Ascension and Anger-A Closer Look


Image Credit Maria Chambers

I have posted on ascension and anger, but I noticed there are many issues surrounding anger and the Ascension process. So I feel it is worthy of more discussion.

It is absolutely natural for the emotion of anger to come up during the process of Ascension.  Anger has been given such a bad rap, especially for those who consider themselves spiritual. So people tend to judge themselves when they feel rage and even when they feel mildly irritated.

No matter what our gender, feeling angry is absolutely appropriate. There is a lot to feel angry about through this process. A lot of the anger is coming from mass consciousness. A lot of it is coming from our past. And I don’t mean just this lifetime but many, many other lifetimes. It does not make any sense to judge this emotion as wrong or as bad. It is absolutely appropriate.

Women especially are troubled by this emotion because as we know women have not been allowed to feel anger. Women who demonstrate frustration or anger are usually seen as overly emotional, and even hysterical. Whereas men who display anger are simply asserting themselves and being strong. So, it is no wonder that women have suppressed anger for so long. And when I say long, I mean generations.

If so much rage has been bottled up for so long, it is going to feel very unsettling as it is coming out and wanting expression. And I will say that this anger does want and need expression. Trying to rationalize it away is not a good idea.

The anger in large degree for women comes from being oppressed and controlled as a gender for such a long time. It is anger towards the male, and anger towards herself. It’s a healthy step when the anger starts to surface.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

To be always accommodating, patient, and self-sacrificing has been the standard for women for such a long time. So it will feel really uncomfortable at first for women to be angry. I know for myself, I went through a very intense stage of anger. While I did not take it out on anyone around me, I expressed it as best as I could by screaming, pounding a pillow, ranting and raving, drawing, painting…..whatever I felt would give it a voice.

It took a while for me to become comfortable with the feeling. Frankly it was unsettling.  But as it came up, I knew I had to feel it, and sometimes if it was strong enough, express it viscerally.

I noticed, over time, as I became more accepting of the anger, I wasn’t feeling it as intensely.  As we know, the more we judge and suppress emotions, the more explosive they can become.

Some say that anger is a destructive emotion.  We see how anger can lead to acts of violence and worse.  But if you are reading this and you feel connected to this type of material, you are not in a consciousness that would harm anyone.

So if you try to repress the emotion of anger, you will just be hurting yourself.  Repressed emotions are a funny thing.  They will find some way to express.  Displaced or repressed anger can be expressed as illness, disease, and even depression.

Anger could also be from allowing others to cross our boundaries. Whether it is emotional or physical boundaries. And in some cases it is absolutely appropriate to set those boundaries with others. We as women have to get over the idea that we need to please everyone no matter what.

In this Ascension process, we will not be able to play the good and kind girl or boy. It will be working against us. And it’s not about being perfect at this either. It will take some getting used to. Don’t try to get over the anger so quickly.   Allow it to surface And don’t try to figure it out, to analyze and ask what it’s about, or where did it come from.  That is a mental process, and it just stops the natural flow.

And give it a voice as best as you can.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

On the world stage we are seeing that women are giving themselves permission to feel anger and rage. The male population, as well as many women don’t really like that very much because it is threatening to their sense of security, and their status quo.  Incredibly, many believe that the feminine poses a threat, and must be stopped at all costs.

But more and more women are demanding that those people be held accountable for their animus and bad behaviors toward women.


We are discovering, as we move into a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, that what’s happening out there in 3D doesn’t have anything to do with who we are and why we are here.  That world will benefit by us being here, but we can’t expect it to be responsible for how we choose to feel about ourselves.

That doesn’t mean we will not be affected by the prevailing energies of that world.  But as emerging masters of our own creations, we are too wise to pretend that we have no choice but to give into the energies out there.

Many of us have moved past the intense anger, and are more bored than anything.  We feel disconnected from that world.  And, sometimes we will play in a little drama or anger to feel connected and alive.

And, really, that’s o.k. because as the masters we know we are playing in that energy and we can move out of it at any time we choose.

Mastery on Earth isn’t about creating the perfect circumstances in order to feel good.  It’s acknowledging our multidimensional selves, and aligning with the self that knows all is well.

This alignment happens naturally through the ascension process.  Our human self doesn’t have to try to figure anything out.  The less trying and thinking, the better.

And as far as the world outside our door is concerned, our expanded self really doesn’t give a crap what others think of us, and it’s only interested in experiencing this time and space reality with its human partner.  It will not compromise its freedom and joy for anyone, or anything.

But it has compassion for its human partner, and that includes when the human feels angry.  Our soul won’t assert itself into our experience, but instead it will allow us to experience the range of our emotions as we see fit.

