Clarity and Compassion

Art by Maria Chambers

Years ago I wanted to leave my coffee community of 15 years.  I knew it was time to move on, but I didn’t think I could.  There was a lot of emotion connected to the place and the people.  One day I was sitting in my usual booth, that I had grown to love, that felt like a safe haven from the world, and I heard a voice, that of a little child, saying, “Mommy, can we stay?  I don’t want to go.”  To which I responded, “Yes, of course we can,  We will stay as long as we like…..until we are ready.”

There was an immediate sense of relief, and comfort.  I had given myself, that part of me that was unsure, that was afraid, permission to just be who she is.  To take her time.  That is the greatest gift, by the way, we can give ourselves throughout this process of transformation.

And an amazing thing happened.  Just two days later, I was ready to move on.  It was easier than I could have imagined it to be.  In fact I was looking forward to it.  To exploring new coffee places, meet new people, have new experiences.

And of course it’s not just about where we choose to have our coffee, but it’s about how we want to experience our life.


Clarity is awareness.  It’s knowing ourself.  Knowing who we are beyond these human personalities.  It cuts through the bull shit.  Clarity doesn’t try to convince us that something is fun if it’s not.  Or that a job or a relationship is for our highest good if it’s just fear of moving on.

Yes, everything is for our highest good, in terms of helping us to move into our own freedom, but trying to dress up something as being our destiny or our needing to be there to shine our light…..if it just doesn’t feel right, or good to us……is just more bull shit we feed ourselves.

Again, it’s perfectly fine to not feel ready to move on.  There is truly no judgement, except how we judge ourselves. But our Soul is o.k. with it.  She won’t push herself on us.  She will wait until we are ready.

But you can be sure that if you are not enjoying something, a relationship, a job, or any experience, neither is your soul.  At this stage your soul isn’t into pain and suffering.

So clarity isn’t about having a picture perfect life.  It isn’t about having resolved all your issues.  It’s about seeing with your broad eyes, your awakened eyes, that you may still have fears around things, especially around change.  And to accept that about yourself, as best as you can, because your soul does.

The biggest lie we were fed is that we are broken, and that we need to spend our life trying to fix ourself.  The churches fed us that manure, with the sinner scenario.  Other faiths had the Karma kard.

All based on not being good enough in some nebulous god’s eyes.

Art by Maria Chambers

But in our soul’s eyes, we are perfect.  We are worthy.  It’s a hard one to wrap our mind around, considering there are time we feel like we are a red, hot mess!

We put too much pressure on our human self to resolve our problems.  And then our Soul steps back and allows that, out of respect and love for us.  That’s right, Love is actually not interfering in someone’s life, or trying to change them.  Love has no agenda.

And the clarity is a tool we also use as we watch the world outside our door do what it does.  We don’t have to like what we see, and we may have lost our patience with a lot of it.  The master is not a patient person when it comes to energy feeders.

But the clarity is about accepting it.  Not trying to change it.  Knowing that it is just where it needs to be.  The clarity is about knowing that our own joy, and our own freedom are not dependent upon that world being different than what it is right now.

So whatever area of your life you may be feeling stuck, accepting that about yourself goes a long way in transmuting it.  It is the alchemy of the new energy, actually.  It is the best way to move stuck energies.  It is the human and divine dancing together.   Two polar opposites, yet both equal and both magnificent.

If a religion tells you that god is above you, that is a lie.  Or that Jesus, or any Ascended Master is better than you, that is not truth.

When you take your walk, why don’t you ask Yeshua or Buddha, or any Ascended Master to walk with you, along side you?  They would be honored to take your stroll with you.

Decades ago, I had Thanksgiving dinner with John Lennon, Yoko Ono, And three other friends. It’s the first time I met the celebrity couple.  It was an intimate affair, with all six of us sitting crossed-legged on the loft floor of our friend, Valerie Herouvis.

When I recount the story, some folks are in awe that I was so close to such greatness, and asked how it felt.  I tell them that it was fun.  And that John And Yoko were blessed to be in my company.  They laugh as if I am just joking,  I’m not.

