Stepping Out of Duality

cropped-e3c75f7b-a02b-4684-8e5a-a4c93c43cf92.jpegIf we look at world events, things seem pretty bleak.  Humanity is still pretty unconscious.  But we reach a point in our awakening where we understand why  the human species does what it does.  We get it.  They are acting out the Galactic story that began before the playground, Planet Earth, a vast duality reality, was formed.

They are, as we were, in a dualistic system, that by its nature features right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, masculine and feminine.  And in a system of polar opposites, they will be projecting.  And there will be conflict.

That’s what 3D was set up to do.  It’s a feature, not a bug.  That way, the soul could recognize things that were unacknowledged before.  It’s an in-your-face kind of virtual reality.  Whatever is going on inside gets reflected outside.

The problem with that reality is, after awhile, it’s seductive, and it’s fun, and it’s less work than having to self-reflect and face the deep fears and embrace them and thus transmute them.

In 3D the mind is king.  It rules and controls reality at the expense of the soul.  And, if left unchecked, it runs amok, and we have situations that are really embarrassing, like the toxic patriarchy, with its racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, fascism, and terrorism.  What lengths people will go to in order to avoid reflecting on those pesky emotions like fear, sadness, self-loathing, and a sense of abandonment.

If that were not true, we wouldn’t have such a self-medicating society, and one that condones, and even celebrates aggression.

If the conflict (read, enemy) is out there, I don’t have to look at what’s in here (read, scary netherworld of emotions that will consume me).


Bullies, tyrants, dictators, white supremacists (and let’s give credit where credit is due……right-wing Evangelicals) all have one thing in common.  Fear.  They fear being taken hostage by, not some other race, gender, religion or nationality, but by…..their own emotions.

There is a reason these types of people don’t self-reflect.  They are terrified of what they will find there.  The reason they judge others so harshly is because, subconsciously, they are doing that to themselves.  Their hatred of other groups and races and genders is a reflection of their own self-loathing.

Becoming more conscious of that would be too painful to them.  Why would they want to go there?  They don’t want to face their own inner judge and jury.  Underneath the macho bravado, the self-righteousness, the megalomania, and the rage, is shame.

Can you imagine anyone being so terrified of just a feeling, (other than anger) that they would go to such extreme lengths, like violence, to avoid that tender and vulnerable moment?  And they call the liberals snowflakes.


cropped-d0c0bb67-52eb-4863-82a3-c6fe18d38c83.jpegBut the bullies, like Trump and other white nationalists, are actually weak.  And they bully those others not because they see them as weak, but because they see their strengths.

They see in their victims and scapegoats an inner strength that they themselves do not possess.  Those who have long been oppressed in societies have an inner resolve, a compassion for themselves and others.  Because they have allowed themselves to absorb the darkness of the world, they are not strangers to their own shadow.  The shadow being those emotions that were buried.

They see that strength especially in women, and in men who embody the feminine.  And maybe that terrifies them the most.

The historical subjugation and pervasive hostility toward the female gender has rendered anything but weak individuals.  What women have had to endure, and not be able to express for fear of the consequences…..not only consequences for herself, but for those she wanted to protect….has created an inner strength.  Women understand, much more than their male counterparts, that strength isn’t about being stoic, and bottling up feelings of sadness or grief.  It’s about facing her deepest emotions, without judgement.  She understands that being vulnerable isn’t a weakness.

Misogynists, deep down, don’t really see women as weak.  Quite the contrary.

We note how Trump made no attempt to hide his own contempt for Dr. Blasey-Ford, (not because he didn’t believe her, but because he did) and stirred up his base with propaganda that women like her were making America unsafe for boys and men.

It’s ironic that the men who make the loudest and strongest argument about women being innately weak work the hardest to oppress them.

The tyrants and bullies on an unconscious level understand there is something unshakable and indelible in those who have had to struggle for their basic human rights.  There is strength in their vulnerability.

In any society, disowning both the shadow and the feminine eventually leads to extremism.    It can play out to dangerous degrees, such as terrorist attacks.  Many who perpetrate violence are themselves from entitled groups, like white supremacists, or white nationalists, whose identity has been built on a house of cards.  They secretly fear their own vulnerability.  And they equate that vulnerability with being weak.



Even those who are not necessarily violent themselves, but who are supportive of keeping people of color out of the country, are convinced that a caravan of tired, poor, and peace-seeking refugees are the terrorists.  But the call is coming from inside the house.  They are blind to the real terrorists.   It’s their white, American next door neighbor, who has stockpiled military-grade weapons, and is volatile enough to go on a killing spree, who has been given permission, indirectly, by the President of the United States himself.

