The Women Are Watching

There’s never been a Republican woman appointed to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is all the more remarkable given that the committee has existed for 202 years.

The upcoming hearings in the United States of Supreme Court Judiciary nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who has brought allegations toward him of sexual assault, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is another pivotal moment in history in which the He Said, She Said Story will be played out.

The reason this is so riveting for people is because it pushes the hottest buttons, and puts in stark relief the battle of the masculine and the feminine.  A battle that has been going on even before the Earth was formed.

It goes beyond politics.  It goes to the heart of the issues that have been facing men, women and all genders, and how they have been acted out in societies and cultures for Eons of time.

And this issue actually underscores all other important issues facing humanity at this time.  The imbalance of the Planet toward the patriarchy.

The hostility toward women, and the dismissing and disowning of the feminine.

The republicans on the senate judiciary committee (all white men) are anxious to push the nominee through to a lifelong seat, one of the most powerful positions in the country, one that will make decisions that will determine a woman’s right to sovereign domain of her body. A decision that would affect women for generations to come.

And it is clear that the man, Kavanaugh, is in favor of suppressing a woman’s basic rights in that area.  He has called contraceptions ‘abortion-inducing drugs.’  And had tried hard to suppressed a young woman’s choice for an abortion in one of his court orders.  Now, sadly, these are not the issues that would disqualify him from the position.  There are other issues that could disqualify him, like misleading and lying to Congress on other issues, which he has already done.

In addition, he is in favor of protecting a sitting president from litigation and criminal charges.  And, it’s important to note, that the President of the United States is under investigation for several potential criminal charges, and has himself been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by multiple women, and has bragged about it publicly, without suffering any consequences.  He has dismissed the women who accused him as being liars, and one in particular as not being attractive enough to be assaulted.


Recent sexual assault allegations toward Kavanaugh by different women have created a delay in the vote.  And the men in the Republican judiciary committee are angry and scared because this could pose a serious threat to their power and privilege.

Their natural instincts of self-preservation kicked in as they continue to discredit the women without a thorough background check.  They are forced to go through the motions of the hearing but they have already made up their minds.  The man is innocent, and the women are liars.  They intend to vote the day after the hearings, and they have already made clear in public statements that they intend to vote for Kavanaugh.

They have also been intent on smearing the women as the perpetrators of harm toward Kavanaugh.  That they are causing undue hardship on him and his family.   It’s the classic perpetrator cast as victim.   And, of course, historically, this is why survivors have been reluctant to come forward with these claims.  It simply wasn’t worth ruining their own reputations, losing jobs, being threatened with physical harm, while the men walk away without accountability.


But there is something more troubling here.  Some are also saying, in various statements, that even if these allegations are true, so what?  It was a long time ago, and you know, boys will be boys.  Nothing to see here.  So it ranges from dismissing the seriousness of the allegations, boys will be boys, it’s just horseplay, to persecuting the women who come forward.

Looking back, when I was in college, in the 1970s, there was a huge culture of sexism.  At the time, it was so normalized that I didn’t recognize it.  I was a willing and sometimes not so willing participant.  And I am speaking not only about the students but also of the teachers and professors.  But it had an impact on me as a young woman.  There was the feeling of shame and guilt toward myself associated with sexual misconduct on the part of men.

And an important distinction needs to be made.  This isn’t about sex, it’s about power, and it’s about hostility toward the feminine.

But there was a sense of, this is flattering, all the male attention.  After all, my role is to be sexually provocative, isn’t it?  To please the male gaze.  Even if it led to them disrespecting my physical boundaries.

But it didn’t sit well with me when that happened.  It felt like a violation.  So it was confusing.

It was hard not to identify with needing to be the sexualized version of a woman, who was here to accommodate the male ego.  And there was a prevailing fear of retaliation by men if their needs were not accommodated.

Of course, I am not that same woman.  I see myself differently, and so consequently I don’t attract that type of disrespectful behavior.   I also feel that I along with other women, incarnated during a time that is ripe for a new way for women to see themselves.   Those of us on the forefront of the shift in consciousness are becoming the new woman.

The Enlightened woman lets go of the old story, of being the victim of male anger and hostility.  She lets go of the role of being the emotional caretaker and becomes the self-loving and sovereign person, who happens to be a woman.

“The Enlightened woman lets go of the old story, of being the victim of male anger and hostility.  She lets go of the role of being the emotional caretaker and becomes the self-loving and sovereign person, who happens to be a woman.”



So, there is something happening.  Women are becoming outraged, and are rallying in support of the women who were brave enough to risk so much to speak their truth,  They are watching this process very closely, and they will not let the men get away with something that has been allowed and normalized for far too long.

