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There is an episode of  Seinfeld in which Elaine began stockpiling The Sponge, which was a controversial contraceptive device that had been discontinued.  So that she wouldn’t be squandering the device on the ‘wrong’ men, she began interviewing potential lovers and boyfriends, to determine if they were ‘sponge-worthy.’  With clipboard in hand, she says to the potential candidates, things like Run down your case for me again”….and….Are you going to do something about your sideburns?”

This made me consider what many of us are in the process of doing.  Aren’t we also becoming much more discerning about who is soul-worthy in our own lives?  Who we are allowing access to our energies?

We may not be asking them questions directly,  but we should be sizing them up.  Is this person worthy of my energies?  Or are they just going to feed off of me?

Because most people in duality will just feed off of you.  Either in subtle or not so subtle ways.  And, to be fair, that doesn’t leave very many people you can definitively put on your soul-worthy list.


These days I enjoy a rather solitary life.  When I do go out, for the most part I like to be in my own space, even at Starbucks.  But as is natural, when you frequent one cafe for awhile you develop a relationship of sorts with the baristas and fellow customers.

Over time, it feels like too many people know me and I want to be more anonymous. So I frequent a different cafe for awhile, you know….where NOBODY knows your name…. and that’s good for me, and its good for those who have come to depend upon my presence.

Then when I return, there is a shift in the connections.  A healthier connection.

I don’t mind enjoying the company of others from time to time, because it does get lonely on this ascension path.  But at the same time, I can’t do the commitment thing.  I can’t commit myself to new friendships, and I sense others would like me to.

The kind of friendships others are looking for involve structuring the relationship.  It inevitably involves getting together on a more regular basis, and doing things together, outside of the cafe.

Whenever it starts going in that direction I abort it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Well before it goes into the more serious stages of birthday presents and Christmas gifts.  I immediately say that I don’t swing that way.  And for the most part, they get the message.  And will rarely bring it up again.

I learned the hard way, over the years, that once you put your foot in that pond, you get pulled quickly under pretty murky water by the gators of neediness,

That may sound harsh, but it’s true.  They are all perfectly nice people.  But that’s not the point.  Full disclosure….I used to be a bit judgy toward people who avoided making eye contact with strangers.   Now I secretly admire them.

Dont take that the wrong way, I am an open person in my own way.  But it has gotten me in more trouble than it’s worth.  You know what it’s like to be a lightworker and have all the energies attracted to you, some not so welcome.

Thank goddess now we are in the process of letting go of the part that’s painful….of taking on others’ stuff.  There’s a transition period, in which many of us are still attracting, albeit to a lesser degree, those old energies.  Not as much as before, but there is still some residue.

And of course there is the issue of, as we radiate more light, we will attract others regardless of us wanting to be with them.  It’s just part of the deal.

Today’s irony, by the way, is that I came to a different Starbucks, I am sitting here typing this post, and in comes a stream of folks that I was trying to avoid at the other Starbucks.

I never said the plan was bullet-proof.



So I discovered a new soup, Progressives, and it’s delicious!  It’s got all the best ingredients.  Self-awareness, compassion, sel-love, and humor.  Lots of humor.  It’s hearty, self ful-filling, and nutritious.  Now with more light and less karma!

Try the chicken noodle!

BTW….you probably don’t need the nutritious ingredients, but you may know others who do….the soup is on sale now, buy one get one free, so stock up, and distribute them freely in your community….


Image Credit Maria Chambers

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

22 thoughts on “Soul-Worthy

  1. Thanks!!! I am giggling about the soup and the people coming from your Starbucks to the other. I love you! I get it! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  2. IAM actually here via the Consciousness Blogs website we both find ourselves in… IAM connecting to divine sisters and brothers, fellow WordPress bloggers, new energy consciousness students/teachers that we all are. This month I put up an October writing challenge for us all to write about our own Awakening or Ascension Process or what we are experiencing now… as we find ourselves in the depths of change… ready to birth NewEarth. You can read more about the challenge via this post… I’d love you to join us all and help cocreate part 3 of a selection of true awakening experiences. AND I love your website and glad we can be Divine friends, here to inspire and support each other. Looking forward to hearing from you, much love Barbara x

  3. Here, in Finland people always say that we are grumpy nation. We don’t know about small talk and others names. It is very easy to stay anonymous here. It was surprising to go LA, because it was very confusing that everybody told theyr first name, even in shops!
    Here I know most of my neighbors and talk with people I meet almost every day but I don’t know anybodys names 😅. Children’s names I do know, but they’re parents I don’t.
    But now, when I also need very much of the privacy I start to realize that we are not grumpy nation. We are just loving and respecting our own space and we are true/genuine people.

    But yes, I agree. Lightworker way is a lonely way.

