The best place to work it out

Image Credit Maria Chambers

As humans, when things seemed to go wrong in our life we tended to attribute it to some outside force controlling us, such as a God, or Aliens. We were limited in our understanding and scope of the totality of who we are.

Back in Atlantis we decided to enhance the mind, believing that it was the center of our experiences. We were evolving technologically, but we had not evolved to the point where we understood the soul, and that the soul was a significant part of us. 

So we experimented with the mind and tried to hypnotize it even more.  We attempted to enhance the mind.  And we ended up with an overly mental and overly focused approach to life.  Today’s world is testament to that over-active, over controlling mind.


Image Credit Maria Chambers

This planet was a great place (we created) to work out our galactic issues.  It was the perfect environment in which our ideas could be solidified and become mirrors for us to learn about ourselves.  It is one of the best feedback systems.

Humans got pretty creative in the endless ways that played out.  But after a point it did seem like a s**t storm in a dumpster fire.  That’s because over time we forgot who we were and the purpose of being here.  Without the presence of the eternal self, and the soul, things got a little out of hand.

In our awakening we recognize that it’s all just a beautiful illusion.  We also recognize that, as our soul, we have been distilling the wisdom from all our lifetimes.

For the most part, our human consciousness is greatly influenced by our lineage, and our ancestors.  That includes all the beliefs, all the patterns, all the hypnosis. All the physical and emotional issues and wounds.  And our human minds are NOT able to escape that reality, or able to create true joy.  Only our soul is capable of that.  Our mind was originally designed to be of SERVICE to our soul, and our human spirit.  Not the other way around.

And of course our very left-brained world is proof of the mind run amok.  The idea that the human mind is the epicenter of life is false.  And dangerous.

So we awaken from the dream called duality, and we reunite with our beloved soul and it’s a heart connection, but it’s also a physical, intimate reunion.  All of our aspects including The feminine and masculine come back to each other, in harmony and balance.

The feminine heals itself as it stops nurturing the wounds of humanity.  The masculine heals itself and begins trusting its heart.

We begin to feel the orgastically sensual experience of being in a physical body and a physical environment.  The physical body is actually celebrated, and not seen as a distraction. Or as base and shame-filled.


Image Credit Maria Chambers

The feminine is not restricted to just the female gender, but lives in cisgender men, In transgender individuals, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, and non-binary people.  In asexual and gender fluid people.  The feminine lives in all sexes.  All humans, regardless of their physical expressions or orientations.

Some day this truth won’t need to be highlighted.

It is said that we are all one.  And yes, we are, yet we are also each sovereign and unique.  The beauty of the physical experience is the soul can express itself in an endless variety of forms. The physical body and all of its attributes and the personality, with all of its iterations and preferences….are each rich, sensual and unique sculptures that our soul has created, and into which the soul is in the process of infusing itself.

The developed soul, over many lifetimes and experiences, recognizes that there is no good or evil, there is really not even a right or wrong, there is just experience.

As we awaken, we realize that our personal, and even our global history is irrelevant.  Yes, we honor it, but we no longer drag it around with us.  It no longer burdens us or defines us.  


It’s kind of a rude awakening.  It turns our so-called life up-side down and inside out. The light we invited in is extracting everything from us that no longer serves us.

But our freedom depends on letting go of everything we thought we were or were not.  Including letting go of the concept that we are or have been victims or controlled by others.  

We can’t step into our freedom otherwise.  Freedom is not something we win, or earn.  It’s our birthright.  Our soul is already free.  Being free in these bodies and this physical time and space reality requires total allegiance to the freedom of our soul.

But, no worries, it’s happening.  And, you are still the you that you recognize as (your name here), but now you are that and much more.  And the much more is someone carrying around so much less baggage.

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25 thoughts on “The best place to work it out

  1. Elila

    Hmm this explains my building aversion to over thinking or “figuring” anything out. Also such a hard time even focusing thought. I want to just let go of all that and have spirit show me the answers when I need them. It’s like I’m too tired to think or analyze the way i used to. And perhaps it’s even unnecessary, or even gets in the way or slows me down?
    I’ve started reading Michelle Obamas new book this week (to avoid my tendency to fall down rubbish youtube rabbitholes in my bored moments & feed it with something useful instead lol) and there is a bit near the beginning that made me think of you Maria. She says in the preface:
    “Since stepping reluctantly into public life, I’ve been held up as the most powerful woman in the world and taken down as an ‘angry black woman.’ I’ve wanted to ask my detractors which part of that phrase matters to them the most — is it ‘angry’ or ‘black’, or ‘woman’?”
    So brilliant and dead on.

