The Human Feels Traumatized

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Have you looked around at people, young, old, and in between, and have you seen the trauma in their eyes?  Some carry it around more obviously than others.  We can see it especially in the elderly, as they become hunched over, as they look weary from life and gravity pushes them down.

Their wounds are part of them.  Most do not know how to transcend those wounds, and many carry them like a badge of courage.

The wounds they carry are mostly ancient, and have stopped them in their tracks from truly enjoying their lives.  Some define their lives by those wounds.

Emotional and physical wounds.  Being traumatized by life here on an unforgiving planet.  They begin to believe that life here is a punishment for some wrongdoing on their part.  So they try and try to be better people.  They follow all the rules, work hard.  Worship the right gods, study, put their time in.

They can’t understand why they are not getting what they want.  Why has god forsaken them?

As time goes on, as years pass, they eventually just give up on their dreams.  They don’t believe in Magic.  Which isn’t magic at all, but is their natural state of being creator gods.  But they dare not dream only to be disappointed once again.

They keep their world small.  Expect just so much, and no more.  Maybe just the bare minimum.  Just enough money, just enough health, just enough love.

They stop living, and are simply biding their time.  Filling it up with activities and people, wondering when god will get them out of here.  Or hoping that they can hang on to life indefinitely because they are even more terrified of what they will find on the other side.

Most people are living variations of  a colorless life.


Very young children tend to be drawn to people whose radiance is stronger than the average human.  They sense the average human isn’t really in their body.  Their consciousness is off somewhere else.  But they are drawn to those who have more spirit, more of a connection to their soul.

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Those children are also more connected to their soul.  They are generally not encouraged to cultivate that connection, but are discouraged to trust their own impulses.

They are told that their invisible friend is just their imagination.  That the trees can’t talk.  Their young hearts are filled with a wonder for life.  Everything is so new to them.  They are absolutely themselves.  And they know they are more than their own body and personality.

But all too quickly they are taught that their mind is the most important aspect of them,  that they must study, work hard in school, have goals, get a good job, settle down, raise a family, save their money.  Follow all the rules and they will be rewarded.

Dont make waves.   Stay within your gender roles.  Be a good person.

So some people display the trauma in their eyes, others look vacuous.  Glazed over.  Not engaged except in a video game that goes on for hours every day.  An easy escape from a world that offers them very little joy.

So many young people have already given up on their dreams before they even know what those dreams are.  Some are setting their life goals as young as grammar school.  They already know they want to be a computer analyst or something that will earn them money and financial security.

Even in the face of job insecurity in the world now, parents are still pushing college on their kids.  But those kids know better, at least some of them.  They know college isn’t the answer.  They know that life is out there, not in a classroom.

We also knew, back in our childhood, that life isn’t what our parents or our schools were trying to teach us.  Yet we felt powerless to do anything about it, at least back then.

We knew we were here for vastly different reasons than what most humans were living.

We came back this lifetime, those of us going through our enlightenment, to shed our wounds.  To bring back our lost aspects.  To connect with our I AM here in these bodies.  To bring life force back to our bodies, to our lives, and to this planet.

We came back to reclaim the magic that we knew we had in our fingertips.

We come back here to experience the earth, the soil, the water, the forests with our soul.  Even if it’s a plant or bouquet of flowers in our apartment. To taste food for the first time.  To hear music like never before.  To fall in love with OURSELF.

To do that we have been shedding our wounds, and our human trauma.  The experiences that created those wounds are not necessarily forgotten, but our perspective has changed around those events.

We no longer see those events the same way any more.  And that changes everything.  That changes our reality.

Then the magic can come back to us, which isn’t really magic at all.  It is just us being who we have always been.

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Enjoy Here’s To Love from Cosmic Blend

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40 thoughts on “The Human Feels Traumatized

  1. Here’s to Love! Great song!

    Thanks for this post. My beautiful adult children are 35 and 38 and I am proud to say they are both in beautiful careers that they love.

    I am happy to say that I talked my son into dropping out of high school and getting his GED back in 1997. He did NOT go to college. He is now a very successful metal fab artist. With his own thriving biz.

    My daughter dropped out of college and then went back when she decided to become a Veterinary Technician. She had been doing that for over 10 years.

    They both love what they do. And that makes me a happy mata. ♥️😀♥️☀️♥️😀♥️😀🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    There is the assumption that you must have a college degree and you must make lots of money…… To BE HAPPY And successful.