And that something isn’t just about sexual misconduct, but it’s assault toward the feminine.

Women have internalized the misogyny themselves for far too long.  And now that they see it acted out in living color on the world stage, they will be scrutinizing the men like never before.

It’s becoming more clear that the men and women who are still trying to support this kind of misogyny will not be able to hide who they are, even if they try hiding behind the skirt of the woman prosecutor they have hired to question the woman, Ford,  during the hearing.

They can run, but they can’t hide.

At this point, I don’t know myself if the allegations are true, and until there is more of an investigation, it will be difficult to determine.  But the Republican committee doesn’t want any further investigating because they don’t want the truth to get in the way of their intent, to stay in power.

People are comparing this hearing to the one between Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas of over twenty-five years ago.  Anita Hill was raked over the coals, and Thomas still got nominated.

But there is a difference this time, and that difference is women are more awake.  They are less likely to be pushed and coerced into submission.  They recognize their worth, and they are letting go of the shame and the guilt.

They also have the backing of millions of women who have themselves gone through, to a greater or lesser degree, the assault on their bodies, their character, and their dignity.

The women are watching.

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32 thoughts on “The Women Are Watching

  1. Yes we are! I guess women empowerment is a big leap up in ascension process. We’re doing it together, slowly but with precision! Here at Brazil there’s a movement of women against one particular person running for presidency next month, he’s been known for being a Brazilian Trump’s version. Misogynous and racist. There’s this group’s on Facebook with half a million women in weeks and the last public quest came with the results of 50% of women saying that would never ever vote for him! I’m that proud of my sisters! The craziest thing? There’s some light workers saying he’s sent by light to do some changes. I just laugh cause I have the gift of ignorance and of not understanding everything.. thanks God haha (some also say trump is playing his role for light) well.. in the end everyone does work for light and good so yes confusing but … Good?! Not easy to accept but… Agreed. Great article Maria! Lots of love!

    1. Glad you liked the article Tainara. Wow, I didn’t know that about Brazil. I need to study world politics, there is so much to learn. But that’s fantastic about so many women standing up and allowing their voices to be heard. But of course it is no shock that other world leaders are also misogynistic and racist..,the toxic patriarchy at work.

      And I agree that these men are, on a soul level, choosing these roles to usher in change. Real change, evolution, comes from tsunamis and earthquakes, not from just lumping along in the status quo.

      These leaders and administrations are symptoms of a deeper disease. The toxic masculine is not interested in self reflection or self accountability. And the feminine is coming out of the shadows and reasserting herself.

      Interesting times. 💕

    1. Hi Kat, interesting article. I’m glad it is being said more and more. Maybe one day the MEN will hear it, but I suspect a couple of generations will have to die off before it is in mens’ consciousness and embraced by them.

      Here’s a Lol……

      In an (awful) article about FEMININITY called ‘How femininity has changed over the past 50 years, according to a new study’……this is how the article ended…..
      ‘‘As society makes positive steps towards gender equality, what it means to be masculine has also come under scrutiny.
      Many people have made strides to debunk concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ – the idea that being a man involves being aggressive, stoic and dominant over women.
      One of the ways this has been seen is through men speaking out about their mental health. Influencers such as Ben Bidwell are leading the charge, arguing that the phrase “man up” is problematic.
      As what it means to be feminine evolves, masculinity seems to be developing too.”

      In an article about femininity? Go figure!?!
      I think the phrase ‘throw like a girl’ is a tad more problematic!!

  2. What bothers me is the assertion that sexual misconduct (I mean, there’s a tame terminology to start with) is just a CRIME, like fraud or robbery. Robbers frequently get more prison time than sexual offenders. Until people see that it is much deeper than a crime it remains to the unaware an individual anomaly, just a blot on an individual’s copy book.

    Then you get…’It went to court, so now it is over and has been DEALT WITH.’ So it can be forgotten.

    And it is forgotten to everyone except the ‘misconductee’

    1. I agree Gail,

      it’s slapping a bandaid on the problem at best. And generally nothing is learned.
      While they should be held accountable legally, we know that you can’t enforce awareness onto anyone. In 3D, the female gender needs to be the activists of change for themselves, it’s the way it’s always been. The right to vote and own property didn’t just fall in the laps of women. And wanting the respect she deserves also feels like a battle. And it’s because the core of the toxic behavior is the masculine denying its own feminine. And it’s anger toward that feminine. How do you resolve that one?

      As women, we DON’T resolve that one. Not our job, never was. That’s something men will have to figure out for themselves. And what better way for them to do that than women releasing their caretaking roles. Women shouldn’t have to caretake anyone emotionally, and frankly, neither should men.

