Detachment (not Denial) is a Good Thing

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Many of us, as we move into a 5D experience, are feeling more detached from the world outside our door, the world of duality. No, not groundbreaking news.  It doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the environments we find ourselves in, or enjoy watching the news from time to time.  Sometimes we like the feeling we get.  We like getting ourselves triggered, because it helps us through what is a challenging phase of this process of transformation – the boredom.

Humans don’t like being bored.  They prefer drama over complete boredom.  But, boredom is a natural stage of this process, and no, it’s not permanent.  As we allow spirit more and more into our bodies and our lives, we begin to feel a sense of fulfillment from the inside out.  It’s vastly different from trying to feel fulfilled from the outside in.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t participate in things in the world,  but we will be gravitating toward more things that bring us a sense of joy, and less and less toward drama.

When I read about things going on in politics, and especially about women’s rights, I can get pretty triggered.  At the same time, I recognize they are not my issues.  And, I recognize that I am here as a female to help shift the consciousness around how women see themselves.

But there is the eternal me that knows it is what it is, that the world is where it is at, and railing against it isn’t the answer either.

So, what we have is an awareness of what is happening, that there is an imbalance on the planet toward the patriarchy.  There is no denying that fact.  All the positive thinking in the omniverse isn’t going to change that fact.

But, at the same time, I am detached from that fact.

This awakening process isn’t about being in denial of what goes on here on Planet Earth.  But it is about being detached from it.  There is a big difference.

As a conscious human, you can see many different perspectives.  There is the perspective that the toxic masculine is attempting to perpetuate the suppression and the erosion of the rights more than ever of the feminine on the planet.

And, you can also see it as the Divine Feminine doing its thing.  It’s here and assisting the planet to balance itself and what we are seeing is the fears of the Patriarchy doubling down.  Light is disrupting old systems.  And what can be older than the patriarchal system?


An awakened human doesn’t need to look at the news to see what is happening because they can sense where the planet is at.  The awakened human has developed an awareness that transcends anything they can read, hear or see.

An awakened human has learned to work with energies.  They are adept at working with the light and the dark.  They don’t allow the dark to overwhelm them, because they understand what the dark actually is.  They have mastered their own dark emotions.  Their own sadness, their own doubt, anger, shame, their own wounds.

They don’t deny those emotions, no. Not at all.  They are aware of them.  But they are not allowing them to be their truth.

People are trying to deny their own emotions all the time. Which is why the are projecting those emotions onto others.

Someone told me once, that there is no sexism…..that “We men love women!”  But this same man also said that women are being irresponsible if they need an abortion, and that he does not want to pay taxes for women who need abortions.

This man was incensed and insulted when he was told he had some nice feminine qualities.

But he insisted that if he had any underlying issues, he would not allow them to interfere with our relationship.  But, I told him that you can’t leave your issues at the door, especially if you haven’t faced them.

So, there is denial, and there is detachment.  And I don’t mean a dissociative detachment as in schizophrenia.  I am talking about the healthy detachment that results in allowing all the emotions to be, and to also not take them personally.

As we know, it’s not something you can learn in a book.  It’s something you have to experience first hand, by going through the awakening process.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Toward the end of my mother’s life, she became detached from her reality.  She sat in a nursing home, and it appeared she didn’t know who I was. She no longer spoke, and she stared off with a bit of a smile on her face.

It was sad for me as the human, but for her, it was the best place for her to be.  She was slowly feeling out her new non-physical environment, and slowly detaching from this one.

And looking around at that nursing home, which was sadly one of the top rated ones in the area, it was a blessing she wasn’t any longer focused locally.

There was a part of her that was still aware of her surroundings, but chose to no longer engage with that world.

Those of us who chose the accelerated path are sort of doing the same, without having to do the nursing home scenario.  In fact, we are integrating all of the parts of us that were lost, and wounded. We as the human get to have the benefit of the other, eternal part of us.

We don’t need to wait till we transition to feel those benefits.

