Happy New……Life!

920F1F48-86C1-45CB-8BEA-386AA988D378This is the time of year that we exchange, Happy New Year!  with each other. But many of us aren’t really feeling much of a difference from 2018 to 2019.  And as we go deeper into this process, we are less and less attached to time anyway.  But what we are going to be celebrating, or might want to consider celebrating, is our new life.

A life that may not look too different initially from our old one, but it sure feels different.  Hard to deny that.  There has been a gradual but unmistakable detachment from our old identity, and from the world outside our door.

We relate less and less to that world, and to many of the family and friends we were connected to.  We realize that we never really fit into that world anyway.  We tried, and we blamed ourself for not fitting in.  We thought we were doing something wrong.

Letting go of that belief is liberating.  When we realize that this world is not Master-friendly.  It doesn’t get who we are.  And, that’s o.k. We came here to bring light to a dark consciousness.

When we look at world events, it may sadden us to see how humanity is still so unconscious, and is projecting its own unresolved issues out onto others.

But we know more than ever that we are no longer part of that world.  Not from a place of believing we are elite or better than all of that commotion…after all we were deep into that game ourselves for lifetimes…..not from a place of pity, or sympathy…..but from a place of compassion.

We have compassion for that world which means we know why they do what they do from a much broader perspective.  We have no desire to change that world.   Only to shine our light and radiate who we are, without agenda.

And we also understand and have compassion for ourselves and all we’ve been through to get to where we are today.

But we have left our stories behind.  We have left our wounds behind.  We can enjoy the 3D world now, as much or as little as we like, because we are no longer invested in it.

I enjoy talking politics with my cafe acquaintances, because it’s one area I can connect to with them.  Sometimes I even get passionate about it, but at the same time I know that it doesn’t really affect me and my life consequentially.

I know I have stepped out of victimhood.   And for most of humanity, they are still playing in victimhood bigly.

So there is the part of me that can still get triggered.  I am angry at how women are still seen as second class citizens, for example.  And I have little tolerance for bigotry and misogyny.

And, at the same time, I get that those who disown their own feminine will not trust the female gender.  That of course includes both men and women.  The planet is lopsided toward the masculine, and is still patriarchal.  There’s no denying that truth.

3558C242-EF47-4C2D-B252-10B2787C78B0At the same time, the world I choose to reside in is one in which I am not profoundly affected by that misogyny.  I was, earlier on, and it had left a wound.  But this awakening and becoming conscious process allowed me to release that wound forevermore.

And that’s because I have begun as many of us have, to acknowledge that I am more than a human personality.  That we are also the I AM, the eternal self.  And that self is not wounded, or fearful.  It’s not anxious, or worried about its safety, or needing to protect or defend itself, or its identity.

That self doesn’t take things personally.  But it’s very discerning about how it wants to share itself with others.  It really doesn’t give a damn what humanity thinks about it.

That Self is free.  And that’s where we are going with this Embodied enlightenment.  We are moving into our freedom.  It’s a freedom from the old emotional baggage, from all the wounds.  And that will attract a whole different reality.

For each of us it will be different, but it will be perfectly tailored for us.

It requires a surrender that few humans are ready to allow.  They still believe they are just their personality and their mind.  But we have been moving from a mind-based to a soul-based reality.

It’s still challenging being here, for our body and our mind.  The physical body is the last to catch up, and meanwhile there is a lot to deal with on just a physical level.  But we are beginning to trust that what we need will come to us in a synchronistic way, as long as we don’t try to micromanage things from our mind.

Still, there is the emptiness, the lack of passion.

No, it’s not for the wimpy.  This is an arduous process.  For that reason, many have left the planet.  These words are nothing new for those reading them, but just a reminder that they are the few brave and capable souls that chose to go through their own awakening and their own creatorship process.

Being the creator of their own life, and harnassing their creator abilities will take more time.  Not more studying, not more processing, not more mentally trying to figure it out, or analyzing any of it…..but just more allowing.

Primarily allowing the natural joy of who we really are.  Who we are beyond our human personality.  To allow that joy to mingle with our human self, including with our body and our mind.

And to begin to not just feel that joy more and more, but to see life reflect that back to us in real, tangible ways.

For the first time, we are bringing home right here.

Meanwhile, it’s the simple things in life that we enjoy that we will take with us when we go back home….what are those for you?

Happy New Life!

Enjoy Nothing Left To Fear from Smell The Roses


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9 thoughts on “Happy New……Life!

    1. Hey, Elizabeth….well, you and I and lots of us on this arduous ‘path’ have to be kind of ‘stubborn’, stubbornly devoted to our own realization. 💕

      Thank you siSTAR for reblogging on elizabethsadhu….

    2. Yes, indeed…..stubborn. Always been accused of it, but it has stood me in very good stead on my journey thus far. Give up and stop growing?? NO WAY!!

      Happy New Life y’all xxx

    1. Tainara….those are lovely things, indeed. I could feel the joy of those experiences conveyed in your words.

      You and most of this community probably know by now that sipping dark roast coffee takes the lead in my favorite things. Walks at night with the backdrop of crickets and frogs…and now those things have the extra spark from my soul. These experiences become extra-sensual.

  1. Lyn

    Thanks for the blog and wishing you happiness in the New Year. Was glad to touch base again with someone who is in a place of detaching from things, passions disappearing, and trusting and allowing what we needs come to us.
    I have been noticing most of the messages going up about 2019 from our spiritual brothers seem focused on manifesting, techniques, choosing passions etc as they look to the year ahead. I don’t do that active focus from mind as I did. I feel detached from the old spiritual ways that underlie this – as I formerly was detached from the majority of the world growing up. Wont make it ‘old’ and ‘new’ though ( even though it feels like ways I let go of getting to here) but rather we may be settling into different sub streams with different functions at this point. Who knows?
    Have settled into my path emerging from within As I need it,- rather than driving it from the human perspective.
    Some are seeing this as a year of creativity yet the art that has absorbed me in recent years I also feel less interested in. I guess this will all sort itself out as we go.
    Nice to read you echo some similar thoughts to where I have been moving.,

    1. Lyn, you say it beautifully. And ditto on the old passions not holding up anymore. Our human self just isn’t feeling that inspired right now. And of course the new will present itself to us as a different kind of passion than what we were accustomed to. The passion of our soul is actually so much more orgasmic, if I may use that word.

      Our logical mind wants to know, how it will come, and will we be able to actually do something with that passion. My personal experience with that passion is that my soul wants to enjoy this physical experience through me, its human counterpart. Sometimes it ends up being expressed in one form or another. But sometimes it’s just that awareness, that expansive and sensual feeling.

      And it happens anywhere, whether I’m engaged in something, or just laying on the couch. It’s like my soul wants to dive deep into its own creation, (me and this time and space reality) intimately. Not just observe it from across the room.

      Where I going with that experience, I haven’t any idea. Like you say, it will sort itself out as we go along.

      Namaste my friend.

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