Behold The Light


The Light quotient is high on the planet.  Everyone is feeling it in their own way.  Those of us on the accelerated path feel it, and although it can be uncomfortable at times, we at least know its purpose. The light is designed to disrupt.  It permeates everything.  It brings to the surface all the stuff that has been hidden, and that has been unloved.

It brings to the surface the shadow within us, those buried emotions of fear, sadness, doubt, and anger.  If we allow them to come up without judgement, they eventually transform into a lighter version of ourself.

In the world the light exposes shadows in the consciousness.  We can see this clearly as people, groups and institutions are exposed for their lack of integrity.  Political leaders, systems, businesses, churches, no one is spared.

The shadow, if not addressed, is projected outward, and can manifest as racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, islamaphobia, sexual abuse, among other things.

Some of these have been hidden in plain sight, such as misogyny.  It had become normalized to the point where a large part of the consciousness shrugs it off, or places it at the very bottom of the long list of social ills.

And yet, this problem goes to the heart of all the world’s issues combined.  The rejection of the feminine.  The denouncing and disassociation of the feminine is woven into every issue humanity faces at this time.

Art by Maria Chambers

The patriarchy, which we know as the system in which the planet is operating, is by definition rejecting of the feminine.  And, without the feminine as equal partner with the masculine, nothing truly gets resolved.

Things like corruption in business and politics, and abuse in the church are not just moral or legal issues, but they are manifestations of a much deeper wound.  For a permanent solution, it’s imperative to go to the heart of those issues.

For example, the sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy in the Catholic Church.  The fundamental concepts of the religion itself must come into scrutiny.  Questions need to be posed, such as, how can people continue to embrace a god that denounces the sensuality of the physical body and perceives sexuality as wrong, or evil?

The light quotient is now at a level that will no longer allow more hiding.  You can run but you can’t hide has never been more true.

We discover that people’s issues are just amplified when energy is directed toward them, whether that energy is in the form of light, or money, or fame and status.

If someone has deep seated fears and feelings of inferiority, they may decide to override those emotions by collecting things, relationships, status and money.  But they discover it’s never enough to satisfy the emptiness inside.

They could rise to the most powerful position in the world, believing that then they would finally feel worthy.  They could do whatever is necessary, including disregard the law and violate other people’s rights.  Whatever it takes.

But ultimately, they will self-destruct because they can only go so far without examining their own self.  And of course they don’t stand alone.  They are a reflection of a consciousness that is also running from self and blindly follows the leader.

Art by Maria Chambers

But meanwhile, it’s not our problem.  What humanity is doing with this light is entirely up to them.  What direction they head in the next few years is still up for debate.  All sorts of predictions and prophesies are out there, some more positive than others.

There are the gloom-and-doomers, on the one end of the spectrum, who believe we are headed for annhilation, and there are some in the metaphysical sphere who believe we will all be singing Kumbaya together in 5D bliss in the not too distant future.

I suspect that the potential lies somewhere in the middle.

As more and more people awaken, the consciousness raises to a level where it becomes just too uncomfortable for anyone to stay here if their frequency is too low. Right now, we are experiencing the reverse.  Those whose consciousness has been awakened are finding it more and more uncomfortable to be on a planet that is still pretty shut down.

Nothing new, we have known this for awhile now.

We on the forefront of consciousness aren’t here to save the planet.  We are here to go through our own enlightenment.  That alone is more than enough, and has such a profound impact on all that is, this planet included.

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84 thoughts on “Behold The Light

  1. Elila

    Yaaay you’re back!!! I haven’t even read your post yet cuz I wanted to say hi right away! Missed you and hope your vacation was restful and fun and rejuvenating ☺💕💕💕

  2. Elila

    Yes. This is so right on, as usual! I agree it all stems from misogyny and the dismissal/discounting/disrespect of the Divine feminine.
    And I laughed when you said “I think the potential lies somewhere in the middle” lol lol. Indeed!
    Lately I have noticed men being more careful and unsure when they want to pay a woman a compliment …..very interesting and a good sign I would say. The other day a man I don’t know but that I see frequently while walking was very careful in choosing his words–in the past a guy might have said “you’re lookin’ GOOD”, instead he tentatively said “all that walking really WORKS….”. It was kind of heartening to see him putting in the effort of consideration and still not being sure. I appreciated it.

    PS Hi Annette!

    1. Hi Elila….I hope you also had a good August! And, yes, it is very interesting, isn’t it, how some men are now much more cautious. Like any change, I suppose there will be discomfort for awhile until everyone gets their bearings. And, to be totally honest, now I find myself thinking or almost saying things that are borderline sexist toward women, and it’s unsettling. Maybe because I didn’t recognize those thoughts as being sexist in the past, at least not consciously.

      But that’s how deeply entrenched it has been. I grew up in a generation of people being overtly sexist, and everyone just laughed it off.

      So we have all become too aware to just shrug things off.

  3. Ian

    YEAH YEAH YEAH! You’re back!!!! I REALLY missed your presence!

    You said, “It brings to the surface the shadow within us, those buried emotions of fear, sadness, doubt, and anger. If we allow them to come up without judgement, they eventually transform into a lighter version of ourself.”

    Then you went on to describe some shadows.

    Dear Divine Feminin,

    I started a new job working with 4 female teachers sharing a classroom with 24 preschoolers only one of which is my patient/child. Each woman teacher is very different, but they work well together through the rapport they’ve built over the years.

    They voice their concern, griefs and opposition to one another with grace, patience and honesty without compromising them selves. They do this by compromising through courageous honesty. Where one is strong and assertive the others are compromising and relenting while also not disempowered by the one that is strong. They actively seek consensus and congruency.

    Getting to know them was difficult. I felt out of place, unsure and a bit scared to do the wrong thing and fairly defensive of my own divine masculinity. Over several days, each commented in passing, “It must be hard to be male working with children…because of how it can be seen.”

