The Twilight-Zone

cropped-5ba3dae0-0c6c-4a9a-9dc1-e6008983dd13.jpegA woman walked up to me a few moments ago here at the cafe, and she said, “Hello, Maria.  How are you?”

I looked up at her, and I said, “Fine, um, who are you?”  To which she responded with a look of disbelief that I did not recognize her.  

She went on to say that she remembers me quite well, and she wanted me to try to remember her without giving me even a clue.

So I sat there, staring into her lovely face, and I simply could not place her, not even with a sense of familiarity.  You know, when you recognize someone but can’t place where you know them from.

She continued to look at me incredulously.  She really couldn’t believe I didn’t know her.  Slowly, she began to reveal to me where and when we were acquainted.  She said, “We knew each other from the flea market…we saw each other there for a several months, and you were selling your art work with your cousin.  Both of you played music together, and you came over to my house many times for dinner.”

Then she looked at me intently and with a worried look in her eyes, and said, “Are you OK?  Is everything alright?  How’s your health?”

So I tried my best to reassure her that I am fine, and that I have been through major changes, and 16 years is a lifetime ago from my current perspective.  And I uttered some clumsy apology for not recognizing her.

We then reminisced about my cousin, Andy, and how he was always following me around and how he loved me but he was kind of a bully at times, and how I did help him and his wife.  She also summarized how her own life has dramatically changed with her husband leaving her with bills and two kids.  But she laughed and said life is hard.  And that we should get together.

Art by Maria Chambers
Art by Maria Chambers


The experience left me with the feeling of being in a twilight zone, in which things are not what they seem.  This woman appearing before me from my past is a perfect example of what it feels like to be in a fifth dimensional consciousness while still living within a third dimensional world.

As we talked it did come back to a degree, and I now knew clearly who she was.

Of course I don’t believe in coincidences, and on some level our paths were meant to cross,  but beyond that, I can’t really relate to her world, and, what connection we did have, was firmly planted in the past.

But from her perspective, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday, and that there is still a consequential connection between us, and why not pick up where we left off?

Very awkward.

Even as we talked about that time together as friends, and my relationship with my cousin, Andy, I felt like I was recounting someone else’s life, not my own.  No argument, it was a tumultuous time with Andy.  Lots of drama.  But it was a karmic relationship, and I energetically had moved on from it years ago.

In dream state, and while awake, it seems I have been reconnecting with people from my past, Some I recognize, some I don’t.  I’m sure there is purpose to it, but it doesn’t seem it’s to necessarily reignite the relationships.  Maybe for clearings, or they are now curious about me.

I sense that when someone comes to mind, awake or in dream state, it’s usually them trying to connect with us.  But because so many of us are empaths, we think it’s us.  That we are somehow still connected to them.

But in this ascension process, we are letting go of our past.  And others sense it.  They don’t necessarily want to let us go.  Whether it’s family, friends, associates, living or in the non-physical.

Also, emotions that are stirred may be from our past selves.  Those parts of ourself that felt wounded.  But even those are fading.

We are not denying our past or our myriad of experiences, but we now see them from a vastly different perspective.  They are no longer charged with old emotions, like sadness, guilt, or anger.  The drama is not there.

Consequently, it feels like someone else’s life we are recounting, not our own.

Just as we are detaching from the emotional connections with many others, so we are doing the same with our past selves.  It’s harder to relate to that self.

It seems we’re more and more in our 5D space, in which we see it all from a place of detached compassion.  And from that place, we are not indulging in the wounds of those experiences.  We can enjoy them as just memories, some that feel better than others, but more and more, we view them as all good.

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37 thoughts on “The Twilight-Zone

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Perfectly described. Thanks! This often happens to me and I feel bad I don’t remember them and the “SIGNIFICANT” experience we shared. This explains is beautifully.

