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Me and My Shadow-How Far We Have Come



I have said this many times before but it bears repeating. It takes a great deal of courage to face the darkest aspects of ourselves. And those dark aspects that are in the shadow are simply emotions. Nothing more. It’s not any kind of evil, or nefarious aspect of ourselves. They are simply the darker emotions that our soul in its love for us kept in shadow because we were not able or ready to deal with them.

But this ascension, transformational process is all about those aspects of ourselves, that have been hidden, to come up and out. Those aspects are to be faced with love and acceptance. There is absolutely nothing that needs forgiving because we have done absolutely nothing wrong. Our Soul, and our eternal self loves us absolutely, unequivocally and unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what we have done or not done, or thought or said or not said about ourselves or anyone else or anything else.

And as I have said numerous times before, those who are not able or ready or willing to face their own shadow side will absolutely find a way to express it. And usually what they will do is project the shadow out onto others.

We can see this demonstrated in a bigger than life scenario in governments, between nations and in more personal ways within intimate relationships.

The shadow is projected onto other genders, races, immigrants, people of color, the poor, or the devil.


A larger than life example of projection is United States president Donald J. Trump. You could not find a better way to see how this process works then watching what that man will say in public or in tweet form.

He is showing for all who are willing to see what he feels about himself. If you are able to endure his rhetoric long enough to see this phenomenon being played out in front of your eyes. A couple of examples of projection…..

Hillary’s emails were (My administration is) the ‘biggest political scandal since Watergate,’

The press is (I am) the enemy of the people. (I am my own worst enemy)

The caravan of asylum seekers are (I am) invading our democracy. They are (I am) a danger to this country.  (I am easily overpowered by my own fears)

Remember, Trump’s biggest fear, and actually, any authoritarian ruler’s biggest fear is appearing weak. They will instead project their own fears of being seen as weak onto others, especially toward the female gender. Trump tried to disparage his presidential opponent, a woman, as weak. Trying to say her health was failing. When that didn’t work he portrayed her as a criminal that needed to be locked up

His presidential campaign was built on that premise. The ‘lock her up’ chant isn’t anything new in politics. Silencing the female voice. A woman who ran for the position of president in our country’s early political history was jailed on a technicality the day of the elections.

But the chant is a projection, not of just Trump, but of his avowed followers. ‘Lock her up’ becomes ‘lock me up.’  Lock up my sadness, my sense of abandonment, my fears, my vulnerability and my feminine.

And throw away the key.

So, once you recognize the projection, you can understand how others use it unconsciously. We have all done it to one degree or another. And it comes from not facing our own shadow.

9F283B24-1344-4FAF-9A84-EABAD9D0596EIn this transformational process the light will reveal the shadows. Nothing can remain in the dark anymore. Those in 3-D reality are at the beginning stages of their Ascension process. The light that is shining upon that world will reveal the shadows in business, government, and relationships, between nations, and in religion.

We are seeing this being played out now in stark relief. No one or nothing is spared this light.

3-D reality is intense right now because this light is intense. But it’s a good thing. It’s good because there’s so much people can play in this game and then they must ultimately face themselves.


That is why those of us on the leading edge of this transformational process are revered for what we are doing. What we are doing as we integrate our light and our dark is we are creating new templates which become the solution for all the problems in this world. As we move from the mind to the heart, as we allow our expanded self, our very Soul to come into our life and our body in such an intimate way, we are the living and breathing examples of self-love, self-acceptance and a new way to be here on the Planet.

Tremendous imbalance is the result of disowning the shadow, and the feminine. This planet is imbalanced to the masculine obviously. And now it is seeking balance once again. A very wise Ascended Master, Tobias once said energy seeks balance. Energy seeks resolution.

And that’s the good news. When things get so wildly out of balance in life, whether it’s on a world, national or personal level, energy will always seek to balance itself.

Even the physical body. It is designed to rebalance itself no matter what illness or disease is present. Unfortunately this process gets interrupted by various factors, one of which is resistance. The mind is the great resister as we know.

In fact, the mind is the final frontier of this process of Ascension. Once we are no longer wrestling with government, or family, or interpersonal relationships, we are faced with just ourselves. We get to look in the mirror and see who we actually are. And who we are is much more than who we see in that mirror. But then we are faced with the mind, all of its fears, and we realize that whatever happened in life was just a reflection of what was going on in that mind of ours.

It’s a big deal to step out of 3-D reality, and out of victim status. Because 3-D reality is all about fear and victimhood. It’s a big deal to accept total responsibility for our creations, and for our own joy.

Fortunately, our Soul is already integrated and fulfilled, our Soul is already joyful. There is no need to strive to become those things. To become more joyful or to become a better human being.

All of that is unnecessary. We come to discover that this whole process is more about allowing. Allowing all of these elements to come together naturally.


