Being Good is Old School

Art by Maria Chambers


At this point in your awakening process if you believe that it is important to become a better person, a better human being, it’s time to challenge that belief. Because if you don’t challenge it, trust me, it will be challenged.

Because this process has nothing to do with becoming a better person. Becoming more spiritual, or loving, more compassionate, or more forgiving.

If you resonate with this blog you are at a point in your awakening where you know that there is nothing you are required to fix about your human self.  If you didn’t know that, that’s o.k. There is a part of you that does, and just needed to be reminded.

I have a gag reflex to statements like, we are all one, and love one another, or world peace. Why? Because it reflects a total mischaracterization of the awakening process. Along with, forgive others, love others unconditionally, and it is better to give than to receive.

All that these statements do is make people feel even more unworthy and guilty than they already feel. It only enhances their own sense of self-loathing. It’s like the organization AA making the participant recount how they may have hurt others and encourages them to one by one make amends with all those people.

Ironically the root of the addiction was a lack of self-love in the first place. And telling them that they are a bad person on top of that, well, not sure how that helps them.

If you are still trying to be a better person I highly suggest you give it up immediately. It will serve only to hinder your ascension process. If you want to get better at crossword puzzles, or becoming better or more proficient at making an omelet, or improve on any of a number of technical skills, that’s fine. Have at it.

But if you are striving to become more enlightened, or more patient, or more understanding, or a better friend, you are just getting in your own way. Even if you are trying to become healthier physically or emotionally, at this point It will backfire on you.

But many of you are discovering that sobering reality. You see that trying to do any of those things just ends up frustrating you. It’s a vicious circle.

Because, first of all it is working with the assumption that there is something wrong with you. That you need healing and fixing. That your human self is by its nature flawed. And there is a standard of the perfect human that keeps moving around depending on who you talk to or whose teachings you follow.

Unfortunately too much spiritual teaching encourage people to strive to be better human beings.

Did you notice that shaming others into being ‘better’ whether that means kinder, more understanding, or whatever, falls flat. And if they do attempt it, it’s certainly disingenuous.

A lot of the striving to be better to others is all about control and manipulation.

A big aspect of this awakening process is feeling anger, and impatience. I won’t go into depth on it since I have covered it in other posts. But for those of us on the ascension, Embodied enlightenment trajectory, those emotions are coming up more frequently and we are learning to accept them, and we also know we are not going to truly hurt anyone else.

We’re simply not capable of that at this stage,

So if anyone does feel hurt, they were already feeling that way, trust me. Even for us, if we do get triggered by others, we recognize now that it’s not really about them, either.

And, having said that, we also know that being conscious on such an unconscious planet can test our patience on our best day. So, sometimes the crankiness is because we are dealing with others who are still asleep.

So the whole business of loving others and sharing our light with everyone no matter what is perhaps meant for other groups of ‘seekers.’ But if you are here reading this and resonate with it, you are no longer seeking.

Art by Maria Chambers


Sometimes the old religious teachings have a way of seeping into the new consciousness teachings.  The concept of our soul, or our I AM takes the place of the concept of a judgy god.

The whole idea of being ‘good’ in order to be accepted by god, and that god will grant us a heavenly place is old school. Do you notice that many religions teach that people must be good here first, and then they must wait until they die to get into heaven, or wherever.  Their reward is delayed, and for reasons most don’t want to talk about.  On a macro level it has to do with controlling the masses.  And on a micro level, it has to do with the mind trying to manipulate and control us.

That delayed gratification works to a degree to keep people in line. Because the reward is always sometime in the future and somewhere off-planet.

It’s why some avowed Christians hate the new age folks. The latter are practicing the idea that joy is within, that god is within, and that one can reach states or consciousness without a god that requires heavy financing.

Years ago, I decided to visit a place that purported to do healings. It was Christian-based. The women asked me if I dabbled in the new age before they were willing to lay hands on me for a ‘healing.’

At the time I said, no, I wasn’t. And, technically, I was really not a new age person. I was in a category all my own, as many of us are.

But even though the question put me off, admittedly, I was there because I was feeling kind of desperate.

If there is any measurement of ‘better’ I can say I have come a long way in not feeling desperate about anything. But no thanks to my mind. Because the mind loves to elicit the emotions of fear and doubt and desperation.

Thanks more to my soul, who doesn’t have the fear to begin with. I now see the benefit of tapping into that more and more, the presence of my soul.

Because my soul isn’t asking me to improve on myself as the human. It isn’t worried that I haven’t been good enough, or caring enough, or pure enough.  The human judges themselves, yet at this stage our soul has no definition for good, caring, or pure.  To our Eternal Self, it’s all just experience.

Our soul is the antithesis of a judgeMENTAL god.

Our soul is all about freedom, and joy. It doesn’t compromise that freedom or joy. So, that’s challenging for the human, because the human is all about compromise. Giving in to please others, to feel safe, to make ends meet, to keep a relationship from falling apart.  And the notion that striving to be ‘better’ is still ingrained in the human.

All the millions of small compromises, and the waiting until they feel more worthy, over time, erode the human’s sense of joy.