    Love love love

  2. This has so happened to me, about a million times! And it was just yesterday that I started recognizing it as the 5D/3D split to which you refer. Based on it I’m going to theorize that an awful lot of Asperger’s people must be starseeds. Think about it: trouble with identity, time, space…

    1. Interesting, Ana….I’m not familiar with the condition, Asperger but if it involves being more in the moment, and not overindulging in the past, it may fit. And it can create anxiety because we are conditioned to believe we are suffering from something or there is something wrong with us if we can’t recall clearly our past.

      Yer, it’s where humanity is headed. In the ascension process, we are letting go of the inherited conditions, and of our ancestors and of our old stories, because we can’t drag any of that into our enlightenment with us.

      People generally are rewarded for a sharp memory. Do you notice people say of the very elderly, “well they may not be young, but they haven’t lost their mind. They are still sharp as ever.”

      But in the new consciousness we will recall that which we need to. If it’s important we will have access to it.

    2. Ian


      I watched this reality documentary called “Afflicted” on Netflix. My husband obsessed over the 7 episodes, and I watched…trying very hard not to identify with what is clearly mental illness issues.

      I can tell you, nursing school was a hard battle for me…thinking that every disease out there was something I had. And this show struck a similar cord. But I dragged myself through all those episodes…

      …and I think that it is fair to consider a more general context about what you said. There is genius (can be) in what many call a madness (give madness a label: Bi-polar, Depressed, Autistic (functional because non-functioning often are non-verbal and discerning truth about such is highly subjective…or perhaps it could be intuitively done by the right degree of compassion and connection to more than five senses…I suppose).

      I bring this up because these sort of special people are afflicted, too. I’ll example my point about how over identifying with others afflictions can bring out some insights.

      For instance,I can be quite obsessive about one singular topic like…for instance, spirituality (which just happens to be true of me), and I tie it into almost every aspect of my meger awareness…and it has both blessed me (given me a venue to…grow) and cursed me with a fairly neurotic disposition. And I’m tired a great deal…weary to the bone, but it does not stop…wont stop…never has…never will likely. Am I autistic? Bi-polar, boarder line, Schizophrenic? Narcissistic? (I do hear voices…but my reality doesn’t seem to shift, so…no I HOPE NOT schezo, but my brother is and my mother was bi-polar…TMI moment)

      Am I a star seed? Are they? My brother has a genius level ability to see darkness…terrible envisioned darkness and is crippled by it, and totured, and it is heart breaking! He has a genius. Absolutely. I doubt anyone would want it.

      If we were star seeds, That might be nice. And I mean that, because it would answer a lot of questions…and maybe It would take some pressure off. But…then…it’s not substantiable by others that share either of our realities.

      If it were actually true for me (If I allowed myself to believe it), I honestly don’t trust that I wouldn’t…use it to digress into yet another form of victimhood. And I mean that. Or ego trip myself into a profound narcism (more so than I think I already do…which pleagues me sometimes…and I feel shame for it).

      I think…I would stop evolving and working within the shared collective reality, and I believe I would than loose an important ability to…find ways to relate because if I was truly that different then no one would or could relate to me…and suffering would compound exponentially…and a greater affliction could ensue…possibly…and rather likely at THIS TIME…

      OR…Maybe…not, but if not, probably the greater picture is beyond most…For now. and that must be…for now…I think. I don’t know. I honestly don’t.

      But it is a noble and considerable thoughtfulness to think more highly of afflicted people, for their purpose is far more occult to them and every one else, but if their presence sparks any kind of compassionate consideration; then it may stand within consideration and good intention; be recognized as fairly heart centered…and in indication of advance thinking, feeling…and caring. And I love that when it shows up in people. I truly do.

      Peace. And Thank you, Ana.

      PS…if ever I was diagnosed with an affliction, I imagine I would give up the diagnosis and replace it with “A life condition or a conditioning by life” just to get away from drugs…and side effects…and every increasing “More Drugs,” and I might just decide to face life…or death…or an equivalent suffering that’s all numbed out, and by choice…without judging anyone elses’ different choice…or truth, tolerance for such, because suffering is just suffering…and genius can be madness…which is no picnic, and it is often very special in a not so good way. But…this is hypothetical you see.

