Justice Is Served

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Won’t you indulge me this opinion-piece on current events?

The recent Kavanaugh-Ford hearings is making everybody mad.  It seems to be bringing up anger, even rage in many people.

Putting aside politics, and the current judicial system for a moment, I think both people were credible.  But not in the way you might think.  Let me explain.

Women are angry because they are tired of the patriarchy rearing its ugly head, and continuing to silence the female voice.  Dr. Ford’s experience of sexual assault has heartened the female gender to feel into their own personal experiences as women who were violated, over and over, by a system that tried to make her the villain and inconsequential.

Men are angry, not because they truly believe Kavanaugh is innocent of the allegations, of violating a woman’s autonomy, but because they, like the judge, are horrified that they are not allowed to get away with it.  The system that protected them from their own crimes and bad behaviors is beginning to fail them.

They are energized in support of Kavanaugh.  The judge represents the men who are enraged that their status and power are continuing to be threatened.  They feel emboldened to perpetuate the system, and that system needs judges like Kavanaugh.

And, President Trump needs the judge so that very system can be sustained so that (Trump) can be protected from his crimes, sexual abuses, and bad behaviors.


If you look closely at Kavanaugh’s testimony……now, remember this is a job interview for the most prestigious and consequential position in the land, a lifetime position of power which will profoundly influence peoples’ lives for generations to come…… his statements and responses to questions were like that of a five-year old who was just told he had to give back the crayons to the little girl he stole them from.

I believe his responses of anger, righteous indignation, and even tears were authentic.  Just like those of the five-year old boy who thinks he can have what he wants just because he wants it, so taking it away pains him to his core.

But the allegations are far more serious than a box of stolen crayons.  And the consequences for the young woman far deeper.

All the judge is asking for is that his ascent to power is unobstructed by what he considers to be a box of crayons.

So his outrage and displays of disgust were not coming from a man who is trying to defend his innocence.  They were coming from a child who was never taught about consent.  Who really didn’t see anything wrong with taking his anger and frustrations out on the female gender.

And, just like a child, he deflected questions, made up facts, pointed fingers at others who really had nothing to do with the issue at hand.  And, besides, it was so long ago.  How could it possibly matter now?  He’s forgotten about it.  Why haven’t the others?

And, interestingly, his supporters, including Trump, interpret his petulant tantrums as strong, and commanding.


Dr. Blasey Ford’s demeanor was poised, overly polite and accommodating, even at times apologetic, with a sense of wanting to hide herself in ‘plain sight’, not wanting to come off as angry, because anger in women is unacceptable.  Anger in women is called hysterical, and is often met with dismissing her entirely.   So, not overly confident, check.  Not angry, check.  Polite to a fault, check.  It was a balancing act that many women could relate to. She put herself in an extremely vulnerable arena, so what choice did she have but to keep herself in a safe space within that arena?

Even though Dr Blasey is the one who has every right to be enraged, It is safer to be seen as non-threatening, girl-like, with just the right amount of smarts, especially as she faces a conservative, all white male judicial senate committee.  The faces of a patriarchal system that have been around a very long time, that have judged women harshly.  I suspect women everywhere watching her felt both her terror and her courage.

She said several times she wished she could “be more helpful”, as she conscientiously answered every question asked.


Kavanaugh seemed to be performing for just a handful of people.  Those he believed could protect him and elevate him to the status he thinks he deserves.  And those who could care less if he was losing credibility by the hour as a witness, and a judge.

I don’t doubt that he has worked hard at the things he believed were important to him.  And I don’t doubt that he is angry and terrified that it will all be taken away from him.

But I have to wonder, on a soul level, does he see the irony of his situation?


Trump promised that as president he would stack the Supreme Court with conservative judges, and would overturn Roe v. Wade.   It would be what he considered his crowning achievement, his legacy as president because of its long-term ramifications.

He could have picked any of a number of conservative, anti-abortion judges, so why make the choice he did?  Kavanaugh had it all.  He is not only anti-choice, but also known for his lenient views on presidential power, so he would protect Trump not only from his own misogyny, but other virulent, unethical, and potentially criminal behavior.

