Your Transformation-What To Expect

49C54E66-5673-49F5-8052-1D7DD764DE51You reach a point in your transformation where you are no longer looking outside yourself for your fulfillment.  Not in a career, or in a relationship, or in a god,  not even in your spiritual family in the non-physical realms.  You have stepped out of duality and are beginning to rely on your own Soul.

That doesn’t mean you are not interested in a career, or in a relationship, but it’s not your primary focus.  You recognize that the most important relationship is the one with yourself.  It’s a game changer.

You can no longer relate to most romantic movies.  Or to people who are excited about discovering their ancestral heritage.  Or even their past lives.

Astrology becomes irrelevant, since your date of birth no longer defines your personality. Or defines you as a Soul.

The moon will not affect your moods like it once may have.  In fact, most celestial events will have a minimal, if any impact on your emotional state.  You will still be able to connect with people, and your past, but not in the same way as before.  From a very different perspective.  In fact, you may find yourself connecting psychically with others, sensing things about them very easily.  Being able to read them, not so much from their words, but their energies.  Your intuition will be super-charged.

You won’t be as connected to them emotionally, like before.  You won’t be picking up on their pain, or holding it or processing it for them.  This is entirely different.  It will be more in line with how the non-physical entities from the higher realms perceive us.

It’s almost like how we sense music, vibrationally or frequentially.

If you’re feeling sad or angry, or unbalanced, you will know unequivocally that it’s not yours.  You may pick up on the other person’s desire to connect with you, and you will know instantly whether it’s only one-sided.  In the past you may have felt confused about that, about whether you were really feeling the same or whether you were just picking up on their strong needs in the moment.

cropped-17bd2ae8-47b0-4afe-b1b5-8d2da035c33f.jpegThings will become apparent very quickly because you won’t be holding all the cumbersome emotions, whether those emotions are from yourself or from the mass consciousness any more.  People’s true motives and agendas will be very clear.

You will know what they are about and their words will not be as significant as their intent.  You will be fine-tuning your psychic skills like never before.  This ability will be one of your most important.

Your senses will awaken like never before.  You will be able to connect with art, music, nature, and yourself in extraordinary ways.  Your sensitivities may be overwhelming to you right now, such as allergies, but as your consciousness continues to expand and you integrate your light body, you will adjust to the sensitivities to your environment.

And you will feel the fullness of your soul in your body like never before.

You will begin to feel safe.  You will have a sense of well-being.  Regardless of any unresolved issues in your life, you will feel that you are being taken care of.  Your mind will quiet down.  Life will begin to demonstrate to you that you are the Master, and that life is here to serve you.

More and more things will come to you in synchronistic ways.  You will have no need for extreme challenges in your life.  It will be easier to manifest because you are no longer holding so many emotions in your energy field.  Boredom will acquiesce to feeling satisfied from the inside out.  Then whatever you decide to participate in will have a sparkle to it.

And you will, more and more choose things based on feeling good, not on obligation, or lack.

You discover that being in the moment is what it’s all about.  Being present, and in your physical body becomes delicious.  More and more you let go of the mental aspect of your being and begin truly enjoying the sensual aspects of being here in this time and space reality.

Now you can enjoy the fruits of all your hard work, of learning to love yourself, with the assistance of your Soul.  You begin to enjoy your new consciousness, a 5th dimensional consciousness, while also living in a 3rd dimension.  You have access to all of the dimensions.

cropped-214bd9bb-2cb0-4097-b712-8a3012e1e15b.jpegYou don’t have to leave this planet in order to connect to your Soul’s bliss.  And you can also expand outward into other dimensions, and take your sensuality with you.  You will have the best of both worlds.  The physical, visceral, sensual aspects combined with the ethereal ones.

Almost like listening to a piece of beautiful music.  You feel the music with more than one sense.   It transports you into other dimensions and grounds you at the same time.  It’s a unique experience.  You are also wrapping yourself around the music.  And its vibrations are moving through you.

And there is absolutely no exerting or trying in any of this.  It all comes to you by just allowing it.  You could say that we are practicing allowing.  It’s not something that the human does easily.  Yet, it is so easy.

This is all unfolding naturally as part of the transformation process.

Your life doesn’t have to look picture perfect for you to feel the presence of your Soul.  You are old Souls, and wise and sensual beings.  There is nothing to learn, or to strive for.

You are whole and complete.  And at the same time, the human is allowed to feel incomplete, confused, angry, bored, or passionless.  Don’t confuse those feeling with being unspiritual or behind the eight ball.  Don’t let your mind gaslight you.

You are here, as your Soul, to fall in love with yourself.  You made that vow a long time ago.  This is the lifetime to realize it.

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8 thoughts on “Your Transformation-What To Expect

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Perfect! This particularly spoke to me.
    “More and more things will come to you in synchronistic ways. You will have no need for extreme challenges in your life. It will be easier to manifest because you are no longer holding so many emotions in your energy field. Boredom will acquiesce to feeling satisfied from the inside out. Then whatever you decide to participate in will have a sparkle to it.”

    Thank you dearest Sistar Goddess!
    Muah muah muah…😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  2. Cathy Morales

    I love your articles but was wondering if you can feel the negative energy from someone who is thousands of miles from me? This woman is very jealous of me and has copied things that I have and do, from my car to a cake I made for my husband. In fact she tried to destroy my marriage because she wanted my husband. I just get these feelings that it is her energy that I feel because I can go from being happy to sad in seconds and not understand where it has all come from. I went through and still am going through different phases of my awakening. The beginning of it was total hell but I have come out different and stronger. I just wondered if you or anyone else had some clarity on this energy.

    1. Cathy
      Yes, it doesn’t matter how far away anyone is physically or geographically, because people’s energies are not confined by time or space.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you were picking up on her energies. Especially if, as you say, you are feeling good one moment and then feeling a denser, or darker emotion the next.

      And, as we let go of holding energies, which happens naturally through the ascension process, we will not feel these types of intense energies coming from others so much any more.

      And, in fact you probably have noticed that you don’t attract those kinds of people into your life anymore either.

      And if they attempt to trigger you emotionally, you are aware that it’s not your stuff. Then you can make the choice to feel how YOU want to feel. All of that really does get easier.

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