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Anger clears stuck energies



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Emotional, physical, political and social storms are a way of clearing out old, stuck energies. We see it happening in nature, with spontaneous fires that seem to sacrifice forests. With tsunamis and hurricanes, earthquakes and relentless rain.

The planet is realigning itself.

We see it on an emotional level, with instances of anger, and sadness.  Anger is a great energy mover. Especially if the person has been complacent or depressed for a long time.

What we see on outer levels is a reflection of the inner ones. The physical body is a great regulator of health and well-being, if allowed, as is the Earth herself. The problem is we tend to judge and fear changes that appear to be negative, and thus impede the natural flow of things.

Consciousness is ever-expanding, and that included the Earth. Global warming is one of the results of that expansion. It is totally natural, and necessary, but there is a fear and there are those who misunderstand what is happening and blame it on mankind.

While mankind does contribute to the Earth’s pollution, and people are rightfully concerned about protecting the land, water, and air from manufactured pollutants, global warming is simply outside of human control.

I find it interesting that a portion of mankind feels responsible for global warming, yet disowns its part in creating weather patterns. Hurricanes come to places that most need clearing, where the consciousness is stuck.

Many religious folks attribute these natural disasters to man’s sins, and god’s vengeance, placing a moral judgement on natural movements of energy. Many of these same people also see the human body as sinful. So they see those with diseases as being deserving of punishment by god.

Sexual desire, then is seen as evil. Imagine all the diseases that come forth from that one belief. And also the diseases within the church itself, as we witness the imbalances taking the form of sexual predators.

So what we are seeing now on the planet is the realignment, the rebalancing and the integration of human and divine, the integration of the masculine with the feminine.

Competition and aggression slowly giving way to co-operation and trust.


More light activates all the buried beliefs and patterns. And they come to the surface through natural eruptions and storms.


Tsunamis can come in the form of people like President Donald Trump, who is not an independent agent that just appeared out of nowhere. Instead he is a symptom of long-held patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving humanity.

He comes as a great disruptor. Some say he’s evil, some say he’s god’s blessing upon us. Well, he is neither. He is just the necessary storm needed to expose the dross parts of humanity that had been hidden for so long that they became normalized.

He himself has very little consciousness, but that is what is necessary in order to reveal the lack of consciousness on the planet in general. You might say he is helping to stretch the rubber band of duality to the point of snapping.

And we see this being echoed around the world, with other authoritarian leaders.

When the body is in disease, the rest of the physical vessel begins to rally, each cell, working in cooperation with one another, to bring things back into balance. The same is true for nations of people. It’s actually a natural process.

What may appear to be more divisions among people, races, and nations, is in fact part of a natural process intended to bring a beautiful orchestration of love, trust and cooperation.

It’s the foundation of every cell in the body, the Earth, and the universes.


What appears to be chaos is a reordering. Just like the physical body exhibiting signs of disease. Removing just the symptoms will not necessarily clear out the underlying discordant energies that created the disease in the first place.

And any disease is just an imbalance, and just as the body works to restore balance, so too does a nation. The outer world is always a reflection of the inner one.

There is a new light dispensation on the planet, and it is stirring up all the old, stagnant energies in order to create a new paradigm.

Those of us who are no longer in that 3D world can observe it with compassion. We already went through what humanity is now going through.

We are going through, or have gone through, our awakening and are now sovereign creators. Our bodies may still be releasing things, and may feel stuck, but we are not in a 3D type of stuck. We are taking ownership of our consciousness. And of our creatorship.



Repressed emotions such as anger will often be expressed as illness in our bodies, or projected outward onto others, an ‘enemy.’ Or the devil. Rejecting and judging our own anger doesn’t serve us. It’s best to see it as a necessary storm. It helps to clear out old, stuck energies in our very cells.

You may have noticed that some of the physical issues you have been experiencing are bringing up emotions, whether it’s anger or sadness. That’s actually a good sign that you are releasing those stuck energies.

Accept the anger as just a natural storm, or clearing of stuck energies. Don’t fear it. You are not in a place of harming anyone so just allow yourself to feel it. Not analyze it, because that keeps you stuck in your mind.

A couple of years ago I went to a storm shelter, and because I felt safe within the formidable structure, I allowed myself to enjoy the hurricane when it passed through. I reveled in the force of the raging wind, and the sound of nature’s fury.

I knew I was safe, protected from any harm. And I knew that the wind was cleansing. And, actually the storm had downgraded considerably from the original forecast. The area here where I live has been protected from the worst of hurricanes. The consciousness is in a place where that level of clearing is not necessary.

Why not see the emotion of anger for what it is, just an energy in motion. Feel it, just like you would enjoy a storm or hurricane if you knew you were safe. You could then appreciate its cleansing properties.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

23 thoughts on “Anger clears stuck energies

  1. Thanks Maria!

    This piece is literally a God send! God keeps reminding me that I am not separate from nature; that humanity as a whole is a force of nature while it is ALSO subject to nature….as the wind is…the Earth and all life upon the Earth…AND THE EARTH AND EVERY ASPECT OF HER!