    Sympathy was on line, and so was compassion. I actively feel the truth of this. When I was 18, I came out “Gay” to my father. Before he stopped talking to me for 6 months, he sat me down and gave me some advice. 1). Never work with children because it’s will be a danger to you NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE BAD but because people (essentially) are fucked up…and children are no exception. 2) Remember it’s not worth dying over a good feeling (sex = AIDS). I’ve lived with this in my heart and mind for a really really long time. Fear…is a terrible shadow, while it keeps me alive…living in fear is also living to die.

    One day, one of them said, “It must be hard working with a bunch of females.” They all stood waiting in a half circle around me…anticipating something…

    I was honest in my quick thinking, because my honesty is always right there at the front vying with my platitudes. I chose honesty. I said, “I’ve been working for over two decades in a field where only 8 percent are men. I understand what it is to work with women, and I value what I see amongst you. I truly appreciate the integrity with which you work with one another. That’s what’s important to me. Thank you so much for making this easy for me.”

    The lead teacher is a fellow Cancerian like me. From the beginning, I recognized how very very similar we are: Stern, advocating…tough love that is love; moody and cantankerous, blunt…insecure in that bluntness but she’s gotta do it anyway because that’s who she is. I love her!!! She’s just like me only female. Is it possible? Of course! It’s right there!

    Thanks Divine Feminine for all your strengths and love; insight and keen perception…your feeling and nurturing.


    One who would transform his shadows into the lighter version of himself through a duality that is not in opposition but would be intrinsic…God willing to living in integrity and congruency with it (duality) so that it can be made whole. And God is willing…because we are.


    Peace be with you


    1. Hi Ian! Well, it’s so amazing to hear your perspective, and I am so grateful to you, my friend, for sharing your wisdom and your light with us here, and with the people you work with, the women, the men, and the children. They are very blessed to have your presence.

      Oh, and BTW, I’m a Cancerian, too.🌛. And so glad you enjoyed the photos…they were a blast to create.

      And, yay to being back here with this truly incredible community of souls!

  4. Hi Maria, Welcome back….hope you have had a great August! I love the new video…it’s fun.

    I’m really noticing the imbalanced masculine in some females as well as many males…..and some people I know are revealing that they still actually WANT all the drama, risk, shock, unsavoury-ness and appear to have absolutely no desire for peace and love. At the same time others are rapidly shedding what seems like a coat, of the nonsense of the world….suddenly seeing some things as they really are. A few friends are even saying that they can now see some of the things I have talked a bit about over the years (both worldly/personal patterns and energy changes) and that they no longer think I’m a dreamer! That is REALLY cool.

    Yes, Elila, I hear SO often, from men and women, telling someone that they look good….like that is what matters. It’s interesting, this guy tried to say it in a nice way, but hey…why make a comment about your appearance at all? Men have been trained that women need to be told they look good, but why?

    It’s true that men are now trying not to be offensive because they are afraid, but we are seeing them trying to change what they say (to not offend) rather than looking at why they want to say it (nicely or not-nicely) in the first place. Baby steps, eh?!?!

    Have been really ill for much of August, but feeling better now. Also been carless for all of August, as mine blew up. Somehow it looks like I have been halted for a month.

    Lots of Love, everyone…..Gail xxx

    1. Perfect……we are so focused on what we look like. It is funny how the Universe works it so we must rest, be quiet, take a break……….

      I thought this might speak to all of us.

      I just saw poem today by Hollie Holden.

      Today I asked my body what she needed,
      Which is a big deal
      Considering my journey of
      Not Really Asking That Much.

      I thought she might need more water.
      Or protein.
      Or greens.
      Or yoga.
      Or supplements.
      Or movement.

      But as I stood in the shower
      Reflecting on her stretch marks,
      Her roundness where I would like flatness,
      Her softness where I would like firmness,
      All those conditioned wishes
      That form a bundle of
      She whispered very gently:

      Could you just love me like this?

      {Hollie Holden
      June 2016}

      Much love to us all,


      1. mom2bzs

        Hi Everyone!

        Great to be back with all of you.

        I absolutely love love love that poem. I put it on my facebook page a few times. I was a bullemic in my 20’s and still have body image issues. Its one of the things I have to give myself compassion about all the time. Pretty much I know when I’m not feeling “thin enough” its about my feelings, not my body

        1. I hear you. So happy I found it today. I needed it. Such a great reminder. And as I like to say, “Who we are now is the answer to everything.” Our we all PERFECT! Don’t you love how things come in just the most beautiful time, right when you need it? When I was a much thinner being, I could not even see it. It is such an inside job, eh? Loving us all!!! #wallowingingratitude #joyepidemic

    2. Hi Gail, thanks, it’s so nice to be back, and I’m really glad you liked the video. It was so much fun to create!

      And agreed, the imbalance is in women as well. In fact, I would say that real change for women will come from women recognizing their own disrespect for the feminine. Because then they will initiate change from within themselves.

      They will then no longer accept the world’s perspective of women, and see herself from the perspective of wholeness.

      It’s happening as women release their caretaking roles of the world and specifically trying to appease the male anger. Women who embrace their masculine, and men who embrace their feminine are the new role models for the balanced human.

      And then maybe those who are still using the feminine as scapegoats will no longer have a leg to stand on.

      1. ‘In fact, I would say that real change for women will come from women recognizing their own disrespect for the feminine’…..YES!!! As you said, I too have heard myself say things that are borderline sexist….it is all so ingrained in our language, phrases, quips, jokes, comebacks….. I also spot them in other subjects too, like competition for example. All patriarchal angles.