But the tricky part is what we are experiencing now, in these physical bodies, and in these minds.  Notice I didn’t say our physical bodies or our minds.  Because, they are really not ours.  For the most part, they are inherited.  We are in the process of developing a new body of consciousness, which includes a crystalline body and mind.

And a new, sovereign heart.

As women especially, we are lightening ourselves up substantially.   Letting go of the walking wounded in our life.  There is no room for self-sacrifice, of suffering or hand-holding in the place we are going.

Sympathy and even empathy dissolve into self-love.

Many woman have been in a kind of denial, in which they believe their role is to assuage the male anger, and to make others more comfortable in their unconscious state.  They are denying their own magnificence.  Their own strength.

But it’s all changing now, beginning with those of us on the forefront.

And, it’s done from a place of healthy detachment, not denial.  Detachment from the world outside our door, and from the inherited thoughts and emotions that swirl around in the mind.

It’s a good thing.

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19 thoughts on “Detachment (not Denial) is a Good Thing

  1. Thank you so so much. Perfect said, yet again!

    I am excited to dance all weekend. THAT won’t be boring. Heehee

    Letting the dust settle and enjoying what is. So happy with the shifts. Fun to see the changes and watching the show.

    Love you tons, dear Sistar Goddess!

    Wallowing in gratitude and joy!

  2. Well written. But I think we need to be careful about something know as confirmation bias. In that because something is a particular issue for us it seems to loom larger in our conciousness. Knowing that energy flows where attention goes wouldn’t it also serve to really accentuate where women’s rights have made progress and to feed more energy into that. For example a war on terror creates more, a war on drugs creates more drug problems, a war on toxic masculinity will feed that outcome because it feeds more energy to the presupposition that there is an ever expanding menace to be tackled as opposed to expanding the manifested positive reality that is the antidote to the problem. I’m not saying don’t fight the good fight, at the 3D level, because we have to take a multi-dimensional approach, but we need to connect more with 4D or 5D approaches and awaken people to how they can as co-creaters and connect and expand more energetically and bring our dominant 3D reality into coherence with the outcome that we seek, namely a reality that is already completely free of “toxic masculinity, war, whatever (insert meme here) and explore that potentiality though the ancient wisdom techniques.

    1. Leeby…I agree with you that we need to focus on those positive aspects in 3D, and I have written extensively on how the divine feminine, and women across the globe have been rising up to be more visible in society and politics, and the feminine influence is stronger than ever.

      To be celebrated.

      And, at the same time, as we become more of ‘ourselves’ we recognize that it’s all good. If people like Trump hadn’t ascended to powder, the people he has profoundly affected wouldn’t have recognized how toxic the patriarchy has actually become.

      And, it’s not a bad sign, but a sign that things need to be exposed and set free. The light quotient on the planet is beginning to do just that, as it exposes the toxic aspects of society.

      And, even in our ascension process we are experiencing those emotions coming up to also be set free.

      So, so-called negative events serve a purpose. Humans, including us awakening ones, need a push to move into more awareness. Sometime an unceremonious shove.

      And, I agree, and I have written that in 3D, in duality, it’s still about the battle. If women sat around and just let things run their course, we wouldn’t be able to vote today.

      In fact, most social progress has been led by women, fighting for basic human rights.

      But as we detach from that world of duality, we begin to see it clearly. We don’t see it with rose colored glasses, but we also begin to see that things are not what we thought they were.

      That the so-called atrocities, and the war, and the the other battles, including our own old human stories, are just an acting out of the galactic dilemma.

      In fact, the rest of humanity is in its early stages of awakening. We already went through what they are going through now. And, when they are ready to put their swords down, they will find each of us, and sense there is another way.

      It’s not even about teaching them anything with words, but about how we conduct our own lives, and the joy we allow ourselves to feel.

      There are endless ways we teach and it’s usually one soul at a time. Because the masses are not quite ready yet to leave the stage of duality.

      But they don’t need to be. It doesn’t take that many awakened humans to shift consciousness. But it will take time.