Interestingly, I have found that as I accept myself and all of my emotions as best as I can, my soul magnifies that self-love a thousand fold.    And each day, as I practice self-acceptance and self-love, it doesn’t mean I become a glowing being of light who never gets irritated.

It’s  actually the opposite.  I have less tolerance for b.s., plain and simple.

But the difference is I know who I am.  I am not trying to change others or the world of duality in order to feel better.  But I am less tolerant of energy feeders, and I set boundaries more easily.  It’s not something you have to force.  It just comes naturally as our primary allegiance is more and more with our soul.

If you have moved from depression to anger, congratulate yourself.  It’s definitely a step in the right direction.  Honoring and embracing anger is critical in this life-altering transformational process.  It’s a process that seems to ask of us to let go of control.  And to the mind, that is a scary thing to do.

There is a fear of being destructive, and of alienating people.  As women especially we have spent lifetimes assuaging male anger, because we saw clearly how destructive that anger could be.  We see, in the world of duality, how many men lose control, and believe aggression is the solution to problems.

In fact, we ourselves in other lifetimes, as men, women, and all genders, were destructive, and vowed never to misuse our power again.

But this lifetime is different.   We don’t have to hold back.  We may feel bored, kind of beat up, and we may at times feel angry, and there are times we feel that blissed out state.  It’s all good.  Nothing to worry about.

So, go ahead and enjoy your anger.

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29 thoughts on “Ascension and Anger-A Closer Look

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Oh my gosh…..I have been thinking about you and then you write this! Perfection.

    I have been noticing that I am hoping the “anger” button on Facebook recently. Hahaha…. And I never felt that I could it would before. And then just today I was feeling like oh, maybe that intense anger has passed.

    I tend to want to laugh instead of getting all pissy, but lately a lot of anger. Grrrrrrrrr…….😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 what you say is so perfectly perfect and Divine.

    And of course, I have been thinking this, also. The more I love and respect myself the more that comes to me.
    “Interestingly, I have found that as I accept myself and all of my emotions as best as I can, my soul magnifies that self-love a thousand fold.”

    I love you dearest Sistar Goddess girlfriend. Muah muah muah

  2. kat

    good timing because just earlier on I had a massive screaming fit over the phone to the debt collection service of the job centre that was instructed to get money from me that the job centre already received in February. The Job centre sent me a letter in June concerning this matter to which I replied shortly after with an email and proof that I don’t owe them shit. But apparently they just ignored this email. So you can imagine my anger when I saw the letter with an even higher claim today because they added a reminder fee. I was fucking livid and I can’t wait to call the fuckers again tomorrow cause I’m not done yet. oh and I’ve been pissed off with spirit, too lately and today because what’s the fucking point to be experiencing this shit now? I’m fucking done with the job centre, left them end of march, why does shit like this come up? No fucking point whatsoever

  3. sweet pea

    ugh Maria for me in the last few years of me journey it’s been a little different experience with anger… i actually don’t feel true anger in myself that often, and i wouldn’t say i’m repressing it, i think it just comes out differently in me…like i think where most people appropriately feel anger, i just get frustrated and confused, or really anxious and even hurt or sad. but i have had a huge battle with the energy of anger in that i have had to navigate other people’s anger and resentment in such confusing ways. like the anger energy is coming at me in situations where i’m nothing but beautiful, supportive, sweet, loving, inspiring… and people react to me with anger and hostility… it makes no sense whatsoever to how i have been towards them… it’s like i’m giving out cupcakes and cookies, and people are reacting to me as if i gave them poison 😟 it’s crazy-making. and i feel like i’ve tried everything to navigate it… like i’ve tried by being even sweeter and giving more love energy… which works, but only temporarily…until the next wave. but reacting back in anger never feels right either, i feel like it pulls me down into the lower energy they are projecting in a sense? i get what you’re saying in that it’s not healthy to hold the anger in, but i feel like everytime i’m on the verge of just letting myself react with anger, i feel like it will feel good in the moment, but then i get this sense that it will also pull me into an old energy of some sort? like my reaction in anger is taking on something that isn’t mine from the situation i would be reacting to. i just i feel like i’m in this bizarre place where in situations where i have every right to feel angry, but i keep choosing non-reaction because no reaction i could choose seems to feel right 😟

    i’m rambling, but ugh… things like this have felt really “unsortable” lately 😟

    1. What you’re saying does make sense, sweet pea. I think as women especially we have had to navigate anger from others, especially from the male, in order to protect ourself, and also there is that old programming that we are responsible for how they feel.

      And of course there is the fact that we have a loving heart and we don’t want to see others in pain.

      But that works against us now in this new place we are going into. It’s asking us to detach from others energetically in ways we never have been able to do. And, sometimes as we do that we get people around us so angry because they want to have us around to be their energy source.

