Bla, bla, bla….

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At this point in our Embodied Enlightenment we are probably all sick of words.  Lots of words strung together into sentences.  Lots of bla, bla, bla on a page.  At this point we have heard it all, or variations of it.  Enough already!

And maybe that’s a good thing, because at this point, at least for us here in 5D land, there is nothing more we can be told about this process.  We have reached critical mass.

And, actually, is it really new information we are looking for, or is it just to be affiliated with others who share our soul’s resonance?  Our mind is weary.  It really doesn’t need more information.  It needs rest.  It needs to relax.  It needs to let go.

It doesn’t need a pep talk.

We know at this point who we are, and why we’re here.  We may not know exactly where we are going, but no one does at this point.

We may have had a game plan before we incarnated, and it may or may not have worked out (yet) but again, only we know what that is for each of us.

Bottom line, it’s an experience, and a damned intense one at that.  A life-altering one that has a profound affect on the planet, humanity and on all that is.  Bringing in a new consciousness is not for the weak.  It’s definitely not for the humble.  It’s for the courageous.  And the outrageous.


READ BETWEEN THE LIONS New York Public Library lion statues

But I will continue to string words into sentences and paragraphs, and publish them.  And you and others will too.  Because you and I understand that it’s what’s in between and around those words.  It’s the resonance of the authors, and of the entities some are channeling, that we can take into our bodies and minds as love and support.

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And it’s the eternal connection we all have with each other, as we share our energies in the blog community.  We also know that it’s not about any sort of obligation to one another.  We all get to choose when and if we want to participate.  In any case, it’s our energetic presence that is felt.  We have created a safe and supportive space together.

Meanwhile our soul is also here with each of us, and we are in the process of building that relationship.

So we will be seeing words, words, words, and bla, bla, bla for a while yet.  And, of course, words are important, but we also know that it’s the presence of spirit that brings us in closer, and reminds us we are not doing this all alone.

Enjoy Maybe I Can Learn To Fly (From an early album, not yet released)

(Best enjoyed with earphones)


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14 thoughts on “Bla, bla, bla….

  1. Jax

    I can relate to the blah blah blah of it all!
    My only true focus right now is catching, acknowledging and letting go any and all beliefs & programs that keep me tethered to the 3D ego reality.. at the very least it keeps me entertained 😆

    Because the more I delete these ‘softwares’, ego pumps out more! BLAH BLAH BLAH .. What stories it weaves!

    So I say to it, bring that shit on bruva, is that all you GOT! There’s an end to you, there always is.. because you’re ARTIFICIAL! 😉

  2. Barbara

    Love your song, “Maybe I Can Learn to Fly”. The wonder of the lyrics is that you don’t want to stay inside, and yet that is where we needed to be… in our hearts and minds… so we could finally at long last learn to fly. Love and gratitude flying your way, Maria. B.

  3. elizabethsadhu

    I laughed out loud when I read the title of this blog.

    There is definitely a while lotta blah blah blah going on……☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    You are so right! We are not weak and we are courageous!!

    Great song! I had visions of us all flying around with each other……. No airplane or engine needed.

    Love it thanks tons Sistar!!

    Loving us all

  4. BD

    That song is so remeinesent of the acoustic 60s folk…so light hearted in tune…that’s a garnering song on sunny spring day.

  5. Elila

    Oh my goodness Maria this piece so NAILS IT!! It’s brilliant and spot on –boy can I RELATE! Oddly enough though, this is the one place where the words and ideas expressed never feel repetitive or rerun-y. This is the one place where all the facets revealed by saying things in a thousand different ways really, REALLY, helps. It’s strengthening and bolstering and energizing and morale boosting and feels entirely NECESSARY. At least for this battered being!
    So much gratitude and love for you dear Maria and all you provide here, and also for all my family here!

  6. Barbara

    Telepathy or Synchronicity? YESTERDAY I commented briefly at a website and mentioned in response to another comment, “Maybe it was Pegasus.” A couple of hours ago I went onto a site that I don’t regularly check, and there was an article on that site posted TODAY about Pegasus. What are the chances? I’ve had synchronicity happen before, but not like this. I’d love some thoughts on this one… smiling here… before I analyze it out of existence. I asked my cat what he thought, telepathy or synchronicity, and he ain’t telling. Love, B.

    1. Trickykitty555

      Barbara, I SWEAR…synchronicity is off the hook in my lil’ realm. You posting was a synchronicity in fact because I’ve been noticing ALOT of it.

      There’s a lot of theory about what it is and what it means. Personally I ascribe to the notion that it just means we have moments of openness and our awareness keeps its doors open long enough for time to bring the answer. The incident may be a message (but only the observer can say what it is). It can be a confirmation and validation of thought or course…or truth.

      Sometimes the revelation is huge; it’s the key that unlocked a secret you’ve longed to know. Sometimes…I think it’s just our connection to higher self saying “See? Told you! Are aren’t alone at all…carry on”

      What do you think it is? Be creative. Let your freak out about it. Let your imagination work with it, and I bet something comes along in time to affirm or redirect you to a better resolution about it. It will settle in.

      You can also ignore it like a lot of people do. Chalk it up to nothing but coincidence. If done so…so it is.

      Life is good that way. But you know…it is rather super cool when it happens. Seems a shame to let something so extraordinary go out of sight and mind into obscurity when there is so much at our disposal to keep us…invested in our creation process and keep life interesting while we wait around for our evolution. It’s like…synchronicity is us scratching the surface of something deeper and wonderful waiting for us to step into.

      It’s just a scratch….(wait for it…wait for it….)

      That’s my thought on it.

      1. Barbara

        Thanks, Trickykitty555, I will indeed play with it and watch for an affirmation or a redirection… Pegasus, the winged horse, definitely an attraction for me, though I hadn’t thought much about it for years… it comes from a Greek myth and I think there’s something there about Greece I need to ‘remember’ too. Your comment reminds me of the movie, Field of Dreams… build it, wait for it… wait for it… it will come. Perhaps now the theme is ‘notice it, feel it, don’t deny it, wait for it, and it will come.’ Thanks again. Love, B.

    1. Barbara

      Just occurred to me, Maria, your song, ‘Maybe I Can Learn to Fly’ is also connected to Pegasus! I mean, can’t get much more flying than that! Love, B.

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