    1. Elila
      Yeah, it’s so interesting how many of us are less and less able to figure things out in a linear fashion anymore. It’s like something else is taking over, a knowingness that doesn’t have much to do with facts and figures. And what we need to know will just be there in the moment we need it. Very different operating system,

      But now that I think about it, it’s like our current computer technology, where we can google anything with up to the minute information about it. Except our INformarion is IN us, and perfect for us.

      The book sounds fascinating, and, wow, yes. Women are not supposed to be angry, and being a woman and powerful, AND Black……well, need I say more?

      I was feeling into that the other day, that as we claim our own Christ consciousness, especially as women, we won’t be treated always so nicely by some. Because we will have strayed outside the box of what women are supposed to look like. The Sweet, accommodating, nurturing, self sacrificing, woman who will go only so far in life.

      We are breaking new ground.

      1. Elila

        New ground for sure! And yes i was thinking it’s a bit like Google. It’s like the memory on my hard drive is full. Or maybe it even crashed! And now i just don’t want to store all that useless info anymore. There’s no room and it weighs me down. I think it’s also tied somehow to how i get the “media hangovers”. It’s all just too much. I need ” on demand” info haha.

  2. Barbara

    “The feminine is not restricted to just the female gender, but lives in cisgender men, In transgender individuals, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, and non-binary people. In asexual and gender fluid people. The feminine lives in all sexes. All humans, regardless of their physical expressions or orientations.”

    I have today decided to no longer use labels. We are in the truest sense of the multidimensional Soul, “androgynous” – both feminine and masculine. In my opinion, there’s too darn much emphasis on sex anyway on this version of Planet Earth. I have no idea what a cisgender is, or a pansexual or a non-binary, and I really don’t want to know! Oh, maybe non-binary (I typed non-bind-ary) is androgynous? No, don’t tell me, I may overthink it! Because, Elila, I so agree with you… done with over-analyzing… I ‘think’ I’ve got it figured, and then, wham, whack, the doubts set in and there I go again, questioning, questioning. Notice to Spirit: It’s your show NOW! Love, B.

    1. Elila

      Ikr Barbara?? All the thinking, analyzing, labeling, categorizing, self diagnosing, figuring out, making sense of, rationalizing, etc etc etc. –I’m so worn out from it all. A big one is trying to plan ahead. I’ve always been a BIG plan ahead-er, always trying to be ready and not get caught unprepared or come up short, and planning the future, trying to foresee…… Agh,..I’m getting burned out just thinking about it all! Obviously it’s all part of us needing to be more in the moment so I’m needing to let go of all that future focus. Easier said than done but the fatigue with it all sure helps LOL!

      1. Barbara

        Agreed, Elila! I even go back and re-read my own comments and analyze them! Why did I say that? What do I know for sure? Where do I go from here? How do I truly feel about … everything!?!? All I end up doing is confusing myself and methinks Soul must get a chuckle out of that. Learning the NOW in linear time is a real toughie… I’ll figure out why and let you know! ; – )…. Love, B.

        1. Elila

          Arrrrrrgh I do the SAME THING!!!! rereading my comments and emails and thinking “is that even true???” Sometimes even 5 min (or less) after I’ve said something I think it’s rubbish! A lot of times it happens when Im repeating some old story about myself or repeating an old perception (I typed in perception there and sdpellcheck changed it to perversion and I had to change it back–hmmmm. And now I just noticed spellcheck didn’t fix my misspelling of spellcheck lol lol)- something I used to totally believe was “true”, and now I catch myself with it and think maybe it’s nonsense!?!? Like some of the old beliefs or stories that come out of me in a kneejerk, unconscious way are now showing themselves as old and outdated/useless. But the idea of coming up with new stories seems kinda pointless too because in 5 min I’ll be looking at it and going wait–is THAT even true??? Lol

          PS I was JUST talking with a friend about how I’m seeing/hearing a ton of younger people spouting Eckhart tolle like it’s ” truth” and the be all end all, because they have just discovered him and it’s new to them. I read that stuff 20 damn years ago when it first came out for petessake. And nope it didn’t really vibe for me either! Same is happening with the Abraham/Hicks stuff and other books like the four agreements. It’s like a generational rerun. They think “The Secret” is brand new and earth shattering! I suppose much of that stuff is when you read/experience it for the first time. Perhaps those materials are like initiators/ precursors or orientation guides in a way.