      God bless the afflicted, and may they know peace on Earth…if they dare to leave the stars…which they did, and probably really regret the hell out of it…some times if they make it out of all the time.

      1. Thank you for your heartfelt sharing. For what it’s worth, I do feel myself to be starseed, however it is an experience of humility and service, and the more I own it, study it and practice it, the better it works for me and, apparently, the people around me. Also, I am without any doubt a genius, but I think no one who reads my poetry can consider me anything but preeminently sane. So, perhaps the two conditions do not necessarily indicate unalleviated suffering…

        1. Ian

          I really agree with you Ana. Not everyone suffers. Maria recently eluded to changes and hopes in our political system. That would be a whole shift it the collective awareness. That shift would be more open, aware…thoughtful. And we see these things happening already.

          I think I speak of the other half that is not so aware. There is still great suffering. It is a shadow I purposefully retain awareness of and speak to because if I don’t, then I won’t do it for myself. I will subvert.

          I really need to keep speaking up for myself in the biggest boldest way I dare because MAN! What I’ve seen, how I’ve come to believe things to possibly be (because of all I’ve seen) is frankly sometimes quite terrifying.

          It’s deeply a personal process, and yet…all the world bears witness to it because it comes out in a personality, in action…attitude…gesture and all manifestations of what is done and the consequences there of (both good and bad). It’s like…NOTHING is hidden really, so why not say it! Speak truth to power…I guess…is one expression of this.

          Regarding “Star Seed” and that being an expression …or reason for why so many geniuses are on the planet creating great beauty and are integrated; I remain honestly very neutral…agnostic. I don’t know for fact, but I believe it is entirely possible…likely even. I’d never argue against it…never. I find the possibility incredibly intriguing on a lot of different levels.

          And I also advocate for (word searching is hard; language is so fucking limiting, I swear!!!)…What is human; and of those same “Star Seeds” that DIDN’T make it into sanity, creative expression and contribution in ways that are…valued, understood…are perceived as contributors EVEN THOUGH THEY DO CONTRIBUTE. IN FACT, I bet these are the ones that hold so much darkness and shadow for the collective that their very being is terrifying to most because that darkness is so…obvious and terrifying. Prison is full of these! And they are human; worthy of…compassion and grace (BUT WE STILL GOTTA LOCK ‘EM UP AND BE FAIR, FIRM AND CONSISTENT lest we loose our own humanity under their influence) Darkness is darkness, and we wanna live in safety to be free to explore the light (and it’s even more than this…but I gotta shut up soon) I bet many of these genius’ are Star Seeds, too.

          It took lot of years..a lot of powerful battles within myself to…Land on the Earth and have enough faith to hang out and keep at it. What I gained from that is a rather singular and personal directive: Don’t loose hold of an ability to stay in shared collective reality so I can contribute and be empowered as I struggle to also empower without destroying or hurting or being mislead…or misleading. I guess it’s a specialty with a broader scope of effect that I am struggling to foster. I want to capture as many as is possible in what effect I can create.

          I follow this idea because what I value the most is when other people offer me the choices that gives the broadest perception of freedom (if it is authentic…and not passive aggressive). And freedom feels so GOOD! And what has worked best for me is when this is done with the most information available that offers a powerfully informed choice. I always find it very hurtful when people misunderstand this, and people have misunderstood me for a really long time. It still hurts, but also…I got me more self esteem now, and I move past the hurt much more quickly and efficiently. And I want this to be the same for everyone! Oddly…I’m “Sharing” what helps me most…and I always hope it helps others.

          Autistic and Star Seed seemed…too focused and exclusive. I wanted to represent a broader consideration of how differences contribute, and the prices people pay for contributing in a broader sense.

          And yet…”Star Seed” is an important consideration, too.

