I ain’t buying it

The Road
Image by Maria Chambers

When I was younger, I loved shopping.  I ended up buying things just out of boredom, or trying to fill up on something I didn’t have inside.  Love, probably.  Industries have become wealthy on the lack of self-love and self-fulfillment of billions of people.   

I eventually got rid of all my credit cards, because I ended up using them to convince myself I had more money than I actually did.  Another lure that has made billions for credit card suppliers.

So now when I go shopping, I enjoy the experience of wandering through a nice upscale department store.  I like smelling the fine leather handbags and shoes.  Or wandering through the jewelry section,

But I often leave empty-handed, not because I feel I can’t afford those things, but because I don’t have the same need to buy things from a place of lack.  And that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the experience.

There is another factor, at least for me.  It feels like the clothing and even the jewelry are not a close enough match to who I am.  I can’t seem to find things that I resonate with enough to spend money on.

The other day I was in what I would consider a quality department store, and yet the products seemed cheaply made, especially the jewelry.  Were things better made in the past?  Are producers cutting corners these days to cut costs?

Or, am I feeling like my value has superseded what can be humanly produced.  Maybe a little of both.  Either way, I’m not spending nearly as much money.

I ain’t buying it.

So let’s move this narrative to the perspective of the world we live in and how we as consciousness trailblazers relate to it.

We can now enjoy the 3D world in any way we choose, and we don’t need to buy into it.  The drama, the suffering and pain.  We can wander through our days, looking here and there and being the observer, and saving ourselves from depleting our energetic bank account.

Even the wonderful things we see before us, that other humans have created.  We can marvel at them, at their craftsmanship, their talent, and even at the accolades they receive from other humans.

We can enjoy all of that without investing ourselves energetically in it.  We can appreciate their journey, without comparing ours to theirs.  Without any emotional investment that would deplete our joy.

But, having said that, there’s nothing wrong with participating in some drama from time to time.  Even if it’s just emotional.  It can be titillating.  Otherwise we tend to feel bored these days.  But the difference is that now we know it’s drama, and we know we can opt out any time we want.

One minute we may be waving our fists at the news, and the next feel blissed out.  It can happen pretty quickly now, can’t it?  In the past, it took so much longer to move out of those darker feelings.

The Master can choose to experience anything they want.  Nothing is really bad for them, unless they forget they are the Master.

Once you realize how big that is, you probably will not be as interested in indulging in the drama.  When you know on the deepest of levels that it is a choice, it will lose its appeal pretty quickly.

Put simply, you ain’t buying it!

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19 thoughts on “I ain’t buying it

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  2. Thanks, dear Sistar Goddess! I love it. I ain’t buying it! It is interesting what you say about what to wear and what you feel good in and what is you. I have discovered my style this year. So fun. Capri leggings with a skirt. And I have created many outfits from thrift stores for myself. So much fun! I find a skirt and a pair of fun leggings and then often cut the skirt off a bit and attach the leggings. I call it Leg Joy. Heehee xxxxooooo thanks! PS. Credit cards were not safe in my hand. Got rid of them 25 years ago. I do love my debit card. I keep track beautifully of how much I am spending. Yay!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉. Loving me, loving us all

    1. Wow, Elizabeth, I love your creativity. Years ago I used to paint on t shirts, and use fabric paints on my handbags and shoes. It was so much fun! And I used to haunt thrift shops for interesting clothing. I dare say you could find much better made clothes there. But, alas, I can’t do the thrift shops any more, with my new sensitivities, I can’t handle the musty smells. Even in well appointed thrift shops there is something in the clothing that irritates my sinuses.

      But anyway, I love the ideas you talk about with clothing. I can imagine myself going to unique boutiques where there are more hand crafted clothing and artisan jewelry for sale.

