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Physical Symptoms – Questions and Answers



Image Credit Maria Chambers

There has been a request by some to have a space to share some of the symptoms we are going through, of a physical nature.  So I’m devoting this post to just that.  If anyone feels inspired to share what they are going through physically at this time, or what they have gone through, and to share their soul’s wisdom surrounding that, they are welcome to comment.

At this stage there are still some concerns, and frustrations about the physical body.

The physical body is the last to catch up with our consciousness, but many are experiencing physical issues for what they may consider far too long now.  Or they seem to be getting worse.

But are there some things that have rebalanced and cleared?  Those stories are also welcome.  Whether it has to do with ailments, weight issues, etc.

As you weigh in as both human and soul, it can be an illuminating discussion.

Remwmber, this is a safe space to share with each other, so hopefully it will be an uplifting experience, and others will benefit from reading this even in years to come.

Ok, fellow consciousness trail blazers, I await your wisdomnesses.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

28 thoughts on “Physical Symptoms – Questions and Answers

  1. that is just so funny, because the second before I came here I’ve been googling “hair thinning and ascension” and didn’t find anything usefeul. Then I go to your page and see your new article that is about physical symptoms of ascension. 😀
    So yeah, I have noticed that my hair has gotten thinner over the years. I’m 37 so I still have a couple of years to go until menopause when hair thinning could be explained biologically and as I have always been proud of my thick hair ( and I ‘ve always had loads of it), the fact that it is thinner now bothers me. I want my thick hair back! I still have more than enough on my head, it’s nowehere near thin in the general sense but it’s not what it was. I’ve been taking some supplements (biotine, vitamins…), drinking enough and eating quite healthily so I hope that’s gonna help me to grow it back thicker. Anyone having that symptom?

    • Kat, I was about your age when I also noticed the thinning hair, and I also had loads of thick hair growing up. Not sure if it was stress, ascension related or hereditary, or a combination thereof. I have heard from others that they’re experiencing this symptom as well. Hopefully they will also weigh in here. 💕

    • Me too Kat, still have a good head of hair but nothing like as thick and luscious as it was. I miss it!!

    • Same here with the hair thinning/loss guys! I looked in the mirror the other day and thought jokingly that I looked like I’d been over-radiated. Then I realized with an aha….that we ARE being kinda “over” (much more than we were previously used to at least) radiated with all these energy blasts–solar flares and such…..
      My hair has been aggressively thinning for at least five years and gets worse somehow when it’s cold. I also have a suspicion that the body rids itself of certain things via the growing out of hair–kind of an out-with-the-old thing like dead skin cells etc and it seems “turnover” is increasing? That’s my rationalization anyhow haha

      • Elila, I never thought of it that way, that the hair is also like the cells that are shedding along with the old energies. Well put.

      • Makes total sense Elila. But I do wonder when this “looking younger” thing is gonna kick in though? You know what they say, the more you release the younger you look? I should be looking like a fucking toddler now but yet my hair is thinning and my skin is gettig dryer

        • OMG Kat SAME HERE. There was a period in Florida just before I came up north that I was actually aging backwards and LOVING it–but since I’ve been here it’s been full speed ahead. I have been at yet ANOTHER funeral all weekend (my mothers beloved brother) and a cousin I’ve never met who is about 25 years older than me came up to me and without even introducing herself exclaimed “oh my god your HAIR! You look so much OLDER than me!” Not kidding. Talk about WTF! So ready for some youthening and general improvement in this insane process!!!!

          • “oh my god your HAIR! You look so much OLDER than me!”

            WTF? how rude is that?

            I’m sure you don’t look older than her! You look fine, I should know, you sent me a photo a while ago
            Did you say sth back to her when she said that?

          • I know right? I was so stunned I just looked at her agog. My sister, niece, and (female) cousins were all with me and we all were stunned and had same face. None of us knew what to say. We all just looked at each other like whaaaa? When she walked away i looked at my sis and said “did that just happen??? Did she really say what i think she said?” We all also have the same disease where we only think of great comebacks well after the fact. So for the rest of the weekend we laughed about it and thought of all sorts of things I COULD have said lol. Yesterday at breakfast we thought “merry Christmas to you too” (regardless of the time of year) would be a great standard response to a-holes who say inappropriate things to us (for when we can’t think of good return zingers). The woman also went on to give me all that patronizing bullshit about how she’d never have the confidence to wear her natural hair color–blahblahblah. It was surreal. The kicker is, if we all put hats on id be the youngest looking one out of all the cousins–and I’m the oldest cousin! (This woman was my mom’s cousin)

          • Oh and btw I had my hair up in a sassy/elegant messy topknot and a new cute outfit on–theres no way in Hades that I looked older than this woman

    • Thinning hair for this Chickie, but it just started several months ago, and I have so far attributed it to my under active thyroid condition, and just recently had to have my medication upped a few mcg. I read that fish oil caps can help, so I’m taking 1000mg twice a day, so we shall see, there are other things as well, however I prefer taking one thing at a time to see if it works.😊❤️

  2. Interesting… Im 31 with an Afro which has also thinned. It was cool because adding certain creams I can make it look looser now. I am also interested to know about this hair thinning though because it kind worries me.