          And Poetry…is really beautiful. And I truly admire any genius except when it is genius in shadow and chaos even though the irony is that is also part of creation…the joy with the pain in human life…and the physical Universe…as we know it here (But…otherwise, it could be different and better if human nature improved).


  3. Ian

    Gorgeous! And Wow!! I dig the part about how empathy looks as it evolves and matures.

    Detached compassion. That was also a very interesting way to consider compassion.

    Feeling out of sync with other people you know (or who know you…or knew you and “pick up” where they left off with you from YEARS ago and are possibly still in that same place…or by a degree of empathy, they go back to that place where they did once relate to you which is easy and fast vs a long arguous process of assessing in the now through curiosity…which I find more interesting because the first route of empathy can be…awkward…as you said).

    An old old “friend” from my past texted me a few weeks ago. In our day together, I was cowed by him. He was a very cleaver shadow shaman. I hope you won’t make me describe that.

    I had only my Sabetore to protect me in those day, for my self esteem was incredibly low. I did extract my self from the relationship though.

    This guy “Finds” me about every decade. He is cleaver…in a scary way. One day, I get this text. “Do you remember me…it’s G****. We were in such and such a place during such and such a time.

    I felt sick and a little afraid to be honest. He does shit like this to freak people Out.

    But…I simply ignored the text. Past is past. And I don’t care if evil found the light and wants to share…maybe, or is this just gonna be another battle of egos…knowing that at one time, I didn’t have self esteem enough not to be cowed by a spiritual bully with super powers I didn’t understand (shadow powers…a great deal of darkness).

    Nah (waving hand dismissively before me). Nah!

    Thanks Maria.

      1. Ian

        yes, Indeed…Gail.

        Something that really bugs the crap out of me…is all the self doubt living in duality creates!

        It feels like so often we are in the grey…between light and dark, and we seek the light…we par-take of the light ourselves…

        Of course then we do share it like you say. That feels good to share and to take…give and take.

        And evil really is just a black whole…light goes in…but it can not escape.


  4. Yeah, good call Ian. Even though we have moved on energetically from so many of those old connections, it doesn’t mean we won’t get ‘triggered’ if we spend some time with them again. Especially if the connection was ‘karmic’ in nature.

    Some contend that we must test ourselves and spend time with these old acquaintances to see if we can remain detached while with them, but I contend that will probably activate the old stuff, maybe not as intensely, but enough to make us start to doubt ourselves and our new place.

    But generally we know on a deep level that we can’t go back home. And that, we ARE home already. 💕

    1. ‘Some contend that we must test ourselves’….anyone who tells me I MUST do something can get lost!! These are the old brainwashes designed to keep us in the shitty energies. You contend correctly that it will probably activate old stuff. Ditto for ‘we should help others to evolve out of their shit,’ like an unavoidable duty……What?? By getting involved with them and IT. I don’t think so.

  5. Ian

    I 110% agree with you!

    Like…”Ewwww…lookie ME! I wanna test my EGO!”

    Ego can be very subtle! Shadow can be never ending shades of grey! Something to be scared of? NOT AT ALL! Why be afraid of life??!!

    But sometimes the heart and the mind do conspire to gain simple prudence…when you just know a foolish act by purposeful foolish “ignor-ance”…and step into triggers to be triggered to see if you won’t be triggered!

    BEEN THERE AND DONE IT! How about if you just know your shadow and choose not to indulge the subtle ego (or by all means go for it and suffer just to be a martyr!).

    No rule…no right or wrong. Do what ever an individual’s accountability can support.

    Simple in the light, but hardly simple in the blind spots.

    What wrong with saying “My sight was healed in this particular blind spot! Hallelujah! Celebrate with me and give praise to God!”

    What wrong with that?

    Nada! Invite me too. I want to honor your victory over a shadow!

