Ascension: Letting Go of Our Story

image Credit Maria Chambers
Image Credit Maria Chambers

We talk about ascension as a process in which we let go of our story.  Of releasing our wounds.  Setting our past free.  But that doesn’t mean that what we went through didn’t happen, and it doesn’t mean it didn’t have an impact on our life.  For example if we were abused as a young child, emotionally or physically, it shouldn’t be dismissed as unimportant.  It is a serious and life altering event.  As are numerous other experiences.

But what is happening during this transformational process, this recalibration, in which we are merging our soul and our body, is that we are seeing those past experiences through a different lens.

There may still be human emotions associated with those events, but they will not have the same impact on us.  And that is because the deeper wounds that were manifested in those experiences are being released.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

It isn’t necessarily the experiences themselves, but the emotions of fear, the sense of betrayal, and sense of abandonment that were being felt.

The good news is as we allow this process of integration to continue, we begin to feel lighter emotionally.  We no longer identify with those wounds.  For women it is the Wound of Isis and for men it is the Wound of Adam.

With the love from our soul, we naturally release the trauma of our past.  We tried to do that through relationships,  we tried to receive the unconditional love from others  to mend our broken hearts, but that couldn’t work.  Because others were also wounded themselves.

That is what duality is playing out.

So, the only SOULution, the only way to resolve those wounds is through the awakening process.  Because then we are finally aware that we no longer are playing in duality.  We are not using our environment to mirror our unresolved issues.

We can feel into our past and our varied experiences, some more pleasing than others, and see all of those experiences as just that…experiences.  Not as victims or perpetrators.  We can feel into the wisdom of those experiences.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

We can see that we took on so much of the human condition in order to have more compassion.  As teachers of consciousness, we wanted to familiarize ourselves with what other humans were going through,

And we know that we can’t take those wounds with us, not ours or anyone else’s, into the new energy.

We honor them, we honor the child or teen or young man or woman who was traumatized.  We have the deepest compassion for that part of ourself.  And we even have compassion for those surrounding the traumatic events.

Everyone was playing their roles.

That doesn’t mean thinking about it won’t bring some anger, or a tear or two to your eyes.  It doesn’t mean you need to dismiss the gravity of the event, But you will surround it with your soul’s love and compassion.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Your soul’s compassion should not be mistaken for sympathy, or even empathy.  Our soul is not into suffering.  Our soul, at least at this stage of its development, is not into processing energies of trauma, or other issues, for us or for anyone else.

Where we are going, there is no place for suffering.  And if you are feeling the pain of anyone else’s experiences, that is suffering.

That is not helping them or you.  That’s not to say you won’t get a boatload of sympathy from others if you play in that sandbox.  The Let’s all feel bad together.

We know better now.  We know that we can’t access the joy of our soul through playing martyr, for ourself or for anyone else.

Many of us have done that and it had become resident in our bodies.  Taking on the pain of others.  That doesn’t mean we need to avoid others or avoid our own pain, But instead we are learning to alchemize those dark emotions.

We don’t run from them, but we also don’t identify with them.

And that’s what most of humanity hasn’t been able to do yet.  That is why they continue to carry their wounds with them through their entire lives.  They learn to ‘manage’ the pain.  Or the anxiety.

Most people don’t believe that their wounds could ever go away completely.  And as a human, those wounds can’t go away.

There is no way the mind can resolve things on its own, as I have said many times.  But it doesn’t have to.  The beauty of this process of Embodied Enlightenment is that we don’t have to try to fix our human self, or make our human personality better.

But as we allow this process, we naturally become lighter.  As women, we find that we are no longer willing to allow ourselves to carry the burden of others in our bodies or our hearts…. and then we don’t attract abuse, emotionally or physically.  And we are less likely to attract energy feeders.

But, as women, it means letting go of the cells that required us to nurture the male ego, and that expected us to assuage the male anger,

And, as all of us, all genders, find ourselves in this tremendous life-altering, and body-altering ascension process, we can feel proud of what we are actually doing here.  We are the first group of humans to go through this process.  That is big.

No, it’s not something that we would see on the six o’clock news, but forerunners and pioneers don’t get that type of recognition, at least not initially.

So when we see others reliving their trauma, we have compassion for them, yes.  But we don’t need to feel their pain with them.  And we probably won’t.  You may have noticed that you aren’t apt to cry along with others who feel they have been victims.  And that’s a good thing.  You are not of much help to them that way.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Some people want to minimize the trauma of others’ experiences, telling them to ‘get over it.’   But they are not in a place to do so if they have not yet acknowledged their multidimensional nature.   They don’t yet understand that they are not their stories.  They are not their experiences.

That’s a big leap for most people.  And it can’t be understood on an intellectual level.  It must be experienced.   One must allow their Christ consciousness to enter their own life and body, and go through the process we have been going through.

We become enLIGHTened, not by checking off a list of dos and don’ts.  Or by trying to overcome or fix our human personality.  But by being so open and vulnerable to spirit and its love for us just as we are.