      But then, what’s the rush? 💜

  3. Wendy M Olstad

    Hi Maria, I love your blog and thank you. Have you read any of Paul Selig’s work and if so what is your experience of what he has to share. I am waiting for his first two books to arrive as I ordered them recently due to a friend’s suggestion. I have only briefly reviewed them on Amazon. I respect your opinion and am hoping to hear back from you. Thanks so much for all you share.
    Blessings, Wendy Olstad

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I’m really pleased you are enjoying the blog. I am not deeply familiar with Paul’s work, but from what I have listened to from him, it sounds like he is a dynamic channel for some wonderful truths. That we are each a divine spark of god, and that we are in the process of realizing our true being.

      I’m sure you will find his teachings really helpful in your awakening. There is no coincidence you are connecting with his energies at this time.

      And as with all these materials, it just awakens in us what we already knew. Those wonderful aha moments where we feel the truth within us.

      Blessings 💜

  4. Annette

    You’re so right….”It’s a good thing”. The past couple of weeks, as hard as it was for me to ‘detach’ from some family dynamics, It truly was a GREAT thing!!

        1. Luckily, most of my family is dead. No disrespect to the dead, of course. But the point is it’s so much easier to have a healthy relationship with family when they are on the other side, believe me!

          But really, it’s nice to be able to shine your light here while they are still around in the physical. 😍

          1. Annette

            I will shine my light as much as I can, but honestly most, if not all in my family are fast asleep, and pretty much think I’m ‘crazy/weird’ with the whole Ascension process, but deep down I do believe it’s going to get crazier/weirder, meaning, I shall not let THIER Sketchy ass energy penetrate thy aura!! Just wait till next holiday season when I totally refuse to participate, oh that one will be hard for me, you bet it will, but I refuse to push myself any f*^*ing more for anyone! Selfish? Well I’m pretty sure most, not all, but most will certainty think this, but I’m just at the point to where I just can’t worry about it any longer!! Thanks for listening, not sure how I’m going to handle it quite yet, but all will know way before hand, any tips/advice with this will be greatly appreciated. 😘🤗

  5. I hear you, Annette. My own family (Greek And Italian) did their best to guilt me into participating for decades. I was always the black sheep. But like you, I eventually said, ENOUGH! No longer need to be needed….bye bye to the caretaking role….I stopped going to the holiday get togethers, weddings, birthdays, and…..even….funerals! Made tongues wag for sure.

    My feeling is, if no one is calling you weird, crazy and selfish, you’re not doing it right.

    Especially us women folk, we are nailed if we are not accommodating. But it seems we are not going to claim our freedom unless we do disrupt and ruffle feathers. What pioneers of real change just rolled over and let others use and abuse them?

    No disrespect to family and friends, but many of them are still in the old consciousness, and they want to pull us back there with them.

    So, kudos my Annette. And, if you feel you need a boost of confidence to follow your bliss, and not follow the guilt, I’ll send you a month supply of GUILT-Eze. (As seen on Being ConsciousT.V.)

  6. Annette

    “My feeling is, if no one is calling you weird, crazy and selfish, you’re not doing it right”
    Well My Maria, I must be doing it right…lol, just last night, my husband of 43 years said I was crazy, I replied, yes, but it’s a good crazy!! He can be pretty open minded at times, other times just scratches his head.
    About that GUILT-Eze, may need a good year supply! Then again, I may not need any, as I’m feeling pretty rebellious ✌🏼️😍😜
    Love ya!

    1. Rebellion: the action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention.

      Change is uncomfortable, looking back in history, most people with new ideas were considered crazy. Now those ideas have become mainstream. ESP was once considered wildly ridiculous, and now it is used widely in police and detective investigations with huge success.

      The idea that consciousness could affect matter was considered woo woo. Now scientists are proving it empirically.

      And the biggest social and human rights changes have been led by women who were considered crazy and evil.

      And women are leading the spiritual revolution because we are the best equipped to do it. But it’s a revolution based on self-love. And it’s based on freedom from the restraints of a patriarchial system.

      Also, those around us, friends, and family are not victims. They are also creators of their own experiences. And, on a soul level, they do want us to be right, they do want us to claim our freedom, because it also gives them permission to claim theirs.

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