  6. Barbara

    I was out for a walk yesterday and passed a young man who was wearing a T-shirt that read…. “No need to repeat yourself, I ignored you the first time.” Now that may seem kind of mean in the 3D sense, but if the young man is a free 5D spirit, then I’d say he’s stating his truth. That being said, I do my best to really listen when meeting others from years gone by, but if I feel that old karmic static cling coming on, I excuse myself as respectfully as I can and breathe-in/breathe out as I make my escape. Sounds easy, but it’s not as there is so very much conditioning behind all of our relationships. No longer is it, “Thanks for the memories,”, it’s “Thanks for the lessons,” Love, B.

    1. Interesting, Barbara….agreed, from 5D his shirt is appropriate. What we may want to remind ourselves of is that everyone is creating their own reality. Even those who feel rebuffed by us, for example, are creating that scenario. Their script reads, ‘I feel rebuffed’, or ‘I always get abandoned’, or whatever. And we are just the messenger in that moment.

  7. Barbara

    Brilliant, brilliant artwork, Maria, thank you… mesmerizing… I see the horse in the eyes. Wow, what can I say? Long time since I’ve been affected by art and I confess I’ve missed that awe. Grateful to you, I am… Love, B.

    1. Oh, thank you Barbara! I’ve been having so much fun with my iPad graphics apps. There’s so much creative freedom in this new technology. And the beauty is I can play with it anywhere, home, or at the cafe. So glad you are enjoying the images. 🤗💕

      1. Ian

        you did that on your iPad??

        When the iPad Pro came out, remember? The slogan pictured it as a super computer…better and faster as most laptops (and it was hardly better than the previous iPad…which says something for iPads!!!)

        But and iPad can only create as well as the artist using it.


        …I love artistic genius! LOVE IT! But genius can only be acknowledge if it is brought before another’s perception, and that takes courage!

        You’ve said you have to take a deep deep breath before you hit the send key on articles that bring up specific topics, and your topics always seem to cascade a lot of thought, speculation…open up people’s heart to share what’s inside them.

        Genius does this!

        And your depictions have an incredible way of embodying or adding either subtle or overt relevant texture and meaning to the topic if the mind can go that way.

        And it is also super unique; and bold. Your art as a texture that is both visual and energetically felt. Each one brings quite a different sensation to the senses; sometimes it’s a sensation I can’t place…and it’s really elusive…which makes it very intriguing.

        Is it because I’m male and the energy is so female? (that’s a real question by the way and is honest inquiry). I ask this because it’s something I considered when I’ve seen some of your images…feel something that I can’t identify.

        1. Wow, Ian…lots to unpack here in your comment….first, yes, the images I create are done primarily with my iPad Pro and two apps, one is called Pixelmator, and the other, Enlight. Between the two I am able to draw, to manipulate images, morph them, add filters and voila!

          Before this technology I was a visual artist using the traditional materials, paper, paint, canvas, clay.

          And Ian, your question about the art is fascinating because the images have been described as androgynous, but maybe another way to describe them is a balance of the masculine and feminine.

          When I was into selling my artwork years ago, most of the people who bought it were from the gay community. In fact, my friend, Sam and his husband, Tom own quite a few of my earlier works. To be honest, I gave a lot of them to him.

          And I noticed something interesting, some people who were uncomfortable with my art work, were also people who were struggling with their own feminine. And their own sensuality. I like to see the images as representing the new, enlightened woman, who accepts her own soul….her masculine and feminine aspects, her sacred sensuality.

          So I’m thrilled you are enjoying the images, and resonating with the strength and sensuality of the feminine aspect within yourself.

          1. Ian




            There is a lot about my own sensuality and sexuality in this male life that is rife with a great deal of peripheral vision; I have not looked at it directly. On Purpose!

            I think now…”Ah, Yes…NOW I see why Maria’s images spark something…I don’t recognize.”

            Seriously…Like…I know what is ugly to me; what I hate…what repulses me…what I love and find beautiful and lovely and is inspiring.