        So glad you are back xxx

      2. Elila

        Hi everyone!!! So glad to be with you all again!
        Maria (&Elizabeth and Gail), I have been having the same realizations about my own sexoist thoughts or remarks and it’s so disconcerting. I too grew up in the generation where it was just the “normal” so I’m sometimes just “conditioned blind” to it. So pervasive. But the light is on sisters and we are seeing it now eh? I completely agree with you Maria that the real change will come when we as females realize and heal our OWN sexism and the way we have devalued OURSELVES (& continue to disrespect ourSELVEs with things like body shaming of ourselves and others). Women who completely love and embrace their own feminine (and masculine) will probably not be sexist or shaming their own bodies, or disrespecting themselves in any way (& therefore naturally unable to disrespect OTHERS, of whatever gender identification, in any way) and that is soooo powerful…..
        Which leads me to the poem you shared, Elizabeth. I read it and got to the last line and burst into tears. I HAVE been doing all that asking about greens and water and movement blahblahblah, but obviously not listening carefully for the real answer but there it was in that incredible poem. Thank you for sharing it. All of this that we are talking about here seems to (once again) stem back to our need for unconditional, healing SELF love which will in turn heal the world by ripple effect, so it absolutely IS an inside job any way you slice it. We must start within our own amazing selves –again no matter what gender.
        And Gail I have been having the EXACT same thoughts as you for a while now about why on earth we are focused on or complimenting (or disparaging) anyone’s APPEARANCE???? And questioning what it has meant to me or why I do it let alone why I like when others compliment my appearance. I am also realizing that I can recall a time not terribly long ago when I actually felt deep appreciation for those catcalls and sexist remarks. And (now *I’m* blushing, Ian) I’m loathe to admit that I have in the past made these kinds of sexist, cat-call-y remarks towards men too in the same way we are now loathing when men do it to us. Like commenting on some muscular shirtless jogger guy or whatever, and I feel gross about that now! But at the time it seemed harmless, and “normal”. So. Lots of examining happening. And Maria I also agree about the discomfort and I believe it’s a good thing, but not just for the men to be experiencing–I can see how I as a female need to experience it too in examining/questioning my own behavior. Like you said I didn’t consciously recognize some things as sexist, whether towards women or men or any other gender ID, and am now experiencing a different awareness. So I suppose I now see in myself the same cautiousness I saw in that man who wanted to compliment…..hmmm.
        And Sherry I fel ya on the car thing–my last one quit in 2004 and I was so sick of dealing with cars I donated it to charity and never got another one! I hope you are feeling better now my friend!

        1. You said a mouthful of great stuff Elila!

          I too am very conscious of how I look. Having been bullemic when young, I was very concerned about my outsides. Much more than my insides. I think us women need to support each other more instead of being jealous, threatened and insecure. I’m thin and I work at a school district and I can’t tell you how many comments are made about my weight. It makes me SO extremely uncomfortable. I want to scream, my body is NOT who I am, neither is it who you are. What’s inside is way more important.

          1. Ian

            For Sherry and all the rest of y’all.

            “I am Light” by India Arie

            I Am Light

            I am light, I am light [x4]

            I am not the things my family did
            I am not the voices in my head
            I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside

            I am light, I am light [x4]

            I’m not the mistakes that I have made
            Or any of the things that caused me pain
            I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind

            I am light, I am light [x4]

            I am not the color of my eyes
            I am not the skin on the outside
            I am not my age, I am not my race
            My soul inside is all light

            All light, all light [x2]
            I am light, I am light [x2]

            I am divinity defined
            I am the God on the inside
            I am a star, a piece of it all
            I am light

        2. L. Elizabeth Sadhu

          Elila!!!! I love the synchronicities…….how we all come to a similar thing separately…….I keep saying that the current state of affairs has meant that more is coming to the light……hehehe, except I didn’t quite expect it to be some of my shit…..hahaha……it is wonderful!!!!

          That poem is so powerful! AND I hear you about what do I need to DO? Instead of what or how can I just BE?

          Love all you are saying………

          AND I still remember the year I lost 50 pounds (30 years ago now) and after awhile I could not see that I was thin. It is such an inside job!

          much love to you and to us all!!!!!

  5. Perfectly said, sistar goddess! Love you tons and tons…… i laughed a lot also about the balance….heehee so fucking extreme right now. Muah muah muah #wallowingingratitude #joyepidemic #cultivatesilly #loveandjoyrevolution

  6. mom2bzs

    I went back to working at my schools last week. At one of them, I LOVE the staff. Its a middle school. The other one (elementary school) got a new secretary and WOW is she unconscious. That’s my way of framing someone in pain and not realizing it. I haven’t experienced a female with this much passive aggressiveness and defensiveness since my mother (who passed a few months ago). I find myself feeling angry and not wanting to put up with her bull shit. I understand she’s in serious pain and has no clue what to do in an elementary school office. Aside from that, she doesn’t like small ones or have children. I’m a fierce defender of children. Probably because I was so invalidated as a child. I’m trying to focus on the things I do like there (the people). Its really an experience.

    1. Good luck to you. That can be such a challenge. You are a beautiful champion.

      I have a person in my life ONLY because she and my beloved hubby are very close. (Ex partners) I have included her and had her close to me for 27 years and finally this year I just could not do it anymore. I had a couple of tantrums with my hubby….(not planning but just came out) and there is more space now. She lives less than a mile from us. I jokingly called her my hubby’s “other wife”. He got pissed. But he totally takes care of her. He communities a bunch of times each day with get and stood by her home almost every single day to check in. She is pretty darn narcissistic and super sexist. Oh my! And is in our life. I have created space, so it is better for me. My hubby stopped suggesting she be part of EVERYTHING we do. He just doesn’t see it. So, I hang in there. For some reason she is in our life. I don’t feel jealous, I just feel fed up. 😁 Sending the love.

      Thanks for listening….I surprised myself by sharing this. But I think that you all will understand. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

      1. Ian

        I can see your point, Elizabeth. Ex’s are tricky. I’ve never lived out this particular dynamic. I’ve tended to be pretty territorial and (Blush…literally I’m blushing right now in admitting this) very jealous…insecure and neurotic about how it’s supposed to be in committed relationships. For me though, a lot of this had to do with AIDS…seeing so much death and suffering and swearing I was not going out like that! ANY possibility of infidelity or unclear intentions with that regard have really sent me spiring out of control. But being like that was death…it’s a terrible suffering to be so amped up on survival fear.

        And yet…boundery setting is ALSO tied into survival. What is seeking survival is the only difference…defending what ever that is takes just as much energy, toiling…suffering. It takes it’s equivalent toll on us.

        I think you are completely in your right mind about all this stuff with that ex…especially if she is vamping off what you and your husband have together. Ew! Reptile in the Castle. Get it OUT!

