It’s All Good News

Image Credit Maria Chambers

As we become realized, awakened, we notice that the terms good and bad become less and less relevant.  Yes, there are experiences that feel better than others, but we also understand that it’s all good.  It is all leading us into the direction of our  enlightenment.  We are beginning to feel a new energy, a more uplifting one, and it is becoming our new set point.

I like using the outer 3D world as a reference to how we are doing in our newly forming reality, within our new consciousness.

If you feel into what is happening out there, it can feel quite congested, lots of anxiety and lots of imbalances now compared to a few years ago.  There is of course a more congested mass consciousness, and things seem to be heating up in a way we have not seen before.

We can all agree that the news paints a dire picture of world events,  but what they are reporting for the most part is fact-based, except of course for the news organizations that work, formally and informally, for the governments.

But why do things seem so much worse now?  It’s because there is enough consciousness on the Planet now that it’s disrupting the status quo.  And the established patriarchy is getting more threatened by the imminent change afoot.

If you feel into the mass consciousness, you can also feel the heart opening in many people.  You can feel the people who want to embrace diversity, human rights, and an uncorrupted government.

In fact more people than not are open to change. (Article continues after image)

Image Credit Maria Chambers


So it is with our own transformation from human to divine human.  We want this change.  We want to embrace the new consciousness that is our birthright.  A consciousness that allows life to serve it.  And, like the world outside our door, there is still some resistance to that change, that wants to keep us in the status quo.

There isn’t much of that resistance left for those of us at the leading edge of this shift.  And, it’s not even just the human resisting that makes it feel at times stuck.   Our Soul is also learning to navigate this new place it finds itself in,  in which it is becoming more intimate with its human partner, (your name here).

It’s not that our soul isn’t right here with us, but it is that the partnership is still developing, with the human learning to trust the soul to create for it what its heart desires.

And the soul is getting to know the human in a way it has never done before, because it’s been mostly at arm’s length for lifetimes.


In 3 D relationships, there had been trust issues.  There was conditional love, a feeling that there was always a price to pay for the Love we received.  There was drama, control issues, and abandonment issues.

There was dependency, guilt and obligation.  Unresolved issues being displaced upon the other.  Relationships were a wonderful mirror for what we were not ready or willing to face within ourselves.  Duality at its best.

There is also love in relationships, and caring, and sharing of who we are.  Those in relationships at this time are finding they want to bring those relationships to the next level, and become sovereign and encourage that in their partner, too.

And those who are not with a mate, they are also finding that they are wanting to bring their relationship with themselves to that next level of love and trust.

The relationship with our soul is different from any human relationship we have ever experienced.  It’s not based in fear, but in love.  Our Soul will never abandon us.  That’s consequential in how we now make choices in our life.  It will never judge us, for any thoughts, or actions or inaction, past or present.  Or for how we look, our age, or our weight.

Or for whatever gender we happen to be.

Our soul doesn’t withhold its love for us for ANY reason.  It doesn’t try to manipulate us, and won’t force itself upon us.  Although it feels that way at times.  But we need to remember we did invite our soul in because we could no longer stand that grey existence.

Our soul isn’t into drama at this stage, so it may feel as if there is no love there.  We had been so used to love and drama being synonymous.  We though that passion we felt for another was love, while it was just the drama of desire coupled with dependency.

Many people want that initial feeling of romance to be sustained and will opt for it in place of any real relationship.

So the feeling of love from our soul’s perspective can appear diametrically opposed to what we have been taught love is.

At the same time, our soul didn’t fully appreciate what it’s like for the human,  who was dependent upon the mind for so long  to create its reality.  Our human self wants to be appreciated for that, and it deserves to be.

Our human personality deserves to be heard, and acknowledged by our soul. (Article continues after image)

Image Credit Maria Chambers


So just as our human self needs to have more patience with our soul, our soul also needs to get to know its human aspect better.  That’s what it is in the process of doing.  That’s what a partnership is about,

All the things we may have been looking for in a mate, we can now have with our soul, sans the drama and the power and control games.

That may feel odd at first for the human who has been so used to being the warrior in life,  fighting and defending itself, socially, financially and in love.

The human who would always wait for the other shoe to drop, especially if things were going well.

In some of my relationships with others, especially with men, I noticed that when things were going well, they would attempt to sabotage it.  It’s almost as if they already had a script, and the script didn’t include unconditional love.

Some men (and women) whose script included being abandoned, would inevitably create just that.

They did it with their previous partners, and would do it again after our relationship broke apart.  Would they eventually face their own sense of abandonment, and that they were disowning their own feminine?  Or would they continue to displace that rejection of their own feminine onto women?

And continue to blame the women in their life for their own self-loathing?

And the reason I kept attracting this type of partner was because of my own sense of guilt.  That somehow I was responsible for the male anger and their sense of abandonment.

Always trying to assuage their anger, and nurture them so they wouldn’t have to do that for themself.  It came from my own fears of having to face my own emotions of guilt and shame.

