An Act of Love


Art by Maria Chambers

I don’t really enjoy going to Walmart, but sometimes I find myself there, doing a bit of shopping, since it’s fairly close to my apartment complex.

I was pulling out of the parking space, and I stopped short as a large, burly man was pushing his shopping cart toward my car to get to his pickup truck.

“Sorry.  I didn’t see you there,” I gasped. His glance was a bit menacing.  I felt his anger.  But it diffused quickly into just a look of tolerance, with a touch of impatience.  He signaled me with, ”Go ahead “ as I continued to pull out of the spot.

At that moment I knew that he could have easily picked a fight, and have gotten physical, with the right, or wrong person.

I knew, especially as a woman how valuable a tool I had at my disposal.  The ability to diffuse anger.  Most women can relate to it.  We have been using that tool for a long, long time with our male, and sometime female counterparts.

We have trained ourselves to scan for all the signs and signals of that anger, and to manage it in real time.  Our safety would often depend upon it.  Even in relationships, not just with strangers, we would adeptly assuage and nurture and appease in order to feel safe.

And really for the most part it wasn’t something we did consciously.  It was in our DNA.  Historically the female gender has been the peacemaker.  We would rely on our innate sense of compassion, coupled with our ability to soothe and compromise, to keep the male gender from killing each other, us, and themselves.

A while ago I posted about an acquaintance from a coffee shop community who killed his neighbor and then himself a couple of months after I withdrew my energies from that community.

I didn’t realize how much I was holding energies for him, and that his anger ran so deep.  The act of violence upon the other and upon himself was inevitable.  In retrospect, I knew on some level he had to be set free to continue his journey.

I became super aware of just how much we as women have been doing that, holding energies for those who were not willing to do it for themselves.  Making them more comfortable in their unconscious state.

And, how that was negatively impacting our body, our joy, and our own freedom.

And we did it primarily because we could see clearly that many of them couldn’t be trusted to not act out their anger.  Whether they acted it out as verbal abuse, violence or in taking another’s life.

In that world, we were acting from our wounds, as both women, and as men.

Men feeling abandoned by the feminine, and searching endlessly for the unrequited love, but feeling unworthy of that love.  Taking out his anger on her, on the feminine.  And women, feeling guilt and shame, feeling responsible for his broken heart, endlessly trying to care take the wounded male.

The galactic dilemma.

So, here we are, as women and as men, in our transformation from human to divine human, letting go of our wounds.  Seeing the wisdom of them, and setting them free. As women we are setting free the wounded male, and reuniting with our own divine masculine.

And as a man, embracing the divine feminine, and setting himself free as well.

All of this happens naturally as we allow our soul to be in our body and our lives.  It doesn’t mean we can’t tap into those wounds, into the history there.  But we also know that we are so much more than that history.

We are moving beyond that history in profound ways.

And we become the example, for our brothers and sisters, of the balance of human and divine.  Of the masculine and the feminine.  And eventually, we won’t even need to label ourselves as human, divine, masculine or feminine.

For a moment there at Walmart, I was a bit scared, as the large man revealed his anger.  But in that moment I also knew that I was safe.  I knew that his anger wasn’t about the close call with my car and his shopping cart.

His anger is more about feeling abandoned by his own soul, and his own feminine.  It’s about feeling the sense of rejection, and sense of unworthiness.  All of that is of course not the truth.  The truth is that he is loved and he is worthy of that love.

The truth is that he doesn’t have to prove that he is worthy, or have to earn that love.  It is his birthright.  But to receive that love, he must become vulnerable and open.  We are all doing just that as we walk through the door and into our freedom.

As women we need to let go of our nurturing of the male energy, and allow him to find his own feminine.  That act of letting go of holding energies is an act of love, first for ourself, and then for those who need to be set free.

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers

15 thoughts on “An Act of Love

  1. Barbara

    Maria, this is as usual telling it like it is and I thank you, but there is one thing I hope that is also recognized. There is huge anger in women, because as you say, we have for so long needed to appease the male anger to survive, but we must be very careful not to project that anger… which is very powerful… onto males just because they are male.

    May I tell a story? In my very early twenties, I knew as I got off a bus to walk home on a cold dark winter’s night, that a man had gotten off the bus right behind me and was following me. I walked fast, walked slow, and always he adjusted his walking to stay right behind me and I got a sense of his intentions. I stopped, turned and said, “Are you following me?” and he was shocked and said, “Yes.” I said, “That doesn’t happen where I live.” I watched as he retreated and then… I ran like the wind to my little basement suite and shook for hours, but I knew that my standing up to him had prevented whatever he had in mind.

    I’m not suggesting that every woman should turn and face their male predators, but I am saying that there is an anger in both women and men that needs to be dealt with and how that will unfold… as love and understanding for both… is something that I feel as the ascension/Soul reunion continues, will be accomplished.

    Love, B.

    1. Yes, Barbara, I agree, nicely said… the male gender doesn’t need to be demonized, any more than the female gender should be. And, it’s tempting to play the victim, as both men and women.

      I touch on the issue in my post, WOMEN AND ANGER,

      If there is anger, it needs to be expressed in a safe way, and not directed toward anyone. Especially as women we have not been allowed to express our anger, so it’s no surprise it comes up. Especially as we become more conscious. The emotion gets stirred up quite a lot in the awakening process.

      At the same time it’s important not to take the emotion personally. First of all it’s not who we are. And, not to judge ourselves as wrong or bad for feeling it. In fact some of that anger is toward ourself, for holding back on doing what we wanted to do with our life.

      So, plenty of anger to go around, and allowing it and expressing it safely is the best way to release it.

      And, I agree that the integration of our human and soul and self love will resolve the dilemma, as we unite our masculine and feminine within ourself.

      Sometimes I think the hardest part of this whole transformation process is self acceptance, which includes accepting the full range of our emotions. Thanks Barbara, for sharing your story. 💕

      1. Barbara

        Thanks for your reply, Maria, and for the link. I read it and appreciated it totally. Here’s what leaped out… outrageous and courageous. Sounds right to me. And I really like your picture above… a great visual for outrageous and courageous. And oh, am I woofed today! Love, B.

  2. Thank you!!

    I know this:

    “I became super aware of just how much we as women have been doing that, holding energies for those who were not willing to do it for themselves. Making them more comfortable in their unconscious state.”

    And this also fits with everything being an inside Job. We are done doing it for others. Everyone has to do their own healing.

    I am excited by the shifting and changing that is happening.

    Thanks for all you do, dear Sistar!

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