      2. Elizabeth, this is huge….first to have this person (not by your desire) hugely in your life for TWENTY SEVEN years and second to demand some space from her. Bloody well done!!! It sounds like primarily she is devouring your hubby’s energy and lifeforce, not yours, but very hard to watch and endure. I know this narcissistic energy….utterly entitled, demanding, selfish, never satiated….. and amazingly he (hubby) can’t see it, even after 27 years. That’s how they wear their prey down, making it all feel so normal that it goes unnoticed and unquestioned. Again, well done Elizabeth xxx

        1. Thanks so much, Gail! Clearly I came to the right place to share. I so appreciate everyone’s support! Oh my gosh, you described it so perfectly. Thanks for the “bloody well done!!” Feeling so happy about what I am doing for me and my sanity. Much love to us all! I keep hearing, inner voice, that my honey will get it. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    2. Ian

      Hey Mom2bzs,

      I try to remember what I learned about compassion in the AIDS Hospice I worked in years and years ago (and trust me…I have barely begun to really figure out how to move past sponging)…Compassion is to sit with suffering. Let it occur if it’s not of your making.

      My rule of thumb with this is if it actually starts coming into my personal field [of responsibility]. At that point…It’s all mine to deal with and I WILL make quick work of it. Until that point…careful discernment of what to allow. Often time, natural consequence will deal with it. Let their own suffering lead them out of it. It does [unless they are wired hard core for it…like I fairly am…sorta dumb about it…until I started figuring out my own inner work [and vocational work].

      When I get this, it is really quite easy. “When” was super hard to get down…like…decades worth of toiling, sponging…getting all upset, outraged…victimy. I actually think I have physiological heart damage from this particular lesson in compassion.

      (groan). Healing myself…yeah…that’s my focus now.

      Hang in there, Goddess divine!

      1. I can stay objective until the attitude turns toward me. She’s been very bitchy to me. She’s also very defensive. It’s not just me either. I’m a very strong empath so I FEEL her stuff. It’s very ugly

          1. Thanks for the support Ian and Elizabeth.

            I remembered you were an empath Elizabeth. Double edged sword, isn’t it?! Yes, they are in complete denial. When confronted, they get very defensive because they have absolutely no clue how they’re acting. To me its so obvious! I know what its like to feel pain and on the other side to feel bliss. I prefer loving myself and feeling bliss and connected to my source.

  7. Ian

    Like I said…when it enters my field of responsibility…IT’S ALL MINE BABY…It’s given to me now! It’s mine!! “Will suck to be you, now watch what I’m gonna do.”

    Too bad that’s when I still usually go unconscious. It’s like I can hardly bare myself when I have to defend my responsibilities because I really take them very seriously and a lot of “Force” is channelled of it’s own accord. Oh man it sucks!!! I feel my life force just ebb.

    I wish I was the master of the skill to be able to come up with the perfect statement that gets people to wake the fuck up to what they are doing to other people, and do this without…channelling a lot of force. Rather power. Ever read a book called, “Power vs. Force?” It’s quite interesting.

    AND I wish I wasn’t an empath because what REALLY REALLY pisses me off the most is, not so much that they are in my space fucking with my duties, NO…WHAT IT IS is gearing up to hurt someone with honesty. My “Fear” (shadow) is that they will get all butt hurt about saying…”Hey…your shitty attitude is really misleading people into monkey see monkey do behavior that totally sucks and brings dysfunction. Do I have to say more, or is this enough to get you to stop?”

    Have you ever been butt hurt or butt hurt someone? Oh man! It’s hardly worth it…but damn! I’m kinda not caring about butt hurt so much these days. Some times a butt’s gotta hurt!

    I haven’t yet quite mastered the regulation of my empathy to tune out the boom-a-rang effect I KNOW I’ll feel. But…if it’s my duties involved…then I figure I’m accountable. So…I take it seriously…and I just get it done and accept it’s gonna hurt. And it always does.

    Spirit, soul…consience is on line. So…I’m human, and that’s just that. It took a really long time to get to this point. And…the consequences I find now move through much much faster. Consequences is the rules. I’m still accountable.

    Integrity is a REAL be-yotch!

    Any ideas about that skill to tell the truth in a way that leaves people well in their minds? I want me that! I can do it with easy people who have reason and a conscience (and consciousness)…not so good with ass holes YET!

    I’m still working with consequence. LOL. that’s something I guess. LOL

    I heard Caroline Myss say something very interesting in “Entering the Castle.” She said that sometimes when you work in the light, you are called to go into the darkest places because being light filled is no point when you are in a room full of other people with their light on. All it does is make it brighter, so what’s the point if light doesn’t go beyond itself to light up where it’s dark?

    Yeah…that sucks, too (sincerely grumbling).

    I hope you get that I feel your pain! I do. Without a doubt. In this…you have my deepest empathy.

    1. I do get that you’re being very supportive Ian and I SO appreciate it!

      I learned from my mother and family of origin that no matter how corectly you say something (i.e. taking responsibility or using “I” statements) you can’t control their reaction, as its THEIR reaction. As I always say, if I keep trying, my head gets bloody and the dam wall doesn’t move. People like this don’t see that they’re doing anything wrong, they’re unconscious. How can you possibly make someone conscious if that’s all they’ve known and it feels okay to them?! Its like watching a goat ram its head into a stump over and over and thinking, why are you hurting yourself like this, when there’s a much better way?! They don’t realize it. I know the difference.

      I also know I bring the light and my light is WAY too bright for most. It makes them VERY uncomfortable, it makes them see their stuff and they don’t want to so it has to be my fault. I remember realizing this with my brother years ago. I could FEEL his annomosity accross the room. I intuitively knew I was way too bright for him.

  8. Ian

    oh…I still go through periods when I come home and my own butt is raw…like hamburger raw! When my butt really hurts, I turn to Epsom salts, Girl…in a nice bath! It’s far better than revenge which I avoid like the plague it is.