    My path you can find in Instagram under the name @puro_salmi.

    Love, light and clarity to you day 🙏💕

    • Tina
      Thank you so much for sharing that experience of being in a nation that has a different perspective than here in the United States. Although there may be areas here in the USA that operate more like what you speak of.

      And I especially love what you say about others’ names….I frequent a cafe here and even after coming here for almost one year, I still don’t know most people’s names, including most of the baristas!

      And I have felt a bit of guilt because of that. So, thanks for that info. Very helpful. 🤙

      • Oh, I’m glad if I helped 💕.
        I have been thinking that it doesn’t even matter if we know people’s names. I know what you mean by that, that you feel bad not knowing. I just cant remember names. And now I have discovered that it’s not the names we remember nor even the faces. It is they energy. Sometimes that is quite a disturbing when you know that you know the person because the energy is so familiar but you just don’t know where you know the guy 😄. It happens to me time to time. And that of course can come from some past life’s so how would you know the names?

        I share you my story why I started thinking that names don’t matter.
        Many years ago I always was asking about my spirit guides name when I talked with it. He never answered. I was annoyed, why it can’t answer?!
        Finnaly it replied. It sayd that it’s name was John Smith. I was pleased although I thought that that is quite ordinary name for a spirit guide 😇.
        After a while I discovered that that was a name for a nameless people 😂. My spirit is very funny and playful…

        Went few years and I was giving birth when I finally met my spirit. We talked about life and death, but the name thing still bothered me so much that I asked about the John Smith thing. Well…. Guess the answer?
        What does it matter? Well yeah… It doesn’t 😝. That was a great answer. After that I got peace 🙏

        Love and light 😇

        • Tiina
          What a great story! So true about the energy resonance that really matters, not the name, and not the faces, and really, that’s kind of exciting when you consider it.

          And it’s definitely past life related, yes, when it feels familiar like that.

          I was looking at some photographs the other day, of beautiful scenery. From various photographers. Some were perfect in terms of composition, light, and subject matter. They could have been on a postcard. But they paled in comparison to some that were not perfect, but had a resonance to them. They moved me in some way.

          Art, writing, music too. It’s what they evoke from the reader, and the viewer and the listener. Their energy signature.

          I may have gone a little off topic here, but I think I had a point. Haha.

          Anyway, thanks Tiina, great wisdom! Say hi to John for me!💜

  4. Haha Maria I relate to this so much I feel like I could have written it myself! Pretty much every word. Find myself taking subtle (&sometimes not so subtle) evasive action to avoid interactions ….and eye contact too! I also used to not like those who avoided eye contact & thought them unfriendly lol. And don’t get me started about how now everyone has a cell phone and wants to get your number and gets all pissy if you are not available the very minute they want you!! I had a friend who texted me while I was cooking dinner and I couldn’t respond right then. A few minutes later since I hadn’t answered he called. Since I was still up to my elbows in food and stirring, I still could not answer just then. Ten minutes later he was banging on the front door!!! I was furious and felt super violated. I don’t give ANYONE my number anymore!! Love you so much dear Maria– you always write so well about how this experience feels and then I don’t feel alone (or TOO cray) at all 😊💞

    • Elila…well, interestingly, as I was composing this post you did come to my mind strongly. I remembered how you shared your experience of walking and how others would ty to tag along….I thought, it would be nice to be able to teleport ourselves in those moments to another location.

      Those Avatar abilities would really come in handy.

      And, wow, Yes, with cell phone technology we are now so available. In the old days with land lines we had the excuse that we weren’t home to receive the call. But, I have been exercising my Divine Rights, and put my iPhone on Do Not Disturb often. And for some reason my voice mailbox is full so people can’t even leave messages.

      I haven’t gotten around to clearing it. (Wink)

      But yeah, then showing up at your door….that’s borderline stalking. I suppose in a certain type of movie that would be considered ‘romantic.’ But, if it feels like boundaries have been crossed then they need to know in no uncertain terms that’s not cool.

      Not easy to do of course. I still struggle with that one sometimes. Good for you for not giving anyone your number…kudos. Self-love in action.

      And of course these are old, old patterns so compassion for ourselves is required. Especially in an environment that fosters these types of unbalanced relationships. Where it’s considered normal and acceptable to cross others boundaries.