      I’m putting that on my bucket list. 🤗

  3. Barbara

    Super post, Maria, thank you! I’m a one-brand woman! Really, for years, basic colors and Capricorn plaids, and imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago, as a result of the store nearest me that carries that brand going out of business… bad news… the good news, I found their website and buying this clothing brand online is actually less expensive and no driving involved! I mean, who knew!?!? But, yes, about not buying into the drama/trauma… too darned expensive heart-wise, and agreed, it’s a very difficult choice to make to actually walk away from ‘out there’, especially when we would like to help, but it seems we’ll be asked when ‘they’re’ ready. Such a long haul it’s been, and yes, too, the boredom is a challenge. Sigh. Love, B.

    1. Hoo boy, what a relief you can order online. More and more I do the same. Right, Cheaper, and no hassle with driving, parking, etc. And usually quick delivery. And it seems that the local stores don’t carry the stuff they used to. I prefer giving the locals my business, but if I can’t find the products,….

  4. Ian

    OK, Maria (and all y’all),

    I just had a triad of synchronisity with this one (Goose bumps…and titillated…”Zing!).

    Last Week, I was listening to youtube directed by Google “Caroline Myss 2018.” She’s my all time favorite teacher/lecturer. She was talking about the modern day mystic, and she was talking about how we all go through this love hate relationship with the world, but the mystic comes to a point when they kind of become a hermit…and they they sorta snap out of it and then go out into the world changed; fully enjoy the world, are part of the world but not taking part in all the “Stuff.” I do believe Maria just mentioned this (Goose bumps)

    Shortly after that, I was cruising around in my “Amazon Prime” video selection, and I came across this non-commintary documentary called, “Samsara” which is by the same director as the Movie “Baraka.” I thought…”Ahhhh…that was a beautiful documentary back in the day (Like in the 90s) and a gorgeously chilling sound track). I’ll watch it. It’s “Free” with my 100 dollar a years subscription (cough).”

    There was a section where it exemplified foreign industrial food manufacturing followed by third world and domestic waste practices (and those living off of it). I CRINGED. My mind went to…”I did that. I do that every single time I go and “Consume.” Cringe cringe cringe…”Guess I won’t get that new Honda Pilot I want since I believe my 2017 Honda CRV isn’t big enough; or those new knives I wanted…the one’s made in Japan and are beautiful…and I have some credit on my store card (Which I promised my husband I was going to pay off…and am)…No new NOTHING because THIS is what it creates (people digging in endless fields of waste…garbage…WASTE)…no new apple MacBook Pro with a super cool touch bar to replace my three thousand dollar MacBook Pro that has worn off glare coating but otherwise…is perfect…fast…gorgeous and what I wanted 6 years ago…and got…and paid off and is mine).

    And…by and by…I’m out driving, and I want something…the want passes. I see something, and I want that…and it passes. I desire something new and exciting, and a make a mental note to go home and obsessively research that thing I desire, but I come home tired…and I’d rather make myself and my husband something to eat…and I forget about what it was I wanted to obsess over…and then I remember a few days later, and…then it’s gone again, and I’m vacuuming, gardening…or enjoying my fellowship in Maria’s Blog site with a lot of really cool women.

    And NOW THIS; A new Zinger from Maria…and the triad is completed. And so…Dear Ladies, What DOES it look like when the universe talks to us very very clearly? Hmmmm?

    It looks like this…and it gives you goose bumps, and…then…we go eat our microwaved heat up. For me, it was from the delicious dinner the other day (smoked bacon chicken, Jalapeño/garlic mashed potatoes and beer braised cabbage and apples with caramelized onions and mushrooms).

    I wonder what’s on Amazon Prime? It’s a holiday, and laundry is half done; got my sheets baking in the sun…vacuumed…husband is taken care of; I’m taken care of. Cats are fine and loving.

    And I ain’t [fucking] buying into it [no mo’]. Weird though…the impulse is there…but it just doesn’t engage. Broken or fixed? (sly grin). ROFL?

    Healing is wonderful. So are you all.

