I Am Here

I Am Here
Image by Maria Chambers

Indulge me, if you will, in some speculation about things of a 3D nature.  You all know that Trump is fulfilling his soul contract to come in and be the tsunami needed to churn up all the old, stuck patriarchal energies in this country, and even in the world.

And we know that consciousness changes come on the heels of conflict and disruption.

I just read an article by attorney and author, Jill Filipovic, which echoed my own thoughts on what it will take to push Trump (and what he represents) out of office.  While everyone is focusing on possible Russian collusion, mismanagement of campaign funds, his charity frauds, and money laundering, it always puzzled me why the more significant, direct and obvious isn’t a focused priority.  His alleged sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and sexual assault.

It is telling that it should have been the first thing that was investigated, and it was instead relegated to the bottom of the list.  Or completely ignored.  And, by a portion of his base, secretly and not so secretly admired.  Men in lesser positions have been brought down, and brought to justice for such crimes.  In the #MeToo moment it’s incredulous that this has not been given priority, considering he is the leader of a Nation that prides itself on justice for all.

But we know why.  We know that misogyny has been normalized in our culture, and our society.  As we know, the most dangerous attitudes and behaviors are the ones that are so deeply embedded in our society and culture, that we no longer recognize them.

It’s been over 25 years since Anita Hill courageously spoke up against Clarence Thomas to an all-white and all-male congressional committee.  She helped pave the way for women, at the risk of emotional and even physical harm, to speak up, and speak their truth.

The subsequent stories that were brought to light concerning these men in power, their own history of sexual assault and sexual misbehavior, validated the suspicions about these officials.

But, why does it take a village?  Why must dozens of women come forth and tell their stories, before just one is believed?

And, just as it should have been the deal breaker for electing Donald Trump, so too the deal breaker for Kavanaugh, Trump’s appointee for one of the most consequential roles in the Supreme Court, considering  his opinion and his decisions about women, birth control, and abortion.

“These are not political issues.  These are human rights issues.”

And, that is because these are not political issues.  These are human rights issues.  A woman’s right to the sovereign domain of her own body is still in battle and debate in 2018.  How much more important an issue could there be?

Shouldn’t a person’s attitude toward women and the feminine tell us everything we need to know about them?

If this continues to go unresolved, the fate of this world does not look good at all.  If the feminine is ignored and disowned, humanity will surely destroy itself.  Not by nuclear war, but by a gradual disintegration until there is nothing left but a virtual video game, a shooting gallery of people blowing their own brains out, metaphorically, and possibly physically.  There will be no creativity, no imagination, no sensuality.

No self-reflection.  Just perpetual mental masturbation.


1B6D0E27-2A37-4B6C-8FCF-33BF5F9C2F37But, because we are here, there is a ray of hope for the future of the human species.  Those of us on the forefront of the ascension process, both as women and men, carry the balance within us, of the feminine and masculine.

We are living, breathing templates of the divine human, who has dealt with the dark and the light, and understands that the dark is part of the light.  We have compassion because we have lived many lives, and we have been both men and women, and we have experienced being the perpetrator and the persecuted.

We instinctively understand what humans are going through.  But, we have, at least many of us at this stage, the advantage of being emotionally detached enough not to pity them.  We know that they too must go through their journey, just as we did.

And because we have detached ourselves from the sympathy, and even the empathy, we are left with compassion for them.  And that is because we have compassion for ourselves.

We are in the process of accepting ourselves, just as we are, and we are not willing to compromise who we are for anyone, or anything.  We recognize that being whole is only possible when we accept all of our aspects, and we embrace our feminine.

Meanwhile, sweet irony would be best served to our political officials as they are brought to justice by the gender they have been quick to marginalize, disparage, demonize and dismiss.


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49 thoughts on “I Am Here

  1. Speak it Sistar Goddess! I have wondered the same. “But we know why.  We know that misogyny has been normalized in our culture, and our society.  As we know, the most dangerous attitudes and behaviors are the ones that are so deeply embedded in our society and culture, that we no longer recognize them.” This is so fucking true!!

  2. And this! No surprise but it is what I have been thinking about a lot lately. “We are in the process of accepting ourselves, just as we are, and we are not willing to compromise who we are for anyone, or anything.  We recognize that being whole is only possible when we accept all of our aspects, and we embrace our feminine.”

    I continue to wallow in hope, gratitude and joy and love. We are going to be ok. I really thought that this country world elect a woman before an African American. I think this misogyny is so so so deep, as you say, a deep fucking root. We’re pulling, pulling, pulling….. Digging deep. Love you dear Sistar Goddess

    1. Deep, indeed, dear siSTAR goddess Elizabeth. At some point, the galactic story will have to come to a resolution, The distrust of the feminine, and the perpetual over nurturing of the masculine by the feminine.

  3. Barbara

    I have never underestimated the women behind the so-called great men. The expression, “Behind every man is an even greater woman,” has been a huge part of my life. If you look that quote up, there are various versions, but they mean the same. And I have seen that proved over and over again in my own life and in the lives of women whom I have loved and honored though we may have never met. Rare it is to meet a man who ‘gets’ that quote, but the challenge now, at least as I see it, is to honor both the masculine and the feminine because throughout our… oh, how many lives on Planet Earth, we have been both, otherwise we would not know how to respect and appreciate what we have been and learned from each other. Love, B.

    1. Barbara, I hadn’t heard that expression in a long time, and it has the ring of truth to it for sure. Good point. And living lives as both men and women helped to round out our experiences. Speaking of that, I read an article a while back by a transgender woman. “Cultural sexism in the world is very real when you’ve lived on both sides of the coin” BY CHARLOTTE ALTER. Someone who experienced being both a man and a woman in the same lifetime and how as a woman now her newfound awareness of sexism transformed her attitudes as well as her gender.
      Thanks for your wisdom my friend.