      People feel better when we are nurturing and open and accepting. But it costs us a big price to be that way. It sounds like a total antithesis of what we have been condition to do,

      But I may be misunderstanding you…..when you say you are giving and kind and people react with anger, can you be more specific? I’m not sure if you mean these people are emotionally abusive types, or something else?

      1. sweet pea

        hey Maria,

        yes definitely emotionally abusive energy in a sense…but hard to explain. i’ve been in abusive environments and this feels different. i wouldn’t say they are actively abusive…it’s more as if they are reacting to my energy when i’m being kind and loving as if i’ve hurt them in some way… like they are experiencing a totally different reality than what’s actually happening…like their reaction to love is anger…. it’s bizarre 😔

        and yes the being more nurturing is no longer working…in a sense it does, but as a temporary fix…it can stop the negative energy in that moment, but a new wave of negative energy comes back for no reason. but me responding in anger isn’t working either… that’s a temporary fix in the moment too, but it feels like it takes me out of my vibration and “down low”…like i validate the imagery reason for their anger and take on part of it?

        i wish i could explain it better but i’ve just been having to disengage and walk away from things with no reaction. i guess that’s what i’m trying to convey… it’s almost like there is no reaction i could have that would feel right, and i’m just having to walk away all together without any reaction… where i should rightfully feel anger, it’s just not working for me to act on it? it’s almost like i’m running into anger energy to push me out of 3d but making it so impossible to stay because there is no rhyme or reason or sense left to be found engaging here 🤷‍♀️

          1. Makes sense, sweet pea…seems like you’re reaching higher and higher states of consciousness and there is no room in those states for fear, anger, etc.

            So, walking away is perfect. And confrontation is an old energy way of doing things, Not to say we shouldn’t set boundaries with others when necessary.

            But I’m finding even with that….when I find myself needing to restate boundaries over and over with certain folks, it becomes apparent that they are not going to change, so the only options are to put up with their behavior, or let them go.

            And that, my friends, is one of the challenges of this new consciousness. There seems to be less wiggle room for compromise.

            Unchartered territory.

            Used to be things had to be extraordinarily bad in order to move out of a situation, but now that the bar is set higher in terms of our joy, we are not so willing to compromise that joy.

            It’s kind of a time of reckoning.

          2. sweet pea

            yes Maria, that’s in a sense what i feel… like none of my old reactions that may seem “appropriate” are working anymore. backing away really is becoming the only option that is feeling “right”. it is uncharted because it feels sooo disconnected…i’m not really digging in and learning lessons to get understanding of anything liking i used to? i’m just sort of feeling things that don’t feel good without reason, and then stepping away from them.

            that’s something that makes it interesting how you say this…”Used to be things had to be extraordinarily bad in order to move out of a situation”…it’s almost like all my situations are being accelerated to uncomfortable faster than before to push me out before i even get settled in? so it’s different than my old situations that were extremely extraordinarily bad…i think with those it was harder to leave because the energy was so deep i dug into the “lessons behind it” much deeper before walking away… now it feels like everything is just hot to the touch and i have to just back away from everything…even without understanding.

          3. Oooh, that’s a great visceral way to put it, ‘hot to the touch.’

            There’s that reflex response now, that’s telling us to take our hand off the stove unless we want to get burned. Now we trust, as you say, if it doesn’t feel good, we can step away, and without having to have a ‘logical’ reason, and without having to justify it to anyone.

            After awhile we realize we are done with lessons, and it just comes down to trusting ourselves and our decisions.

            There were times in my life when I would keep getting sucked back into a relationship or situation simply because I wasn’t trusting my choice to move on. Maybe as women especially we are told not to trust our own feelings, so we have allowed ourselves to be gaslighted over and over.

          4. sweet pea

            “After awhile we realize we are done with lessons, and it just comes down to trusting ourselves and our decisions.”

            and not just my own lessons, there’s a sense that the universe is no longer letting me take on the energy of the other person’s lessons when i go? i think i never realized before just how much as an empath i took on “the work” of the other person’s lessons even after leaving the connection physically, but now when i go, i can no longer loop back into any of the energy that they need to start being responsible for.

            but yes i think that’s really the big thing, and i think that’s what feels so disconnected lately, i’m so used to residual “lesson energy”, and it’s just not there. like where i used to grow sort of “in reaction” to the pain, it now feels more like i’m being guided to just disconnect from it, and go towards an energy that is purely about a better me regardless of their energy, and go towards love that’s a pure love, and not just a response to pain.