Others are blessed to be in our company, no matter who they are.

We are a blessing on this planet, even if we are never recognized or celebrated for who we really are.  We don’t have to have celebrity status, or be some idea of a perfect human.  All we need to do is accept and love our human self just as it is.  It’s not possible to do that  without our Soul.  And the good news is she is more present than ever before.

So, clarity.  It’s a valuable tool in our new tool chest.   It assists us to see with clear eyes.  And compassion assists us to accept what we see so that the alchemy can take place.  The transformation and the integration that ultimately resolves the human dilemma.

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14 thoughts on “Clarity and Compassion

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thanks! A nice big sigh of relief. No pressure. No timeline. Just BEING. Acceptance. And it flows…… Shift shift shift…….♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    “But the clarity is about accepting it. Not trying to change it. Knowing that it is just where it needs to be. The clarity is about knowing that our own joy, and our own freedom are not dependent upon that world being different than what it is right now.”

    Thanks again, dear Sistar Goddess. Love you tons


    PS. I’ve been sending stuff out on a burning Viking ship……. Relieving myself of my burdens and as an Empath, any shit that is not mine. And it mostly is not mine at this stage….. ☺️☺️☺️♥️♥️♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉⛵⛵⛵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Lyn

    I can think oaf very few who feel blessed in my company! I used to hook into ‘ideas of ascension making us a model’ for others. Perhaps these others would be inspired to ask or find their own path from that model. I don’t think I lead a life anyone leading the typical 3D life would envy, or be inspired by, thesedays. So many old friends and connections have dropped away through the process too.
    Don’t get me wrong, my needs are always provided for and I ride the bumps and waves with my inner assistance, and I am happy with my own company and my art.
    From the ‘outside’ though it looks very stripped down and close to housebound as my body manages the energy shifts. I am in acceptance of that and fine but I know I have become a problem for old family especially. I never really thought like them but it has become starkly obvious. I am seen as problematic and resistant, rather than saintly. I set my limits in areas they see as unsancionable eg re who cares for my 90+ mother, who actually has alternatives but won’t take them, and who is an energy drainer ( and not only in later age). Then there are my adult children. I have one who is close to me and going through ascension, and two others who have dropped away as I won’t fulfil their expectations of how a mother should be.
    I have struggled to find how to relate kindly and compassionately in these sort of situations. I can see the dynamics in them so clearly and understand (and accept) that is valid to them where they are. However, my refusal to play in old accepted ways doesn’t look kind to them. It’s an odd mix of feeling compassion for where they are stuck, and the holes they have dug for themselves, yet feeling a need to distance and say no.
    My pre ascension self always looked kinder and more obviously there for others! Yet everything we are doing is for others! The more I let go of old ego the more I look self-centred to others. Paradoxes abound!
    I often think about Yeshuas quote about a prophet now being accepted in his own town! I am no prophet but think that applies.
    Thanks for your reflections as always

    1. Lyn, it sounds like you are doing it right. If you’re not appearing selfish and pissing people off, at least the ones who need to be pissed off, you’re not doing it Right! No, they will not necessarily feel blessed by your company, in fact they may curse you.

      You’re right. It does seem like a paradox. Being our authentic selves is bound to make people uncomfortable. And that is a blessing. When we let go of holding energies for others, it always makes them uncomfortable, because now they have to take care of their own energies. They can no longer extract energies from us.

      You are exactly right, our old, accommodating self is fading away, and we look more and more crazy, and selfish. But that will be shifting too, as more people sense that their way isn’t working very well.

      Then they will find their way to us, as some have already, and want to know more about what we seem to know. As they begin to recognize who The crazy ones really are. Which reality is actually the really imbalanced one.

      The old energy definition of what spiritual looks like does not work in this enlightenment process. It’s not about being all knowing, or saintly. What we are doing in this transformation is we are carrying forward Yeshua’s teachings. And that is, we are claiming our freedom.

      It’s a shame his teachings have become so bastardized. Oh, well, Yeshua is not gonna let that ruin his day. Lol.

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