    1. Whew, siSTAR goddess…that’s quite an article. So many important points. So glad you shared it….let’s unpack…

      I agree, most men who do these things, know what they are doing, and know that what they are doing is pretty reprehensible.

      But rather than face themselves and their own guilt, it’s easier to cast the blame on the woman. Or to minimize the event. ‘Boys will be boys’ Is infuriating to hear. And as the article points out, and as women, we have experienced, the misogyny as systemic, and comes in various shades and degrees. That it’s not just the powerful men who perpetrate these acts, and it’s not just assault, harassment, and rape.

      It’s much more subtle, and almost undetectable, but equally harmful,

      And, it goes back to the galactic story of the male energy feeling abandoned by the female and then taking it out on her. And the female then taking on the guilt, the shame, and spending eons trying to assuage the male anger. And, also from a place of self protection, because she sees what that male anger is capable of.

      And as the article points out, the system, the patriarchy, is eroding and is doubling down on trying to defend itself. And as we know, the reason it’s eroding is because women are waking up, they are not allowing the male to get away with his shit, whether it’s rape, or acting insulted if he is referred to as a pussy, or any female reference indicating women are less than men.

      So she is beginning the process of self love, and detaching from being the nurturer of the male energy. Then he can find his own feminine, and begin nurturing himself, or go do what he will do, but not on her watch.

      So interesting to watch as this all unfolds through the Kavanaugh moment in our history, and to see that maybe history will not repeat itself after all, maybe women will finally prevail.

      1. Oh my gosh…. i was just reeling after reading this article. It hit me hard. Feeling sick.

        SO TIRED of the bullshit. Of the patriarchy and justifications. Yuk yuk yuk yuk.

        I will write more tomorrow. Tired.

        The whole thing is so fucking fascinating. And I notice more and more and more the privilege of white males.

        Love you sweetie sister friend

  4. Barbara

    Just a note, and yes, I will check in now and then with Maria and her posts and the comments, I’m going off-line for a while. It’s way too much ‘out there’ for this one heart to handle and I have no longer any idea how to respond or what to do or even if there is any necessity to respond or do anything at all. I have been an ascension forerunner for way too long and I cannot ever remember a time when there was so much duality and so many challenges personally for each and collectively for all, and will now, as all good bears do, hibernate. And here is the strange thing as I write this, I would so love to hear from others on this site because you have become a huge part of my life, but perhaps you each have gone into hibernation. Love, B.

    1. Elila

      Love back to you Barbara. You are (as are all of you here) a huge part of my life as well. You are my peeps. But I am also feeling all you described and having a real hard time formulating or articulating responses,and wondering if they matter anyway, and overwhelmed by pretty much all of it. I too just want to hibernate. Perhaps we are smarter than the average bear, perhaps I just want to hide. I’m just so worn down. It feels like a limit has been reached and something is giving up in a way? Been doing this ascension thing for soooo long and it still feels like walking circles in the desert despite my best efforts at morale boosting and rationalizing ha. I saw an article recently by someone I like titled something like “If You Haven’t Made Progress in A Year”, and it just deflated me. Have I made any progress in TEN YEARS really? Yes, im better at boundaries and discernment and self love/care blahblahblah. But overall it feels like I’m still facing the same stuff I was writing about five years ago. Anyway I know of what you speak. Treat yourself ever so gently and kindly my dear friend. Sending a warm hug. 💙

      1. Oh my gosh…. How about 20, 30, 40 years? Heehee….. i do know I’m better than I was. Although perfect every step of the way, right?!?

        Beautifully said, Elila!

        I also just feel tired and don’t want to do anything. And get caught up in thinking I must do this or that. Sheesh!

        Love you all! Thanks for being there. ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

        1. Elila

          Oh gosh Elizabeth I know, right??? The in-my-face ascension part of destruction, dissolution and upheaval started nearly two DECADES ago. But I think probably it’s more likely that the process starts at birth for us forerunners. So weary and in need of some indication that things are actually maybe going in a direction I will like? Cuz the scenery out the window of this slow train still looks the same and the bar car has closed lol.
          Love back to you and so glad you are here too 💞

  5. Ian

    I’ll admit, I’ve been hiding…holding back ’cause I’ve been feelin’ a bit “Special…”…in a window licking helmet wearing sorta way (snicker). Too empathic…to mentally spastic..too many words all jammed up and bottle necked in a throat chakra not well developed enough to (fill in any blank)…and call it true as I roll my eyes in acquiescence to a myriad of perspectives…all things being equal (so the saying goes)…must be true (sigh).

    I think of all the democratic years (of which I participated passively passionately within). I remember researching Canadian citizenship…and Mexico citizenship when Bush got his second term. I postured for not, but I had my Racheal Maddow to comfort my inner Liberal (Indeed).

    And I remember the Democrates feeling all victimized and marginalized. I certainly internalized that…let it be part of my identity. Absolutely. I shared all with and sucked it up for my fellow Dems. WE WAS VICTIMS. Misery hates being alone.

    And then…the polarity Shifted. Obama came to “Power.” Wasn’t he something when He first started out? Talk about Charisma! I voted for Hilary in the primary because “She was a woman.” (WORD!) I had no other reason than that. Was that OK? Or was it…some kind of discrimination? Prejudice? Obama was black. I’m part black, but I crossed my racial line and voted for a white woman just because she was a woman. Period. Was I naive? Ignorant? Thoughtless? Careless? MmmmHmmmm. I was, but that was my vote. I was stickin’ to it, and that was the reason I stuck to, too!

    She lost. Obama won (I voted for him as the Democratic candidate. Romney was a Mormon, and I remember the Osmonds…and I remember Mormons thought dark raced people descended from Kane…and could not reach the highest levels of heaven…in the 70s, so…I hold grudges, too.