    I tried to get my son’s high school to give him credit for all the welding and cool things he was learning at his job in the summer of 1997, but it wasn’t an option then.

    Love you dearest Sistar!

    Life is fucking awesome!


  2. I see the weariness and fear in my (almost) 93 year old father. Its very sad.

    I can be very hard on myself at times, but something I’m proud of in my parenting is that when my older son talked about his imaginary friend when he was little, I NEVER told him it was his imagination. I encouraged him to talk about the friend. I wasn’t as aware as I am now, but I KNEW it was real

  3. kat

    I got a bit sad while reading this article. Sad for all those people who buried their dreams in the name of “security”. My boyfriend is very security driven but I think that’s just who he is (he is a Taurus..and many of them are like that).
    You write about creator Gods that we all are. I seem to have forgotten how to create. Do you mind break it down for me Maria? It’s really baffling how I could forget but it also seems ascension related.

    1. Barbara

      Ditto your comment, Kat. I’ve been doing my best to create a reality for myself and others on a beautiful 5D Gaia. I’m apparently no longer able to create… not a pity party here… in 3D as most of 3D no longer holds any attachment. But since at least mid-November, the ascension symptoms have been the most challenging I have experienced to date, and that kind of makes me think perhaps it’s time to un-create ascension symptoms. Enough already! I’m not sure how we’re supposed to create, when we’re being so whacked and in pain and fatigue, etc., from the whole process.

      Elizabeth, your son and daughter are really neat and they have you to thank. I’m not a Mum, but I would imagine keeping your kids happy and healthy, while setting some boundaries, is a tough one.

      Thanks, Maria, for this article. I’m still managing some humor, but as said above, I’m so fucking worn out from the process, I’m definitely not amused, nor pleased, nor much of anything these days, other than fucking worn out… oh, I already said that. Love, B.

  4. Elila

    Ugh holy crap I second you Kat AND Barbara. I didn’t want to say right off but since we’ve opened this can I’m wondering how the hell to create as well. It’s been WAY TOO many years
    barely getting by and I don’t seem to be making any dent in it –my magic wand seems to have fizzled out. I tried turning it on and off, and changed the batteries, but still nothing but occasional puff of smoke, Lol. Gotta be honest since we rolled over to 2019 the energies feel like a major smackdown for me, and I feel way more like the people you describe in the first part of your lovely post, Maria, than like a “powerful creator” of any sort. Although apparently I’m amazeballs at continuing to create the same old same old shit. Like Kat I don’t seem to remember how to do it, and like Barbara I am so (fucking) worn out. I feel like it’s ME who’s traumatized and worn out by life and ascension, like it’s MY life that has gotten so small while trying to survive it all. It’s my desire and intention to create THRIVING, not just survival! But no clue how to do it….
    I love you guys for talking about this stuff, and I love you, Maria, for always giving us such great “food for thought”, for catalyzing these amazing conversations and sharing, and for providing and maintaining the space to do so 💙💙💙

    PS I read an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow the other day and near the end she boldly stated
    “I want an amazing life”, and I nearly cried because I so long for that too, and have for as long as I can remember. But HER wand seems to be working just FINE……

    1. Fucking Gwyneth Paltrow!!! Please don’t want to be anything like her. Total 3D brainwash pimp. She’s already got an amazing life, by most peoples’ standards. She wants us to cry and then buy all her STUFF!!!

      I second you all as well. Even when a great opportunity comes I often can’t take it from tiredness/exhaustion or its energy is too low, or the people connected with it have low energy.

      The creation that we are doing is NOT about stuff or lifestyle. We would get too comfortable with that and stop expanding. None of the manifestors have progressed in dozens of years, at anything other than manifesting. It makes them happy because that is the societal brainwash, but it would not/does not make US happy. It is empty and meaningless to us. There is nothing in this environment to satisfy us (except the odd cup of lush coffee, Maria!!!)

      We must remember that the patriarchal system is hanging on for all it is worth and this mainstreaming of manifestation (twerps like G. oop(s) P) is a big part of it. We know one can’t manifest Connection (which is the only REAL thing here in 3D illusion) We have to make and maintain that with no help from 3D whatsoever.