          1. Ah, yes, Elila, the ‘honeymoon stage of enlightenment. Before the shift hits the fan. When everything seems so new, and so possible, but possible with a snap of the fingers. We weren’t aware yet of what it really means to be an awakened human. And what we had to feel on the deepest of levels.

            And I agree with you, they were materials that initiated us and others. But, we outgrew them and they do seem almost outdated to us for sure.

            And like you say, even some of our own thoughts seem obsolete quickly after we express them. Like our mind with all its conditioning can’t keep up with our new consciousness.

            Not too many get past that honeymoon stage, especially when things get rough. It takes Mastery to work with the darkness. To allow all the emotions to surface, and all the physical issues.

            I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit, the few of us who made it this far. Past the honeymoon stage.

            It feels so much of the time like we are stabbing in the dark. All the doubts, all the confusion from the mind. But those are not unusual feelings to the pioneers of change.

            A profound shift in consciousness on Planet Earth isn’t something most people talk about,

            Those who just follow the mass consciousness like lemmings don’t doubt themselves. They are not interested in real self discovery. Real change always comes with going deep within and it inevitably brings up doubt. Second guessing ourselves. Second guessing this whole process.

            I think the biggest hurdle in this unfolding is the mind fighting for its life. We are some of the very few on the Planet who have the tenacity and the ability to go beyond the mind.

          2. Elila

            Before the shift hits the fan… lol lol. Good one Maria😉
            And yep my mind certainly seems to be going out of its way for attention. But i also notice sometimes it’s loosening it’s grip and relaxing more once in a while and trusting more. I read a phrase somewhere recently that all one needed for happiness was a calm mind and a pain free body, and I though well yeah, duh, I’d certainly enjoy that after all this ascension beat down lol

  3. elizabethsadhu

    Before I even read this I am laughing about the header showing Jesus! Thanks and I read the first paragraph and I am so happy to know that I can blame ALIENS for all my woes. heehee. Now I am going to read the whole blog. Thanks dear Sistar…….laughing is so good!

    love you

  4. elizabethsadhu

    Oh yes!!!!! “Freedom is not something we win, or earn. It’s our birthright. Our soul is already free. Being free in these bodies and this physical time and space reality requires total allegiance to the freedom of our soul.”

    Enjoying “Kundalini” and dancing around the room to it! Thanks Sistar!

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Yes and it was so fun to hear her stand strong, set boundaries for her family and tell tales in her hubby. ☺️☺️☺️☺️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. Barbara

    Hi Maria, do you have any thoughts/experiences, etc. on living in the Now? I mean, sometimes I get it, when I’m feeling inner peace and am okay with nothing to do, and I won’t force myself to get out there and ‘do’, but still the Now doesn’t stay long and the boredom that usually follows is not pleasant. Should boredom be pleasant? I did read Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, and didn’t res at all. Would love your take on living in the Now while we’re still in linear time to keep everything from happening at once! Love, B.

    1. Barbara, I smiled when I read your statement that “we’re still in linear time to keep everything from happening at once.” I never heard it said quite that way, and it’s both humerous,, and true.

      And, it sounds like something I am also experiencing. Being in the now is pleasant enough when I am feeling connected, when I am feeling my soul’s presence more. But then there are large swatches of ‘time’ also when I am just bored. Kind of disconnected and passionless.

      So I tend to entertain myself, watching comedies, and dramas, with their humor, pathos and fascinating actors playing protagonists and antagonists. But there’s just so much you can watch the news. So other times I watch movies and t.v. shows. Heehee.

      Maybe the difference is when we are disconnected from the 3D world, we are not bored as long as we feel the connection to spirit. No, I don’t think boredom should be pleasant. Essentially our soul, or our eternal self is never bored.