    I stuck by “My Man.” Obama could do no wrong in my eyes. And then…I actually watched the news one day…saw a speech of his…watched his head whip back and forth with automated words…and all my steam was let out…SOULESS prostitute was what I saw…I THINK he was likely a multi-millionaire by that point though…I don’t think he was when he went into office…and I’m ALSO sure he was just beat down like all the presidents get.

    I’m remembering how much the republicans and conservatives HATED Obama. I’m sure everyone remembers all the “Lies” they told about him; on Obama. I can hardly remember them all, but slander knows no boundaries. He was evil (to 50% of the population that votes hard line republican).

    (Yawn). Polarity shift…Republicans are back in office. Now…admittedly…all the lying that went on…or was it truth…or lies…Truth? No…wait…Lies. I’m sure of it (Yawn). I’m about as sure of it as I was sure of all the Truths about Obama…or were my truths true and every opposition was a lie…or isn’t that supposed to be some truth, too…not “T”ruth…but some nebulous “t”ruth we all agree is possible…but if it ain’t mine then it’s purely subjective…X 10 to what power? (I hate it when I blow my mind like this…makes eye rolling super hard without a seizure impending)

    Everyone that has ever been in office has been evil to someone. And oh how mighty that evil. And now the WORST EVER IS IN OFFICE! I’m sure of it because the hate is just as palpable as it was when Obama was in office…and Bush…and let’s not get started on that Misaginistic bastard, Clinton who got caught red handed…dress stained red handed….

    …and all it took was for Hilary to publicly forgive him (RED HANDED)…

    ….and what evil is there now??? Hilary forgave red handed Evil (cough). That man is still considered one of the best presidents EVER (cough). How much money did his “Impeachment” cost? How much time did it waste…how much “Chaos” did it run our country through…over “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Bill Clinton B’forgiven by Hilary Clinton (why do I feel like utterly throwing up…because it was all evil business…so dark, It blinded a whole nation and even our history is blinded by it. That’s pretty DARK stuff there.

    It was acknowledged that the big picture is seen about all this. The shadow is being torn up…ripped from the depths and is laid bare. We agree…that’s good!

    Find your power! Find the wisdom from the woe…and do not hate anymore…or be victim to life (as we’ve always known it).

    If we can’t…then we are no better than we were before. “All is vanity…and there is no new thing under the sun.”

    Ascension? Where?

    Pray for your leaders…and vote your conscience…participate…”Love thy neighbor as thyself” and keep being the beautiful strong women you are, and let men be inspired to their best (In time)…

    Please stop hating. Hate is the tennis ball between King and Machonro. Machonro is up serving. We all knew how that ended (giggle…it’s such a funny vision in my mind, and it’s all history). She played fair. She played strong. He made an ass out of himself. It was hilarious!

    With love in spirit.

    PS…don’t you dare call me naive or uneducated…or not educated enough or…what ever. Life lived…perspective animated…truth contrived just as it’s supposed to be from first person perspective lived in a physical life…all that “Life” just crashing in…feeling’s blowing me out…everyone projecting something I know…’cause I’m livin’ it too…just like you all are…humanizing.

    Now…I wonder if that’s going to be the new “I-zing” to come along…in which case…we are all going on up for our turn at impeachment.

    I swear!! (I won’t spit though…that’s nasty).

    1. Ian…whew…so many interesting points….I agree, what we see before us in the world is polarity at play, with its right, wrong, good, bad, and now, Republicans and Democrats.

      Seems duality is becoming even more extreme, like a rubber band stretched to its limit and about to snap.

      And yes, feels like no lessons learned and history just repeating itself.

      And it’s the galactic story being played out over and over. A story that began well before the Earth was formed. The human species trying to work through its inner issues, but forgetting that and getting buried deep in amnesia. So it feels like change, evolution is going at a snails pace.

      And the progress we do see in human rights gets eclipsed with a vengeance by those who oppose change.

      Agreed, the best intentions of the more enlightened politicians are thwarted by the established corruption. The Dems are just as guilty of taking legal bribes and fulfilling the agenda of big corporations, and the Republicans have brought it home with their latest shenanigans.

      I think the progressive Democrats have the best idea, which is to get corporate money out of politics. I hope they also work on getting religion out, That way, people can start being sworn in with their hand on the latest issue of Field and Stream, or Vogue, if they want, instead of a 2000 year old tome that nobody can really relate to.

      Good point, that who’s truth is true? Are there an infinite versions of the ‘truth?’ Makes your head spin.

      I would say yes, there are many versions of truth, although those in 3D like to agree on some basics, for convenience and flow, like the earth is round, and we should stop at red lights, recycling, and that they never should have made REVENGE OF THE NERDS, #4.

      And of course politicians were elected by the consciousness, and didn’t just appear out of nowhere.

      But one important truth is that If humanity isn’t interested in self-reflection, in befriending their own light and dark, it’s gonna be projected outward. They will end up being the perpetual victims of something or someone else.

      There are some very basic laws of energy dynamics from which they won’t be able to escape.

      But having said all that, we become detached from the world of duality when we take responsibility for our own reality. And we are doing that as we awaken and recognize our multidimensional nature. Then, we can enjoy watching ‘as the world turns’ from a place of detachment, and not buy into all the drama.

      In other words, we can be in 3D, but with our newly minted 5D perspective. Then it becomes the best of all worlds.

      But it doesn’t mean it won’t rile us up from time to time, and we will want to spit. (Love that reference, thanks). As Masters of our own reality, we are actually more irritated by the shenagans of this Planet. It’s not so comfortable living alongside such a dense, harsh consciousness.

      But the difference is we don’t really take it personally. Kind of like watching a good soap opera. We like getting riled up and waving our fists at the man we love to hate, like we used to toward J.R. Of ‘Dallas’ fame.