Fear, if unexamined and allowed to fester, and then stoked by authoritarian leaders, results in terrorist violence.  Natural by-products of the unbalanced mind’s ability to create paranoia and conspiracy theories……enemies and danger that don’t even exist.

A terrorist tries to scare others so they themselves can deny their own fear.

How does a society begin to heal a mind that creates such chaos?  Befriending the shadow is a good start.


And that’s what we have been doing, those of us on the forefront of the new consciousness.  We have been befriending the shadow, and that’s been the hardest work.

Most people, even in the spiritual community, will go only so far in their ascension, and stop dead when it comes to allowing all those ancient emotions to emerge.  It takes an adept soul to work with all the emotions, as we have been doing.

We have discovered that we didn’t get consumed and destroyed by those emotions, although it felt like that was happening at times.

There is a school of thought that we need to only focus on the positive, and then our life will be much happier.

And while life does reflect whatever state of consciousness we are in, this Embodied Enlightenment process has a way of disrupting systems that were stuck, and freeing them.  And, it’s hard to deny that the old dualistic system is stuck with old emotional baggage that people keep trying to drag around with them.

For many of us, after lifetimes of that perspective, we opted out.  We said, “We are done!”   And at that moment, we invited Spirit, our Soul, our I AM to come into our bodies, and our lives.

In that moment, we began moving out of duality, and then everything for us began to change.

DECEMBER 21, 2012

Image by Maria Chambers

Many light workers want to get out of here.  And, I don’t blame them.  It’s a dense Planet with a harsh consciousness, especially for those with an expanded awareness.  They were disappointed when December 21, 2012 came and went, and they were not heaved into a 5th dimensional world of love and cooperation and shared values.

Those scenarios are fun to imagine, but can become a distraction.   Then people are waiting for something to happen.  And waiting.   And waiting.  Then they wait for the next thing, that doesn’t happen.

Enlightenment is more a perspective than a destination.

It’s  actually bringing our expanded SELF here, into this environment.  That was our soul intent before incarnating this lifetime.  Bringing light to a dense environment.  We are notorious system-busters.  Back home we are known as pioneers, and we got pretty fired up with the notion of getting here, in this lifetime, and opening up some doors that were nailed shut for a pretty long time.

Granted the steam has been knocked out of us, and we ran into unexpected roadblocks.  Many of us feel pretty beat up, and wonder why this whole plan wasn’t better thought out.  It seems to be inching along at times.  Of course, there are reasons for that.  We know how potent light is on our mind and our physical body.  If it were faster, more accelerated, we could risk burning out our system entirely.

But you have to admit, it’s amazing that we have let go of so much, including our old, human story.  Including karma, and the need for struggling and suffering to prove self-worth.

And if you wonder if you have freed yourself from all of that, or from a good amount of that, an excellent barometer is how disconnected you feel from the 3D world outside your door.  From the people in your life, and your community.  That lack of passion that may be troubling you is actually a good sign that you are moving closer to your freedom.

In the world of duality, the disconnection is seen as a bad sign, as being uncaring, or irresponsible.  But it’s just a letting go of the emotional entanglement.

Many spiritual ‘seekers’ believe they need to go off to the mountaintop and isolate themselves from others to find that freedom.  But the freedom we seek is within us.  It’s, among other things, freedom from fear.

You’ll notice over time that even the old human concerns and worries are less compelling.  Things work out, and your needs are met in a synchronistic way, without trying and micro-managing.

It sounds like a cliché, but being in the moment is where it’s at in the new consciousness.  The mind hates that because it wants to know what the plan is.  But in the new energy, there is no plan.

It’s about developing a relationship with our soul that is fulfilling on every level.  The new energy we find ourselves in is a safe energy.   It is self-fulfilling, and complete.  And despite our concerns, which are primarily from a conditioned mind, we have stepped out of the duality we lived in for eons of time.

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Imagine that your Soul is singing this to you….










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  1. elizabethsadhu

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    “And that’s what we have been doing, those of us on the forefront of the new consciousness. We have been befriending the shadow, and that’s been the hardest work.”

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Hi Sistar! Just saw this. Perfection!

    I keep saying, It’s an inside Job.

    “Enlightenment is more a perspective than a destination.” So so so true.

    Thanks for this perspective. So beautiful.

    Love you tons…….xxxxxoooooo

  3. vmaxnik

    I was wondering how would the contemporary world be, without Zeroes and Ones (of the computer world and descendant of the ONs – OFFs of electronics) that are now ruling.
    This is a new reality that he have created. A reality that you are obliged to choose, or else you are an irresolute.

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