Wishy-Washy Won’t Work

Image by Maria Chambers

When it comes to embodied enlightenment, subtle doesn’t work.  Why?  Well, because real change comes only at the heels of disruption.  When our lives are traumatized.  We have all had that wake up call, some more unceremoniously than others.

I’m  not talking about something traumatic happens, like an illness, an accident, loss of a relationship or job, and then we begin to look within to become a ‘better’ person.  That may be a good first step,  but I am talking about a crisis that has you questioning everything you knew to be true,

We all have had such a crisis, emotional or physical or both, which initiated our awakening.


Humanity is very stuck.  They have been for a very long time.  Evolution is slow when it comes to consciousness.  So tip-toeing through the tulips will not cut it in opening up consciousness to more expanded ways of being.

Enter the ascension experiment.

There had to be a way of breaking away from the mental spheres, the repeating of karma, and opening to the esoteric, and seeing ourselves as multidimensional.  But it wasn’t going to happen by subtly getting our feet wet, by just entertaining ourselves with spiritual information, with feel-good platitudes ad nauseum.

We had to be walloped over the head by the cosmic two-by-four, at least for us consciousness pioneers.  For better or for worse, we were the ones breaking the mould.


Image by Maria Chambers

It’s been fascinating to watch here in the United States the more liberal perspective candidates trying to win elections by staying slightly left of center, and trying to pull in and appease the ‘less conservative’ Republicans.

The establishment Democrats have been distancing themselves from the more progressive Democratic candidates because they fear losing votes.  They see the progressives as too ‘radical’.  They believe they must stay within the conservative margins or they will be completely demolished at the polls.

They fear the progressive policy points, such as health care for all, free education, and introducing  law that would get corporate money out of political elections…would alienate their more conservative constituents.  (And of course the Democrats have been just as guilty as Republicans, of taking large corporate donor money.)

The Republicans see these more progressive policies as too out there, unrealistic, and ‘socialistic.’  So the Democrats have been trying to cow-tow to those Republican political officials and citizens, with more middle-of-the-road talking points, as a way of playing it safe.

But staying more centrist had not bore out in their favor at the polls, election after election.

It hasn’t worked well because they end up pleasing no one.  And, in actuality, the more progressive ideas are good for all concerned.  The idea of change is very threatening to those with a more conservative perspective of life, but sometimes the cosmic two-by-four comes in the form of change itself knocking at their door.

You may ask, what does this have to do with our own ascension process?  Great question.

The Road
Image by Maria Chambers

Just as the Democrats may have to take the risk and vote for candidates who are more progressive, and who are not taking big corporate donations and money from special interest groups….we Ascension pioneers also are finding that we can no longer be wishy-washy about our own ideals.  In this case, our own soul’s joy.

We can no longer compromise who we are, dimming our light, in order to play it safe, in order to win the approval of those in the 3D world who want to keep things status quo.

Because we certainly don’t benefit from playing it safe, and no one else does either.


As it turns out, the new breed of grassroots progressive Democrats are finding that they do in fact have the support of the citizens, and are achieving stunning election wins in otherwise conservative areas of the Country.  They are not taking dark money, but are depending largely upon small donations from their base.

And it’s done by getting their base excited.

So too, we are discovering that we have the support of our soul, and of many others in our community.  We don’t have to try to fit in to a system that is no longer working very well.  We won’t want to stay here unless we are excited about our life, and that can’t happen if we try to continue to fit in.

The Conservatives love to disparage the Progressives’ ideas as being unrealistic, and even dangerous to the security and the economy of the nation.  They fear real change, and especially the change cultural diversity brings,

The mind does the same thing, trying to convince us that the soul is not to be trusted because it will be dangerous for us to follow its lead. It tries to call us back to more conservative, safe ways of being. Even if those ways are stagnating us, and possibly killing us.

But the good news is, this all happens naturally, as we allow our soul to be in our body and our lives on more of a regular basis.

If at any point in time you feel that you have been seduced into a narrow mindset, into an old, conservative safety zone, just nod to your soul.  She will absolutely take that as an invitation to come in closer.  You will feel the stirrings of a dynamic presence, one that is excited to be with you, and is learning to listen to your human needs.  It’s certainly not just a one way street.   Your human needs are just as important as your soul’s desires.

But don’t expect your soul to just settle for a middle of the road experience.

