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Good Vibes, The Law of Attraction, and Ascension


cropped-077cc661-7d09-43b4-be94-1ce91e8951ef.pngIt’s no big surprise that we attract things to us according to our frequency, or some call it vibration.  Even neuroscientists have researched and concluded that like attracts like when it comes to our vibrational frequencies.

So, it stands to reason, the higher our frequencies, the better stuff we attract.  It’s Law of Attraction 101.

However, just like religion, or the original teaching of Yeshua (Jesus), this universal law has become misunderstood, and maligned over time.

In fact, Yeshua demonstrated quite painfully, at the end of his short life, how the Law of Attraction works.  He pushed against the powers to be in such a way that they ultimately pushed him back.

Consequently he became the symbolic martyr for time immemorial.  According to many people on the Planet, he literally and symbolically died for mankind’s ‘sins.’  And, interestingly, that really wasn’t his intention.

But that suffering energy hasn’t left.  It continues today, and it’s got the backing of religion.

If He could tell us anything about those events in his life those 2000 years ago, and what he learned from them, he would say, “Get me off the cross!  Get yourselves off the cross! Suffering gets you nowhere.”


But there is some confusion around this phenomenon of frequential attraction.  That’s because most people who come across its teachings are trying to implement it with their mind.  Which is understandable.  Most people operate predominantly from that grey matter most of the time.

So they try to think their way to better health, or more money, or whatever.  If they focus enough, they believe, on what they want, it should come to them.  And when it doesn’t work they say that there is no such thing as the Law of Attraction.  But what they are missing is that it’s their vibration, not their thought, that is creating their reality.

Someone may be thinking of having a financial fortune, how they would spend their money, etc, but, if their predominant frequency, or their predominant emotional set point is lack, or feeling unworthy, then they will not have satisfying results.

The confusing thing about going through ascension is that things in our life seem to get worse.  At least initially.  If my vibration is raising, how come my life doesn’t reflect it?  Where’s that damned Law of Attraction now??


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As we have discovered, light disrupts.  And the amount of light in our body and our life has done some really disruptive things.  It will bring up things, emotions, diseases.  It will spin things out that no longer serve us.  Whether it’s relationships, jobs, etc.

The light, we could say, is clearing the way for the higher and clearer frequencies.

And the physical body seems to be the last to catch up with our consciousness.  So it’s not that things aren’t moving in a direction that will be much more satisfying to us, but unfortunately, we also have these carbon-based, ancestral bodies that still have resistant energies in them, some of us more than others.  And there is the problem of too much light blowing out all our circuits.  So things seem to be going at a snail’s pace.

So it’s a combination of letting go of old resistant energies, which to a degree still attract old, resistant energies, and embodying new consciousness energies, which attract lighter and more joyful experiences.

But, it’s not happening from our mind.  The mind is not equipped to do any of this transforming and transmuting.  Just as the Law of Attraction isn’t achieved by just thinking about things.

Emotions create.  If we feel, on an emotional level, that life is supposed to be hard, it will be.  But that emotion is generated from the mind.  The higher and finer vibrations we elicit come from the soul. So naturally, as our Soul, we will attract more pleasant experiences.

The heavier, denser emotions, which are of 3D do attract things and experiences to us, but in 3D, those experiences are not usually very satisfying.

But the confusion in the ascension process is that we must rid ourselves of those denser emotions.  Yes, of course, ultimately, we need to be vibrating higher and more clearly in order to have more satisfying experiences.  But there is an integration period in which those darker emotions will be purging.

And, I have said this numerous times, those emotions are not even ours.  We have inherited most of them.

And, what many people miss entirely with this process is that it’s all about self-acceptance.  That’s the elixir.  That’s what does the transforming,  and that self acceptance and allowing is the hardest part of this process.  Because it’s the hardest thing anyone must do.

The self-acceptance means we accept all of the emotions that come up.  It doesn’t mean we have to enjoy them,  and it doesn’t mean we as the human have to wrestle with them.

Not at all.  It’s about opening the door just a little, and inviting spirit into our life, and  letting spirit do all the hard work.  But as the human, we have to open some doors.

And, those of us on this awakening path have done that.  We have opened the door. And sometimes the light comes flooding in and we feel overwhelmed.  The door doesn’t have to be opened very wide in order for the light to infiltrate the rooms of our house.

Light is potent.

And, as we are discovering, as we gain more mastery of this new consciousness, we are less and less tolerant of lower vibrations in others.  Even from our own mind.  We are less and less comfortable when we are in a lower vibrational state of mind.

But we also discover it’s not about wrestling with any of it.

Now we know, as Masters of our own creations, we can walk away from energy feeders.  We don’t have to try to reform them.  Because if we do, we end up nailing our selves to that metaphorical cross.

The minute we try to change anyone else’s mind, they try to change ours.  And we are familiar with how that ends.