    I am a male Cancerian. That makes me one of many kings of Butt Hurt! Ohhhh Yessss! Is my butt sagging because I’m 53, or is it an energetic ramification from having my ass chapped so much by so many ass holes (Ewww…I just got a nasty visual. Sorry! that one’s gonna take some time to pass out….EWW…Damn….I did it again). I better stop. I’m traumatizing myself…also another Male Cancerian attribute (groan).

      1. Ian

        Sherry, it’s time for a light fill self care bath experience WITH EPSOM SALT, M’DEAR!!! Get you some…Target has 5 lb bags for 5 bucks…with lavender! don’t get the volcanic salt one…it totally sucks and leaves and ugly greasy black ring in the tub. I personally hate cleaning the bath tub (Now preferring bubblin’ potion instead; doesn’t leave a ring for me to obsess over…which I like not to worry over until I get my old self down on my knees with my achy back to scrub out. Best just to remove the source of my terrible agonizing obsessive suffering by not creating the ring in the first place. Self care with holistic consideration. That’s what that looks like. (groan…Ian…shut up already!)

        1. I do have some epsom salt with lavender. As soon as it cools down, I’ll use it.

          Thanks so much Ian for the beautiful video of India Arie. It brought me tears. Good tears🤗❤️

          1. Ian

            You’re welcome, Sherry. Thank you for such wonderful fellowship.

            India Arie has gotten me through some tough tough times. Many of her songs are richly inspiring; soul pulling and revealing. “Break the Shell” is another good one.

            Yeah…I can have a good cry when music gets in and breaks some things up.

            I listened to one of Maria’s songs not long ago…and I had this beautiful vision of being in Hawaii…and I was really really happy in that moment.

          2. Ian

            “Break the Shell” by India Arie

            I met a prophet dark as the night
            She could see into my soul
            Said she’d been watching and had some advice
            She said shadows make you whole
            A life without pain is a wolf in sheep’s clothes
            Cause if you listen to the lessons that it holds
            You’ll find the gold
            Child its time to break the shell
            Life’s gonna hurt but its meant to be felt
            You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
            You cannot fly until you break the shell
            I can remember when I was a child
            How the grown folks seemed so crazy
            Why are they so angry, why are they so loud?
            And when I grow up that’s never ever gonna be me
            That was the moment that I decide
            That I would build a wall just shy of six feet tall
            Too strong to fall
            Child its time to break the shell
            Life’s gonna hurt but its meant to be felt
            You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
            You cannot fly until you break the shell
            Courage is not being hard
            It’s time to peel back all of the layers
            You put between who you’re meant to be
            And you who are
            And go be who you are
            So much disappointment to finally understand
            That there is no such thing as perfect
            Were all simply doing the best that we can
            And we have a choice to live or truly be alive
            This is your life
            Child its time to break the shell
            Life’s gonna hurt but its meant to be felt
            You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
            You cannot fly until it breaks the shell
            Child its time to break the shell
            Life’s gonna hurt but its meant to be felt
            You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
            The bird cannot fly until it breaks the shell
            Do with these words what you will
            Its time for us to be for real
            You’ll be stuck on the ground until
            You finally break the shell

  9. Mmmm…boundary-setting. One of the biggest challenges for so many of us. And in this new energy, we can’t keep doing things the old ways anymore, can we? We have to make OURSELVES our first and most important priority, which goes against everything we have been taught. But the good news is, our soul is naturally worthy, and doesn’t have to try to feel worthy of setting boundaries. Yay to all of us boundary-setting, self-loving souls. 💕

  10. Barbara

    Hi Maria and All Here… good to be in touch again. Maria, in your article above, you mention…

    “Right now, we are experiencing the reverse.”

    Thanks, Maria, for referring to “the reverse”. Agreed! Interestingly… well, at least to me (!)… the Sun let loose with a never-before-seen reversed polarity Solar Flare a few days ago, and now according to Earth is about to enter into a field of opposite magnetic polarity. Mmm, says I, an indication that the higher frequencies are here and hopefully we are about to turn the upside-down horrendous thinking and acting on this planet the right side up! Love, B.

    1. Elila

      Hi Barbara! I *KNEW* there was SOMETHING solar/magnetic happening this week– I sure FELT it! I’m all for turning the horrendous upside down haha–fingers crossed!

      1. Barbara

        Hi Elila! Yes, indeed, it’s about the feelings for sure… and get this, this unusual entry of our Sun into this reversed polarity area is called “Solar Sector BOUNDARY crossing”! Mmm, again, says I, especially with respect to the references to setting boundaries in the comments above, no coincidence at all that our Sun, the Light of it, is about to cross a boundary into the Dark… more revealed and set right side up. Yay! Love, B.

  11. Ian

    Barbara! How interesting!

    I never made that connection between Terra and Sol. And now that you mention it I’m seriously wondering about the archetypal/symbolical/energetic play between Terra (Gaia…Mother…Feminine) and Sol (Son…father…Masculine) and the implications in shakes out in my mind.

    Polarity of the Earth supposedly changes every 200,000 to 300,000 years. There is a lot of “Conspiracy theory” about mankind (as we know it now) and how it has been around for hundreds of thousand years and not only the max 10,000 years as “Science” asserts.

    Before this, they say there is evidence (I just love Amazon Prime video documentaries) of actual tools encased in real stone that dates back millions of years. If this be the case, and some new age speculation points to periods where the Feminine has been in lead, I wonder then if it’s coming soon that she will then take the lead again. Perhaps the heralding events like what you mentioned come prior to the Earth’s polarity shift into yet another cycle of nature and duality continued (for as long as we are tied to the physical forces of nature and their effect on physical beings?).

    Ironically (and maybe this is wrong)…the feminine represents darkness and unconsciousness. (keep following my line of thinking)….if we now realize that, in masculinity (under Sol…the sun, light and warmth) we have been nurtured (through the feminine…by Gaia…the Mother) all of humanities dark places…bringing those up out of the uncosncience and into the light so that going back into the new cycle of the feminine we will be better prepared and aware of what great evil festers in darkness right along and next to all our best.

    IF then reconciled, the feminine will be much better prepped to lead all of humanity towards a stronger likelihood of success without massive destruction since through this last cycle of masculinity the ever present worst and best of ourselves is brought to light.