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17 thoughts on “Wishy-Washy Won’t Work

  1. Barbara

    I thought I’d look up the definition of ‘wishy washy’ before commenting, just in case the meaning had changed since I first heard it used, oh, about 1,000 years ago, as in ‘weak, lacking in vigor, indecisive, tasteless, watered down’, etc. and sheesh, all I can say is once one remembers who they are, that definition not only no longer computes, it’s not possible,… regardless of what’s happening ‘out there’. Love, B.


  2. Ian

    Oh Barbara! (yowling). LOL

    Great food for thought, Maria. I always feel nervous in political conversations.

    Politics always makes my mind spark and sizzle. I have a lot of empathy for all people….so…trying to process that through the mind (politics are very mental and ego driven these days) creates a lot of short circuiting. Bear with me, please

    Yes, I do judge! Of course I do! And…every thing I judge of others is definitely in me, too. I am a big hypocrite. And I also try not to be, and I am my best when I try not to be. I am not always in my best…not at all! In fact, politics…if I REALLY get into it will bring out my worst. I have to try REAL hard not to be a hypocrite when it comes to politics. It has ever been impossible for me. That damn empathy RALLY gets me in a bind. In fact, my empathy makes me completely inept in politics. And so…I’m about to go semi-conscious, because I am gonna try not to be a hypocrite. Pray for me!

    I can live in my judgements if I choose. And I do choose more often then I like (work in progress), but when I don’t judge others, I leave a lot more energy for myself…to continue my own work; play my own unfolding part that I really want to contribute in a good way weather it is small or big, safe or very audacious…weather it is “Right” or “Left,” “conservative or Liberal.”

    All these are in me and at my discretion despite the consequence I might personally take on or, through my choice and vote, contribute to the collective in real time, life and penalty by another/others’ hands. That’s just life with humans. No avoiding it.

    I never ever know the outcome when it comes to politics until the outcome happens. I have only my belief, my opinion based on my own experiences and what these mean to me. I have a conscience…and some people say that I might be “Unconscionable” if the dictates of that which I hold sacred within me is in conflict with a synthesis of mind, heart…spirit of another (I won’t bring soul into this part…because that’s way to complicated for pure politics since politics these days…not so soul centered just like what Maria says, but…

    Maria, you’ve alluded to those changes perhaps in motion, but I would advocate for an ideal I have that this changes is likely so for both sides…as moderates of either side neutralize the extremes of both sides (Not eliminate…neutralize…which is not a cure…but gives more time to allow a better influence to take hold and really take leadership).

    Let me say, I truly don’t know what I’m talking about with regard to politics…not really. I have a very passive awareness of it. My husband…well, what can I say…he has a passion for conservative judgment. And I am a liberal…but not a “political liberal” as I’ve seen demonstrated these days which is becoming rather punitive and hateful even as people say “This is just passion for what’s right!” Religious Righters and Tea Baggers said the same thing.

    What is the spirit behind all politics in past, present and future? What drives it? Is it loving? No!! Does it divide communities and families and divorce between friends? YES! What is driving politics from both sides is not a spirit of love at all. Mostly I see the spirit of greed, fear and a lack of conscience.

    But I will remain neutral. I will not close down or shut politics out, nor will I let it rule my heart…or take too much time from my mind; nor will I let it rob me of my life force overly much. Politics is a topic about which I can only engage faith because I simply don’t know what will come. But I do participate. I contribute my duty to citizenship in this country, and I exercise my rights, privileges and benefits. I also share the consequences. I do hold myself accountable, and…I don’t like to judge either side. I can only account for myself in this free nation. That’s where I like to keep my focus.

    But If I am fearful…I will say I know…I will say I know Trump is Hitlar and the Anti-Christ (just as Obama was, and The Clintons /were are…and All the Bushes (I was voting age for these. I don’t know if Carter or Regan were ever called that…But I sure did love Carter even though I was too young to vote for him at the time. He just seemed like a really authentic sorta guy…a fellow INFJ personality like me…LOL). I Could say Socialism is bad and wrong Even though it’s not bad at all but is just as corruptible by human beings as democracy and Capitalism…or any ism, and what socialism we have in place…it works but isn’t perfect. (soap box time) And Obama Care…OMG! they should have aborted it because it was just botched and turned into forced insurance we all had to pay for through un-regulated (don’t kid yourself…it was hardly regulated) insurance companies that just kept upping the prices like we knew they would…and did. I blame EVERYONE for that one (so full of crap…Sheeze! and I voted for that piece of crap!!! Sounded good (Liers, cheaters…the whole lot of both sides on that one)

    OK…soap box…stepping off.