            Some of your images spark…an unknown unknown. Like Its something, but I don’t know what it is; it’s not known to me as beautiful or hideous…never less than intriguing, but something…like…

            “What is that? Eh…I don’t know. (Look away…look away), but…well…what is it? Is it texture of eye, sense inside? I can’t touch it with my finger but I wish I could…I need more information about it…and something draws my attention…but it’s not quite in reach…”

            WEIRD! NOT BAD…just not known, but now…I think there might be another way to evaluate these images going forward.

            BRAVO! Thanks!

          2. ….interesting, Ian….food for thought, indeed….and I suppose art is open to interpretation, which is one if its purposes….if it evokes something in us, it’s doing its job. Just like the writing, the poems, music or whatever form our expression takes. I think the most interesting art transcends the personal perspective and taps into something more universal. Cosmic, even.

  8. Yes to all of this everyone! A parallel thought….we do forget how brightly we shine and have ALWAYS shone and this is why people remember us so easily. We impact people even when we don’t realise that we have done.

    There is something about ‘touching noses’ with old connections….different energies depending on the person. Often ego-tempters, Ian sometimes reminders of our own beauty.

    I feel that I have had several distinctly separate lives within this body-lifetime. And yes, it is like I was several different people, with my essence coming out more and more as ‘time’ went on. This has been a whole-life experience, this evolution, or ascension, even though we didn’t realise it until later on.

    So very glad to have you all here to connect and share xxx

    1. Ian

      Hey, Gail…

      I’m very grateful for something that came to mind as you referenced Ego tempters sometimes [being] reminders of our beauty. I don’t know if that was the implication you meant; but that implication came up as I read what you wrote.

      This sparked a memory of something I am reminded of that I heard an esteemed teacher say…that “without self esteem (vs baser pride) we can not heal anything (particularly a shadow).” I don’t think this means we can’t heal or be healed; but perhaps it means that if our intention is to consciously heal, we need some self esteem.

      Yet another subtle shadow I see in myself now. A blind spot. Pride vs. Self esteem. Pride I believe is derived or generated by force; or is forceful. Self esteem is simply power. I’d rather be empowered then enforced. Pride easily descends into shadow, while self esteem elevates and supports our light…and elevation I supposed could be an aspect of ascension if it were allowed to be considered.


      Thank you, Gail! This is honestly very helpful.

      Thanks Gail and everyone.

  9. Ian

    All you all,


    I’m all feeling what you are saying. The truth about this impact the light has on other’s. I get this thing with the kids and the animals a lot, too. It makes me feel pretty special. It is elevating.

    Might light grows, and I get confident and strong.

    Then I can turn around…shine my light, and get a really sparked reaction from a person. Self esteem tanks gloriously! Angst! Doubt. Fear!

    we live through both. And that’s what we all keep saying. What more is there then that can not be admired of you all?

    That angst sure sucks! But there in is the courage I suppose!

    This ascension thing…what a roller coaster!

    Deep breaths…deep breaths!

  10. Annette

    I so resonated with this post!! ‘Gheeze Marie’s’….awkward is an understatement, these encounters leave me feeling downright looney/incredibly uncomfortable , and for some reason several have appeared in my space lately from my past, and yes, 16 plus year ones, and yes it feels like a LIFE time ago….OMG, sometimes, more often than not, I just want to move away, where NO one knows my name! 😜
    xoxoxo ❤️

    1. Annette…hahahah…where nobody knows your name! ‘Cheers’ to that statement!

      Yes, many time I feel like, where can I go today where no one recognizes me? It would be nice to have an invisible shield when needed. Not that I am against interactions, in fact I would love more of them, but it’s tough finding those who can resonate close to where I am at right now.

      The price we forerunner pay for being so ahead of our time.

      1. Annette

        Cheers My Maria!! 😄
        “The Twilight-Zone”….perfect title!! So thought I would watch a bit on Netflix tonight…haha!! Black and White 📺

        1. TWILIGHT ZONE Opening narration (season 1)]
          Narrator: “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.”