      But, don’t forget, it’s what happens in duality. There is a looking outside the self for that which one is not willing to give oneself. And it works both ways, with men and with women.

      But that’s the only real solution, for women to stop nurturing the male energy, and let the men go do what they need to do to figure that out. But warning, initially it’s not pretty, as we know when we let go of certain relationships they say we are heartless, that we are terrible women.

      So we are not going to be seen as the nice girls but so be it.

      1. Mmmmm. The ‘nice girl’ thing is a big barrier to many women. So brainwashed that girls are/have to be nice.

        The other big barrier for women wanting to stop the nurturing/protecting/allowing of male abuse/inappropriateness etc., has been the fear of being hurt (in multiple ways) if they do actually stop.

        And, yet again, it is the abused who have to take the action, to disallow the abuse.

        So women have to be the activists for change in themselves before the abusers will even realise that they have to change. And those abusers with clean hearts but warped minds WILL realise and change. There are those with black hearts and sharp minds to apply their darkness……What happens there, I wonder?

        Will there always be submissive women (and others) who allow abuse? Will there be a barrier to dark hearts entering the Human system once the majority of people disallow abuse?

        I suspect that once individuals and societies emerge from the patterns of allowing abuse and/or receiving abuse and not calling out perpetrators, then they will be more able to Connect inside and we know what happens then anyway!

        1. Exactly, Gail. These women aren’t going to wait around for the men to catch up. And it looks like it’s happening around the world as more women are becoming activists and running for political office, and winning! Today’s Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford hearing here in the U.S. is amazing.

          There is definitely a different energy present than there was in Anita Hill’s time. It is an unstoppable dedication and determination that women have, even in the face of retribution. And it’s gaining support and momentum daily.

          From our expanded perspective, it’s kind of funny to see the men trying to look credible. They are losing ground, at least in the court of public option.

  3. sweet pea

    Maria, always so comforting to read. and also the other women here, your comments are comforting to read too.

    Maria, one thing you really have captured so perfectly for me over and over in your articles, including this one, is the dynamic of “doing the energetic/emotional work for the masculine” that women are starting to walk away from. this has honestly been one of the most powerful steps/lessons for me in my life.

    Maria in your comment you said this…

    “The toxic masculine is not interested in self reflection or self accountability”

    and what i have experienced over and over is that as long as a man has a woman in his life “doing the energetic work”, he will not move out of this space. he won’t be motivated to. he will continue to avoid responsibility and also blame women for his own issues, pain, “lost-ness” etc.

    as heartbreaking as the choices i have made have been, the best choice i have made in any connection like this has always been walking away. and truly completely removing myself from that connection. and it’s not just better for me, but as you have said many times, we do the masculine a favor in their own growth when we stop being a crutch for them. i’ve seen it romanticized so much in “spiritual ideas” of the ways the feminine “helps” the masculine on his spiritual journey, but honestly it’s exhausting, and just a different way of glorifying the “infantilization” of the masculine and the “motherizing” of the feminine. i just truly feel that men have to learn to stand on their own, and integrate the feminine into themselves, to evolve into their divine energy.

    and also for women, it sets us free to move into an energy where it’s not just about what’s best for men anymore, we also get to now choose what’s best for us – we get to matter now, too, and i think you capture it perfectly in describing that it’s about moving into our sovereignty and worth on our own.

    i’ve been gradually doing this in my own life… walking away from any connections where i’m wrapped up in that energetically codependent dynamic, and going towards my sovereignty. and goodness gracious now that i’ve moved into that phase, it really is just the beginning of self discovery. for me one thing i’ve just barely started to explore is my “goddess” energy”… oh my. that’s a whole other journey that’s only just begun. 🙈🙈🙈

    1. Hi Sweet Pea, I, too, have disconnected from many people over the years. It’s funny that when I wouldn’t disconnect, THEY disconnected from me! And I was glad too! All dominating, parasitic energies, male and female.

      Embracing your Goddess energy…..what a RIDE!! You’ll Love it!! xxx

      1. sweet pea

        Gail soooo true. that’s actually such a great point you make. in fact in each situation each person did at the very least push me away and treat me poorly – which is a form of disconnecting. i just have always had to make the final decision to walk away each time…but really they all made it too hostile for me to not walk away.

        and the goddess energy oh my 🙈🙈🙈 i was raised in the south in a really religious home, and i’ve spent my whole life being sweet, shy, well-mannered, polite, accommodating, and pretty terrified of any sort of confident or assertive energy within myself – especially anything to do with embracing my sexuality in a positive way. i would basically sum it up in that i’ve been a “princess” energy my whole life, and while i’ve always been curious about goddess energy, i’ve never felt like i had a “right” to it. but gradually since about this past february, different things in my life have been drawing me to it sooo strongly. at first i didn’t realize what was happening and i ran from it a bit, but then in august(which i feel like makes perfect sense with leo energy), i felt this strong push towards it, like a very clear message that this next phase of my self discovery will be all about stepping into goddess energy. i have no idea how it will go because i have a lot of de-programming and shame to clear about it…but the big thing is that i strongly feel it in me that it’s an energy i’m sort of craving to know in myself, and whatever that means, i just feel like i need to follow it ❤️

        1. kat

          “like a very clear message that this next phase of my self discovery will be all about stepping into goddess energy.”