      But at the end of the day, we know that, despite the seeming chaos out there, all is well.

      1. ……and, I couldn’t resist sharing this video….recently discovered Randy Rainbow, whose talent is political satire, and amazingly he creates, performs,and produces the content right at home, from his computer. It helps to laugh at the insanity.

  6. I’m with you, Elila…..I want to give up every couple of days lately, myself. I’m not even sure, at times, if I would want to stay here, even if I were a billionaire and had the body of champions. Because as much as I have those times of feeling so connected, there are too many times of utter boredom, and a huge disconnect from the reality outside my door.

    It’s a strange place to be in this no-man’s land, and it does feel endless. Like, ‘um, remind me again, why the fuck am I here?’

    And at those times, any spiritual ‘pep talk’ just doesn’t land, whether it’s my own or someone else’s.

    It seems many of us feel worn down to a nub, with no relief in sight. One has to wonder, is this experiment an abysmal failure? A long shot? A poorly thought out mission? Or, just much, much slower than any of us anticipated. If we are on the accelerated path, then what does it look like to be on the slow path?

    But, on the up side, at least we don’t have to come back here. For many of us, this will be our last lifetime on this Planet. But we could reincarnate if we haven’t had our fill of crazy ass challenges. Or, if we want to sit through the Ice Capades again.🙃

    Great big hug to you all.🤗💕💕💕💕

    1. Elila

      Oh lord YESSSSSSSSS , Maria!!!! Everything you just said. All of it. Why the fuck am I still here if I’m just gonna be kept in this tiny box of experience with sketchy health & no money? Yeah WTF does the SLOW track look like???? Yes every couple days lately feeling defeated and stuck and completely uninspired. Disconnect. Tired as hell. Old pep talks not workin’. And wondering if this “mission” is even still “on”? Are we even moving forward towards anything? Did it fail and I’m just dumb enough to keep dragging myself along? Just feeling a leeeeeetle bit lost and wishing for some kind of sign or evidence that everything is going along as planned or better. Gotta say I don’t know if being here as a billionaire with a champion bod would do it, but I SURE AS HELL would like to TRY it out!!!!!!!!
      Thank you so much for this Maria. It really helps knowing that someone gets it and even feels the same sometimes. I feel a little bolstered even if nothing has really changed. Reading your words was heartening, and I’m surely hugging you back dear sisterfriend.

  7. Ian

    Awww, Maria and every one else….I feel you. Funny you mentioned the choice [not] to come back if you [don’t] want to. I can’t remember…and too lazy to go through all my own loquacious monologging in your last few articles. I was whipping out a response to something that was said…and as I was writing, and I had this…Inspiration. It said…”Oh My God…this is actually really really FUN [here in this place Maria made].”

    This particular time, I didn’t feel like all I was generating was going down a black hole of nothingness that was meaningless. You all did that for and with me. I’m Not alone! I’m Not meaningless. I put something out there. I got a response. AND YOU ALL ARE DOING THE SAME THING. It counts!!!

    You ARE participating, Maria. All of you are when you come here and share your perspective. You are always engaging courage; spirit animated. IT COUNTS!

    I for one am quite grateful to know you all are here in the world…doing as you have been saying your are doing to contribute: Transmuting, empathizing…translating; recontextualizing. You DO know.

    And…you are still human…not excused. Uncomfortable?? OH SHIT FIRE YES! SUPER DUPER UNCOMFORTABLE. And we said we would be willing to handle it.

    Are we handling our responsibilities? Ahhhh…Yeah! Transmuting, empathizing…translating; recontextualizing.

    Maria, you once said we do more work in our heads before our first cup of coffee than most people do in a day. When I read that, I thought…”Yep…Maria’s got her finger on the pulse of the light workers. MmmmmHmmmmmm (Nodding a definite positive).”

    The “Community” you created, Maria…that everyone is co-creating with you and participating in…HERE…is more important than you might believe sometimes.

    When you talk about getting rid of religion…I think…”Hmmmm….is man kind ready to give up a template that venues its “Faith?” Is it ready to give up its training wheels?”

    We are, here…in this group and many others with holistic considerations. The way showers are.

    Way showing sucks!! All the arrows we take [in a fact not victim” way]. But we said we would.

    And we’re still human.

    I’m trying to inspire. I get what you mean when you said how hard it is to keep yourself inspired either by your own means or by another’s. And here you are…still here…and I’m super glad…super glad I find myself in this place sometimes with like minded people who are all still here…workin’ it in so many creative ways. Never mind the fact that many don’t get it [yet].

    Find your faith. You don’t need to “Religion” for that. It’s in you already…everything you need is already there. We were born with it as gift and curse…as light and shadow made conscious in us when it is mostly not so conscious in so many (gift…and curse).

    They say ignorance is bliss. I like to say that it is Oblivion. Yet…I am blessed with having the knowledge of good and evil. The cat’s out of the bag! What do I do in-light of that?

    I listen to my soul in Soulsoothingsounds.

    Thanks Maria. I LOVED the video. I see stuff like that…and I cringe a little. I VOTED FOR TRUMP! But I voted for him consciously and for a particular line of reason in alignment with my own soul in as much as I am conscious! I voted for him for the exact reason you pointed out in your article. Not his history. Not his perceived indiscretions. I voted for him because he is a business man…and he has to fire someone if they aren’t doing what he believes needs to be done (a good burnishes person will do that…it takes balls of fire to do that…it takes integrity of his own will to do that. HE MEANS BUSINESS!!! That’s why I voted for him, and for that only. I did not vote for him because he is white. I don’t know that he is a racists. He believes in a wall between nations because he’s thinking of the economy…not human rights for people who have a country they, too…can participate in to make better. He’s exampling something to the world, and he has to do that through who he is as a human…for good or ill, he has to do that because he said he would. He’s keeping his word! Is it inarticulate? Yep! Sounds like an idiot! But he’s keeping his word and being a super savvy business man. And he’s tearing it up!!