Enjoy Came Here To Open The Door from Cosmic Blend

Cosmic Blend Album Cover

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

23 thoughts on “Good Vibes, The Law of Attraction, and Ascension

  1. Always accurate! Lots of love. ♥

  2. oh goodness yesss Maria, this is so relevant to me with where i’m at 🤗 i feel like i have a bunch of things to say about this, but they’re all rambly and coming from different directions haha so I’ll try my best to edit, but i’m pretty sure i’m ’bout to write ya a novel 🙈

    i have definitely tried to work with the whole “mind manifestation” and it has never ever “worked” for me, and you perfectly touch on some of the reasons why. well to be clear, it has “worked”, but it has only ever worked in the sense that it manifests the “movie” i’m watching around me, and that movie has only ever been a fear based experience. so like it “works”… but it only ever “works” for me by manifesting my fears – literally the very worst things i don’t want show up – and then it’s just me getting stuck in misery trying to sort through the awful movie. and i never actually do figure out how to “mind manifest” anything good or beautiful, instead it’s just that after a certain amount of suffering, i eventually figure out how to stop putting emotions into those fears… and so then i manifest “relief from those fears”… but none of it’s real change and none of it is anything i actual want, it’s just a cycle of fear and relief from fear. it’s all a 3D maybe a little bit 4D game i keep playing…and those same cycles come back again and again. none of it feels good or real or what i want.

    i just feel like for me the mind is never where my answers will be. the soul is where “who i am exists”, and the mind is just tool that helps me function in the human experience, but it isn’t where “me” exists. and so no real authentic change or creation of any kind happens for me anywhere but the soul. and it doesn’t happen through “effort” or “focus”, but exactly from how you describe….only from resonance. it’s all vibration and energy and resonance. and resonance for me only comes with breath and patience and surrender and softening into myself, and yes there is awareness and choice to it… but any kind of shift or change for me has to come from feeling, not thinking. and those feelings have to be genuine from a soul level, not manufactured, my soul has to want a different experience, and only then will my feelings and choices reflect that…so change really only comes when i deeply align with it, not ever if i try to force it or “mentally intention it”.

    the whole “mind work” philosophy feels like it has become like the new version of “new age”…it’s everywhere, and to be honest it’s kind of terrifying to me. there are a bunch of these “hack your life” movements out there and i feel like it’s creating what i can best describe as a “spiritual sociopathy”. and by that i mean, it’s focused on advancing the mind without growing the soul. which is exactly how sociopaths work… they are incredibly mentally conscious, but completely void of soul consciousness. people are learning spiritual catch phrases like “evolved” and “enlightened”, yet the actual “work” they are doing has nothing to do with the soul, just mind trickery, and i feel like makes them less “enlightened” and more selfish and cold…like turns them into “spiritual robots” in a sense? and it’s because the point of things like law of attraction or “the secret” isn’t to grow on a soul level and become more beautiful “beings”, the point of them is really just to get better at “playing the human game”…and to me that’s all just feels like completely lower dimension, unconscious emptiness i guess 😔

    sorry for the long ramble 🙈 but i guess i’ve been sorting through all this lately and you triggered my ability to finally articulate it lollllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Sweet pea

      First, your comment is very coherent. It’s an interesting and unique perspective on the topic. The ‘cycle of fear and relief from fear’ is a really apt way to describe the mind, and how it works. Trying to live life from just the mind without the benefit of the soul. It’s what mankind has been doing for eons of time, with smatterings of spirit’s influence now and then.

      “The soul is where’s ‘who I am exists’”. Well put. And yes, exactly, “those feelings have to be genuine from a soul level” for any real change to occur.

      And of course that’s what we are doing in this awakening process. Slowly trusting in that soul of ours. And trusting that our human needs will be met even better and synchronistically as we allow our soul more and more into our bodies and lives.

      And, exactly, our mind by its nature is a lackful consciousness. It subscribes to fear mostly. So any people or groups that try to make themselves a ‘better’ or more powerful human are missing the entire point of enlightenment. Especially the so-called spiritual groups.

      So yes, sweet pea, it is tiring to see all the so-called spiritual self-improvement programs out there….

      Hopefully, those who subscribe to them will eventually see that those methods don’t bring the true joy of the soul, and they will abandon the rhetoric and begin to just accept themselves and their human limitations. But they will need a Cosmic two by four to get that started.

      Something will have to disrupt their lives in a big way to begin the real initiation.

      Most of those programs are built on human pride. And in this arduous awakening process, we have to abandon that pride. Most folks aren’t ready for that, and are terrified of feeling vulnerable.

      Because in 3D, vulnerability usually produced some not very pleasant experiences. So they hang on to control at all costs. And as you say, they just want to be better at ‘playing the human game.’

      And I agree, some of those on the more extreme end of mind control can wreak havoc in their lives and in others’ lives.

      I have met some very nice people who consider themselves on the spiritual path, but they haven’t really gone through their awakening yet. They are still trying to use new age tools to, like you say, become a better, more improved human.

      As you say, ‘advancing the mind without growing the soul’ is a dangerous game.

      The mind can be its own prison. And trying to escape the creations of the mind by using just the mind is psychotic, It’s just replacing one prison cell for another with nicer decor.

      I like to call it mental masturbation.

