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Letters Through Time



I just watched The Lake House, which is a wonderful movie about how two people were able to connect with each other deeply, even though they were living in two different timelines, two years apart.

I watched it years ago, but this time it made a bigger impression on me, and I think it’s because of how time is warping and realities are bleeding through more and more.  The idea of time travel no longer feels so far-fetched.

In the movie the man and woman who thought they didn’t know one another, who were seemingly just tenants of a lake house, each in their separate time lines, hers was 2004, his 2002, were able to connect with each other, initially only through a shared mailbox, the lake house mailbox.

When the woman moved out of the lake house, she wrote a letter to the next, future tenant, placing it into the mailbox, asking them to please forward any remaining mail to her new address.  But in the new tenant’s timeline, the man who subsequently moved into the lake house, the former tenant’s new address, a condo, was not yet constructed.  This he discovered when he tried to deliver her mail to her in person.

Another perplexing event was her apologising to him about her dog’s pawprints (the pet had walked in wet paint) in two separate places at the lake house.  But when he searched for them, there were none to be found anywhere.

Through their correspondence they began to realize that they were both living in separate time lines.

Through letters to each other they began describing their respective lives and the time frames they each lived in.  The lake house mailbox became their portal of connection.

They come to discover their past, younger selves had mysteriously crossed paths, even met and kissed, before they knew what was really occurring between them.


As we move more and more into our multidimensional selves, we begin to realize that time and space are illusions, designed to help humans to focus on a particular experience, or lifetime at a time.  Even though past experiences are never really erased from our memory, we have some safeguards so that we won’t be overwhelmed with all of that information.

But outside of this carbon-based reality, time is simultaneous.  Or, another way of saying it is, there is no time.

Of course, like most movies of 3D, it was about a man and a woman seeking one another out, and believing they wouldn’t be happy until they were able to come together in the same timeline.

But we know that what they were seeking in each other was their own soul, their own self. The man wanted to drink from his own feminine, and she from her own masculine.

I tried to get past the Hollywood boy meets girl theme, to experience the movie’s magic of how multidimensional we are.

So watching the flick again was really enjoyable, and the premise no longer seemed fantastic to me, but rather felt like a perfectly logical truth.   In fact we are communicating with our past and future selves more than we realize.  It’s just below our conscious awareness,

And, as in the movie, we can influence those past and future selves.  Because there are an infinite number of potential timelines.

What I found most fascinating is that, to the average viewer, the boy meets girl would be the perfectly normal perspective, while the time warp was the fantastic (illusory) part.  Yet, as we move our level of awareness higher, it’s the diametric opposite.

If you have read this post up to this point, you may be thinking, “hmmmm, Maria has way too much ‘time’ on her hands.”  Maybe so.  But regardless how much time I do have, I will not be watching Hot Tub Time Machine.


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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

29 thoughts on “Letters Through Time

  1. I loved this, and guess I will watch that movie again as well, and like you, I’m pretty sure it will have a bigger impression on me too!
    Hot tub time machine…Looks interesting 😆
    Love to you my Maria, and Happy Everthing my friend, especially Twenty Nineteen!! I must say, Twenty Eighteen was quite an interesting year, WHAT WAS THAT!?? Lol
    Truly, it was challenging, yet extremely TRANSFORMATIONAL, that’s a loooong word, but the year felt very short.
    Hugs 🤗✌🏼️😍

    • I think you’ll enjoy the flick, Annette. And, I wholeheartedly agree, 2018 was quite the roller coaster ride, without seat belts…yikes!!! And, yes, definitely also transformational. I’m sure we each have stories to tell.

      Happy everything to you too my Annette. Love and big hugs to you 🤗💕💕💕

  2. You are cracking me up. I just looked and I can watch it on Netflix. What fun! I have never seen it.

    This past reminds me of the Jane Roberts “Oversoul Seven” books. Have you read them?

    Love love love,

    • OMG elizabeth, I was so inspired by her channeled messages. I consumed the Seth material back in the day! I read: The Seth Material, Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, Adventures in Consciousness, The God of Jane, The way Toward Health, The Magical Approach, and Oversoul 7.

      And all of it is still very relevant today, isn’t it? In fact, there is a man who continues to channel Seth, I remember listening to or reading some of the channeled messages from him a couple of years ago. Fascinating.

  3. Oh how interesting. Just a few hours ago, I was just thinking about watching this movie again! A huge thumbs up from the Universe, for sure!👍😃

  4. I have seen this movie literally DOZENS of times! I used to have it on DVD. It’s one of my all time favorites!

    • Really, Elila? Wow, amazing! I guess I was led to watch it. I always enjoyed those types of films, where there was some type of bending of reality as we know it. Like ‘Heaven Can Wait’ with Warren Beatty.