    Anyway…I do my best to discern the best I can with what is before me. My grandmother use to say, “There is no defense against a lier.” She HATED LYING!! Would send her over the top!! I feel the same way. Pandering…is like lying. Plattitudes? Might as well be a lie!

    I want Conscience…which is missing from politics. That’s what I want. I should have just said that without all the process.

    I feel completely inept in politics. But I do not have an inept conscience except what ever someone else might judge it to be…which, if I follow my own conscience about tells me to trust myself, be accountable for what I do, take the heat…be loving anyway (If I can)…stay neutral if I can’t…or just walk away and live my life the best I can regardless of what happens and don’t judge lest I be judged….and love thy neighbor as myself (or take all these opportunities of conflict to do just that…not hold a grudge, avoid revenge…and live my wisdom without offering another my woe instead of wisdom.

    there’s more…but all of it is still “Just a practice.”

    Lastly…THANK YOU MARIA! I really valued your words, and I hold an honor for your wisdom and insight about what you speak of. It is all true. That’s true.


  3. Ian

    By the way Maria…so odd you mentioned Consciene. I have been contemplating that deeply..not about politics per se, but in general. MIT is a running theme that’s showing up. WOW! I am echoing you because you echoed what moving through in my life.

    Thank God it’s not a matter of struggle for me (BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT). It’s more doing what you’re doing; placing it in a workable venue that’s applicable and concrete because the concept has been dying, yet the lack of it shows a terrible consequence that is leading to our destruction.

    Sorry for the gloom and doom. That why I try to work with faith; not as in denial…but accepting without engaging acquiescence to helplessness. Faith also may include best action and I think my need a degree of good conscience to contribute to the overall animation of what will bring about the desired correction.

    And faith has courage to say, “I don’t know one iota, but I haven’t given up and I haven’t shut down.”

    1. Ian, I always take a deep breath before I hit the publish button after using political references in my posts. Lol. And I also don’t want this to be a political discussion. But I wanted to use what’s happening on the political stage to make a point about how our mind is sometimes resisting the changes initiated by our eternal self in this ascension process.

      There has been so much compromise going on with both sides of the aisle politically, some good, but so much of that compromise has been about compromising the good of the country and it’s citizens for legal bribes. Self enrichment.

      So this new breed of progressives to me represents a new vision, one that hopefully dismantles the old system that no longer works, or at least an honest attempt at it. But also keeps that which is working. And hopefully it ends up going in a more enlightened direction.

      But those who are holding fast to the old, and I include many Democratc politicians in that, can’t see that these changes will actually benefit them and their constituents. Because it seems that more private citizens than not want very similar things. Most people in a democracy do want the freedoms and benefits of that democracy.

      But it takes courage, and feeling fed up with the status quo, to get to the point where someone would put it all on the line, not just espouse change and then continue to stay in the comfort zones carved out for them by fear, greed, and corruption.

      I like using political analogies because it helps to see on a tangible level how the mind works for us or against us.

      In other words, giving into the mind’s fears, vs. trusting that our soul has a far better way, an enlightened way to approach our human problems. But it seems to our conditioned mind that the New way is too radical, too uncompromising. So it tries to continue to do things in the old tried and true way, but it’s just not working anymore. Because the old ways require too much forfeiting of integrity and our soul will not participate in that type of compromise. Interesting place we find ourselves in.

  4. Ian

    OMG! Maria…THAT IS EXACTLY THE WAY I SEE IT! I mean, I recognize the truth of what you are saying; without a doubt!

    I was listening to a free Soundstrue.com interview with Andrew Harvey (That man…He is intense!). His particular venue is “Mystical Radicalism!” Makes my heart have palpitations thinking about the process he describes with regard to awakening to ourselves; having the soul come on line.

    What you mention is pretty much exactly what he described. So…more goose bumps.

    Through Politics…Oh Maria, God Bless you for being willing to stir the unconscious shadow in your readers because politics, particularly, will animate some major shadows to deal with.