      Yes, it feels like we are the same as the traumatised old folk. Well, actually we are traumatised just by waking up to this existence every morning. I have no answer, but I just try to do things I enjoy, like playing guitar, singing a bit and stop myself in my tracks when I feel so disconnected, to remind myself that OF COURSE I am disconnected….I chose to connect with my Soul and have discovered that I can’t do both. Have I made a choice that gives me a SHIT life….quite often the answer would have to be YES, but less shit than anything else that is on offer, at its depth.

      Thriving is what we are doing rather than going down with the sinking ship, but because we are trained to apply the ship’s standards, it feels like we are just surviving like the other crew…..but they are not surviving they are perishing in goodies and ideas and desires. Ugh!!

      Big hugs all, I love you all, Gail xxx

      1. kat

        “Fucking Gwyneth Paltrow!!! Please don’t want to be anything like her. Total 3D brainwash pimp. She’s already got an amazing life, by most peoples’ standards. She wants us to cry and then buy all her STUFF!!!”

        She’s always rubbed me the wrong way. Can’t stand her.

        “The creation that we are doing is NOT about stuff or lifestyle. We would get too comfortable with that and stop expanding.”

        It’s not exactly about stuff with me. It’s about existence and not becoming homeless. I don’t think that’s too much to ask and to be honest I’m getting tired of having that issue, because it’s been so fucking persistent. I completely agree with everything you said but we do need to have our basic needs met – and that is a secured roof above our heads and food on the table – otherwise this fear of landing on the streets is going to become too overwhelming and I can’t imagine that this would be helpful in our expansion.
        And apart from that, yeah I would like to have some extra money to go travelling and go out for a nice meal. After all we are still on this sensual plane and we are supposed to enjoy it. At least that is what I strongly feel.
        That manifestation rubbish doesn’t seem to work though and yes I agree, it’s very 3D, but what does work?

        1. Yes, Kat, it’s so wrong (to me) that anyone has to PAY for a home. I feel for you, as I have been in that position in the past. I have temporary home security just now, but I don’t know how long for.

          You are right that the fear of landing on the streets (at ANY level up to overwhelm) is certainly not going to help our expansion. So many times a landlord has given me short notice and it feels so unfair….it’s our HOME and just their profit-method. Then the whole rigmarole of packing, moving, etc.

          What works? Good question.

          I do know that every time I had a fear (there have been many!) and then worked hard to not be afraid (different, as you know, to ignoring or pretending-away the fear) in the same circumstances, then suddenly things changed. Somehow the need was met because it stopped becoming a need. And I did not have to CONTROL the change.

          I found that really allowing and fully feeling the helplessness rather than the anger and despair (the anger and despair STEAL the experience of the original feeling) took me much closer to my soul and to trusting her. It is not pleasant or easy and is painful, BUT once FULLY felt, my experience has been that things then change.

          Maybe that sounds blah blah, but it is what works for me. FULLY feeling, not letting an initial feeling be stolen by other feelings which we can handle better, usually due to our family/cultural training.

          Big Love, Kat


          ps, am I right that you live in UK or Germany? Memory not too hot!!

          1. kat

            Hi Gail,

            yeah working hard on not worrying has been my method as of late. Fully feeling the feeling – and believe me helplessness is something I am soo familiar with – hasn’t really helped. What does seem to help is distracting myself with writing and keeping my mind busy with things that please me.

            “ps, am I right that you live in UK or Germany? Memory not too hot!!”

            Funny, before I read your question I wanted to ask you whether you live in the UK 😀
            I used to live in the UK for a while but I live in Germany now.
            Where do you live?

        2. Elila

          Nowhere did I even insinuate that I admired or wanted to be like Ms Paltrow. I only referenced her name because that’s where I saw the phrase “I want an amazing life”, & the sentiment, not the person or anything she specifically chooses, that resonated for me. Although I did mention that I notice she has no problem “manifesting” whatever she chooses.
          Like Kat said its not about the stuff. It’s about basic existence and how can I see myself as a powerful creator if I can’t even create my own home and enough for groceries? It would seem that if there is to be any expansion or growth, or joy and passion to be had, those basics need to be resolved first, otherwise the fear of homelessness or starving makes everything too tight and instead of being free to “dream big” and “follow your joy”, everything, even the moments of happiness that poke in, is always shadowed by ” paying the rent”. Kat, you said it all perfectly so no need for me to repeat