    We only have 4-8 years of this, and then we’ll see…I hope the Next Dem. is integious as well.

    I see a degree of integrity in Trump (he is fairly true to himself…openly). Regardless of that expression…it was that degree of integrity I voted for…fairly unshakable. Perfect for tearing it up for…Transmutation, recontextualizing. And I take the good with the bad because nothing is perfect. I knew that he would change things…not keep them the same. I voted for major change. Change is scary and it is ugly!!! It is dirty work. And I HATE seeing what I see, but it’s THERE…out in the open.

    “Find the wisdom in the Woe” is what Caroline Myss says. It’s hard hard brutal dirty work.

    Obama’s entry polarize along race lines. No one anticipated that, but his very being in office enable a reopening of old hatreds…so…HE DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING…Tore it up…brought it out…

    Please have faith…and don’t give up. Stay strong. Forget trusting. It’s all about faith now…and waiting…and seeing.

  8. Ian

    BTW…I DID LAUGH at the video. OMG! It was hilarious!!! I cringed, too. My ego was like…attached for a little second…but then…super funny, too. I love shit like that. My husband is always “Trying” to show stuff like that to me about Hilary and Obama…
    and I get really PISSED because I DO NOT want to hang out in “Us vs Them” and hubris…BECAUSE I KNOW light and shadow is hanging out on both sides…and Ego is tricky…and so is shadow.

    I am shutting my husband out with all the Liberal bashing. I was a liberal not long ago (still am liberal thinking, feeling and empathizing). I do NOT EVER want to be a hypocrite…

    All my values are the same as they always have been. What’s different now is my degree of conscious choice….and aligning with my own reason outside of politics.

    Way back when, Voting for Hilary ONLY because she was a woman came from this same reasoning I used in voting for Trump…singular consideration: He will tear it up!!!

    And he will endure what all presidents endure regardless of political alignment: Hubris…hate…the shadow of some that is the light of others.

    1. Ian, yes, I agree, taking sides is dwelling in duality, for sure. And really, when it comes to human rights issues, like a woman’s right to the sovereignty of her own body, it’s certainly not a political issue, is it?

      Yet the country finds itself in a political battle around it, because one political party leans heavily toward an anti woman agenda, but that doesn’t mean all republicans are anti woman, or that democrats are all pro woman.

      But it feels like we are in a moment in history where accountability is the theme for all on both sides of the aisle, that the light infiltrating the planet will draw to the surface all that so called darkness to be looked at.

      But those of us who have awakened know that we have pretty much moved past that world of duality, and while we can still choose to participate in it, we are in a new place now. It’s a place where we take total responsibility for our own creations, and our own emotions.

      And I agree Trump was destined to serve in his own way to promote change. He seems to channel the last vestiges of that dinosaur of straight white male entitlement, of the toxic masculine, which has little room for the feminine.

      And when you look at the rest of the planet, that system has been in place for a very, very long time. The imbalance toward the masculine. The patriarchy. But this light that is here now is not a compromising light, is it? We see how it has wreaked havoc on our own bodies and our lives.

      And that is what it’s doing to the rest of the planet. It spares no one.

      I agree, most people are not ready to let go of religion, and I honor that, and it won’t be leaving politics yet for sure. And to be fair, many people are not yet ready for their freedom. It’s not something you can force on people.

      Evolution is slow. It’s heartening, though to see that the feminine is rising up like never before, in both men and women. Women are waking up and wanting their freedom more and more. Not freedom just for equal pay and equal opportunity, but freedom to be HERself, without fear of disrespect, or even of assault on her character and her body.

      Many of these women coming forward now are demanding accountability and respect from men and women who have been treating them like second class citizens. But women will have to understand that their freedom won’t come from outside themselves. They will have to let go of their story as that woman who has been victimized.

      And they will be letting go of that old role of caretaker and manager of male anger. It will be true freedom for woman then.

      Glad you enjoyed the Randy Rainbow video….and BTW he spares NO ONE! Other of his videos poke at Hillary, too. His talent is seeing the hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle and elevating it to a fine art.

  9. Ian

    Yeah….You got this Maria! All you say is true. I agree completely with every thing you say. I am NOT in opposition AT ALL! I see and agree with all your points!

    I am SO very tired of taking a moral line on things. I have done that for SO long. What is right? What is Wrong?

    After so many many years (and life times, I’m sure) of “knowing” my own moral compass…sticking to a direction I am just SO sure is the “Right” way, I always seem to end up in some other place I had no intention on arriving at. I get so pissed off about it.

    I am SO SO tired of stopping at the gas stations of life and asking for directions (it’s a very girl thing of me to do) because the compass (the boy thing) isn’t getting me where I wanna go. I get the directions, and God Damn if I STILL don’t end up at some fucking meteor crater in AZ when I actually wanna get to Dolly Land! WTF %$^$#!!!!

    Now…Shit (I’m gonna spit…LOOK AWAY)! I’m just content I have a fucking car and enough money for gas, food….shelter, clothing)…and I’m just gonna give up trying to get anywhere particular! My destination? The world!

    That said and in conscious consideration, No matter where I go, what direction I head towards…I’m there where I decided I wanted to be. I can’t get lost. I can’t go in the wrong direction. I can’t be detoured because I’m already where I decided I wanted to go.

    Now…bear in mind, I came to this discovery after 4 decades (more or less) of being incredibly lost…along with a lot of other lost people (Humanity…beyond race, gender, political persuasion…).

    If I allow myself to give up my moral compass and for asking direction from random gas stations and strangers then I can be content in believing None of us is lost. “No mater where we go, there we are.” And where we are?