    This in mind, will the collective truly choose harmony now that duality has brought forward the very best and worst to choose from through our concerted efforts (weather by choice or attrition)?

    OH…Spirit has been talking to me lately about the”Rabbit holes” I throw my thinking into; endless speculations that lead no where because creation is endless…and the mind insufficient to grasp what’s really and fully real (or is not really yet wired for pre-cognitive awareness except in the unconscious…which is feminine….of which we may be heading into…which means we will soon be heading into precognition and other super powers we left behind when this now ending Masculine cycle first began[?])

    LOL…it’s delightfully fun and intriguing stuff to think about. In this, perhaps it may leave the realm of the possible and then may manifest into what is real. It will be exciting to keep coming back to see how it all plays out over the next few millennia. Of course, after my last dark night…I swore…EARTH SUCKS, and I’m not gonna come back to this bullshit ever again (on the floor kicking and screaming). No not never.

    And Now Barbara had to go and say something interesting…giving me hope that maybe…eh…this is actually sorta fun [sometimes].

    Just call me Alice. Imagine me now in front of the Mad Hatter, The rabbit and the Cheshire Cat while we sit to tea. I’ve had my potion experience and become very big and then very small; small enough to fit down a rabbit hole. Now…I’m just sorta enjoying the madness.

    Fun fun fun.

  12. L. Elizabeth Sadhu

    Sheesh…..what a great group and chat here. Maria, thank you so much dearest one, for creating this space for kindreds to connect.

    Epsom salts…..yes yes yes…..I keep them next to my bathtub and thanks for the reminder to pour some in……

    I wanted to share some learnings I had this year. Just now realizing from talking with you all. Thanks! LOVE!

    1. Boundaries……they can be moved and shifted…..they don’t have to be the same ALWAYS and FOREVER!

    2. Sometimes you just need to have a big old tantrum… shift energies. I had 3 this year and 2 were with hubby…..helped tremendously….even if I felt a little embarrassed. Unplanned….just coming out. 1 was with a committee I am on. I was doing WAY TOO MUCH (ha–boundaries anyone? taking on too much? heehee) and I was resentful. They let me do too much because I am super fast and efficient… basically I DID it to me. Now they are doing a lot more and we are ALL having more fun. 🙂

    3. The more I love, honor and respect myself, the more others reflect that back at me…..including my dearest hubby. Now I know this seems super obvious but this was a big one for me to get. 🙂

    4. I learned that as an Empath, I am a transmuter of energy. This is part of my soul’s path. So, now instead of trying to block what is coming at me or around me, I let it come through and then push that magical button, as though I am a garbage disposal, transmuting that energy. Sherry…..don’t know if this would be helpful to you…..but this was my realization for me. ❤

    5. WE are like snails leaving a trail of xxxxxxxx…do I want to leave a trail of joy or of anger or of frustration? So, I am starting a joy epidemic. #joyepidemic Not to deny feelings, but to let them flow through…..taking care of me and doing what brings ME absolute joy joy joy……..just call me the Warrior Goddess of Joy. The title came to me a few years ago…….still getting it, eh?

    6. It's absolutely OKAY to ASK for help and love and support!!!!! WOW, this was big. I thought I had to do it all myself….and I am super fucking efficient and fast fast fast……so why would I need to ask anyone for help when I am so good at doing it all myself? heehee…..jokes on me. ha! My honey is really great about helping me with this one. He says to me, "you're retired, why are you so stressed out?" He is actually really great about SO MANY things……don't want to give you the wrong impression. He just has a blind spot about this ex of his. I am sure it is a lot of past lives together, also.

    7. Dancing more more more……

    8. laughing more more more…..

    9. Cultivating more silly silly silly……..

    AND loving more more more……

    I do love us all!!!!! YAY!

    I knew you all would get this list…..what I came up with just today FROM you all being so supportive and your beautiful comments and love.



    1. mom2bzs

      Thanks Elizabeth. I am a BIG transmuter of energy. I’m a healer. I was given the image a long time ago of walking around with a red raincoat on and letting the energy hit me and sliding off the raincoat (as its slick) and going into the ground.

      I LOVE that image of the magic button and the garbage disposal! Perfect.

      I also read about imagining the energy coming through your heart chakra and going out the back.

      I get in trouble when I store the energy in my body. Its not mine!

      A couple of times a day I saw “I release all energy, frequencies, emotions, and thoughts that aren’t mine”

      Thanks for reminding me of what I need to remember to do. The more images, the better!

  13. L. Elizabeth Sadhu

    PS. 10. Here I am at 61 years of age (those are just the numbers, by the way) and I realized that I am a mega OVER-ACHIEVER! HA! Cracks me up. I said to my honey one day, “I guess I am tightly wound.” He said, “you think?” heehee…….so realization number 10. We can learn new shit about ourselves ALL the time…….

    loving me, love YOU all, loving us all!!!!

    1. Ian

      My husband is 58…nearing retirement. Me…53 and no where near retiring, and I see here…just a few more bench marks to hurtle over.

      I’m super glad, Elizabeth…you mentioned that Mid-life and beyond there is still more yet to come and learn.

      I get so whiny about it sometimes. Oh my Back! Oh…my face has wrinkles! Oh…my old knee injury I feel after a decade of feeling nothing but a normal knee.

      The new normal is upon me. With that NOW after what I just read…I better start finding my new Joy to go along with the new me. I dread becoming crotchety!!!

      I’m revisiting Caroline Myss’ teachings. She wrote, “Anatomy of the Spirit,” and she has a passion for the modern day mystics (or would be mystics). She recently talked about life intrinsically including suffering. And so she says, “Is it your woe that you bring to the table, or the wisdom from woe that you offer. A mystic seeks the wisdom in all things [including from woe]. If all we have is woe to offer, then get back to the kitchen and peel potatoes. Your not ready to bear the full circuit of what it means to be a mystic.” And of course, there’s nothing wrong with peeling potatoes in the kitchen. It’s safe. It’s easy. It’s mindless, and sometimes…that’s a good thing. Word!!!

