Not looking busy enough?


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No, we are not Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, or, or any rising star or high-profile person that will make political or social or musical history.  At least, not from a 3D perspective.  But on a Soul-level, that’s not our goal.  And it’s unnecessary, and even a distraction.  As I have said, energy magnifies and if there are any issues that have not been released, that energy of massive attention, or status would cause major disruption in our life.

And most of us would probably agree we have enough disruption thank you very much!   But that doesn’t mean that we are not being recognized, and celebrated for what we are doing here.  There are millions of souls, primarily in the non-physical, cheering us on, and in awe of what we have been doing.

But when the human is uncomfortable, or bored, or in doubt, those cheers can’t  be heard at all.  It’s hard to feel that acknowledgement when we have been so conditioned to value ourselves from standards created by a humanity that doesn’t really recognize true excellence.

When that excellence takes physical form, of course it is seen, acknowledged and appreciated,  but when the creations are esoteric, or unseen, who knows and who cares?  The heart of what we are doing can’t yet be measured with a microscope, or seen in a movie, read in a book, or heard in a piece of music.

But at the same time as Souls, we especially enjoy expressing the new energy through many types of media.  As a writer, artist and musician, I love the process of expressing my Soul, and then sharing that expression.

But what I am talking about here is something that is not necessarily tangible, but is none-the-less profound.

We may want to perform miracles so others can say, “Wow, what John was talking about is real!”  But at this point, for most of us that’s not really possible.  Except we can show others by how we feel, by our lightness of spirit, and even by how our life seems to be working in ways that can be called mysterious.  Unusual synchronicities, things matching up for us.  Without struggle, or effort.

But those who are closed off to such things will probably say it’s just a lucky coincidence.

And, we may not be walking around with a perpetual smile on our face, but that doesn’t mean we are necessarily disconnected from Spirit.  This process isn’t about being all smiles and dancing in the middle of the supermarket.  Although I love that YouTube video of the guy who does that in Australia.

This is the most arduous process a human can undertake.  Very few choose this Embodied Enlightenment, at least the so-call accelerated plan.

Moving into our freedom requires one hundred percent of our attention.  We don’t have time or patience for energy feeders.  The problem is, to most people we don’t look like we are really doing anything, so they think they can take up our time.


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Their idea of someone who is doing important things and too busy to accommodate them, is someone who goes to an office every day, or if they frequent places like Starbucks, has their cell phone, their iPad and their laptop smoking all at the same time.  Jockeying phone calls, typing in reports, meeting with clients.

Not that there is anything wrong with any of that, but our life may not necessarily look like that.

And it’s not that we don’t have time to have a conversation with others.  I certainly enjoy those interactions.

For me, at least, this is a serious path.  Dead serious. That doesn’t mean I don’t laugh a lot.  I do.  But I have to remind myself every so often that just because I don’t carry around a laptop, or a brief case, or meet clients regularly, or have webinars, it does not mean I am available.  I mention this because it’s easy to sometimes believe that we are really not doing anything since we may not have a product or lifestyle to show for it.  But that’s old energy thinking.

And, I know, I’ve written this already, that we do more before breakfast than humanity does all lifetime.  But I am going to repeat it.  How may people do you know who are letting go of their entire ancestry, and their DNA is being transformed, from carbon-based to crystalline-based?

Are they releasing their old story, or even aware that they can?  Have they gone through the dark night of the soul?  How about setting free their entire lineage here and in the non-physical realms?

This is not a judgement, because each of us were not aware, at one time, of this process.  And yes, the rest of our human family is at the beginning stages of this process.  They are not aware of what’s ahead for them, just as we weren’t.

But it’s just to remind us of the monumental process we have agreed to take on.  And that we are doing significant work.

And, as a matter of fact, our influence has manifested in science, medicine, psychology, art and music, and writing.  Even in politics from time to time.  Many of us have worked with Tesla, and Edgar Cayce.

We have been instrumental in helping create the internet.  We knew we would be needing a venue to connect with each other, especially as new consciousness forerunners.


Many of us have brought the crystalline energies here, onto the planet.  These energies, as I have said before, are ours to use.  To create with.