    It’s ok to be a woman who can kick the balls off someone for being a total dick! It’s ok to be a man who walks away from the woman that slaps him for thinking he’s cheating when really all he did was “look.” It’s ok to vote for Hilary because Trump reminds her of her abusive father (Got a friend who voted her vote for exactly this reason…same friend who shamed me and backed me into a corner with “But you regret your vote, right? Look at all his evil…and if Hilary ran again…You WOULD change your vote, right?”…The implied desperate threat was clear to me! And me…knowing my self…and ALSO loving my friend so much that I ACTUALLY caved in to preserve my friendship…and said…”Yes, “ even though I know myself…and my reasons…and was totally willing to be accountable for my vote if it failed and I was burned at the stake, but for the love of my dearest and oldest friend….Sure…I’ll speak words not in alignment with my reasons…never mind the fact that Hilary reminds me of my own mother. Never mind that! I love my friend! She is my soul sister! What is the world and what is going on with it compared to that?? She’s still my dearest oldest friend).

    I’m not excused! I’m still human.

    I am accountable. And I have compassion for everyone as much as I can have because we are all human…none of us excused from the humanness of all that we see and contribute.

    Thanks Maria. Your vision is clear. Dont give up politics. Where your spirit aligns…THAT contributes. Where mine aligns…it contributes. Neither Opposes. It all contributes to what most human minds are NOT wired to perceive…the future! At least not yet, but I strongly feel we’re gonna get there. When we do…we won’t be here anymore…we’ll be somewhere different. I think…”Ascension” might be something along that line, but we gotta go through this part first…this evolving part. Look at what we evolved through when we didn’t have much more than animal skins for clothing…and we used flint and stone to make “Fire.”

    Just 70 years ago, Average life expectancy was 50 years. We are moving FAST!

    I reference Caroline Myss a lot (note: She’s human, too). She says…when people aspire for their highest ideal and pray for it, they get tested. Like…if someone prays for Compassion, and then a terrible injustice manifests. If the outcome is a complete meltdown by the petitioner, Caroline Myss would say….”And you think you have a circuite strong enough for compassion that you asked for…and in response to your request, the universe gives you…(oh…what…your identity is stolen and 500 bucks leaves your account….and the petitioner bliams the bank…threatens to yelp how terrible aweful the bank is for allowing the identity theft…he goes into a terrible dark night about how unjust the world is…how evil it is…and how he didn’t deserve this because he is honest, just and kind). Caroline would then say…”And you think your ready for compassion when you don’t even have the stamina to loose 500 bucks from a random act of injustice that was impersonal. It’s just life, and life is impersonal!” But humans make it personal. Ego…makes it very very personal. Ego responds in offense or defense. Ego does not consider compassion.

    Compassion is more elevated than that. So is ascension…more so then just simple compassion. LORD! What is it that we are asking for??

    It’s best for me to just keep this on the singular “me” responsibility of it, or I’ll send myself off on another detour rather than just enjoy my own process, and by that…have faith that it DOES contribute to the whole. Until I’m actually precognitive…I have to accept that I’m not. I’m here. I’m not…”There” yet.

    But don’t you guys have a sense of what “There” is? It’s just…almost…right there…just out of reach. But…until I’m there…I gotta be here…”Working” my way there.

    I know I’m not there. I know that because I know I’m here. I’m here with Trump and Hilary duking it out (and all their respective allies). My contribution: I don’t blame…I don’t accuse…I don’t judge. I just stick to what I chose (personally) and I remain in readiness to be accountable.

    I gotta stop. I’m actually at work watching little kids play with an ugly garish pink castle that Blings and bleeps…little three year olds pretending they are princes and princesses…tantruming one minute and best friends the next….The teacher just walked up to one of the kids who trapped something…”Gentle hands…remember? Gentle hands.” Think I’m joking?

    I’m not.


  10. Hi Maria and everyone. I have been away, but also, as Elila said, very lethargic and feeling like it’s not worth bothering with much.

    BUT…..I just read the Charlotte Alter article you referenced, Maria, about the experience of the people who have changed gender, and the part about the testosterone changing how they thought and felt was startling. I had only related the hormone input as being for PHYSICAL changes.

    Back to we women again….. When we women get to the end of our reproductive life, we no longer need everything that our female hormones grace us with whilst being ‘productive’ (mmmm another questionable use of terminology….) So we don’t need so much gentleness, care of others’ emotional state, protectiveness, etc., as we transition into elder mode. So the older woman becomes tougher, with more clarity, etc. Is this because they lose the female hormones? Is the reason the transitioning female-to-male experiences emotional and attitudinal changes due as much because they are losing their female hormones as that they are gaining the male hormones??

    I wonder if this is why the old wise tribal women were revered (even by men) and did not take any nonsense, were very self determining and although they retained their overall lifetime attitude (which, let’s face it, would also be habitual by then) of caring, it was not tempered by a timidity any more.

    SO, maybe what happens then is that as our female hormones diminish, those traits diminish and we become stronger in terms of taking less nonsense, being more aware and concerned with ourselves? Just think of all those hollywood starlets of old, who were basically treated and presented as bimbo dolls, who have aged and are now quite wise and DO NOT take shit from hollywood men.

    The link I have made here is with HRT. As our female hormones diminish, we become more liberated, so what better way to keep older women down where they can still be pushed around, than keeping their female hormones going when those hormones are meant to be NOT influencing us any more??

    What do you guys think about this??

    I am deeply shocked actually at this realisation. The hugeness of the implications is hitting me like being under an explosion in a quarry wall.

    1. Goodness, Gail, your insight is significant! I never connected the dots in terms of our hormones and how they affect our nurturance, our sex drive, and as we age the diminishing of those hormones, and actually having more male hormones as women goes to assist our balancing of that old role,

      It makes sense.