      Anywhoo…it’s nice hearing from you, sweet pea….💜

      • ahhh yesssss Maria all of that 🙌🤗 thank u! you so perfectly articulated even more what i’m feeling ❤️❤️❤️ i feel like this whole topic has been messing with my head and weighing me down throughout my journey and has been nagging at me quite a bit lately but i never could sort exactly what i felt and why it all felt so awful 😩 i have kind of just brushed it off a few times that i’m just such a heart energy person that too much mind energy overwhelms me, but that has never truly settled in me why this all feels so heavy to me, and i have gotten really trapped in some fear manifestations over the past few years and never could find an
        explanation that made sense for why i get so stuck in them…,this article…this conversation is EXACTLY what it is that i feel… feels like such a breath of fresh air to sort of process this and get it out of my system 🙏😩😭😭😭😭 thank u always Maria, once again your higher perspective always helps 💕❤️💕🤗

        • Dear Sweet Pea, it’s a really sticky one….’ i feel like this whole topic has been messing with my head and weighing me down throughout my journey ‘… was meant to…..!!!!!! It is just a concept which keeps us in our heads and in the illusion of control – from either place it is much harder to respond to our soul, whether she whispers or yells!

          I wrote an article on this exact subject. If you are interested you can find it on (or click on my name) the article is called ‘manifestation-and-the-law-of-attraction.’

          I’ve been so exhausted lately, but still check in even when I don’t comment. I have been having revelations, also people I know, all having revelations at their own level of evolution. people waking up a bit around me, actually asking.

          A little story….I fell in love with the tanpura (an Indian drone instrument) about 15 years ago. It was so obviously MY instrument and yet, I could never afford one, or find one on the rare occasions when I could afford one. Last week I visited a friend and found that he has made a tanpura with a pick-up (so it can be plugged in and amplified) and I played it….for hours….the first time I have had the opportunity to really connect very deeply with the instrument, and Oh boy!!!! I’ve been back and played it for hours again. Anyway, my friend is now making one for me. Manifestation? Vibration? Coincidence? Luck? Who cares!!!! I’m getting a tanpura. Yippee!!!

          Love you all xxx

          • “It is just a concept which keeps us in our heads and in the illusion of control – from either place it is much harder to respond to our soul, whether she whispers or yells!”

            yessss so much this 😩 and that’s actually perfectly what i’ve been trying to let sink in lately!

            and yes your blog post on this is perfectly what i’m feeling! sooo much!

            ahhh breath of fresh air to have these feelings clarified 🤗🤗🤗🤗

          • Ohmigosh Gail I went and read your post. Wow!!! I got quite a lot of resonance and clarity and even RELIEF from the way you expressed on the subject. Two things grabbed me hard–one, that manifestation is manipulation (&interference), and two, the short paragraph about how the universe does not need you to paint a detailed picture of what you want. That REALLY upped my understanding of something I already felt but was unable to articulate for myself. Thank you for writing the article and thank you for linking it here–i found it very helpful and eye opening!

          • oh my gosh yes Elila! i almost quoted that exact section here about the “manifestation is manipulation”… that perfectly articulated it for me!

            Maria’s post and Gail’s both really have captured what i just couldn’t articulate about this stuff before…i always thought i was just “doing it wrong” or just maybe it was just a different spiritual path than i was meant to take, but that never settled right, it still always left me feeling like there was a toxic? vibe to it. and it’s cause it really isn’t soul stuff. it really is just more 3d, lower dimensional, “human” stuff, not higher energy or spirit stuff. and once you start wanting soul connection and spirit healing, that lower energy stuff just feels more and more awful, and honestly it really feels like such a relief for me to have an understanding of WHY it all felt so energetically awful 😕

          • Ha yes sweet pea me too I always thought I was doing it wrong! Now I see that all that “trying” to “manifest” and “getting clear about what you want” was just more control issues packaged differently lol. Like Maria says, mental masturbation! And not leaving much room for spirit to really surprise and delight me with things beyond my brain. Now I’m perfectly happy to let spirit do the heavy lifting on this!

    • Wow so very well versed sweet pea and I absolutely agree with and and can relate to everything you said there!

      • yay, it’s comforting to know others understand some of that mess i feel about it 🙈

      • Haha hi Kat I was going to say the very same thing to sweet pea that you have here!
        Hi sweet pea! What Kat said! Lol
        I too completely relate and am just awed at how beautifully you articulated all of it, and love Maria’s response too. I’ll have to go read Gail’s post–hi Gail!
        Love to each of you 💞

  3. Reblogged this on Infinite Shift and commented:
    Amazing article!

  4. Nicely written stuff. I come here every now and then but when I come here I read a lot of your stuff at once!

  5. Hi Maria, great post, lovely mellow song – I love it xxx

    • Thanks, Gail, and kudos on getting your tanpura!! That is so awesome!! Sounds like you have become one with the instrument as it channels your Soul.

      • I can’t wait…I’m as excited as a child before Christmas! I will send some recordings once I have got going. I really feel the tanpura has finally arrived, as the energy my soul can resonate with has finally arrived here on Earth. She will be flowing through this instrument xxx

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