      Love to you my dear, dear friend. 💜

      • Ah yes the walking! Avatar WOULD come in handy! I have been known to see someone coming down the sidewalk that I’d really rather not talk to and quickly pull my phone out and pretend to be taking a call–ironic considering I rarely TAKE calls anymore lol. I have also just done an abrupt turn in another direction. And last week on a quick grocery store stop at the end of my walk I had to do an abrupt about-face in an aisle to avoid a neighbor–twice! I sound misanthropic or phobia’d but really it’s just like the sponge story–i dont want to waste mine there. Only so much energy to spend each day and I’m pretty darn selfish with it for now! And most in my world at this point are not sponge worthy.
        And so funny about your voice mailbox–i actually had my ultra cheapie phone for over a month before I realized it doesn’t even HAVE voicemail –and I was HAPPY about it LOL.
        Another thing is that people fully expect you to be AVAILABLE 100% of the time through your phone and get annoyed if it takes more than an hour at most to reach you, which is ridiculous. I reserve the right to be BUSY (even if it’s doing nothing) or to just not feel like talking when they do! Our phones can be super intrusive. And the kicker is that the last friend who tried to set up a time to meet with me (& I agreed reluctantly)–never showed up, and then did NOT utilize said intrusive phone to let me know she would not be able to come via text, call or email. Hmmm.
        And yes the borderline stalking–I absolutely DID let him know that was NOT OK. But like you said it’s seen as normal these days to cross boundaries, and he thought I was wildly ABNORMAL to actually HAVE them I think! “coincidentally” shortly after that episode that “friends” phone crashed and he lost all his contacts (divine friggen intervention). When he asked for me to give him my number again I said absolutely not, and clearly explained why. And he STILL would show up uninvited when I specifically told him not to so he is friend no more. Sometimes these 3d peeps and their phones feel like bulldozers in a china shop with their insistence on being paid attention to. That reminds me of another incident where I was out walking and had stopped to watch the water fall for a moment by an old mill. It was loud and some guy stopped about 30 ft away from me and started talking and I couldn’t really hear him over the rushing water and didn’t care to so i just ignored. Finally he started shouting at me–“Hey! HEY YOU!!!!! IM TALKING TO YOU!!!!!!” He was very angry at this point and snarly. I simply looked at him and said calmly, “that does NOT mean I have to listen”, and walked away. Just because someone is stomping their feet, shouting, pounding their chest or banging on the door DEMANDING attention, does not mean we have to give it to them. This was a big aha in my life.
        So we are the “weird” or selfish or “uncaring” ones because we value ourselves enough to HAVE boundaries and actually ENFORCE them. Go fig.
        Oh and in reference to tiinas comment above–that is so interesting because I always bristle when a a stranger asks what my name is and I usually avoid giving it.
        “My name is NO! My number is NO!….” Heehee

        • Geeze, Elila….interesting stuff….as you know I do the same vis a vis the neighbors…the ‘about faces’, and the fake phone calls…which, me too, I rarely get or make calls…’s just easier than having to explain ourselves…maybe we need to write a book….Ascension tricks of the trade…

          And OMG the guy shouting at you for not paying attention. First, great retort on your part. And second, is that not the perfect example of male entitlement?

          Once we become more sovereign, and feel fulfilled from within, it feels even more intrusive when others, some overtly, some more subtly, want to extract energies from us.

          It’s unfortunate because I do enjoy conversations with others from time to time. But with most people, there are strings attached if they are lonely especially. This is why it’s so important to become self-contained. Self-fulfilled. Otherwise it’s an endless cycle of bad relationships.

          I have attracted some nice folks at the cafe who enjoy some conversation with me and then go on their way. I get the feeling they are equally sovereign.

          And, yes, some folks will see us as selfish for not catering to their needs. A former female friend told me by text to f**k off, after I tried to move on from the friendship.

          If you want to know someone’s true character, observe their behavior after the breakup.

          • Oh I laughed out loud at the idea of an ascension tricks and tips book!! Can you imagine the hilarity? Lol!
            And the male entitlement–i hadn’t put that together but yes!!! Now that I think about it it’s pretty difficult to imagine a female doing the same thing…..
            Although there was this episode a few years ago where a friend and I sat talking on the couch and there was a sliding glass door to the driveway about 5 feet away from us, to the side. The curtain was open and I saw a woman come up the driveway with a fistfull of political pamphlets and she walked up to the door and started knocking, then saw us sitting right there and waited for someone to answer. The way we were seated she was not in my friends line of vision,but she was in mine if I turned my head away from our conversation. I decided immediately that I would simply ignore this intrusion and told my friend to just ignore it as well. The friend was a bit uncomfortable with this but I was adamant that I wasn’t giving this stranger any of the time I had reserved for my friend and I just wasn’t willing to deal with the inconvenience of an univited intrusion. Well I tell you you wouldn’t believe how long that woman stood there and knocked even though I did look up and gesture for her to be on her way! The confusion and disbelief on her face was priceless. She clearly couldn’t fathom that anyone would not open the door after seeing her standing there. My friend was also shocked and amazed that I would be so brazen as to not allow some salesperson into my space just because they were audacious enough to knock. But like I said people demanding to be paid attention to (a certain political figure comes to mind 😉), wanting to feed in some way (because anyone not looking to feed would never be forceful or intrusive), does not mean you have give it. They are almost like undernapped toddlers having meltdowns and I don’t have the time or energy for that shiz. And I think you are right than when we start to become more sovereign, and really own it, it gets more and more obvious when someone WANTS something from you. And I guess I am getting just as obvious that I’m not willing to give it haha!
            This does not mean that I don’t have p!enty of positive interactions when I’m out and about. My sister is nearby and i love getting to spend time with her and her family periodically and we all get on nicely. I see dozens of people every day and a lot of them I see regularly and we all know each other in a way, some I know their names, a lot I don’t, but we are friendly and say hello or exchange brief pleasantries or short conversations and it’s fine and nice, and then they are just as happy as I am to continue on our respective ways. But as soon as I feel they want to get anything more I want to flee ASAP. And I suppose I have developed a pocketful of “tricks” to extricate myself quickly haha.
            And holy moly yes about people after a breakup! As you know I also received a whole lot of vitriol and venom from a female friend when I tried to move on as well. That only served to solidify and validate my decision to move on though!