But as the human, we are required to do something. We are required to do things that will bring us much more joy.  And, as we allow our Soul in, we will naturally gravitate to more joyful feelings and experiences.

But, as the human, we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. To be open, and to allow our Soul into our lives and our bodies.

As the human we are asked to make some choices. We are asked to choose things that bring us joy. Or if we’re not sure what that is, exactly, and what lights us up can change from day to day…we are asked to at least let go of things that are not bringing us joy. Whether they are thoughts from our mind, or jobs or relationships.

If we have done everything possible to feel joyful in those situations but they still do not reflect who we are, who we have become….then as the human we need to take responsibility and let some things go.

Sometimes it will happen organically without us having to do that. We noticed that sometimes we are fired from a job or a relationship dissolves.

If you find your life filled with activities and people that aren’t bringing you a sense of joy, sometimes it’s a reflection of not feeling that joy within.

Sometimes it’s a sign that there is an emptiness within. A disconnect.
But in this awakening process It’s often necessary to release things that no longer serve us.

It’s kind of an emptying out process.


Power is not real.  It is an illusion built by the mind when it fears losing its status and control.  People amass power because they feel powerless. The more powerless they feel, the more they need to build walls and fortresses and own guns and try to become bigger than life themselves. These people are often in positions of power And they will abuse that power.

We see this with many men who are accused of sexual harassment and abuse. They have disowned their own feminine and orphaned their own shadow aspect.

These figures also serve as a reflection of those who support them. They are a reflection of the shadow of the populace. These leaders of governments and businesses and industries did not appear out of nowhere.

Staunch supporters of these types of leaders will generally dismiss their corruption and bad behavior because they refuse to see their own shadow side.

The mind, in its worst iterations will attempt to amass ultimate power. But it does so at the expense of the heart. Yet it can only get so far, especially in these times.

And, ultimately we realize that power is just an illusion, anyway.

Is society becoming more mental? Is there more and more emphasis on the mind and not the heart? Is there more focus on super intelligence and less on creativity and imagination?

Are people willing to die to maintain that control from the mind? Some believe we are moving more toward a soul-less world.



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Well, like anything in evolution, there is progress and then fallout. Progress is usually met with resistance. As women became more vocal and involved in politics and business, it was met with a huge backlash by those who feared the feminine in themselves.

We see it with civil rights, where there are groups railing against integration and diversity. We see it acted out with more violence against minorities.

Even in our ascension, we see how resistance comes up when we seem to be making progress. Things seem to get worse in our life and our body for a time, following what we considered movement into more light and awareness.

Considering how long it took for us to get this far, to a point where we can see that the light and the dark are actually from the same source, you might say we aren’t doing too bad. Even on our worst day, it’s good to remember how far we have come.

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

23 thoughts on “Me and My Shadow-How Far We Have Come

  1. Wow. Wow. Did I say wow? This is Nobel Peace Prize-winning material.

    Maria, you encapsulated here all that needs to be understood by anyone who has awakened and is embarked on an Ascension journey.

    There are no other words than WOW.


  2. Maria & friends— I know none of you sweet people are doctors or can give medical advice. That said, I wanted to ask if any of you ever get really really scared of your ‘ascension symptoms’ and turn to modern medicine for help? I’ve been through some pretty weird (physical) stuff and turned out to be just fine. But my latest scare is high blood pressure. I am fairly young and fit but suddenly my bp is higher than a chubby old smoker’s. 😜 I desperately don’t want to go on pharmaceutical drugs… I’d like to have faith but by the same token, I don’t want to be stupid and put myself at risk (I have a family to take care of). Have any of you faced anything similar, and if so, which route did you choose?

    • Hi Senlinsays…..I have compassion for you because I have had some scary physical issues myself….some have resolved themselves over time, like a frozen shoulder that was painful for months. I really worried I had permanently damaged it. So I did the whole medical thing, doctors, MRI, and it turned out to be not as bad as I thought. The doctor suggested I go to physical therapy, but that just made it worse, so I just stopped focusing on it and it did heal in time.

      Some other issues are still with me, but I haven’t gone to the doctor in awhile. it’s a tough decision, and I hear you about the meds. Of course, you’ll need to feel into your own intuition as to what’s the best way. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doctors and allopathic or even homeopathic medicine. Sometimes they serve a purpose to get the body stabilized.

