The Merciless Quality of Freedom

cropped-733778dd-e70e-407d-a15e-46eba5bd9bb5.jpegFreedom is a weird thing.  People think they want it, but most people will avoid it.  Did you know that many folks who have finished their prison sentence end up going back to jail?  And even more people end up getting divorced after their spouse gets sober or gets clean from drug use?   The relationship was built on disfunction. Continue reading “The Merciless Quality of Freedom”

Dear Non-Physical Friends…..

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Dear non-physical friends,

First I want to thank you for your love, and your support.  Yeshua, AA Michael, Metatron, Adamus St. Germain, and all the rest of you in the higher realms.  Some of you have had physical incarnations here on Earth, and some have not.  To those who have not, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t relate to how it is down here on the ground.
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Let Selfish Be Grand

5DD0CC23-710C-4507-9D31-53498D53B5D0.jpegSometimes it’s good to see what goes on in the 3D world, a world that is still experiencing trauma, and is still playing out the galactic story of the wound of Adam and of Isis.  A world imbalanced to the masculine energies.  It’s good to see that because it helps put into perspective what we on the leading edge of the new consciousness are doing.  What we are doing is, simply put, offering a solution to the trauma that world out there is experiencing,  and here is how. Continue reading “Let Selfish Be Grand”