      And men having more of the estrogen as they age accounts for their softening their macho stance. And these arbitrary gender roles that the culture pushes on all of us should always be questioned.

      As women we definitely feel more free as we age in terms of those roles. And yes, agreed, we just don’t take the shit anymore, the games played. We become the wise women.

      And I will add to your wisdom, that, as we awaken and embrace our multidimensional self, our soul, we also are letting go of the old role of the female gender being the caretaker, and the sufferer, the one who downloads the unresolved issues of humanity.

      And especially of the role we took on of the guilt, the shame and the need to assuage the male anger.. And, to allow ourselves to experience our innate SENSUALITY, even as we age. To recognize that the sensuality we have wanted to experience was seen as SEXUALITY by those who didn’t have a clue what true sensuality is.

      We had been led to believe we were trying to seduce and sexually stimulate men, when often we were just feeling our own sensual nature. We were just enjoying ourselves, feeling alive in our own body. So we shut that natural part of ourself down to protect ourselves. But we then shut down a vital part of our very soul.

      So what we are doing here as enlightened women is monumental. We are allowing ourselves in this lifetime, maybe for the first time, to walk this planet as that wise, sensual being without FEAR and without giving a damn what the rest of humanity thinks of us.

      And thus, setting the stage for other women to allow their own freedom.

      Thanks you Gail, for your wisdom my friend. And for being here. 🤗💕💕💕

      1. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! You two! I am filled with love and awe and big yes for what you are both saying. Yes yes yes yes yes! It makes so much fucking sense. I am going to re read your parts again.

        THANK YOU!!!!!!

        And which Charlotte Alter article is it? We have been talking a lot on my dancing groups about de-gendering our dancing. More about dancing with who is there and less about looking for the man or woman who you think you are supposed to dance with.

        Love love love to us all!


  11. Hello everyone, Elizabeth, the article is well worth a read. There is insight on many levels. De-gendering the dancing is revolutionary…..I will pass it on to a friend who teaches 5 Rhythms….she will LOVE it!!

    Maria, I’m still reeling a bit from the implications of the HRT thing. It is interesting that the only woman I know who is getting very awake is NOT on HRT. And I am not. I am interested to know, if people would be willing to share, how many of the women here are/are not taking HRT.

    You said, ‘And I will add to your wisdom, that, as we awaken and embrace our multidimensional self, our soul, we also are letting go of the old role of the female gender being the caretaker, and the sufferer, the one who downloads the unresolved issues of humanity.’ This is so true for us. My new suspicion is that taking HRT may be a very effective way of reducing womens’ chances of connecting with their higher selves. I think I connected with mine very young, so was not under the influence of my own hormones. Again, if people would be willing to share, it would be interesting to know if people had connected during hormone-influenced times of their lives, or not.

    This is team-work….we inspire and nudge each other to new insights. Thank you SO much for this space, Maria. It is a haven and a cornucopia of sharing. I love you.

    Also, to share something lovely, I am recording some of my own songs and have teamed up with a young friend who is helping me to bring my songs to fruition. I am so happy!!!
    😉 🙂 🙂

    1. Gail! No to HRT for me. Never considered it. And so happy for this confirmation here. Just one more thing that the patriarchy came up with, I’m thinking. 😀😀😀🎉🎉🎉 They are SO helpful! The little dears…..heehee

      Can someone give me a link to the Alter article or what it is called? There seem to be many articles when I Google.

      Love this post! Hahaha. When I first wrote “post” on my tiny phone keyboard, it popped up “pussy”. I thought THAT was very interesting, eh?
      My angelic buddies are busting a gut on that and I am laughing, too.

      On my wallet post, I kept hearing, “all for one, one for all”. 😀😀😀🎉🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

      Loving us all!

    2. Gail, so interesting about the HRT. I remember when I was at the stage of what would be considered menopause or post menopause, I tried using a natural estrogen replacement, I think it was a yam derivative, can’t remember exactly. But it wasn’t consequential in terms of seeing any shift. I think I was having hot flashes, or dryness, can’t remember exactly which led me to want to try it.

      But right, it really feels like an attempt to keep the ‘status quo’ of gender roles going, and as you say keep them from connecting with their higher self.

      Trying to do anything to artificially control the biology can’t end well, can it?

      1. Yes, even the ‘natural’ remedy (REMEDY!!??!!??…to what? Nature?) is still meddling, and encouraged by the new-age/natural brigade.

        The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper!

    3. Gail, I just ran across this tidbit…the new insult toward men, SOY BOY. Here’s an excerpt from the article
      “The idea is that if you drink dairy-free milk alternatives, you are obviously weak and feminine (based on the thinking that soy products increase men’s oestrogen levels, even though this hasn’t been scientifically proven).

      And then there’s the fact that soy is often used as a meat alternative, and as we all know, real men eat meat. And women only ever eat sad plates of salad.

      According to Urban Dictionary, the term soy boy means: “Slang used to describe males who completely and utterly lack all necessary masculine qualities. This pathetic state is usually achieved by an over-indulgence of emasculating products and/or ideologies.

      “The origin of the term derives from the negative effects soy consumption has been proven to have on the male physique and libido.

      “The average soy boy is a feminist, nonathletic, has never been in a fight, will probably marry the first girl that has sex with him, and likely reduces all his arguments to labeling the opposition as ‘Nazis’.”

      1. Bloody hell!

        I hope the soy beans have got the sense to be proud that THEY are being associated with femininity!! Gotta laugh or I’d cry (oh, well, what do you expect?…..I am a GIRL after all)

        1. Now, Gail, careful there…you don’t want to upset the paper-thin male ego. God forbid they should face all those scary emotions, like sadness. Can you imagine, all that puffery because they are afraid of something they can’t shoot with a gun…

  12. the link is http://time.com/transgender-men-sexism/

    busting a gut too….