    1. Well now, Ian, you just reminded ME, that I was so busy being creative today, that I completely forgot I was ‘supposed’ to do some laundry. Oh, well, what’s another day wearing the same socks? And speaking of microwave heat up, I am ‘cooking’ a lean cuisine….grilled chicken marinara….and I found a great British tv series on Netflix. So it’s time to settle in for the evening.

  5. Barbara

    Remember the old TV ad for Master Card… “Don’t leave Home without it!” Apparently, we didn’t, though we forgot where we put it, but as far as I can tell once we multi-dimensional pioneering Light Warriors find it… and it’s a tough search because it’s not plastic… we ‘know’ what we’re here to do. And I also want to say that many of us also work the Night Shift… i.e. busting the astral in dream state… not to mention that during the day we bust 3D programming by accepting and grounding the higher-vibing energies. Simple? No. Exhausting? Yes. Worth it? You bet it is! Love, B.

  6. Ian

    Maria (snicker)…

    I always feel like a weirdo when I go off on my high minded trips because there’s so much not so high mindedness I’m subject to as a human (laughing).

    Yesterday, my kid/patient came to school on “Warm Lunch Wednesday” with the rest of the kids. They all put there “Warm up” containers in a basket for the teachers to store and then heat up later at lunch. There’s a lot of Mac and cheese, corn dogs and pizzas.

    (ROFL). My kid had little mini-whiener wraps (how do you spell weener…weiner? Wheeners…damn ADD)…anyway…I thought, “OH MY GOD. I haven’t had those in years…like…maybe when I was 12).

    I googled the recipe, went to the store on the way home and got me some Pilsbeury (I’m having a real hard time spelling today) and some hot dogs. Came home, wrapped them up…oven set to 375 and in 15 minutes I had me some of them wrapped weeners (it’s really bothering me that I can’t spell Weiner, wiener…HOT DOG…there…easy). They are going to take my gay card away for this, I am just sure of it.

    They were really good!

    What does it look like when we’re inspired by the little things that make us happy?

    Love to you all.

    1. Ian,

      🎼🎼🎼 You say Weiner, I say Wiener…. Weener, 🎼Weiner, 🎼Weener, 🎼Whiner, lets call the whole thing off. 🎼🎼🎼🎼

      But no matter how it’s spelled, it’s obvious that you are the Master enjoying his own creations. The Master delights in the simple things in life. There’s nothing that compares, for me, to that first sip of dark roast in the morning.

      And, nothing is truly bad for the Master. Whether it’s hot dogs, or ice cream, or a big, juicy steak, a glass of wine, a fine cigar. Or, even tofu, I guess, if you like that sort of thing. Lol.

      So yay to you dear Master, for enjoying life and the things that make it fun to be here!🤙☕️🌭🍷

  7. Ian

    This is a good place, Maria…this place you’ve created. I’ve noticed that every one here brings their best of what they have; all they’ve learned…all they’ve been hammering out through the decades of struggle in Earth School. We bring our projects…and we’ve shared about what they are; what tools we used to get what we have going to where it is…and where we want take it next…

    Barbara mentioned something. When I read her response…and every else’ responses, I realized how many projects we have going…in linear time.

    Every time you host a topic, we all have something to say about it. I’m just pointing out that we know a lot; all of use have some experience with every thing you bring up.

    I’m SUPER GRATIFIED about this because it speaks to the quality of our spirit; our souls that have a not so mean circuit; pretty heavy duty to be able to demonstrate a pretty broad capacity for so much.

    You woman are amazing!!! I think you all are incredibly blessed…or better, a blessing to the world.

    Amen…and be well today.

    1. Thank you Ian, I appreciate your appreciation. Lol. And I appreciate you and all here as well. This space we all created from a place of consciousness and love, Eight plus years ago I had no idea, when I began this blog, what it would evolve into. I just kept following my joy of writing and sharing. And I’m so sure we all knew each other from the distant past, and we all had this appointment to reunite in this way.

      And, BTW, it’s interesting you mention the wisdom of those in this group, because my next post addresses that exact topic. It’s like your in my brain..hahaha.

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