    Regardless of what side any particular person is on, if a shadow is stirred into action to be all shadowy (fearful, greedy and ego preserving…and we all know how ugly that can be and feel), then we know it’s the soul calling us into the light to look at it…not judge it but love it into it’s new expression; honor it’s purpose…then let it go as we sincerely try to consider love, compassion…duty to self AND OTHERS AS SELF. In other words…let the conscience be our guide without guilt or shame…and with courage and faith after gaining integrity and a degree of accountability and responsibility by dealing with the shadow and transmuting it into light.

    When I speak of such things as courage, faith and conscience, I don’t mean these in a religious or moral context. I speak of the animating spirit of these things. In the Animated spirit of these elements of the exalted human being, it does not mean the individual will come to the same conclusion or make the same decisions. But in my mind, it seems all decisions made by the attributes of the exalted human will naturally contribute to the balance that will benefit all because the exalted spirit inspired the outcome; not the base human animal drives like greed, fear and prostitution (what you are calling corruption and compromise within the context of our political stage…that’s prostitution).

    Ugh! Anyway…Thanks Maria. I’ve had practice subduing my shadow…or at least restraining it (barely) when it comes to politics. My husband…(God help me, I love that man…but his politics…I have to say the Serenity Prayer when he starts reading off the face book. He’s very conservative…but that’s his own way which I don’t interfere with…and he knows to leave me alone and not antagonize me which he used to do until he saw MY SHADOW way too much…and he sees how devastating and wounded I get when he would seek for me to shut my empathy down which I would have to do in order to agree with him, but I don’t because I can’t!!…I am am gratified to know he has a conscience because otherwise it wouldn’t work).

    LOL…TMI. But it’s all real.

    A quick story. I hope you laugh. Yesterday, the teacher brought out a new toy called “Sensory Balls.” It’s a big box full of marble sized balls; all varying shades of green. The children are meant to put there hands in the box and and have sensory stimulation and experience with how the balls move over and through the hands. I thought…Oh, how cool!

    Then after about a half hour, all these three and four year olds were scattering these balls EVERY where; some putting them in their mouths; trying to build with them (balls just fall…that’s it). I started googling age appropriateness because I was gonna see about advocating for them damn marbles to be taken off the play list MOSTLY because I was irritated at having to chase little marbles all over the floor; fall hazards for us adults you know. Yes! I was angling. I’m not proud, but…HELL!

    Then…I swear…It wasn’t a voice speaking. It was REASON speaking. It said, You know…of all these children ages 3-4 (which the US government site I found said was age appropriate for marbles)…not all of these kids are developmentally 3-4. Like my kid…he’s developmentally 2; some are much more developed…and a few are very immature 3s…or 2. My kid still puts stuff in his mouth. It was freaking me out when I reasoned this…and so my irritation was replaced with concrete concern. I brought it up to the teachers, and we agreed…Use a bigger container, only two kids at a time with an adult directly supervising (which I volunteered to do). Not every child of age three and 4 is actually developed enough to safely play with marbles!

    My point: Politics are like Marbles! You get the picture..LOL. Some people choke on politics. Other’s don’t know how to safely play with it and pieces fall all over for other people to fall on and get seriously hurt. I could go on with the analogy, but then I’d freak myself out too much. The shadow mind is a dangerous place to “Play in,” LOL

    Love in Light and spirit to you all. You are dear. You are precious!


  5. Ian

    OH…and I did “Hear” spirits voice JUST YESTERDAY! I was counseled to take a “deep breath in and a deep breath out” as I embark on my next phase of my mission unfolding. I actually do not know my mission, but I know it when it unfolds as I live the life I’m given.

    What is disclosed is the quality by which the tools I was given are to be utilized…not exactly what to do with them (do a, b and c…then pick up another tool and do d, e and f). No…not like that. It’s all free hand, but the quality and character of a particular tool is described.

    the rest…that’s on me. And I’m meant to take a deep breath in…and a deep breath out to remind me…I AM WORKING WITH LIFE. I need to have a center from which to “Work out” of so I don’t completely mangle what I’m trying to do (been there and done that, too with my life).

    I would say, Dear Sis’tah…that if my applied my own advice to myself, it would very much look just like what you did.

    I once heard from a spiritual teacher I esteem a great deal. She said, “The Breath of God is grace.”