    Anyway, my real question is also kinda like a physical symptom and that is RAGE. Rage towards my intensly passive aggressive neighbors who yell and make noises it comes trough the walls, women having too many children screaming at them in the super market. The constant reconstruction of buildings in the cities… It is hard not to wake up when some traktors, airplanes and tanks and some ex criminal construction workers doing their work half heartedly, and making a mess of other peoples lives. I also live in a building where all sounds and door bangs are heard loud in the hall. This place seems constantly under construction! My neighbor upstairs walks around his house almost every morning his shoes on, and I can hear those fucking steps! What a Nazi like land where I live… Finland. Absolutely wicked. I had a freemason piano player friend from Canada, as Arian and gay as can be, but he also could not stop but use the word wicked about people living here.

    Am I creating all of this noise in my life? I also, after 10 years, still do not earn money so I can move into a better place with no interruptions at all!

    I can not continue forgiving these bastard people anymore. Yes, I can see they have spirit in them too.

    I was recently attacked by a big saint bernard dog. The owner just watched, and did not do much to stop it as the dog was tearing my expensive jacket. I started to slap back at the dog although it was so huge. I did not care because I am getting tired of all this… If this same situation would have happened in a third world counties where blue collar pussies cant SUE me for money, I would have grabbed a machete and perhaps sliced the dog here and there so it would leave me alone. When I asked the dog owner that WTF? The owner responded agressively asking Why did I walk past them in the first place. I was about 8 meter away from them as I was passing by and it was a local park.

    • Kaan, there are no black and white answers of course to what may be happening in your life, but our outer reality cannot help but reflect what is happening on inner levels. If there are things that haven’t been acknowledged within, they will be projected outward.

      It’s an opportunity to look within and see what may be going on, to accept yourself just as you are, and allow your soul to be in your life even more intimately.

    • “This place seems constantly under construction!”

      What a great metaphore for the ascension process. You are under construction within and that is being reflected outside.

  3. Hey, thank you for this, it’s been a scary journey and at times felt/feels like my symptoms are getting worse but always have been rooted in deeper emotional layers (so I’ve noticed). Being a mental health therapist, and working in the medical field it has been so hard for me to trust my body rather than seeing everything as a health issue. My physical issues along with the usual aches, depression (more earlier, not now) have been more to do with teeth/gums, digestion (silent acid reflux and bloating) and skin (first breakouts near chin, then once I cleared out anger, that stopped, now my skin has all of a sudden in the last day or so become so dehydrated ( I cried so much today as this freaked me out, however when I was crying a lot of repressed grief surfaced related to a deep soul connection I am letting go off). Sorry this may sound like a rant and so may not even make sense (grammar wise lol). It’s been scary but my body tells me what it needs and earlier in my journey when the teeth/gums started playing up I had s blood test and everything normal. Also during the journey I’ve when guided to intuitively seen a kinesiologist, cranio sacral therapist and done theta healing on myself, and for me my physical stuff has been related to certain beliefs, ancestral etc stuff/suppressed stuff.

    To add to the crazy, no supplement had helped (I react to all and trust me over the 4 years I have tried every supplement/herbs/tea and so on in the uk and then ordered stuff from America, flower essences helped to an extent, but usually for me only when I got to the roof of the issue did the symptoms get better. Even became sensitive to water- I think it’s my taste buds got stronger so I could taste metals etc in my water which aggregated my digestive system and gums- finally found water that is helping.

    I’m definitely ranting now, but really feel like today I’m finally letting go of the past 34 years of my life and the dehydrated skin that’s become a sudden thing is reflected as the past dying/shedding and so on. Wow what a journey, the hardest has been dealing with the fear, fear that my health is alright, that I’m not deficient in any vitamins/minerals (I’ve noticed when I’ve forced myself to take supplements or eat foods that “I think” is healthy but my body doesn’t want it actually makes the situation worse rather than better. It’s been hard doctors I worked with saying “you need to take prebiotics or probiotics etc”.

    To summarise this long essay, I think this is the first time I am writing on a blog what I’ve been through (health wise) and I feel for me with my physical symptoms a major part is being acknowledged and heard, something that I haven’t had in my life much of and so my body is now screaming out at me. Thank you Maria for this blog and this article and for allowing me to voice myself (with tears in my eyes as I write this).

    Oh also it’s interesting I have taken such pride in my skin/teeth and always got compliments on these and my biggest fears are being broken down, but allowing me to through those fears actually cry out and heal other suppressed emotions related to other subconscious memories/traumas.

    Once again thank you, lots of love, nas xxx
    Ps- any spelling mistakes it’s the autocorrect and my laziness to go back and correct!