    “all for one, one for all” That was the motto of the three musketeers! It was written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844. His heroes are upholding ‘good and right’ and he frequently works into the plot various injustices, abuses, and absurdities of the old regime of the time.

    This is EXACTLY what we are doing. It feels very significant, Elizabeth!!

  13. Elila

    Hollllllly SHIT y’all! I just read all this that Gail began with her insight and I’m blown away. Like shook. The thing about HRT–OMG! As someone who is neck-deep in the thrills of menopause—ive never even considered HRT. No way.
    And the soy boy bit—ugh. As a vegan for 20yrs now, I can say the men I know who drink plant milks are nothing like this description. Go to YouTube and search “vegan athlete” and I promise it’s a fine show of lovely, aware, feminist, healthy, non-aggressive but powerful and compelling people–and they are ripped!
    Loving you all 💕💕💕

    1. I know, Elila, I was shaken too. I never even considered taking HRT either. So far that is 4 out of 4 of us who have not taken HRT.

      The vegan men I know are lovely too, but this is WHY the Men’s men hate (read, fear…) them. They can’t understand, so they fear. They address the differences with their minds, which are already so rigid, and there is nowhere to go but fear.

      Well, men, here’s a message…..we women actually LIKE ‘soy boys’

  14. Ian

    There’s hormones…and then there is personality.

    My dad once told me that after Manopause he was rather relieved not to feel that “Drive” any more.

    I never saw much difference except he’s a lot slower.

    You know…men get hot flashes, too (yeah…it really DOES totally suck): Check (I have absolutely no shame)
    Lower drive: check. Less physical strength: check. Nap time is now nice: check.

    And then There is the personality still evolving and adapting to what is different then age 20, 30, 40 and now 50s: check (harder to keep a high charge for neurosis…which is GOOD): Check!

    Got soy? Body makes what it makes…uses what it makes to keep homeostatic at every age acording to age: check. What it doesn’t use: excreted or metabolized…or held in some state until all the components needed to use it are present, just like before only…lazier: check.

    Time passes; it all slows down. Check.

    It’s all automated…but can be consciously effected IF attitudes are brought in high alignment (or so the new epigenetic theories go). Quantum genetics is amazing stuff! Check!!!

    And still…there is the natural human body and what it does all on its own. And then there is the personality…effected by and effecting to that.

    Same thing between men and women. Check.

    Holistic considerations…
    …then there’s spirit…

    …what comes next?

    Every one has their own take on it and what they believe and experience…and what that experience means: Check.

    Soy boy! Hah! Ever met a meat girl? OMG! Holy Shit (Goddess of Vengence)

    Just kidding! She’s gorgeous! Loves her children. Works hard! Super smart! Kicks balls! Check!!

    1. Good points, Ian. And the one about, then there is the personality, and there’s spirit. Which, to me, is the most influential of all. And it’s what we intended to do vis a vis this whole ascension, embodied enlightenment process. To go from a carbon-based body, which has been driven predominantly by ancestral DNA, to a crystalline body, which is a reflection of spirit.

      A body that responds to our soul in a wholistic way. But that comes as we integrate our light body, which is our true body, the vehicle of spirit itself.

      1. Ian

        Hey Maria,

        I’m really SUPER glad you mentioned that. While I know we are all still not quite there, minute glimpses of what you’re talking about flash in sometimes…not enough to spark “Ignition,” but little flashes of feeling and vision of what you’re saying do assert.

        Yesterday I had such a moment, and along with it…I ALSO felt exactly everything I’m working against. IT WAS HUGE, HEAVY…ENTANGLED LIKE…MASSIVELY ENTANGLED. And…Soy Boy got scared (well..not “Scared” per se but rather…”Ugh”)

        This human thing, Maria. It’s no joke. When I remember this, I feel a bit of guilt…yes, Guilt. I’m hard on people…as hard on others as I am on myself. And that’s a huge problem.

        We’re getting there, Or I wouldn’t see what I see…know what I know…feel what I feel for the reasons I feel.

        But you are absolutely right. And I’m pretty sure I’m just recently decided to fully land in Earth Reality. So…I’m all taking charge of the physical facts as I’ve observed and experienced and finally got a handle on THAT part. I’m getting the bridge built.

        We all acquired quite a bit of important knowledge about what comes first, and except for a few very lucky ones (or lazy ones who bought a first class ticket and get to hang out at an exclusive hotel near the campus of life)…it’s just a lot of ugly brutal field work “Practicing” what we know so when it all comes on-line we’re ready.

        1. Yeah, Ian, this human gig is no joke! So important to have the utmost compassion for our human experience. And, well, said, glimpses here and there for things to come. Still not quite enough to sink our teeth into, but enough to keep us here.

          Those of us in the forefront are not here just to do what we have been doing for eons, and we know it. And being the first to go through it like we are is so often confounding,

          And I feel that we came together as a group so no one would feel out in the cold.

          You are especially challenged being in the heart of your job and all that it entails. For myself, I am out of the work environments now for a few years, and I know how challenging it was to be dealing with others on a daily basis.

          Bless you, brother.

          And, hard on yourself? How human of you. Hahaha. Methinks that is the biggest challenge in this awakening process. All the self doubts, thinking we are screwing up. And then we get mad at everyone else. It’s just the frustration.

          And of course it’s also having to deal with a lower consciousness in our brothers and sisters in 3D.

          The temptation is to be even harder on ourselves for being hard on others. After all, a ‘spiritual’ person is supposed to be all loving and understanding.

          To that I say, pffftt. (Spitting sound).

          As my dear friend and Ascended Master Adamus would say, ‘An ascending Master is a pissed off master.’

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