      I loved ‘Drop Dead Diva’ t.v. Show. because of the premise that a soul can take over another person’s body. And how one’s life is affected by that merger.

      Another good movie is ‘Frequency’ (2000) An accidental cross-time radio link connects father and son across 30 years. The son tries to save his father’s life….

      • I remember seeing a film called The Flip Side of Dominic Hyde about a guy who travelled back in time and became his own great grandfather. I was about 10 and it impacted like nothing else!! Another one was Sliding Doors – two timelines shown in parallel. I love these types of films too xxx

        • I will check both out, Gail, they sound intriguing. Most humans tend to incarnate in the same family line, so it is absolutely possible to be our great grandparents. I also love those documentaries about past life investigations, where a little boy keeps referring to his ‘other’ family in some remote country or region and leads his present parent to that place.

        • Gail, I started watching the Flip Side of Dominic Hyde on YouTube. So far, intriguiging. Really good actors.

          • Looking at the date it was first shown, I must have been 17 not 10!!! Or maybe I was in a time-slip……

            I’ve rather given the plot-twist away! I will watch it again myself now I see it is on youtube.

            Happy Christmas everyone, lots of Love 🙂 xxx

      • Yep it seems most of my favorite films have the common thread of “reality bending”, like time travel and what most would consider ” magic” but makes perfect, viable sense to me–like Serendipity, Somewhere in Time (filmed right here in Michigan at a place I’ve been to several times–the Grand Hotel. My mother even stayed there as a child!), The Lake House, Just Like Heaven, The Never Ending Story, The Last Mimsy, Contact, Cocoon– It’s also why I love cheesy Christmas movies so much–i love the element of magic, which I see as our souls helping us along and lovely things happening because of it if we let it…..
        Angels, aliens, Santa Claus, true love, time travel–it all seems possible to me lol. The “real world” is too unbearable or drab without these possibilities.
        I haven’t seen Frequency or some of the others mentioned here–i’ll have to check them out!

        • one of my favorites too Elila, and for the same reasons 💞 and just like heaven too 😍

          over and over i connect with you on how we both have the same yearnings for the same kind of beautiful intangibles 💕 i hope both of us never give up on them

      • I never watched ‘Drop Dead Diva.’ I have been binge-watching and just about to finish Season 2. 😊Thanks for the tip.🙏💝

        • Oh, Nadine Marie… glad you’re enjoying it! I have watched and rewatched the series so much that I know some of the lines verbatim. I like how Jane/Debbie has evolved over time. It has humor and pathos.
          When they cancelled the series I was very sad. You don’t find these types of ideas executed so successfully in tv. Let me know what you think of it as you keep binging. 💕

        • How fun to have some new watching ideas! Thanks everyone!!!

          Also, “About Time” is a fun time traveling movie. Very cute. Sweet.

          Here here to huge shifts and the balancing of the Divine feminine and masculine!

  5. Hey, everyone, thanks for giving me a wonderful movie list… best of presents… sending BIG LOVE wishes from my corner of the world to each of yours, and letting my good vibes’ imagination soar for us all in 2019. B.

  6. And I can see myself doing the same, Maria — rewatching it over and over again.
    Yeah, like you, I like how the characters of Jane/Deb are evolving as well as the energy dynamics are shifting between her/them & Grayson, how she is getting into her own power, the process of grieving…
    I was deep into my travels when the series first came out & wasn’t watching/had no access to TV & never really paid attention to it — even when there were reruns & I could watch them. I didn’t even know what the theme/storyline was. I guess it wasn’t the ‘right time.’

    I became so intrigued after reading your comment because I’ve gone back and forth over the years with whether or not I am a walk-in.☺ I got to the point in my journey where it doesn’t really matter to me anymore whether or not I am one. At best, the idea fascinates me.☺ Maybe the Universe found a way — through your blog/comment — for me to be validated & remove whatever doubts I may still have.
    I can definitely relate with a lot of what is being depicted about soul exchange/merger in the show — the ‘confusion,’ the ‘sudden’ remembrance [“Where did that come from?”, “Oh, I yeah, I know that. Now I remember.”….], the difference PLUS similarities in personalities [It’s been said that the Incoming Soul chooses that whose personality is a bit similar to the Outgoing Soul; otherwise it would be too much of an ‘unbearable shock’ for both Souls.], etc etc.
    So, yeah, I am thoroughly enjoying it and so happy and grateful to be binge-watching with a ‘purpose.’ 😉

    • Nadine Marie, that is fascinating that you may be a walk in. I never thought about the incoming soul needing the recipient to be close in personality but it does make sense. Debbie and Jane on the surface seem diametric opposites, but then I guess on a deeper level, match up more closely with each other. And it’s interesting when Jane says she misses Deb and mourns her, kind of like what we are going through in the death of our old selves in this ascension process.