    • Nas, I can relate to the sensitivities, and how tiring it is on the body and emotions. We become super sensitive to chemicals in the environment, even natural ones, as our light body adjusts to being in the physical biology.

      And I can also relate to the digestive problems. Early on, I was very sensitive in that area, and even dealt with IBS for over two years. And, like you, nothing I tried worked, until I Faced and expressed lots of anger. And gradually the condition cleared up on its own.

      And, yes, exactly, the body is crying out. It has been the place where so many emotions have been buried. Now it’s recalibrating and things come up to be released once and for all.

      Not such an easy process. It brings up fears. But our soul takes care of it all, there is nothing. to do but to just allow. To not take it personally. Sounds like you are rlelasing lots of old, stuck energies. Thank you for sharing your experience. 💕

    • Nas–im too drained and exhausted to write much but wanted to tell you a big “me too” on these:
      Same here with the water thing, the digestion thing, the teeth/gums, the depression (same as you earlier but not so much now–basically because somewhere along the line my Give-a-Damn broke), the breakouts and now chapped skin (but it’s also 20 friggen degrees below zero here too and I’ve been crying for days at above mentioned funeral), trying everything with diet and natural remedies–all the way to being full on fruitarian for a while, oh and yes me too my hair and skin were always my best assets along with a youthful appearance (because of good hair and skin ha)– and now total strangers approach me to insult me! Good times. You are not alone and your symptoms are not abnormal as far as this crazy process goes!

      • Eliza- My condolences to you for your loss, I hope you are alright! So shocking with re to strangers insulting you, clearly can’t see beyond their judgements and see your amazing soul! It’s very reassuring to hear others have gone through similar things! You’re totally right, I’ve felt learning to “accept” the skin issues and things that affect my appearance have helped lessen the physical effects of my skin. With re to water, I live here in the uk but began being able to “taste” the chemicals in water and some foods etc, found bottled water called Aqua carpartica which is helping, it’s the only one after a long search I could find that doesn’t affect my mouth, gums and digestion. Anyway lots of love and hope you are doing ok xx

  4. Elila, I believe this woman who said this to you is mentally challenged. No healthy person would say that to someone. what an idiot.
    also my condolences for the loss of your uncle

    • It’s classic ‘put down the one you feel most threatened by’ behaviour. Starts aggressive. Softens it with a backhanded compliment (I wouldn’t have the confidence….) now passive aggressive.

      What amazes me is that I’ve seen this loads of times and yet it still shocks me every time. I once met a woman (supposed to be a guru) and the very first thing she said to me when she met me was ‘Oh, you’re a bit fatter than I imagined..’ So clearly a domineering put-down, designed to shake my confidence … didn’t….just made me immediately aware of an unsavoury energy (couldn’t name it then, but I felt it alright!)

      But they do it to check out your strength. If you do a good comeback or go passive aggressive back they avoid you for the rest of the gathering. If you cave, get upset, argue with them, challenge them, they have found a victim and will chip away all night (or all your life!!)

      • Wow Gail I hadn’t even thought of that but I believe you are spot on! Just like you I get a lot of that kind of thing and am shocked EVERY time. I appreciate you giving this perspective because I think I was just too close to it still to be able to see it, and I never just automatically think of myself as any kind of “threat”, but yeah it totally happens –people must sense or feel something about my energy, confidence or strength or just not giving a shit or whatever. And you are also right about how they react to your response. I laughed and told her i really like my grr-blond (my word for gray blond) hair and that with this skin (smooth, no wrinkles, no makeup needed–very UNLIKE her own) that my hair color hardly mattered. She checked out my face and said ” oh yeah you do have beautiful skin…” —-and then stayed away from me for the rest of the day!

        Thanks to you and Kat for helping me to put this nonsense in perspective!

    • Omg Kat this made me laugh so hard! Mybsisters response to me at the time was (in her best sarcastic sassy mama voice) “OK you KNOW how much cray (crazy) is in our gene pool right?!?” (And yes, I do–shes right haha). And my auntie (moms little sis who is only 6 years older than me), who HAS met her before said “she’s a little nuts…”
      And thank you dear friend for the condolences. He and my mom were about as close as two people can be so it was almost like having her die all over again and it was rough–even same funeral home and cemetary

      • Some people just are deluded. I remember I was out with a friend at a pub somwhere in London. I was 30 at that time and she was about to be 25 so both still young. We started talking to a guy who looked at least 40 then and he said something like “you two are older than me” to my friend and I. And I just shook my head in disbelief. Like, doesn’t he own a mirror? Some people are just aware of what they look like.
        But the way your cousin acted (not knowing you, coming to you and saying THAT) really points to some mental/emtional disorder.

        • Lol I agree with you. Like I can’t even imagine saying anything like that to someone myself. We may think it sometimes but good grief why would you SAY it to the person unless your a narcissist or sadistic? Some people have no filter. And the pub guy– how deluded!
          I so wish I had simply smiled mischievously and said “STRONGLY disagree.”

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