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I Am Here

I Am Here

Image by Maria Chambers

Indulge me, if you will, in some speculation about things of a 3D nature.  You all know that Trump is fulfilling his soul contract to come in and be the tsunami needed to churn up all the old, stuck patriarchal energies in this country, and even in the world.

And we know that consciousness changes come on the heels of conflict and disruption.

I just read an article by attorney and author, Jill Filipovic, which echoed my own thoughts on what it will take to push Trump (and what he represents) out of office.  While everyone is focusing on possible Russian collusion, mismanagement of campaign funds, his charity frauds, and money laundering, it always puzzled me why the more significant, direct and obvious isn’t a focused priority.  His alleged sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and sexual assault. Continue reading