      I’m thinking, now from what Elizabeth mentions, that if I were to presume myself to be of the mystical type (which I probably am)…and if I am now able to have garnered great wisdom from all the woe through which I’ve gained quite a bit of my empathy for those that suffer…then oughtn’t I be able to garner joy? I mean…from wisdom gained through living human life; was I not exposed to both light and dark; woe and joy? Is there not wisdom to gain from both? Should’t I be able to work out something as simple as joy after toiling so long in Woe?

      Is it really that easy? Oh…crap! Probably! LOL

      Note to self: Happy is the mystic that finds her/his balance through source of all wisdom…from the light and the dark.

      1. L. Elizabeth Sadhu

        I am laughing a lot at this and what I want to say is, “Who the hell peels potatoes anymore???!!!???” The peeling is the best part. heehee

        Anyway, what I found is that I must CULTIVATE the joy……and I believe it starts with gratitude. one tiny little step at a time. That is why I coined the phrase #wallowingingratitude My mentor/best friend, who has since passed, called it “tiny targets”.

        I used to be super depressed and super anxious all the time…….just so you know that I don’t claim a completely cheerful self for my whole life.

        I do believe that I learn from everything that happens to me (at least I hope I do)…..and I often think they happen for a reason and sometimes that does not come to me until a long while after the thing happened……and often in the middle of it is if fucking awful!

        much love

        1. mom2bzs

          I know what you mean about learning Elizabeth. I usually can glean the lesson from things. In the middle of it, it does feel terrible. Crying helps a lot!

        2. Ian

          Amen Amen Amen to Elizabeth and Sherry! That is exactly how it is for me, too!

          I’ve done a lot of inspirational reading in my adult life trying to get past the depressions, out of the dark nights…find a balance between the anxious lows and the anxious highs. I prayed a lot…a lot a lot a lot!

          I kept schlepping through…forcing myself to keep going even after I crashed so many times…

          And I kept seeking, searching for what this all is…this crazy crazy crazy “Is” that is life here.

          And amongst all of it was me “Living” all the time…and there was also a great deal of joy, discovery…fun…LOVE…revealed when the tides went out, then covered up when the tides came back in again (That’s a Cancerian Metaphor since we is ruled by the Water and the Moon, you see?…LOL)

          But that’s how life has been for me…and so many people who have been searching…seeking our best selves.

          It is different now. It truly is. It’s much better than it used to be…better for longer…more deeply better most of the time as opposed to just a scattered few some times.

          I get you, Elizabeth. I’m not my best self all the time either; not my cheerful opptomistic sunny self that so many people rely on. But…I am who I am…

          I am light and dark…and I have chosen the light because I know darkness…and though I do not relish sojourns in the shadows, I go there anyway…because I see the light better there and I”m reminded why I’m here.
          To live…and to love, and these are the same thing to me. That’s what life has proven out to me.

          I just wish I had a better attention span and a greater capacity to remember when I go into the shadow; when I go unconscious. But then…all I need to do these days is look around, and there is the light again. It’s fine. You’re fine. We’re all fine.

          We’re all ok. That’s how I feel.

          PS: Yesterday I went to an apple festival, and my husband and I picked thirty pounds of apples. Today I made a pie, and I pealed about 12 apples. Very much like potatoes.

          Yesterday I peeled four potatoes for Jalopeno Garlic Mashed potatoes (which were delicious). I peeled them potatoes like good ol’ granny taught me…though I’m lazy. I leave the eyes in. some times I don’t peel them because 90% of the fiber is in the peel. I like clean food that I make myself…and I’m a nurse with a fair passion for nutrition. I do weird things with food.

          Don’t judge! LOL. I get enough of that from my husband…though he eat it all up “”Nom Noms” cause he don’t appreciate the stink eye if he don’t.

          Love to all.

  14. Ian


    It is so funny (odd, queer and interesting) how what is buried so deeply takes so much time to dig out and bring up. And once it’s up…there is
    -Dancing more more more……
    -laughing more more more…..
    -Cultivating more silly silly silly……..
    AND loving more more more……

    I think after working hard, we get to have our day in the sun…and then go to bed when it gets dark to rest ourselves in our dreams…so we can wake up to find they are true…because we worked worked worked so hard to make it so.

    Amen to you all, Dear Sisters in Spirit.

  15. Cathy

    I recently found your blog and find it fascinating. I have never felt comfortable in churches especially the Catholic Church and could never figure out why. Since being on this journey I’ve had the weirdest most incredible things happen to me. Im still going through the blog and picking dates from previous post. The one that talks about antidepressants really hit home. I’m so glad I found this blog.

  16. Barbara

    I think what is most wonderfully amazing about Maria and her blog is that everyone who comments here are TRIERS. We try this, we try that, we figure out what hurts, what doesn’t hurt, why we tried, how we’ll try again, frustrated but with hearts open and boundaries in place, and you know, eventually, with enough trying and even crying, and sometimes WTF and laughing, we find we have IT, we know it, we are it, and it dosen’t matter then because our foundations are all GOOD. Cathy, welcome, and Kat, where are you? Love, B.

  17. Ian

    No Truer words was ever spoken better than that, Barbara. THANK YOU MARIA. This space truly is magical (not in a woo woo way, but a real way). Maria always knows how to present a topic that just cascades a lot of synthesis…creation in action and know how. That’s magic.

    Thanks Maria…thanks every one for such good community.

    Love in spirit!

  18. I’m loving the conversations here!

    A warm welcome, Cathy. So glad you found the blog…or, it found you. Lol.

    So what I’m hearing from all of you is that what distinguishes us the most from the rest of humanity is we have learned how to work with the DARK as well as with the light within OURSELVES. That’s BIG.

    Our Divine self is within that darkness as well as the light. Fascinating. And the darkness is actually all the emotions that were not acknowledged and accepted. Anger, sadness, doubt, self-judgement, fear. So the Master acknowledges them all, and recognizes that they are part of the human experience, but they are not who they are.

    Again, that’s BIG.