The irony, or maybe it’s karma, is that Trump picked the one judge who he believed would best protect him, and that same judge is being scrutinized and judged for his abuses toward women.

So, maybe justice could best be served by a polite, unassuming, and intelligent woman, Dr. Ford, who just wanted to do her best “to be helpful.”

It will be interesting to see if he is elevated in spite of his un-hinged, un-judge-like behaviors on display the last couple of days.  Either way, we can’t unring the Bell.  The display of misogyny was exposed for all to see.

No matter the outcome, we all got a glimpse into the system that we may have been taking for granted was impartial, fair and just.

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16 thoughts on “Justice Is Served

  1. Thanks! Please share your opinion. ♥️♥️♥️ A friend’s and I were just talking about how white men are hijacking the #metoo movement. Where is my due process? My life is being rimmed by these accusations. What about all the women who did not speak up out of fear and shame? What about the women who dope up and were shot down, don’t stir the pot. What about the loud women who were called bitches? This same friend just interested me to this writer. I think you will like, dear Sistar Goddess…. Here is another good article. “The Anger of the White Male Lie” @IjeomaOluo https://medium.com/@IjeomaOluo/the-anger-of-the-white-male-lie-6f9a6e646d47

    1. Thanks for the link, siSTAR goddess…very passionate article, and interesting comparison of white male entitlement to a monarchy.

      We can only hope that this awakening will propel women to recognize their own sovereignty. That they need not accept the perspective of them by the established order. Maybe Dr. Ford represents the current moment in history when women no longer allow disrespect.

      It’s been such an uphill battle for the female gender, and one sometimes wonders if the tides have turned, or is it just a repeat of history.

      That’s why I feel so passionate about being in the female gender as one of the ground crew of this transformation of consciousness. It’s an opportunity to shift out of such a stuck place as a woman. To no long carry the burden of shame and guilt that women have been carrying around.

      It’s going to be interesting to see how things land as more and more women not only come out of the shadows, but also let go of holding energies for the toxic masculine.

      Everyone wins, the Feminine is good for all, not just for some.

      1. The more I look at what’s going on in the world, within the 3D reality, I realize that there can’t be real resolution to this issue from a 3D perspective. But from our 5D perspective, we can just allow our own male and female aspects to unite within us, So that our own divine masculine supports our feminine.

        That’s what we can rely upon, and that’s how we feel safe to be ourselves. It’s really all about detaching from the 3 D reality, because that reality is not our truth. That reality is based in fear. Our reality is based in love.

        And it seems that our service to all of humanity is by aligning with that 5 D reality we find ourselves more and more within.

        1. sweet pea

          Maria, this is where i go with everything. looking for “solutions” in the 3d loops me in endless circles, and for me personally i think the 3d has the bar set so low that we’re fighting to get to a level of respect that’s still not even true respect.

          so much of what is wrong with how women are treated is how low that bar is. like part of why we’re fighting to not be raped and assaulted is because so much of what we accept as “normal” between the sexes is so toxic that so many people in society have been conditioned to accept the unacceptable. like a sliding scale almost.

          for instance, so many people accept things that are disrespectful and unkind and hurtful in their most intimate relationships, and society deems these as “normal” things in “healthy relationships”… like so many women accept their partner watching porn when that is soul killing to many women, or even their partner flirting with other people… those things feel like cheating to people who want a body, mind and soul kind of love, but we’re told to accept it, despite the fact that it feels wrong. or it seems like most couples accept their partner making fun of them or being condescending in how they speak to them, which i think is gradual emotional abuse. or even just little things like their partner not responding to their text messages, or just taking them for granted in little daily actions, and so on… most people think these are no big deal, but to me, all of these things are disrespectful and harmful to someone’s spirit. especially to have the people you hold closest to you doing them. but in the 3d, that’s just kind of the normal way of things…humans treat their intimate partners pretty crappy on a regular basis. so the low bar of what we accept in our most intimate relationships makes the bar EVEN LOWER for the treatment we accept throughout society.

          to be honest, humans can be pretty awful, and i’m pretty darn exhausted by it most of the time, but it pushes me more towards 5d because the 3d really just becomes more and more unbearable 😥

          1. You are spot on, Sweet Pea, I’ve found that the longer I have lived, the lower I keep finding the bar. It’s like, I find how low it is and then I live a bit longer and see that the bar is lower than I thought. Another year older and then the same again, and again and again. The bar is so low I need binoculars to see it!!! It is too sad.

