barbara.

  6. kat

    Maria, you know I love all your articles, but this one I feel is extra special. When I was reading it I felt a serenity, an inner calm I haven’t felt for a while. Everything about it spoke to my soul. Thank you, thank you thank you for that. I love you my friend

    1. Elila

      Hi Kat! Sending love to you, and to dear Maria, and all my beauty peeps here. These conversations, even if I can’t manage to say much, are the hilights of my day! 💙💙💙

  7. This post also somehow touches me a lot. Thank you! There is a certain compassion and understanding for this very strange and peculiar road we all walk. Maybe it feels so strange because we don’t know anything anymore…
    Let it all go and just live this moment, this very moment here and now. That’s all there is. Surrender to it, allow it to be just as it is.
    Words make it sound easy, but knowing where we come from (a life where you had to be smart and knew where you were going and what you were doing:) it’s quite a job to let go and just allow each moment to unfold in its own perfectly mysterious way… boy, how I long to let go:-)))
    Thank you again….and let me read it one more time:-)

    1. Ian

      I’m super glad I read this, Jokesblogt.

      “How I long to let go,” Was what you said. when you said that, I did, too. And now I’m reminded, too.

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