      I hope others here in the community can share their personal experiences in this area with you. And of course, the body has a great capacity to heal and balance, and it’s good to also trust in that, whatever you decide to do. Please keep us posted. 💕

    • hey senlinsays 💜

      physical illness has been beyond words the hardest most excruciating part of this process for me, and i’m fairly young too – in my 20’s. i’ll give ya a quick summary of what it’s been like for me…

      since about 19 years old when this whole ascensions stuff started for me, i have been struggling with allllll kinds of actual physical ailments – that’s how my whole journey started. lymes disease is my main “conventional diagnosis”, but it’s been quite a bit of other things too – ascension-y and legitimately physical. i spent the first few years seeking for help desperately from conventional medicine – when it was all said and done, it honestly didn’t work at all. i tried prescriptions that did nothing, had mri’s and cat scans that found “suspect areas” but no real answer, and had all kinds of expensive tests where doctors were kind of just trying to look for a reason to prescribe something. but really, other than getting the actual lymes diagnosis they mostly just took a ton of my money and treated me like i was crazy 😔. i was still legitimately sick though so i moved on to integrative medicine, where they did end up treating me for some really serious things conventional doctors completely ignored – i did actually have really serious acute kidney and liver issues and was in an integrative hospital for like 9 months. but after getting out of those treatments, even though the acute organ issues settled, i was still really sick, so i moved on to hollistic, energetic, chiropractic, etc. it helped somewhat for a while until it didn’t, and really it just kept me stable, but never really healing. it all just got too expensive, and pretty pointless, so i’m now completely treating myself at home with some holistic machines, nutrition, etc. and at this point i’m really i just am maintaining a level of steady, but again, nothing really improves that much.

      i share all that because i think we all have our own journey, so it’s hard to give advice really 😟 but i will say i totally understand the struggle you feel about whether or not you should give conventional medicine a try. i know that for me, i was so sick and scared those first few years that i had to give conventional medicine a try, and after exhausting myself and it not working, that’s when i was able to walk away from it and not worry that i was ignoring it…i knew it wasn’t going to work. but if i hadn’t tried it, i wouldn’t have that experience based knowing that it wouldn’t work.

      not sure if that helps at all? 🙈 i think we all have to be comfortable with our choices… like not feel guilty if we try conventional medicine just for the comfort of it, but also honor our inner guidance and not let conventional medicine hold us back from a higher healing path. 💜💜💜

    • Dear senlinsays,

      These ascension symptoms can be quite scary and I feel for you. We have all experienced such things and we all respond to them from our own level of fear (or no fear.) We all started off our awakenings at some level of fear. The fear has been programmed into us all our lives and it takes both time and determination to overcome the fear and live in peace with what is. That does not mean we ignore symptoms, but we learn not to take our fears so seriously, until eventually the fears subside altogether.

      No-one can advise you about a symptom, or give a definitive method of dealing with the fear of symptoms. The only advice is to go within. (This will not necessarily eliminate fear, but it enables you-with-your-soul to view the fear with some distance……that helps)

      It is an illusion to think that if we are successfully ascending and embracing our masterhood we will be immune from dis-ease, serious or otherwise. It is not about being gloriously healthy…more about knowing that we are absolutely fine, whatever is presenting itself in our bodies.

      You said, ‘I’ve been through some pretty weird (physical) stuff and turned out to be just fine.’ This is my experience too, and I became less and less worried each time the latest symptom disappeared. This has been going on for me for decades (I did say TIME and determination!!) So I no longer worry. Soon enough, neither will you worry.

      with Love, Gail xxx

    • Hi gain senlinsays,

      Often symptoms reveal something to us and then they go away. It is always our RESPONSE to anything that reveals things to us. The wording our minds use is very revealing and it struck me that you said, ‘I’d like to have faith but by the same token, I don’t want to be stupid and put myself at risk (I have a family to take care of).’

      This sounds as if you believe that if you reject conventional medicine and have faith instead that you WOULD be being stupid and putting yourself at risk (by the way, I understand that feeling.)

      My path has included noticing things like this in myself and challenging them. These are basically thoughts that are not yours. Associations that are not yours. They have only been learnt by example and regurgitated verbatim. Becoming aware of these things in ourselves is a huge part of our work and our freedom. Not analysing and fretting and fixing…just becoming aware.

      These are some of the shadows that become revealed and once we see them they lose their power. xxx

      • That’s such a good point, Gail. For myself, and I venture for many of us on this transformation provpcess, it’s the trust that is the most difficult. Fearing that if we opt out of the medical or even the wholistic route, that we are being irresponsible.

        Along the same lines, if we opt to leave a job, without any foreseeable income, we feel we are not being responsible to ourselves or perhaps our family, etc.

        But it seems this process is coaxing us, and sometimes kicking us into having to trust, because sometimes there aren’t any more options left.

        Abraham, of Abraham-Hicks once said that they love when we get diagnosed with something that there is no cure or operation for, when we get ourselves into a corner, because then we have no choice but to realign our vibration.

        This is why we on the cutting (sometimes bleeding) edge of ascension are so revered. This is the most challenging of things a human will have to go through.