          1. So sorry Elila, I didn’t mean that I thought you actually wanted to be like her or admired her. No aware person would. Her wand only works coz she spends millions on advertising. I know we need to express ourselves and we must keep it safe for each other, so I am really very sorry if that felt like I wasn’t xxx

          2. Elila

            Aw Gail thanks for saying that. Your reaction did feel a little strong, but I understood–a lot of people just seem to have that reaction to her. I personally don’t really have any strong feelings about her one way or another. I do acknowledge that it would appear she must be doing something “right”, and also that she can seem a bit annoying lol. Oddly enough I used to have a friend who knew her and worked with her back in the days that she was besties with madonna (my friend met her through madonna), and she seemed nice enough, but I never met her myself.
            Love to you 💙

  5. I love the conversation here. Such wise and compassionate souls! It’s so nice to hear all your unique perspectives, and at the same time feel the common thread among all of you, that you are here to realize yourself. Not to fulfill any role in the 3D world any more.

    And all the concerns, the health of the body, financial balance, and of course feeling the passion of your soul in a more sustained way….or the joy of the soul, I know Kat doesn’t so much like that word, passion, for good reason. Hehe.

    It seems we are figuring this enlightenment thing out as we go along. How to use the energies to manifest. Discovering the old ways don’t work for us now. The trying, pushing. Controlling. Wondering how we create when there isn’t so much inspiration.

    Are we still in a holding pattern? Is it the human holding back, or is it just part of the unfolding that nothing is happening right now, at least nothing in our outside life.

    This process feels endless at times, yet here we are. Trusting in it to the degree we are still here, with each other, sharing our experiences, knowing that there are tremendous inner changes we can’t deny.

  6. Barbara

    I heard you, Elila, and wanted to comment that I understood it was the phrase, not the person’s lifestyle that you vibed with, but I didn’t comment, because shortly after my own comment yesterday, I went into full rage mode… luckily I live alone… and by the time I fell into bed exhausted, I concluded that I am not manifesting for myself, but for others though they may not know it. It’s a thankless job, one that I chose apparently, and like Kat says, if my needs are met, which are not much, then I can carry on doing it… I hope. Much love, B.

    1. Elila

      Oh Barbara you made me laugh out loud–full on rage mode–im feeling rant-mode bubbling myself and just the frustration of this whole process and still being worried about shit I was worried about ten flippen years ago after all the changes and transforming ive undergone both willingly and unwillingly–that I would still be in this same bloody circumstance–ugh I can’t even get started without petering out from mental and physical exhaustion. I’m sure I don’t need to explain it anyway lol. Thanks for saying you knew what I meant
      —it didn’t even occur to me that I’d need to clarify it when I wrote it! Much love back to you from one weary soul to another 😉💚

      1. Barbara

        Yes… “one weary soul to another”… thanks for responding, Elila. I think you like the bits and pieces that I submit here as a result of my reading over the years. So when I read your “weary soul”, I thought of a paragraph in Patricia Pereira’s book, “Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light” at page 210, so here it is:

        “By now you should be aware that Souls choosing not to evolve have decided to remain at status quo. However, SOUL-WEARY (my emphasis) humans are urgently endeavoring to awaken their less conscious cousins. They are finding this increasingly difficult because of those who are eager to access the increasingly downward-pressing momentum.”

        And, if I have any insight into the above statements, it tells me that we, those of us who have worked so hard to access the increasingly UPward-pressing momentum of our Souls, and I include all who comment here at Maria’s website, not only are we being dragged down by those who have decided not to awaken, we are being dragged down by those who want the control that comes with a false reality of “power over”.

        Anyway, I had a grand rage yesterday… as far as I know I didn’t wither any of my plants, nor my cat, nor any other human in the process, but afterwards I ate a whole pizza… something I rarely do… had a huge cup of ‘instant’ (sorry, Maria) coffee laced with Bailey’s… and fell into bed, totally exhausted and saying to my Soul peeps, “If you have anything to tell me, not now, thanks anyway!” and slept about 13 hours straight.

        Much love to all, and thank you, Maria, for this space, which is so important as our Souls continue on this WTF journey, and we press increasingly upwards. B.

        1. Barbara

          PS… if there is one thing I’ve learned over many years of trying to understand ‘how it works’, it is this: Play ‘their’ game to survive, but KNOW in your heart your own sovereignty. No judgement of either them or yourself. Do what it takes while being AWARE of the game while you’re doing it. Yes, it can hurt like crazy, because very few know what it takes to play the game while aware… that is not capitulation… it’s actually creating but not in a sense of how others might view it. B.

