Full Circle

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Many of us have been experiencing vivid, intense dreams at night.  As ‘crazy’ as some of the dreams are, I wake up now feeling as if the dreamscape is actually reality, and this waking state is ‘but a dream.’  I suspect that when we leave this mortal coil we will be surprised, as we have many, many times before, at how real the non-physical is, so much more so than here.

We have become invested in this time and space reality for practical reasons.   It has helped us to focus and not get distracted by other realms and other lifetimes. It’s like playing a role in a movie, and getting so into the part that you temporarily forget it’s just a movie.  Everyone is playing their parts.  Some become so invested that they actually believe that this is the only movie they will ever star in.

But for those of us who are more conscious, we know that this ‘reality’ isn’t the only game in town.  We become more aware of our multidimensional selves.  As real as this feels, as sacred as the human experience is, we come to understand it’s just one of many of the Soul’s expressions in physical form.

We don’t just know it intellectually, we know it.  We experience it.  Just as we come to know our soul by experiencing it.  It’s not something we can teach others.  They will have to experience it for themselves.

And, as liberating as that is, it changes everything.  We can no longer rely on our amnesia as a way to laser-focus in this reality.  We begin to realize that it’s a choice now, how much or little we want to participate in it.  Because we’re not invested in it in the same way, we can play in it, even get caught up in it, both physically and emotionally, but also know we can come back to ourself at any time.

Many of us, at this point, have completed what we came here to do, as awakened and creator beings, and are now here to enjoy life on the planet like never before.  Of course there is still transformation and integration taking place, but at this point there is nothing the human is required to do but allow it.


Image by Maria Chambers

It’s fascinating how in a way we have come full circle.  We started out being the singularly focused human, trying to create things in our life that we believed would bring us happiness.  Whether it was a mate, a family, money, good health, a great body, a career.  Finding god.  We collected friends and experiences hoping that would do it for us.

This went on lifetime after lifetime, until we began to realize that there was something missing.  A really big something.  No matter how rich we became or healthy, or attractive, or in some cases no matter how much of the good life we gave up, no matter how much sacrificing and searching for god we did, we came up short.

In fact the more experiences and things we accumulated, the more elusive joy became,  But getting rid of those earthly comforts, including the physical, bodily desires, didn’t seem to do the trick.

It was a big head-scratcher.

In the earlier stages of awakening, we began to sense that truth, that it’s not the stuff, the people or the outer experiences that made us happy, but they were a reflection of how we were vibrating.   We began to get that joy is an inside job.

Some folks feel that material comforts, wealth, and possessions are a distraction.  They believe they must live minimalist lives.  That they must not be tempted by the things of this world.  At at a certain stage that is totally appropriate for their enlightenment.

They are doing exactly what they feel will assist them in their awakening.  And they begin to understand that they can depend upon themselves for the joy they seek.  They often feel that a simple life brings them the most peace and joy, unemcumbered by possessions they must take care of.

The beauty is, there is no right or wrong.  There isn’t some outer being dictating to us what we are supposed to choose.  Not at all.

But something interesting does occur.  We begin to realize that our Soul has more ‘expensive taste’ than we may.  At this stage, it’s not interested in pain and suffering.  Or in just surviving.  Its preference is to thrive.

Those of us leading this transformation from human to divine human are now at a point where we can have it all.  We can find the joy within us, within our very Soul, and we can enjoy the physical reality we find ourselves in.

We actually find that life serves us in our new consciousness in ways we never experienced before. As we begin to allow our Soul to love us unconditionally, we notice that things in our life just fall into place.  We realize that this physical reality offers us a sensual experience.  A reality in which we can use all of our physical senses along with our esoteric ones, to reach truly blissed out states of consciousness.

In fact, we wouldn’t want to stay here at this point if we were not enjoying the physical experience here.  We want to enjoy life here with health, and financial abundance.

To the human, that may feel like an impossible dream, but that’s why the human is learning to rely more and more on the Soul, who isn’t limited in any way.  It’s a process, as I said in my last post, and both soul and human are in the process of developing that sacred relationship.

So, we started out struggling to consume energies from the outside, then pushed those energies away in an attempt to find ourselves, and now, we are at a crossroads where we can have our cake and eat it too.

But we had to give up the notion that the sole purpose of our awakening was to be more healthy and wealthy.  We had to let go of the hope that in enlightenment we  just become an improved version of our human self.

Not an easy thing for the human to do.  But in allowing this natural evolutionary process, we end up being able to have it all.  The joy and the physical benefits of that joy.

And, no we really haven’t gone full circle, but we have expanded that circle to include both the human and the soul desires.


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10 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. I love cheese and crackers?! Heehee

    Thanks dearest Sistar! You always say it so well and so often right in my same thoughts. Kindreds! ♥️♥️♥️

    I keep saying to myself, it’s an inside Job. And as you say so we’ll, it is particularly difficult to explain this to anyone who doesn’t get it, so basically I don’t try. ♥️🎉🤣🤣😘😘♥️♥️

    Life is fucking awesome…. The simpler the better.

    Loving us all!

    Thanks Maria!! Muah muah muah 😘

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