          2. Sweet pea, you pretty much sum it up,

            “looking for ‘solutions’ in the 3D loops me in endless circles.”

            And that’s because 3D is duality-based, which means there will always be a mirror effect. Polar opposites. Looking outside self for solutions. No awareness of another way. It’s an asleep state.

            And of course it’s why as we become more conscious, more in a 4 or 5D state of consciousness, we have less tolerance for that dense, and harsh reality outside our door.

            But, ascension has hit this planet. And what many spiritual sites won’t tell you is that most of humanity is at the very early stages of their ascension. They are a long way behind where we are at.

            Thus, many of us have pared down our circle of friends to almost a nub. It can be a solitary road. And, it only slows down our progress if we try to keep one foot in 3D and one in 5D. It will be too painful to stay here.

            But the good news is, we chose to connect with others as a sort of group. These connections aren’t coincidental. We planned as souls for this because we knew it would be impossible to do this all alone.

            And as we creat our distinct reality, anvery different reality, we operate from that space, and we are safe. The new energy is a safe energy.

            Meanwhile, looking at current events, and at relationships between couples, etc. we have to put on our 5D spectacles. Then we know unequivocally that is NOT our reality.

            Then we can see that reality as entertainment purposes only. Of course, just like any good tv series, we will get emotionally involved with the characters, we will wave our fists at the tv.

            But, we also know that we can turn that tv off at any point and have a nice dish of ice cream, or a good glass of wine.

          3. sweet pea

            yes Gail, i totally feel that. i think it’s exactly like Maria explains in that the higher our vibration raises, the lower and more excruciating that bar feels to us. i think also it’s like we’re learning to love and value ourselves more on a soul level, and the human experience feels worse and worse as we do.

            Maria, always so comforting, thank you. i go through these phases where i dip back into 3d energy for a time, and i think there are things i need to learn while i’m there, and layers of myself i still need to let go of for me to not go back there, but once i get the lesson, i always always always i get harsh reminders while i’m there of why that isn’t my home and not my reality. i think i fall back into 3d without even knowing it because of how stuck my movement towards the new feels 😥 but the harsh reminders wake me up out of it for sure.

            thank ya for the “higher energy pep talk” lollll, they always are perfectly what i need to hear 💗💗💗

          4. And I applaud you, sweet pea, for not being afraid to dip back in, and then to come back out. You wisely say it’s what you need to do to learn from. This is a process, and we are all going to do that. I know for myself, I do it too. There is a part of me that really wants to hang on to that old identity. Especially as we are navigating the new space, with this part of us we have kept at a distance. It’s natural to want to go back to something familiar. So we just need to be gentle with the part that tries to connect with the old ways.

            And I think as we become more connected to our soul, we can dip in any time just for the fun of it, because we know who we are. Thank you sweet pea for your wisdom and light. 🤗💕💕💕

          5. There is a big risk when losing one’s identity of taking on another. This is what the New-age encourages. Stop being a mainstreamer and start being a New-ager. The whole identity becomes ‘spiritual’ and then offence will be taken if that identity is challenged.

            We have realised that what we are doing is not an identity. If we were to IDENTIFY with ascension, we wouldn’t really be in it. It is happening to us, not our Human/mind deciding and making it happen.

            As you say Maria, the old identity is familiar and comfortable….until it isn’t and stuff like this Judge case make us realise that it is REALLY not comfortable or acceptable.

            I love you guys xxx

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  3. Thank the goddess for you all! And thanks for the reminder that trying to work shit out in 3D just ain’t going to happen. Love love love us all!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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