The Merciless Quality of Freedom

cropped-733778dd-e70e-407d-a15e-46eba5bd9bb5.jpegFreedom is a weird thing.  People think they want it, but most people will avoid it.  Did you know that many folks who have finished their prison sentence end up going back to jail?  And even more people end up getting divorced after their spouse gets sober or gets clean from drug use?   The relationship was built on disfunction.

People who keep incessantly busy are often avoiding themselves, or their feelings.  But freedom, real freedom, requires us to stop and go within.  To begin the process of falling in love with ourselves just as we are.

And that process can bring up some uncomfortable emotions, at least initially.

Freedom means that we no longer blame anyone or anything outside ourself for our emotions.  Yes, most of those emotions have been inherited.  They have been recycling lifetime after lifetime.  And we are letting go of those.

Freedom can be intimidating, and can feel frightening.  It is almost easier to stay in prison.   At least there, you know what to expect.  You have to follow all the rules.  You don’t have to make many decisions for yourself.

But even in prison, many souls have found themselves.  They have discovered that true freedom can’t be taken from anyone.  You can be behind bars, and still feel free.  And that’s because freedom is a state of consciousness.

It’s the Master choosing to feel the way he or she wants to feel about themselves.

Ascension is all about claiming that freedom.  Yes, we are affected by the energies of others and the mass consciousness.  We will be picking up on energies, and we will need to spend time alone to clear and rebalance ourselves.  This is a dense planet.

And it requires a kind of vigilance.  It requires a selfishness.  And it feels at times, empty and lonely.  We are emptied out of the old patterns of conforming and pleasing behaviors.  It can feel boring, and even disconcerting for a mind that has been used to certain protocols.

AD01519A-3338-4F1F-9FF5-A3AC185D9801.jpegBut the benefit of the freedom we are moving into is that life begins to serve that new freedom.  Our body benefits.  We are no longer downloading energies from others that create conflict in our body.

Our mind benefits.  We are no longer carrying around others’ issues.  We are letting go of our inherited issues, both physical and emotional.  As women, especially, we are letting go of our caretaking roles.

It’s awkward at first.  We’re here in a different capacity.  We are sensing our freedom but still it feels a little dangerous.    To be free emotionally and even physically of anything that keeps us tethered to humanity….for a woman especially that’s treading into dangerous territory.

In a way, freedom is merciless.  It won’t allow for sympathy, for pity, or for compromise.  It will not stay tethered to others emotionally.  And it will not allow others to feed.  It will not be used.  It will not allow others to cross boundaries and it will not play into guilt.

Freedom is also intimidating because it allows us to feel the fullness of our soul’s  presence.  In our mind, hearts and body.  The latter can be the most uncomfortable, because it means that sometimes we want to dance in the middle of the supermarket.  We want to experience the sensual nature of our body and our environment.

The kundalini is rising, indeed, and it wants to express.

For many, that can make them want to shut back down.  Especially if they thought that enlightenment was more a heart and mind thing.  No, it’s a full-bodied experience.  The heart and mind are beautiful, but they can also be a comfort zone.

To allow spirit to dance with our own body, that’s really moving out of our comfort zone,  it’s why, for many, they tend to hold onto the discomforts of a 3D world.  They don’t want to appear too free.

For women, and for men who embody the feminine, that kind of freedom has been met with anger and resentment.  Feeling sensual, playful, and carefree, especially for women, has been misinterpreted by many as being sexual, and an invitation for sexual encounters.

So when the woman shows she is not interested in that kind of encounter, she is met with anger.  She is told that she was being seductive.

It’s no wonder that the female gender, in this awakening process, feels reluctant to embrace her sensuality.  But without embracing her sensual nature, the soul’s  sensual nature, she is just stuck in an old paradigm, like being cloistered in a convent as the only safe way to connect with spirit.

As woman we don’t want to repeat those lifetimes.  Playing it safe but then cutting off our own health and well-being.  We want to do it differently this lifetime.  To embody the Christ consciousness and not fear being rejected and disrespected for it.