So, sympathy and empathy have a place in the world of duality, for instance as we watch current events unfold, as a woman shares her story with the world, of her sexual assault experience. (Kavanaugh and Ford hearings).

It is a sign of a mass awakening of many who want to share their own stories of sexual assault, and how it has impacted their lives, and how others in powerful positions need to be held accountable for their actions.

It is highlighting the issues that have been buried or otherwise normalized in our society, and in the world.

In fact it can be argued that there are people with little empathy, and they are the ones who can hurt others and lie about it in order to achieve their goals.  And they have the full support of others who lack empathy themselves.

So in the course of the soul’s evolution, learning empathy was and is an important emotion.

”Lack of empathy is not a problem for us.”

But those of us on the ascension trajectory have been there, done that.  We have lived numerous lifetimes and are pretty much set as far as learning about empathy.  Lack of empathy is not a problem for us.

But many of us have moved past our wounds, past sympathy and even empathy, and are moving into a very different space.  We are moving beyond suffering as a virtue.  Beyond feeling like a victim.  We are the new breed of human, who is letting go of their old story that has gone on for far too long.

And our service to humanity is to be the role models of a human who is free.  Free of having to carry around something that was never theirs to begin with.

And a human who is willing to share their life with a compassionate partner, their soul, who is not willing to compromise their joy and their freedom.

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7 thoughts on “Ascension: Letting Go of Our Story

  1. Oh my beautiful Sistar Goddess…….I SO NEEDED TO READ THIS!

    I have been feeling angry and agitated, it makes sense with current times. I am such an Empath. And for some reason I have been going over and over in my head, trying to remember my #metoo moments. And not feeling any twinges of angst or sorrow……. And then yesterday I went to see my very dear local friend and her very dear to me 24 year old daughter. They are on fire. And we all talked about the patriarchy, etc. They were preparing to attend a local March. I was not feeling it. I felt that if I were to attend that March, it would only have been to please them. (Keeping in mind, these are dear dear friends, probably my closest local friends, but not woo woo friends. So not on the conscious Ascension path.) After a lovely long dog walk with them, they bustled off to the March and I went home to hubby. And I have been feeling guilty like I let women down. Oy!

    Them I read this and knew that as close as I am to them, my path is VERY different. I can tell them practically everything and we have some fabulous discussions and they always understand stuff. And I don’t talk woo to them.

    I am pretty sure they weren’t judging me for not attending the March. They are about the least judgmental people I know. I love them dearly and don’t want to lose their friendship.

    I also realized this morning that last night I was completely exhausted, I believe from transmuting, processing. Also, I can’t sustain a high level of anger and indignation, I just can’t. THAT IS NOT MY PATH. And your words helped me so much.

    “We become enLIGHTened, not by checking off a list of dos and don’ts.  Or by trying to overcome or fix our human personality.  But by being so open and vulnerable to spirit and its love for us just as we are.” YES!

    I read this and take a deep breath and feel peace within.

    Love love love love love
    The times they are a changin……

    1. Yes, yes, dear siSTAR goddess….it’s hard not to feel the energies swirling around out there….and to distinguish what is not OURS, at the same time. That’s Mastery. Right now, especially as the female gender, it brings up generations of anger and pain that has been suppressed. All totally appropriate.

      So those emotions could be coming from the mass consciousness, and from our own lineage as women, yet, we are discovering they are not ours. We get to choose which feelings we want to own as ours. How incredible is THAT?

      Kudos for loving yourself by choosing to feel how you want to feel. Choosing to let go of the guilt, or the obligation. Discerning how you want to share your light.

      Not always easy. But if others are not ok with that, we then know who our real friends are.

      And that’s great that you can share with your friends and also stay true to yourself. I’m sure they respect you even more for that. 🤗💕💕💕💕

  2. sweet pea

    this is sooo perfect for me right now Maria 💕

    especially this…
    “But, as women, it means letting go of the cells that required us to nurture the male ego, and that expected us to assuage the male anger”

    i have spent my life from the time i was born, nurturing the male ego in sooo many ways. it’s almost been my life’s purpose to some extent 😔and also yes, trying to soften violence and anger and hostility has been a big part of it.

    even though i have walked away from each person physically in my life where this dynamic played out, i had still been doing it energetically on astral levels… and you say it perfectly that i was viewing it as empathy. but really i was still being a crutch, and i was still drowning myself in other people’s energy and burdens.

    it’s a lifetime, maybe more than one 🙈, of doing this, some it will take some time to completely release it, but i’ve being taking steps to release the habits that pull me into that energy.

    really needed this Maria 😔❤️ i still feel like i’m in a place where i’ve been so lost in “the stories” that my body, my cells, my mind, my heart, are carrying and embodying so much that is not me. but the craving in me to know my own soul and embody that energy is sooo strong and aching anymore, that i’m ready to do whatever it takes, let go of anything, make any change… anything… i’m just ready to come home to my soul.

  3. Reading this made me feel so understood! It’s so hard to let go of behaviours such pleasing everyone all the time. I still catch myself doing this sometimes and I feel proud that for now I’m just able to judge myself less when it happens. First step I guess 😂🌠

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