Yet, the sense of freedom is one breath away, one frequency away. It doesn’t matter how long the human has been feeling the dull, colorless emotions. The human doesn’t have to wait until he leaves the planet, or until she ‘resolves’ all her issues to experience that unbridled joy.  That freedom is right here and right now.

The human doesn’t have to ‘improve’ on themselves one iota in order to be worthy of that joy.

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14 thoughts on “Being Good is Old School

  1. trickykitty555

    There is nothing but gratitude one could feel by reading what you wrote here, Maria. It’s one of the nicest…sweetest ways of allowing a broader world at large a thumbs up and an encouraging nod and wink to acknowledge human conditioning without shame or further expectations to do anymore than we are doing and have done in our Journey (what ever that is). This writing offers a fair reconciliation of where anyone might have come to in their life. It allows some one to sum up an entire life time (where ever one is young or old; first life time or the thousandth) and just be in it because that is just what it is…and it can be believed.



  2. trickykitty555

    Yesterday, I wrote about a gratitude that was felt. I didn’t know why I felt gratitude.
    As the day wore on yesterday, I felt something wasn’t right inside me…and it PISSED ME OFF! I went into withdraw mode; resented every single external “need” that asserted itself upon me (and there were many). As needs arouse, I dispatched them quickly so I could focus on my growing outrarage. My inner dialog was playing fast and furous, and it seemed the rewind button was set on auto. Every time it replayed, my outrage grew.

    As is true of me when this happens, I isolate. By this point, I am so rage filled…I reduce risk of colateral damage. “Loving” intrusion is NOT welcomd! Why? It feels like control and manipulation!!!

    It was a lovely night; wind was blowing through the window, and the sound it makes is calming…I LOVE THAT SOUND. I was near asleep when my spouse came in and shut the window. SNAP! A short and sweet exchange of bitter resentment, I opened back up that window and dared it be shut again. It was NOT shut! My words, tone and explicit outrage would not be thwarted. It was an ugly use of power. The blowing wind would not be silenced.

    This morning, I turned to my journal…had a conversation with myself. I figured out why my mood turned so dark and stormy yesterday; still lingering and barely subdued as I wrote to myself. It turned out My narative had been dismantaled; or some core piece of it, and The reason for any narative was dismantaled yesterday, here…in this blog.

    What does it look like when someone has a healing? Well…what DOES it look like when one can damn well walk but uses crutches…and then someone comes along and kicks them out from under you…and you stumble, fall…flounder and get mad at the injustice of someone taking your crutches away when you have two perfectly good legs that should be used…can be used because there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM! What does healing look like?

    Awwwww, crap!!! Dang it!! I allowed myself to learn to believe my life was hell on Earth. For too long, I have hated my life because my narrative is filled with hard lessons that hurt; and I still cry over the hurt…the falling down, being kicked around…slapped around…bullied…and dishing it back out because of being so outraged. Yet…here I stand in testomony of my own life lived and survived…still surviving; still kicking! Exactly what does need to be fixed?

    So, Maria…in a reaffirmation of gratituded expressed yesterday, I stand here (or getting up from having my crutches kickedout from under me)…grudgingly to thank you again. I DO resonate with what you said; yesterday because it just resonated, and today because I now know why it did so. I’m actually not terribly happy about it, but I’d rather be stronger than happy because the humiliation of the lesson makes me stronger, and perhaps it takes stregth to be happy…to dare more to be turer to myself than to anyone else…and by this be freer.

    Let freedom Reign.

  3. Thank you for writing this. This is one of the (many) reasons I take such issue with all this “spiritualism”. Whether it’s God saying your not good enough, or some guru saying you’re not enlightened enough, the message is the same: SHAME ON YOU!
    And that only destroys our happiness.

    1. Yes, Fanny, the concept of self-love has been lost for the most part. Or a better way of saying it, it hasn’t been discovered yet by most of humanity. And getting there is all about remembering who we really are. Simple. But not so easy.

      1. trickykitty555

        “Simple. But not easy.”

        It comes to mind how very simple it is to remember. It is not so easy to go about the process of remembering. Harder still to bypass countless generations of conditioning within a Comunity (world at large) that is conditioned to follow.

        Calling all enlightening black sheep and divergents; “Marco”….”Pollo!”

        I hear you; we hear one another, and we are In-Couraged.

    2. trickykitty555

      Fanny, “Spiritualism” has been my anchor, but you make a really good point. It seems the word has gone the way of cliche; like “Religion.” What comes to mind when I read your comment is “Time to pull up anchor” and set myself upon the sea; not cast adrift but rather with sails billowing in my ships made strong. We, each, are our own captains…weathered and ready; experienced in all the ways of the seas. Thanks!

      1. trickykitty555

        Awwww, Maria…your works are so beautifully soulful. You DO embody the compounded elements of the Sensual through a spirit engaged in this community you share with those that would be inspired to share their own. How we all resonate up and down the scales of life; finding the many keys that would generate harmony within ourselves; feminine…masculine from all willing to add their voice to what we do; how we do it. It begs to be shared and orchestrated by such fine people as find their way here –

        Peace to you all. Have a fine weekend.

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