    It is humbling and beautiful just like this piece you did.

    Thank you, Maria for sharing your divine inspiration that sparked my own will to remember my place and duty to consciously consider and act within nature reflected in us all even as we can do nothing but reflect nature in every aspect; how beautiful…how terrible…how incredibly awesome. As above so below.

    Love in spirit

  2. Reblogged this on Pedestrian Prophet and commented:
    Here is crystal clarity and a perfectly expressed integrity of a basic truth all would do well to remember as we move inward, onward and upward amongst ourselves, each other and The Earth. We are, Indeed, all as one!

  3. I loved this blog Maria. I totally see Trump the same way. I see him as a catalyst, bringing consciousness to the worst parts of this nation. The more light we bring, the more the darkness freaks out and comes to the surface; we’re shining a flashlight on it

    • So happy you connected with it. And yes, good choice of words, ‘the darkness freaks out’ And, just like with the physical body and dis-ease, it may take s little while before balance is restored. Trump may have to serve a second term before the more progressive energies take hold in Washington.

  4. Indeed. The progressives are melting down…just like the conservatives did during the Clinton years. I think during the Bush years, the darkness of that era was revealed as the progressives struggled to assert certain ideals that revealed where the conservatives needed balance.

    I truly believe they saw their shadow. It was a good thing.

    Now it is the progressives’ turn.

    Oh, I do pray for this country…and all of the leadership in the three branches of government…for past and present for our future.

    I love all of you.

  5. “You may have noticed that some of the physical issues you have been experiencing are bringing up emotions, whether it’s anger or sadness. That’s actually a good sign that you are releasing those stuck energies.

    Accept the anger as just a natural storm, or clearing of stuck energies. Don’t fear it. You are not in a place of harming anyone so just allow yourself to feel it. Not analyze it, because that keeps you stuck in your mind.”

    Very applicable to me. Thank you so much. I’m experiencing all sorts of intestinal issues right now (and am undergoing verious medical tests/procedures to try and work out what’s going on). The anger and grief and fear brought up by the pain, and the restrictions it imposes, have been extreme. I feel it all erupting out of the solar plexus, which is where the physical pain emanates from. I’ve started a morning journaling practice just to get it all out and I burn what I have written afterwards and watch the wind carry away the ashes ….. It’s going deep.

    • very good, mm, you’re sending a wonderful message to your body by honoring all of the feelings, And, notice I didn’t say YOUR feelings, but the emotions that you have picked up from the mass consciousness, from perhaps your environment, from your own ancestors. Just like the wind that blows through us, we no more own it than we own those ancient emotions that have nothing to do with who we really are.

      And it seems the lower chakras are the hardest hit. The fear and survival issues, the feelings of abandonment are coming up to be cleared. I’m hearing from many other folks with similar issues, and also bladder issues. Emotions not expressed that have crystallized in the cells.

      I love your ritual of burning the journal notes and that symbolism of releasing all of it. And, then they get transmuted.

      The beauty of inviting our Soul into our lives and our body is that we don’t have to wrestle with any of those emotions or issues. Any more than we need to fight the rain, or the wind. Thank you for sharing your experience. 💜

  6. Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  7. I think it was Bruce Lee who said, “Anger is the gateway to wisdom.”

  8. HI My Maria,
    I totally agree with this, and the part about maybe needing a second term from DT, well, one thing is Fo sho, A LOT of anger/stuck energies will be released!!! I do hope though that my two sister’s want go off the deep end, as they cannot see from the level that I can.
    Hope you are well, happy, and peaceful!! 💞 xo

  9. P.S. The part about DT maybe needing a second term, was found in your comment, I was rereading the post and could find it no where! I was like, really did I dream this up…🙃

    • My Annette…..yep, a LOT of stuck energies will be released if the DT is re-elected. And, yes, many people will go off the deep end emotionally. But it may be what it takes to wake people up. Better that than more complacency. Although many people are experiencing Trump exhaustion, and the danger of that is that nothing he does, no matter how egregious, will register anymore. Remember the good old days of a one-scandal president?

  10. I found this piece today during my contemplations about…life. This person struggles with job prospect, but might it also be applicable to any of our life works; political, vocational…citizenship and co-operations regardless of side and the reasons we choose which “Side” we may find ourselves?

    “M: I’m getting worried about job prospects. It’s a sticking point with me because I don’t want to fall into the same pattern of failure, stress and more failure, disappointment…strife, struggle and resentment; burnout and utter holistic exhaustion.

    U: I see your point clearly. And where is your faith?

    M: It’s battered and torn and mortared somewhere between all that icky stuff I’m avoiding.

    U: (LAUGHING), Indeed! And that’s exactly where it needs to be in order to work. While it is there in those dark places, it is generating grace.

    Faith is like a molecule that reacts and becomes a catalyst as it reacts with darker elements of destructive “Life” forces, for as it is neutralizing those said forces, the action of doing so produces graces…sparks of power that facilitate its own purpose which is to neutralize fear so that there is a way forward. Faith powers grace which is a finer element; it is a subtle element without which life would be completely unbearable and would have then no incentive to exists.”

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