          5. That is so great to hear, sweet pea! That’s a big deal, that you are disconnecting from the old, dualistic energies and going toward your SELF. It’s a profound, new place. That’s truly the Christ Consciousness. A consciousness of self acceptance and self love. And allowing others to be responsible for their own stuff. That’s what Yeshua was trying to teach. Religion has it all wrong.

  4. Right to the point, as always Maria! At the begginning of ascension process for me I used to feel that it wasn’t safe to express anger and that belief twisted my mind at a point that mind believed that it should replace anger with fear to feel safer. As anger grew underneath fear I got to a point where I was so mad at everything and at myself that I had to stab a pillow into pieces to feel better. that was the highest point of being disturbed so far.. I believe that the thing about not talking about women feeling angry through all this generations created a looping of feeling angry – feeling fear – feeling disturbed for feeling this everything. And now we’re breaking this stigma.

    Feeling vunerable expressing this feelings can have us wondering where we are still feeding the belief that anger allow violence. No. It is safe for women to feel angry, and it is natural.

    We in the forefront, – and mostly the women among us – we are stupendous.

    lots of love.


  5. I love all my parts, especially my anger. Divine, delicious and sacred. Anger is the raw power of life. It motivates us to stop certain ways of responding, to not let _________ in our life anymore, to make ppl see us when they dismiss us or minimize our existence in any way. I love and embrace my anger and express it in responsible ways when the feeling arises. Nature is more than willing and capable in absorbing and transmuting our rage. Trees, soil, water, etc .. use your voice, write, have someone else be present with you.. very healing. 💜

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  10. Annette

    Omg My Maria, the RAGE that I experienced last night was SO very intense!! I want to say it was out of the blue, yet it actually followed a conversation with my sister (Political in nature) which I do NOT digest very well, and the main reason I stay away from news! Every now and then I will check in just to see how we are progressing…LOL, I’m aware of the bigger/divine plan for our Country/PLANET, sister, not so much, however I did share some of my TRUTH with her, she was open, yet I know/knew intuitively that her level of understanding was limited, which is fine. What was not fine is the RAGE that came over me…..Screaming/Roaring/Slamming doors/throwing things, it was beyond intense, and scared me!! Husband was in bed, yet I still wonder how in the hell he didn’t hear me, maybe he did, nothing has been discussed at this point.
    YUP, this process is far from easy!!
    Thanks for reading, and thanks sharing all that you do!!

    Love and Hugs, ❤️🤗

    1. My Annette….I hear you. The rage can feel really scary. When I had my bouts of it, I was freaked out at first. Mostly because I had kept it suppressed for so long. But like you, I had to let it rip. I would sit in my car, roll the windows up and scream bloody murder. I too wondered if anyone would hear it. I did freak out a squirrel or two.

      Other times I would pound a pillow, and also do some crazy artwork. I would draw anything that I was feeling. It’s healthy to give it a voice, believe me. Much healthier than trying to keep it in.

      And it could be a lot of reasons for it, but it’s not even necessary to try to figure that out.

      These are mostly old energies surfacing, and are moving out. They are not ours. But they are a part of the lineage as women especially.

      You can’t be a woman on this planet and not have some anger.

      To me the biggest problem with the anger is our judgement of it. In our culture, even when a woman gets annoyed or is disagreeable, or stands up for herself, she can be seen as a bitch, or as hysterical. Men are not called hysterical. The word comes from the Greek ‘hystera’ (uterus) in which Hysterectomy has its origin. And the word, hysterical described a woman who dared to speak up for herself.

      Yep, the ancient Greeks had a word for it, and the Egyptians. The ‘disease’ called hysteria was a woman’s disease. Attributed to her uterus. If she displayed symptoms like anger, disagreeability, and even sexual desires….she was treated by so-called professional doctors in not so nice ways.

      So, these outbursts of anger, I see as just part of the evolution of woman. And what’s so interesting is that the eons-long fear of women ‘losing control’ is hysterical (as in hilarious) considering the male of the species is the predominant perpetrator of violent crimes.

  11. Annette

    I needed to read this AGAIN!!
    So much anger surfacing once again! I will take your advice, and go ahead and enjoy it, Lol

    I do feel extremely bored and beat up, surely some extended moments of bliss and peace is on the horizon! Please Universe, assure me that it is.🙏🏻💖

    Thank you my Maria, not only was I able to understand the anger once again, I was also able to release some emotional sadness.

    Love, A

    1. My Annette, I’m happy to hear that you are allowing all the emotions.

      And yes, I too feel beat up by this process, even more so now than when I wrote this post. It can feel never ending. But it is more intense than ever too, so that’s usually a sign that breakthroughs are imminent.

      And the good news is as we move into higher states of consciousness, we never have to go back. Well, we couldn’t even if we wanted to. 💕💕💕

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