        • Yes Maria, we have been very well trained to trust only OUTSIDE ourselves, in the form of believing that others have superior knowledge, understanding, experience, special equipment, and so on. But once we realise that this whole process is not based on knowledge, understanding, experience, etc, we realise that no-one else knows anything more than we do about any aspect of this (and probably know much less!!)

          There was something so deeply insistent in me that so many normal things weren’t right. I know it was the insistence of my soul (rather than a strong will) which would not give up, continually pestering me to go against norms in all fields of life, including health… recognise and face and ignore the imposed false fears from societal norms.

          The thing is, senlinsays, if you have this insistence nagging at your mind, that is fantastic and it will only grow and grow. It is not comfortable or easy, but it will give you a freedom you will cherish xxx

        • Also, on being irresponsible……..responsibility is just another form of control (it means controlling events in order to conform to the ‘relevant’ societal ideal)

  3. I want to share a story here that may help. Last year I decided to make an appointment with a doctor for a checkup but part of me was reluctant. I didn’t like the idea. But it was one of those annual checkups and since I had a persistent and a somewhat frightening condition I thought it would be a ‘good idea.’

    So I called to set up the appointment, and the receptionist said I already had the appointment for that day, which was the next day. I was confused. How was that possible. I hadn’t been there in over a year, and I didn’t set up any appointment previously.

    She then asked for my birth date, and it turned out there was another Maria Chambers scheduled for the next day, at the exact same time I just tried to schedule it for. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, she then said the following to me, “Well, then I guess you don’t need to come.”

    Looking back, I know that was a signal from my Soul that I really didn’t need to go. That whatever fear was triggering me wasn’t real.

    Who knows, maybe in an alternate reality there was another Maria Chambers who needed to go to the Doctor.

    But, full disclosure, I did end up going. And, no, it didn’t resolve the physical issue. But you could say it put my mind at ease. The doctor was a good one in that specialty, and he did lay out what was occurring, and it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it was.

    So You could say I was working with my mind, helping it to relax more about things.

    But I agree with Gail, that we will come to a point where we will trust more in our Soul than in our mind, and that is a good thing. That is a very, very good thing. 💜

  4. “Considering how long it took for us to get this far, to a point where we can see that the light and the dark are actually from the same source, you might say we aren’t doing too bad. Even on our worst day, it’s good to remember how far we have come.”

    Yes!!! And we have definitely traveled far and wide!! This paragraph spoke volumes to me, as did the rest of this post, THANK YOU MY WISE MARIA!!

  5. You people are beautiful & amazing. Thank you for all the insights and sharings. 😍 So helpful— thanks for talking me down from the ledge! 😆

  6. Well, what can I say? I’m one of them there ‘chubby old smokers’… so a few years ago I went to the doc for something or other and doc tells me your blood pressure is really high and gosh, you’re at risk for this and that and heaven knows what else. So, he’s got his prescription pad out and writing up the drugs I need… name it, he’s a pharmaceutical kind of guy. Meanwhile, there is a tube coming out of the lower lid of my doc’s left eye, and I said, “Do you know you have a tube coming out of the bottom of your left eye?” He rushes off, fixes the tube… tucked it back in, I guess, and says, “My tear glands are blocked,” and I thought, maybe if you cried or laughed now and then instead of prescribing drugs, you might not need tubes. True story, and I’ve never been back. But about high blood pressure… I can suggest that if it’s something that concerns you, get yourself your own blood pressure monitor and take your own blood pressure quite frequently until you find out when it’s high and when it’s low. When it’s low… keep doing what you’re doing. When it’s high, slow down, breathe in/breathe out, and if you can, go for a walk or hug someone or pet or plant you love. Otherwise, join me on the back deck for a smoke! Love, B.

  7. Barbara, you’re awesome. ❤️ What a tale. And good advice. I might just track you down for that smoke, before too long. 😉

  8. I love you all! Barbara! Cracking me up. Reminds me of that great movie, All That Jazz, where the doc has a cig hanging out of his mouth coughing and examine his patient, who had a cig hanging out of his mouth. Hahaha

    I have been super fortunate to have minimal physical ailments. Mostly seeing myself as horrible and ugly and fat. Super insecure person. It is WAY BETTER now. My mind has been my biggest enemy.

    I do have some arthritis in my thumbs. I am 61. And it is clear to me to stretch them and massage them and to just DO LESS. I am a bit of an overachiever……heehee

    And I have always been reluctant to go to a regular doc, but my beloved hubby loves going to the doc, so I don’t tell him everything. 😝😝😝 The regular docs mostly don’t know shit.

    I’ve been focusing on the JOY PATH.

    Wallowing in gratitude and joy.

    PS. A new angel came to me last week. His name is Will. He said he is my guardian/advocate angel. I have never in my life felt such acceptance and complete understanding from anyone. Wow!

    Loving us all

    Thanks for sharing, you all!

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