          1. Elila

            Barbara you made me laugh again describing your rant–especially the part about eating a whole pizza yourself because holy shit last I have BEEN there lol lol!!!!
            And i do enjoy the snippets you share, and being EXPOSED to different books or perspectives I may not have come across myself. What struck me about this one was the idea of trying to awaken the less conscious–does anyone actually have the energy for that still? I myself sure dont–im just trying to survive my own “awakeness” lol. Pretending to “play the game” in some ways and keep my head down, not draw unwanted attention to myself. But in a lot of ways, like getting money in the traditional sense, is no longer an option and hasn’t been for a long time. For me it seems that “the game” is more and more off limits to me even if I could force myself or pretend. I’m not sure about the idea of the “unawakened” dragging on us, but I do feel like there is some force or energy that seems to be holding me in place or preventing new creation, like a cosmic freeze-frame perhaps? Jeepers I don’t know much of anything anymore–Just. So. Tired. And since the advent of this new year it’s been hard to not feel a sort of defeatedness and there’s been lots of an anxiety/fear energy that maybe isn’t even mine but I feel it moving through me.

  7. Oh my gosh! I love you all!

    I am laughing and just loving us all.

    Such smart and beautiful humans! It has been a fucking intense ride. And at times I thought I was insane. Or how about a lot of times! Suicide has occurred to me a bunch of times….. The deep despair and shame. Hung in there.

    Bless you all for being there and super mega coffee blessings for our Maria!!!!! ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕

    Love you sweet Sistar Maria!
    Loving us all.


  8. Barbara

    This post and the comments have quite affected me, I guess because “I’ve been there, done that,” when it comes to surviving in a world where it’s so difficult to express our gifts… even more difficult to be acknowledged for same when we do.

    Just wanted to say that for the majority of my working life, I signed on with temp agencies and like Maria, as she has described her own work experiences, I did everything from counting nuts and bolts at a heavy equipment plant to receptionist for folks who were less than honest. I learned a lot and eventually ended up working from home via Internet, where at the very least, I had some control over my hours.

    I would work as many temp jobs as I could for a few months, knowing that when I had saved enough money from those jobs… and perhaps that was easier to do when I was working because things weren’t nearly so expensive as they are now… I would take a week or two off just for me and do what I wanted to do. Managed a few inventions that way that never made money, but oh, the joy of just straightforward creating and answering to no one, but me.

    I don’t even know if temp agencies exist these days, but it’s a thought, and the big plus is, if you don’t like the job you’ve taken on, trust me, you’ll either quit on your own or you’ll be fired!

    Much love to you all, B.

    1. I really feel for you guys as well. Been there, still sort of doing that!

      After struggling for many years to work with zero energy and enthusiasm, I finally had to ‘go on the sick’ In UK they give you a minimal income and pay some of your rent. That was unmanageable as the amount one gets is seriously not enough. Not a single treat, not enough to run a car (in the middle of the countryside this is devastating) and so on. Then, by a miracle, a benefits worker suggested a self-employed benefit, which gave me a little more benefit money AND allowed me to work to earn some more as well, and still helped with the rent. Now I could work at my own pace, in my own time-frame, no-one to answer to and no pressure to earn ALL of the money I needed. And the beauty is that I only have to fill in one form a year with about 6 questions and one form a year for the tax return. I never earn enough to pay tax. I have tried various things to earn money from home and just about scrape by. Still no treats, but I can run my car, which means I can travel the 40 miles each way to see my step-grandson once a week.

      Homelessness is another issue….I can usually manage rent, but renting means I never know when the whim of the landlord will give me 2 months notice (British law) One time the landlord’s agent gave me notice from a GORGEOUS, affordable house, with sea views….I was so happy there for 2 years…then her sister moved in. Sorry, but BITCH! Another time I rented a gorgeous place with spring water from the mountain, sea views, mountain views…beyond gorgeous really. Then we discovered that the spring water was held in a LEAD tank and was poisoning us all. Had a miscarriage as a result of the lead in my system (told I couldn’t safely carry a baby, and had to move….. AGAIN.

      Currently I feel I have some home security, but who knows when things will change and the off I go again. It’s shit and I totally relate.

      If I ever get lots of money, I WILL set up a place for end-of-our-tether ascenders….I promise!!!

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