It’s not so much a personal story, but a galactic story being played out.  The battle of the sexes.  But I was done playing it.  In choosing to release the need to nurture the male ego, and letting go the guilt and the sense of obligation, I began to set myself free.

But of course as just the human, I knew I wasn’t equipped to do that.  I knew I would have to allow my soul to come in closer, and be with me.  To sense into my soul’s freedom.

No, there was no way I was going to do this all alone, and why would I?

And I noticed after some time I stopped attracting that type of energy from others. Something had changed.  I stopped nurturing the male ego, and making myself responsible for how they felt.  I began setting them free.

I did get some fallout.  There were those who called me heartless, and worse.  They (including a female friend) tried to dump their anger and frustrations on me, and played the victim one last time with me.

If you want to know someone’s true character, observe them after the break-up.

The point of this whole integration process is to unite polar aopposites…the human with all its limitations, physical and emotional, with the eternal self, who is limitless.  Transforming energies.

And, in the process new energy is created.  This is the new consciousness, in a nutshell.

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16 thoughts on “It’s All Good News

  1. Yes, Maria, it’s the soul and the human getting to know each other, not the human ‘letting the soul take over.’ Well said.

    Just recently I advised a friend (he had asked for advice, by the way!) to visit his soul, the essence of himself which is underneath all the hurts of life. He said, ok I will focus on her (the Soul) I said, No, not focus on her…VISIT her, meet her, introduce yourself, get to know each other….

    That rather kicks surrender into touch, doesn’t it !!!

    Thanks Maria xxx

  2. mom2bzs

    Love this Maria. Ever since 1/1, I’ve been feeling different. I’m really understanding that my most important relationship is me with my soul. I had a conversation with a woman the other day and when I talked about loving myself first and foremost, she got so defensive, tried to project onto me that I was insinuating that she didn’t love herself (she was talking about wanting a man to love, one who would support her financially). I put it back where it belonged, onto her. Nobody gets to project onto me. It made me realize most people don’t get where I’m at and that’s okay. Its an inside job. I know I heal the people who are ready. I had a conversation with a man at the gym yesterday who has stage 4 prostrate cancer. I was a safe space for him to talk. He thanked me afterwards with tears in his eyes. I’m realizing I need to own who I am. I know I heal people, but I need to really own it

    1. Exactly, and as we own more and more of that expansive, eternal part of who we are, life begins to reflect that back to us, absolutely! We discover we best serve others by being the example of an integrated, sovereign , self-loving being.

  3. kat

    That’s so interesting what you said about the script. I had one as well when I met my boyfriend, but the relationship with him – as dynamic (we cuddle a lot but we also argue a lot) as it is – is definitely healing me on this level. I learned that I can still receive and give love and affection despite the other one disagreeing with me in fundamental views (like politics, gender issues…).
    I dislike his opinion but I still can have love for him as a person. It doesn’t sound major, but before I met him I couldn’t have imagined being with someone who differs so much from me in these very important issues. But the love and care is still there, from my and from his side.
    That is a very important lesson I learned.

    1. I hear you, Kat. It’s wonderful you have a satisfying connection with him.

      We need to trust our feelings when it comes to what does or doesn’t resonate in terms of relationships. And, whether or not we want to be in one. A while back I decided I didn’t want to be in a relationship because, at least for me, it wouldn’t best serve my realization at this point.

      And, that choice was not exactly met with high-fives by some people in my life, which is understandable. From their perspective I was abandoning them, even after I explained it wasn’t about them.

      But I have also discovered that it’s very difficult, at least for me, to be with anyone if we are in vastly different worlds.

      And, actually, those people I had to let go of, I still care about and love very much. As Tina Turner famously sang, “What’s love got to do with it?’’ 💕💕💕

      1. kat

        he is my first real relationship in the romantic sense, I think I already mentioned that here. And I never craved one. Thought I’d die alone and I was completely cool with that thought. Then he came along and pissed me off so much 😀 but at the same time there was this deep affection. I know I’d be bored as hell if everything was super easy, I need a good debate. And I definitely became much more patient and more tolerant through my relationship with him.

        “But I have also discovered that it’s very difficult, at least for me, to be with anyone if we are in vastly different worlds.”

        I get that and that is why I couldn’t live with my boyfriend or with anyone else for that matter. We don’t talk about ascension stuff but I feel that he is very sensitive in a way and intuitive. Otherwise it wouldn’t work between us. But I still need my own space and time to be with myself, that is why this long distance rl works very well for me. It’s always something special when we see each other.

        1. Kat, it sounds like you offer each other the perfect balance right now, and it’s perfect for you. Who knows, you could even be ancient friends, shared a past together. Either way, sounds like you got the ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ thing down, also knows as, ‘how can I miss you if you never go away?.’ Lol

          1. Kat

            hahaha the last sentence is so true !!
            and yes we did have past lives together. It’s not unusual though. People have them with most of their important relationships. be it romantic or otherwise.

        2. Sounds perfect for you Kat. Yes, I too would be bored if my relationship with my husband was super easy. I notice parts of myself I don’t see anywhere else. The same thing is true with my children.

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