          Enjoy the show….🤗

          1. Annette

            YES!! And isn’t this narration just fitting! I love listening to the words, just seems to really resonate in this NOW that we are living!! 😘🤗

  11. Ian

    (Chuckling…and pensive).

    Interaction and wanting more…and tough finding those who can resonate close to where you are now…


    What’s true: I am a light worker.
    What’s true for me: There are different schools of light worker; many schools of study, many teachers…many who are learning. Many ways of learning.
    What’s True: I have no community.
    What’s true: My school is a very solitary self study program (Ha. I get it now) and I’ve lately been in a foreign exchange program…observing and hearing what other teachers have to offer, and how other learners receive and take from the lessons and then both teacher and learner grow and are the same in their respective ways.

    “Close to where I’m at” is an interesting statement, and I see…how surrounded you are by so much community and esteem by so many; even passer bys and sojourners.

    I think you guys are really amazing. What a blessing to have seen where you are at…how strong you are in that place you all have come together and that remains with you back out here in your own powers of light in the darkness. When here, your lights shine so very brightly within the school you’ve chosen to learn skills to move out and about in the dark places and in the shades of grey where most others inhabit.

    And I know you know these gifts you share here, and surely you must know your blessings.

    (Musing within an attempted humility).

    Growing up, I was concretely considered “Special Ed.” Before formally committed to sequestering, I spent a great deal of time out in the hall, or in a corner desk faced away from other people…set back away; out of the way.

    In formal sequestering, there were very small classes with only a few students; all bizarre…and disturbed; me extremely hyper kinetic…unstoppable; untamed with raw feelings and sensitivities that really overwhelmed.

    I can not remember one special ed teacher that was impatient. They helped me study…very basic essentials, but mostly they were stewards; keeping us safe…and so long as safe, we had freedom to be who we were.

    We did get to be in other classes like PE, home Ecc; social studies…government…language, but only one of these per semester. I excelled at languages… English, German…I love home ecc. I remember very little of the other classes. I did Make the swim team, and I got a varsity letter. And I loved art…just enough to get the principles and basics of how color blends, shading…basic mediums…and for these I had an odd passion. I excelled in the basics of things.

    Some of us graduated out as “Normal skills came on line.” For me, I had distinct “On line” experiences. One moment I’m in the dark and confused about everything, and then…”Wink”…the light came on. I understood where I was at very very well…too well in fact.

    And tha’s how it’s been my whole life I think, and I didn’t realize it until Maria said what she said. I don’t know how that came from what she said…but a little mini “Wink” just hit me. The same principles is still active for me: In how I learn…who life teaches me (through spirit…or consequence…through what ever medium is teaching me in the moment). And it totally fits for me. There’s nothing more to prove. I…discovered a truth.

    What’s true: I love the basics of things; the foundations of where every thing grows up from. And it’s a wonderful thing to finally understand your passion.

    Thanks you guys!


    Be well. Remember you are blessed.

  12. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. Recently I deleted a comment from someone who has trolled this blog in the past. I also blocked them from any further access to commenting here. While I encourage a variety of perspectives and enjoy lively discussions, I have a zero tolerance policy for energy feeders, and online harassers, whose sole purpose is to upset and disrupt for personal satisfaction. There is no place for their energies here.

  13. Ian

    Don’t mess with the Creative Mother! Just don’t do it! “The Mother” protects.

    For Maria –

    In her womb; in the dark place, the spark of life grows; where light begins and from which new life is birthed. Her life comes into being…and screaming…and crying; in all these, new life voices its need to be fed; to be loved into what will be.

    There is no greater honor than the mother in her nature, and it is her nature to protect what she has given birth to. She means for it to thrive. Honor the mother. She is glorious!

    Honor the Earth lest her lightning strike, and evil is burned away so she is safe in her place to do as she wills, and her will is the business of life becoming and being.

    The Earth. She is mother.

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