          Oh that sounds exciting. I’m really happy for you 😀
          Can’t wait to meet Goddess sweet pea 🙂

  4. Thank you so so much for this, Maria, and you other dear women….sistar goddesses…… We are NOT alone. And you all speak so much truth. After reading these beautiful and validating comments, I realize that what I have been focusing on this year is breaking away from doing the emotional work for me beloved hubby. At points I have felt frustrated with him and his white male privilege. But what I did was go into meditation (the Cloud Council) and sit with our highest selves and ask him to come with me…… This is totally working…. I have created some lovely boundaries for myself this year around my relationship with him and with a female in our life (his ex). It is working! Joy joy joy. Thanks for being here….. Watching some of the testimony. This is fucking life changing!!!!! Love you all! Love us all!

    1. My pleasure, siSTAR goddess, and thank YOU for your beautiful self! And yep, it is fascinating watching the testimonies. If they make a movie out of this whole administration, it won’t be nearly as interesting as the ACTUAL real life events and characters.

      Do not attempt to adjust your TV set. You have now entered the reality tv show TrumpNation. Hahaha. I need chocolate.

  5. Not much coverage here in UK yet, but I found these……

    1) During the lunch break, Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, one of the three senators on the committee who were there for the Clarence Thomas-Anita F. Hill hearings, told reporters, “I don’t think she’s uncredible. I think she’s an attractive, good witness.”
    Asked what he meant by “attractive,” he said, “In other words, she’s pleasing.”

    Is this for real? Don’t these men realise that they are ALL being scrutinised?

    2) Emily McLaughlin, a sophomore at the University of Maine who was a treasurer for the college Republicans, said she believed Dr. Blasey, but wanted to hear from Judge Kavanaugh and wondered, too, whether she just had one beer.

    Sickening, but even more so, coming from a woman. To me, having more beers means that others should take MORE care, not less!

    Woman watching here!

    1. Yeah, I saw a woman, a Kavanaugh supporter, interviewed with her daughters there, and she said something like, so what’s the big deal, we were all groped. Life goes on.

      A woman who clearly has gotten totally lost in the system.

  6. Funny you say that about chocolate. I am finding myself eating sweets….. Processing processing……. transmuting transmuting transmuting……xxxxooooo♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️⛅⛅⛈️⛈️⛈️🌨️🌨️🌨️🌩️🌩️🌩️🌤️🌤️🌤️🌤️🌤️

    1. sweet pea

      just watched the hearings.

      THIS MAN IS AN ABUSER. at the very least a pathological liar and manipulator, but most likely an abuser.

      as an abuse survivor it was excruciating to watch. the way he responded to being asked about things he is accused of…

      1. deflect
      2. change the subject
      3. act offended and victimized – cry, whine, poor me
      4. turn it back on the questioner and attack them
      5. never ever answer the question

      textbook 101 for how abusers, liars, cheaters, manipulators, etc. respond.

      honestly felt my body fill with rage.

      1. Interesting, sweet pea…I too could feel into his impunity, sense of righteousness, lack of self awareness. lack of empathy. Hard to imagine someone that hell bent on getting what he wants at others’ expense. Even his own family’s.

        Being in an emotionally abusive relationship back in the day, I can see the gaslighting. It brought back memories of feeling like, maybe he’s right. Maybe I am to blame. Very unsettling.

        1. sweet pea

          it was seriously like watching my daddy in one of his tantrums. petulant, entitled, no self awareness, shameless gaslighting. he’s the epitome of arrogant privileged infant. ugh. sorry i’m in a realllly hostile mood 😥 it was just brutal to watch energetically because he feels too familiar.

          my senator is a republican and he’ll vote for this fool and not remotely care about how we feel, but i called his office to leave an angry message anyways lol 😋

          1. Yeah, I watched most of Dr. Ford’s testimony, but i could barely bring myself to watch Kavanaugh. Maybe for the same reason as you, sweet pea. No apologies necessary. It can be quite infuriating.

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