On the human level, we don’t have to understand all the intricacies of this process of transformation.  Our human mind is simply not designed to comprehend it.  That’s not a value judgement, just a fact.

But the beauty is it doesn’t have to.  Our Soul is equipped to utilize the energies and to create for us.  It doesn’t mean the mind gets annihilated.  It just serves us in a different way now.  It’s no longer elbowing its way to center stage.

In fact, much of the hardest ‘work’ is actually learning to just allow.  That, my friends, is the most challenging thing for a human.

Which brings up another point.  We are busy working with the new energy.  That alone takes dedication.  Because the new energy doesn’t work like the old energy, and there is a learning curve.  Just like with a new operating system on our computers.

But, again, it’s not an old dynamic of forcing, pushing, or trying.  It’s a whole new paradigm.


As Souls, we actually aren’t interested in being celebrated.  We know who we are. It’s not just the person we see reflected back to us in the mirror.  We know we are eternal, and that we don’t need to do anything to earn praise or to prove worthiness.

We are here to express, as our Soul, our joy and our sensuality.  To dance with our human counterpart like we have never danced before.  Some may ask, how does that change the world?

Once they begin dancing with their Soul, they will never need to ask that question again.

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11 thoughts on “Not looking busy enough?

  1. “it’s easy to sometimes believe that we are really not doing anything since we may not have a product or lifestyle to show for it. ” I so agree with everything you wrote! I feel a bit better about “not doing anything.” when this feelings come now I can say: “calm down we’re not running a marathon sweetie, its not about getting anywhere, it’s only about here and now, and we’re okay, we’re fine and we’re safe. breathe!” the difference between the 3d energy and the cristalline is so abrupt it take us time to learn how to work with that.

    I guess what makes me annoyied sometimes is the fact that my family is all about “what are you doing now?”but I know they just get worried with me and my future since I’m not chasing what they were taught to in their lifes, sometimes ascension feels like we’re constatly torned apart and like you said.. sometimes it can be 100 times before breakfast. not to count the rest of the day.. at least we get used and learn how to breathe!

    the other day I was listenning to your songs, and I felt so GOOD.
    at that time I just wondered in bliss.. whan an amazing artist you are! one of the greatest I ever seen.. such a honour to hear, read, see and feel your art dear Maria! ♥

    1. Tainara…you get it. You know how to have compassion toward yourself. That’s big. And, family, yes, they are wondering what the bleep we are about…they mean well, as they try to pull us back into the fold. But they notice they can’t.

      It’s o.k. They’ll thank us later.

      And, it’s ‘music to my ears,’ pun intended, to hear you are enjoying my music, and art….thank you so much for that feedback, my friend. And thank you for your beautiful light.💕💕💕

      1. Yes they will, I can already see some difference in the patterns of the family relationship! it has been huge! they see I’m changing and they do their best to come a bit with me along the way (although sometimes they say I’m crazy haha) I thank YOU my dear friend! sending you lots of love always!

  2. I like to say, “profound allowing”.

    My dear hubby helps me. He says to me, “we’re retired, what are you doing?” He helps me not be too busy.

    Coming to terms with my over achiever self. I seem to feel sick if I do too much. Not fun, but I think this is the universe’s way to get my attention. BIG-TIME!

    We are on a road trip and it has been challenging for me. Too much packed in. Figuring this out.

    We are in Monterey right now having breakfast and a couple of mellow days. Yay! Needed. On our way to a friend’s. We will then dance on Catalina Island all weekend. Oh joy! Oh rapture!

    Dearest Maria…I needed to read this. Thanks for writing it. Love you tons and tons!!!

    Loving us all! Loving me! 🎉🎉🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    1. SiSTAR goddess….if you are slipping into that ‘over doing things’ zone, just take a couple of GUILT-Eze tablets, (Now with more ‘meh’), and re-read my post, ‘Be Best, or Medocre at Best.’

      Or, just keep listening to hubby, he seems very wise on the subject.

      And, enjoy your road trip, and dance, dance, dance!!! Love 💜💕💕💕

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