      And there is so much soul growth as she faces new challenges in her ‘new’ life.

      The series has so many interesting sub-plots, twists and turns, and at least for me, a lot of tender moments. I like how it highlights many real life social and gender issues in the cases that the law firm takes on.

      Also her dear friend, Stacey, develops into a deeper personality and not the ‘ditzy blonde’ she believes herself to be. And it’s partly because she is now dealing with a friend (Deb/Jane) who is so much more herself.

      Anyway, I can go on and on….but I’d love to hear your perspective on any of the series any time you feel like sharing it. 💕

    • Nadine me too!!!

      i’m almost certain i’m a walk-in at this point, and i totally resonate with the soul merger sense of things. i feel like it’s happened gradually for me as in it’s been slowly happening over years. up until i was 17 feels like someone else’s life that i have “mental” memories of, but no “feeling” connection to. and from 17 on has felt like i’ve gradually taken over this life. my childhood was so incredibly chaotic, dark, abusive, etc. that i have always felt like no soul could’ve fully been present through it, and 17 is when i left home, so i have felt a bit like my soul sort of started to integrated in during that time, and has been sort of phasing in ever since.

      for me it would explain a lot of things… such as i’ve had non-stop health issues since 17, and the health issues have been really reflective of this physical body not feeling anything like “me”, and i think my soul needs this body to completely transform/upgrade before i’ll fully step into. i also sort of feel like i have survived far too in tact for someone who went through the things i experienced in childhood…i went through the healing process(i.e. all kinds of therapy), but the way i have such a complete disconnect from the intimate human experience of it all at this point is sort of mind blowing… i really seem to only be deeply affected by it on a bigger picture/ancestral level where i feel like i’m processing the universal energy of those things, but it doesn’t feel personal – and for a human that went through those things, it should feel excruciatingly personal. and especially because i em INCREDIBLY sensitive and i feel everyyyyything so deeply…but that seems to on;y apply to everything i have experience since 17 on.

      anyways… i’m rambling 🙈, but the “walk-in” stuff has for sure been something i’ve felt in my own journey.

  7. That is so true — how we mourn our old selves. I’m not, haven’t particularly been missing my old life/self, not even the ‘friends’ or connections/interactions. There was a phase when I was filled with intense dislike even with just the thought of my experiences & interactions. I hadn’t quite embraced all of me, my dark shadow, at the time which I now have, thankfully.

    Yeah, I, too like how the series tackles social and gender issues which was the last episode watched — the one about the prom & a lesbian couple. I love how the plot unfolded. I have so much compassion for the LGBQT+ community. The Philippines is such a hypocritical, homophobic country that I feel for the members of such a community. [The hypocrisy is largely connected with the misleading teachings of the Catholic church.] I once got involved with a lesbian [I was in my 40s] & boy was that an opportunity for me to discover my true friends — which turned out to be just 1 or 2 & who are also no longer in my life. Even now as I’m writing this, I cringe when I recall the judging & condemnations of such narrow-minded folks, whew! But I fully understand, given where they’re coming from, background, etc., & I’m just so grateful that I have a much wider & deeper perspective on life.

    Yeah, I’m also happy for Stacey’s transformation & how Deb/Jane’s energy is a huge influence. Again, kinda like how it is with people in our lives who are at a different stage in their ascension process. They can fall away & be left behind as we continue our journey, or they, too, can move along with us — depending on their readiness.

    Yeah, I will most definitely take up on your invite to share, thank you!🙏😇

    • Well stated, Nadine, Marie….and, oi, don’t get me started with the Catholic crusade against anyone who isn’t heterosexual. This administration in the USA is trying to remove as many rights as possible in the LGBTQ. Community. You know, Make America White, Heterosexual Male Again….

      And of course, they are unashamedly anti-women to boot! Cutting funding and making abortion harder and harder to choose for women. Some states are trying to pass a law to criminalize abortion with prison and even the death sentence. And many Christian Fundamentalists, who are 100 percent behind that sort of policy, are a large sector of Trump’s base.

      Thankfully the Divine Feminine on the planet is moving stuck energies and these extremists are coming out of the shadows.

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