    I see a lot of grace in your words, Dear Maria.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. First, Ian, I keep imagining someone dying, going to the great beyond, and being greeted by one of the eternal beings,,,”So, my dear, how did you come to pass on from the mortal world?” And the response, in hushed tones, “I slipped on a marble.”

      The Euology reads, “He lead a good and honest life, but in the end, HE LOST HIS MARBLES.”

      But seriously, I like your marble analogy. And I will add that it’s so important to remember that this whole deal here on this physical plane is to experience this reality in the most sensual way we can, we don’t get this same opportunity in the other realms, so SENSORY BALLS is a perfect exercise to allow them to experience the physical, senses.

      As adults we tend to lose that as we become more mind oriented. So I imagine working with children can help with that.

  6. Ian

    Oh…yes. It does. My empathy (it’s one of my tools) is fully on line. Little Brian (My full name is Brian)…he’s just sitting on a chair kicking his legs under him…observing…feeling…remembering…guiding.

    He needs to be held a lot! LOL


  7. Love it. Interesting that the thing that can through for me lots and clear whole reading this is that it’s time to put my sexy on. (Please know I was hesitant to write this here. ♥️)

    Being in my joy with my Leg Joy outfits and then the other day I wore a top that just made me feel sexy and good. And I realized that because I am in a bigger body right now it somehow was not allowed (by my 3D old self and also our old society) for me to be a sexy, lucious, crone-bombshell. And of course, my age factors in, also. So thrilled and proud to be a sexy warrior goddess of joy crone!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Woooooohooooo!

    Time to stop being wishy washy about ME! AND getting in my joy.

    I don’t get involved in politics, beyond sending love to all. Partly because it is so huge and I could get caught up in all that crazy appearing shit and that wouldn’t help. I completely trust that the universe is working it out way beyond our human understanding. I do always speak up about racism, human rights, women’s rights……

    No more playing small! Because I have a pretty big personality, I have often had to tone myself down so I don’t overwhelm. Fuck that shit! ♥️♥️🎉🎉😜😜😜😜 Done! Full on goddess crone sexy warrior goddess of joy coming at you.

    I’m so excited!

    Love you dearest Maria, to the stars and back!!!!


    1. Wow, siSTAR Goddedd of sensual joy…..you made my day!!! Such music to my ears to read your words. Do you have any idea how that reverberates into the universe, how you are feeling about you, and how you are expressing your beautiful sensual self? And how that moves out the old, stuck, patriarchal energies?

      Because those old, stuck patriarchal energies have also been resident in our own cells, especially as women. As spiritual pioneers, as women, we were given the clear message that our sensuality is a signal that we need/want to seduce the male energy. That one of our purposes here as women is to satisfy the sexual desires of the male.

      We are encouraged for it and condemned for it, simultaneously.

      But we are expressing our sensuality, not for the purpose of seducing anyone, but for the sheer JOY of it. We do it for US, FOR OURSELVES.

      Once a man said to me, “thanks for wearing that shirt”. And I was confused, and said, oh, I wore this for ME. He thought I chose it to please him.

      I was accused many times of ‘seducing’ him, when I was just being me. I was just feeling friendly, and I was expressing, through my body, MY OWN JOY.

      He body shamed a woman at Starbucks he didn’t even know because she happened to be wearing a low cut top. Like she got dressed that morning with the intent to excite him sexually. I could see his anger toward her, and perhaps all women, for their part in making him sexually uncomfortable.

      Clearly he is uncomfortable with his own SENSUALITY. Which is why he also hates seeing that sensuality in other men, by the way.

      But, anyway, thank you for sharing your joy and for honoring of your sensuality. I love the Leg Joy Outfits.

  8. Oh Sistar!!!! I am crying with joy now because of your lovely understanding!!! Yes yes yes, for me and no one else!!!

    Sexy Warrior Goddess of Joy Crone

    I, frankly, have been so excited to get to cronehood.

    And remembering myself as a cute teen girl (with a good size bosom), I got a lot of unwanted attention. I was so innocent, still am, about all of it. And no protection from my ma or pa. ♥️♥️♥️♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Time to be out as ME!

    Love love love

    1. Yes, we were vulnerable, and didn’t feel altogether safe, as girls and women. And a part of us shut down out of self protection. Some of us suppressed the sensual in us and ramped up the nurturing toward others, especially toward the male.

      But now we are creating a safe space where we can freely express our own sacred sensuality.

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