      But our human personality isn’t used to being disconnected from duality so profoundly. Before our awakening, we extracted our passion from 3D life, even from the daily drama of that life. Maybe from relationships, and jobs. So we are really in an awkward place right now.

      And maybe it remains to be seen whether we can connect with spirit on a more sustained level while still living here alongside a humanity that isn’t where we are at consciousness-wise.

      But I experience being in the now, even when I’m not fully connected to spirit, as moment by moment choosing what feels good. Even if it’s to watch some drama. Because where we are at, we don’t need to worry about getting stuck in it.

      And other times I reflect on how I have let go of so much, and have been rebirthed in the same body, without having to leave this lifetime and come back here. And how we have been carrying a higher consciousness on such a dense planet.

      I guess that helps me to feel into my I AM in those moments. To remind myself that so many of us here are ahead of our time, and because of that the boredom is understandable at this point.

      1. Barbara

        Thank you, Maria, I so vibe with what you’ve written and appreciate all that you say. Yes, it’s an awkward stage… so difficult as it’s a bouncing back and forth between what we used to know and what we know now. And you know what, I’m not even sure how I would respond to meeting someone… I mean a live person in my own frequency who gets that he or she is ahead of their time. I’m not lonely, just waiting… sometimes I wonder if Soul would like me to take the lead, and that really makes me ponder as I have no idea what Soul would like to ‘do’! Some years ago, I took Soul (my invisible friends) on walk-about every day and I felt that they were seeing/feeling what I was seeing/feeling, but after a while they were just as amazed as me that it was ‘always the same’. They got bored, too! I haven’t had a TV for about 15 years, but I’ve been thinking about getting one. Virtual drama/trauma may be an antidote! Thanks again. Love, B.

        1. Yeah, it’s a weird place to be for sure. And it seems more so each day! I enjoy being creative, writing is my form of expression these days, but it doesn’t have the same impact as just being in that blissed out state, being in that soul connection.

          Maybe you are right, and our soul is also not feeling it here either. And in that case, we are just biding our time till we get the hell off this planet.

          But surprisingly, when I do feel that way, and I feel like, o.k. I am done here. There is nothing left for me to do. I have taken it as far as I can go…..I suddenly feel liberated. It feels in those moments of throwing in the towel, like I am totally free.

          And that my only job now is to just enjoy whatever time I have left here. And, also surprisingly, in those moments, I feel a sense of joy. So I’m not sure if it’s a signal to my soul that I am finally relaxing and letting go of any trying, or if it’s my soul signaling me that yes, we can leave when we want. It’s all honored.

  6. Barbara

    Yes, I like to think/feel that it’s our Soul saying, it’s okay, there’s nothing left for you to do here. Actually, that makes sense to me… been through the Dark Night of the Soul, emerged, forgave myself, those I needed to forgive, felt the joy of liberation just as you say. A few times I got myself into situations when I could have left the Planet, but thing is, I’m for sure not into offing myself. When I go, I want to do it not for any reason outside of myself, but because I’m consciously choosing to do so. Perhaps that’s what Soul wants too. We choose when without fear. I’m so glad you got to meet John Lennon. I’ll not forget his statement, “Dying is like getting out of one car and into another.” Perhaps what we have left to offer ‘out there’ is a surety about being safe… took us ages to learn that while on this Planet…or is that just my age talking!? I got to admit being 69 is a heck of a lot different than any previous age I’ve been. Humor: I was once upon a time a desperate housewife, won’t do that again. Love, B.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Barbara….and, absolutely, when we are ready to depart this mortal coil, it would be from a place of peace. From a place of, O.K. I’m ready for a new experience as my soul.

      Oh, yeah, I tell you, those women on Wisteria Lane are something else. I guess I can identify with some of it too, which is why it’s so riveting.

      When we get to the other side, we will have some stories to tell. 💜

    2. For me it’s that my soul is saying ‘there’s nothing here you HAVE to do……or not do. So I am doing things I enjoy, or nothing much, depending on my energy levels. I’ve lost the guilt over doing nothing much and consequently there is no shame either.

      My 70 year young friend says the same as you Barbara….she’s leaving when she is good and ready and not before…or after!!!

      Been through the Dark Night and a few Dark Knights!!

  7. BD

    I find it very interesting that, in time, spirt always seems to make its way to respond to my questions. This “Time” it took two weeks.