          • Yes, Elila, it is obvious you know how to set boundaries even in the face of others’ jaw dropping! And it sets such a great example of a woman being able to feel safe to be herself. Beautiful.

          • Ha well I don’t come off as a very “nice person” in these examples. And that is a little scary after a lifetime of people pleasing and thinking it was so important to be thought of as “sweet” or “friendly” or a “team player”, easy to get along with. And I still am pretty sweet and friendly most times, but only in a more genuinely felt way, and not as afraid to turn away from feeders, or to appear less than nice in order to honor mySelf. 😊💕😊💕😊

    • ” Find myself taking subtle (&sometimes not so subtle) evasive action to avoid interactions”

      Haha me, too. When I hear some of the neighbours in the hallway (I live in an apartment building), I wait until they are gone and only then I go out myself, as I can’t be arsed to talk to any of them.

      ” Ten minutes later he was banging on the front door!!! I was furious and felt super violated.”

      WTF! I felt rage just reading this!

      • Haha Kat I do the exact same thing with the neighbors! And me too I felt furious just remembering that incident to write it down/share it!

        • “And me too I felt furious just remembering that incident to write it down/share it!”

          Oh I know that feeling. And like Maria I immediately thought “male entitlement”. But I also think it’s a cultural thing. Here in Germany people generally respect other people’s privacy more

          • Yeah I think you are both right about the male entitlement. And I also agree that it’s a cultural thing too. I can see how people in other countries are more respectful of others time and privacy. Here in the US there often seems to be a general sense of entitlement and demand for attention without much consideration for the other person’s time, space, or boundaries. People are more flaky, and manipulative– being late, not showing up, demanding immediate responses to calls/texts/emails, etc but feeling no obligation to respond themselves in a timely manner or at all sometimes. It’s the great Olympic ” I am busier than EVERYONE else” competition lol. They want attention RIGHT NOW when they want it but only give theirs when it’s convenient for them, and have no conscience (or awareness?) it seems when monopolizing another’s precious time or invading space/privacy. It’s like a country full of little CEOS constantly calling unnecessary meetings, barging into others offices, and cancelling appointments lol, with this undercurrent of well I’m much busier than you so it’s OK if I’m inconsiderate–sorry not sorry haha

  5. ” They want attention RIGHT NOW when they want it but only give theirs when it’s convenient for them, and have no conscience (or awareness?”

    instant gratification this is called and is very common on addictive personalities. So annoying for people who have to deal with people like that.

    ” It’s like a country full of little CEOS constantly calling unnecessary meetings, barging into others offices, and cancelling appointments lol, with this undercurrent of well I’m much busier than you so it’s OK if I’m inconsiderate–sorry not sorry haha”

    Oh God how annoying. I can’t imagine being like that and having to be around people like that. I reckon it has a lot to do with the fake it til you make it mentality.

    • Haha yes it can certainly be annoying. Fortunately I don’t really interact with most of these types anymore, although even those closest to my heart have shades of this influencing their behavior without being aware of it. Instant gratification is most definitely a thing, and I hadn’t thought about the fake it til you make it part but I believe you are right; it’s definitely a huge undercurrent here meant to keep people spending above their means, and therefore in debt, and then firmly stuck in the (over)working rat race to keep up,which makes them sick and miserable, which makes them spend more to feel better….and the cycle just keeps repeating. So most people are operating at this overspent, overtired, overworked deficit (& often drinking heavily and/or hyper-caffeinating to compensate) so it’s not all that surprising really to have people behaving like demanding undernapped toddlers (little CEOs) if you think about it, with not much regard for others. I think people are generally exhausted here!

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