    Most people don’t want to go there, to face those emotions, because they tend to judge themselves as bad or flawed. But the Master recognizes that there is really no good or bad, but it’s just all experience.

    It takes a capable and courageous soul to dive deep into the experience, and then to see the self judgement for what it is. To see their own magnificence. It’s easy to believe they are a putz but not so easy to see their grandness.

    Because then they have to knock off the humble act. And the victim act.

    And, yes, it can irritate the hell out of the Master to see what’s going on around them. In their family, their community, or the political world. That’s ok too. The Master has little patience for feedings. And sometimes finds they need to set boundaries with feeders.

    Everyone wins when we set boundaries. They’ll thank us later. Or not. Hahaha.

    1. Ian

      Hey Maria,

      You know? I never did see all those negative emotions as my shadow, but now that you mention it…THAT IS WHAT IS SO! Just emotions…just like joy, cheer…being happy…contentedness…relief. I always knew shadow stood next to light…I KNEW THAT, but I never associated emotions as those elements that stood next to each other.

      You have me a “Duh” moment (rolling eyes…incredulous). Dang, Girl! Thanks! Believe it or not, that nugget of truth was something I really really needed to hear today.


      It’s so good to see your words again.

  19. Ian


    You also said, “Most people don’t want to go there, to face those emotions, because they tend to judge themselves as bad or flawed. But the Master recognizes that there is really no good or bad, but it’s just all experience.”

    Yes! YES YES!

    I just found myself ending a three year hiatus…a much needed self and divine “Time out” with my saboteur fully in charge…fucking things up to force this time off, and NOTE: “Saboteur” is also mostly thought of as a Shadow archetype…but it may also have a divine purpose. During this time of profound anxiety, self doubt…failure…shame and feeling extreme humiliation; in this time I was able to reconcile a great deal because my shadow was front and center…in my face!

    Not too long ago (this would be towards the end of my exile), I actually did “Get” something I’d never fully understood about empathy and my role as an empath. A small part of my mission was revealed…not the mission itself (that never comes to me at all) but one of the tools I’d been given.

    I realized that it is by and through “Experience” that our empathy is fostered and strengthened. In the prison, my empathy was put to the fire…scorched, burned and brought to a near molten state! Of course…that’s when my wonderful saboteur stepped in and totally saved my ass from annihilation!! I spent three years after that hammering, shaping and molding my empathy while the metal was still hot…and burning!

    It was brutal…but it was “Experience!” I do not regret it. I think I did at the beginning when my victim was in agony, but oddly that hardly last a eye blink’s time…because I had a lot of guidance and help…I was not alone! I wish I could say it was all me. NO! IT WAS EVERYTHING THERE WITH ME…spirit offer a tremendous amount of grace. I was NOT alone!

    Thank you so much for recognizing this connection, Maria. It’s been incredibly hard to articulate without falling into victimhood (which I really try not to do). It’s hard to speak about it because in speaking…I fear people will feel I’m being the victim when really…I’m try to share something in a way that is…empathic…”See? YES! IT IS FUCKING HARD….and then there IS a “Light” at the end of the tunnel. Walk towards it. When you come out, you will see…You ARE whole after all…and, too…I know your pain. It’s my pain. You are not alone.”

    Thanks Maria…Thanks a great big deal a lot!

    PS: No need to be humble when we are in integrity; in our sincere trying and attempted doing what is right and good according to our soul and in as much as the light of it as we may discern in the moment…after some profound lessons learn that give us our strength and before the next lessons come that will, indeed make us stronger.

    Humble is inappropriate in this case. Save humble for when you do evil acts on purpose and are intentionally cruel and then consequences rubs your nose in it. For that, BE HUMBLE! It might save your life.

    Humility, though…is another matter. Sister Joan Chittister said on a “Sounds True” interview that humility is not being humble. Humility is knowing and accepting yourself fully and having the courage to bring that forward and contribute all that you are (light and shadow…all of it) knowing IT IS ALL THAT (and a bag of chip)…and only that (it’s just you…little ol’ you amongst 7 billion others). Nothing less…but also, recognizing it is also nothing more than that.

    I like that. Humility…that’s my current assignment. It’s not exactly easy. I thought compassion was hard. I thought empathy was hard. Humility? Ego is hard!!!!!

    I thank God for all of you! Peace be with you. Peace and love all the days of your life (even when you can’t see them sometimes).

  20. Ian

    Oh…last thought (is this humility or narcism…LOL).

    My husband came outside while I am still in my revery about humble and humility; as I’m writing about it. And I was thinking how sometimes I feel I need to say “I’m sorry” to him. He NEVER says he’s sorry EVER…and it chaps my hide sometimes (butt hurt…see? I still get butt hurt).

    Now that I’m thinking about this, I came up with a new rule for myself.

    If I ever find I need to be humble (for intentional evil doing, meanness and cruelty), I will say “I’m sorry.”


    I’m going to dedicate my life to humility, and if I’m smart about it, I will never ever have to say “I’m sorry” every again. In fact, I think many of all the “I’m sorrys” I’ve ever uttered were not appropriate.

    Hind sight is 20/20. Lesson learned.

    1. Ian, wasn’t there a saying from a movie, LOVE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY. Lol. From our soul’s perspective, we are perfect. According to her, we have absolutely nothing to prove. And we can do no wrong.

      And really, where we trailblazers find ourselves now, we are pretty evolved souls, and we couldn’t hurt anyone else if we tried. We’re just not in that consciousness. We do a good job of hurting ourselves, though. But If someone tells us we hurt them, if they feel hurt, that’s really more about them than about us.

      And wow, your soul has a treasure trove of experiences and wisdom to share. I imagine you feel like this lifetime is one of being the teacher for those who are ready to learn.

      It took me a long time to realize than I can actually relax and not try so hard. Because then I began to allow the FLOW of inspiration that’s already right there, to come to me.

      We’re all doing great. What a group of pioneers, indeed!

      1. Here her to relaxing and not having to try so darn hard.


        A blog post that I wrote in the last few weeks was shot stopping and saying to ourselves/myself…..I AM perfect!

        It makes my whole being relax.


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