The Christ Consciousness isn’t an airy fairy nebulous concept.  It’s a physical, tangible experience.

If we wanted to experience just our Divine Self, without a physical body, we wouldn’t be here.  This is the environment to have it all.  To be human and to have our freedom.

Our freedom depends upon being vulnerable, and open.  Open to spirit and its natural sensuality.

Of course we don’t have to express every sensual impulse but we are required to embrace that sensuality, and express it to ourselves and perhaps through art forms, music, writing, or any other way that feels good.  Even the way we dress.

It doesn’t matter, as long as we allow Spirit to be more fully with us.  It’s a process, and Spirit is getting to know us as much as we are getting to know Spirit.  It’s a partnership, and it isn’t about being taken over.  Although it may feel like that to the human.

But gradually we begin trusting more and more in this process, and that our Soul does have our back.  That we will not necessarily lose control and begin running around town in our birthday suits.

So, freedom, true freedom, can be merciless.  But in a good way.  It will keep nudging us to enjoy life more, and to care less and less what anyone else thinks of us.  It won’t let us get away with compromising our joy over and over.

It will nudge us out of our complacency at times.  And as we taste that freedom more and more, we won’t need to be nudged.  We will do whatever is necessary to stay in that space.  To tango on that dance floor.  To be in the fullness of who we are is delicious.  To others we may appear at times uncompromising.  And, we are, we will not compromise our joy.

No Master worth their salt would.

Watch An incredible artist, Aretha Franklin,  at the age of 73, move an entire audience with her powerful and soulful voice.


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6 thoughts on “The Merciless Quality of Freedom

  1. Giggling about a number of things.

    This blog is perfect. Thanks!

    I danced recently in Trader Joe’s! Folks would not look at me. Heehee

    I subbed for my exercise teacher and we danced and danced and one of the songs was Aretha!!!! So much fun! Shimmy, shake, shimmy, twerk, Etc. Sensual. Ooohhh yes! Mostly women my age, one man who hung in there. Then I led a guided meditation to find the place of peace.

    My favorite saying these last few years is, “who we are NOW is the answer to everything.” Can’t remember if I made it up or read it somewhere or modified something I read. 💖💖🎉🎉

    Realized recently. I am PERFECT now. I am done processing, percolating, healing. I am HERE NOW.

    Living in joy.

    My honey and I take off for a road trip next Monday with a dance weekend on Catalina Island smack in the middle of our trip. Oh joy! Oh rapture! We are going to try a new, for us, kind of road trip. Less driving, more stopping, more fun……

    Thanks dearest Maria, Sistar of my heart!

    Beautiful! Perfect! Joy joy Joy!!!

    1. Wow, dear siSTAR…I’m in awe….doing such fun, expressive and SENSUAL things….and the road trip sounds sensational! Wish I could be a little fly or maybe butterfly watching you all having fun,dancing. As we used to say back in the day….COWABUNGA!

      1. Cracking up. Cowabunga, baby! Woooooohoooooo!!!! I’m not going to try anymore, just do. 💖💖🎉🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️😀😀😀😝😝😝😝😝💖💖💖💖💖🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  2. Barbara

    The definition of freedom is so very personal, it’s a difficult topic to wrap my heart-mind around for others. But I will say this: Elizabeth, I had no idea that Catalina Island even existed until your comment and I looked it up. When the first picture came up, I thought, well, Elizabeth must live in the Caribbean and then further searching… WTF, it’s just off the coast of LA. As Maria would say Cowabunga, it’s a reality to experience for sure, and dance one for me, Elizabeth. Love, B.

    PS. I adored Aretha, especially her “Respect” song, but in the video above, my heart broke when I realized that Aretha was wearing a for-real fur coat, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

    1. Hi Barbara! I will dance one for us all! I will dance a bunch for us all.

      I also adore Aretha!!! And I hear you about the fur coat. But this is how I see it. She has it as a sign for herself that she is successful. That she is worthy and made it. Even after wearing the coat, she may still not believe she is successful and worthy. Also, in her culture, this is probably a sign of huge success.

      Much love to us all, E

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