    Two weeks ago I was deeply contemplating why having ADD is so frustrating. I came to my conclusion. Lo and Behold, here is an opportunity to share my insight which is just another confirmation that we are still very much connected to spirit even in a corporeal body that has a soul in the passenger’s seat even as it’s alway begging to be in the driver’s seat (oh…by all means, take the analogy to it’s humorous conclusion…as I do: The soul is like an adolescent kid begging the parent to drive but is not yet familiar with the rules of the road, and Daddy/Mommy mind KNOWS he she wants to take the car out on his/her own and go off roading while Mommy/Daddy mind can so easily imagine the car getting boon docked as what happened last week when soul was given the keys to go to the store…and life called to report the car was stuck two counties away boondocked on some no-name road that took hours to find).

    So here’s the insight: The intention of spirit…the nature of spirit CLEARLY is felt in the body and the life of the person in its “Timeless” desire to experience. This conflicts with the human self that has an intelligence and means to do things, but those are limited “In time.”

    I wondered; does the body feel…an impatience in the time it takes between impulse/inspiration to do (fill in the blank as to the desired outcome)? Is it the soul or the body that feels the impatience to get something done? The soul inspires and idea…conveys a direction (directive)…and…what happens between that and the outcome in the physical realm that seems to cause so much suffering and anguish?

    I have ADD. I do. I have suffered and been in anguish my whole life over this issue of hating to take the time to get something done. I rush through; take a lot of short cuts, and I get a lot of terrible results. I get frustrated. Mad! That hurts, so…I take little short cuts to bypass that. Drink too much. Buy too much, run up credit card debt…run out of money…get grumpy, fight with my loved ones…make enemies, make hurtful choices…hit my bottom…then I pray in my misery. Then a light comes on…”Lahhhhhhh!” A new inspiration comes in (along the same theme as the last one)…and I climb out of my dark night…and start again. Don’t ask how many times I’ve done this.

    When I asked about this a few weeks ago is when I realized….”It’s me. This is just the nature of the relationship I have with my soul in the corporeal life.” The realization was sorta anticlimactic once it finally made its way into my conscious awareness. The realization came just “In the nick of time.” It came in a very short period, and now…


    …the thing is, corporeal life is self limiting on its own. In my dark nights, sure…not a great feeling. Part of that whole thing is “I want this done!! Get me the “F**K out of this!”

    But “In time,” I realized (just two weeks ago)…”Ah hell! That’s just how it is.”

    I saw this docudrama a few days ago. it was a beautifully animated depiction of the prediction of the universe (as we know it) aging itself to its end (as is theorized). It was amazing, because as the movie unfolds, there is a clock counting time and speeds up a certain amount every ten seconds to where, near the end, it was counting billions of years every second. The clock stopped at like 500 billion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years…the amount of time it would take even photons to cool to black (Never mind all the sun corpses and all the black holes “Evaporating” into nothingness).

    That was the final perspective on my “In time” answer. I’m 53 years old. I figure…maybe I got 20-30 years left. That compared to 500,………..000.000………………000.000…000> corporeal years in only one of just as many universes (probably) that are not even visible to our own universe (all with their own rules…time (if any)….

    The soul! It must be the body that is all inpatient because the soul will see the end…and then probably die and “Ascend” to some other universe and keep going.

    They say patience is a virtue. That’s a corporeal concept, but it’s not a rule. Maybe…it’s just a suggestion. LOL

  8. elizabethsadhu

    I love you all and can relate to so much of what you say and I am too tired too say any more than this. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Blessings upon us all.


  9. I think it’s “Time” to take a break! what are mere months to 80 years of life to just…not worry so much about it. Let’s have some fun! We’re making soap today. We’re off work! Spouse is watching gardening on the I just vomitted words on someone’s blog (thanks…I love writing). It’s a good day! Have fun everyone!!!

    I’ll worry tomorrow…or not. Maybe I’ll wait a few weeks…or maybe, Like Elizabeth…I’ll just let my tired mind inspire me to just take a break from worry and thinking too much.

    If I focus my attention on soap making and not over think, I won’t splash lye in my eyes and I’ll get to see tomorrow with un-injured eyes and ugly scars on my face…and in a few months, I’ll be taking a bath with beautiful home made soap.

    There’s a bright future. LOL

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