Humanity is just beginning its awakening

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When we talk about this light that has been flooding the planet, and how it has been exposing the parts of humanity that need to be seen, the hidden parts, it’s not just a metaphor.

There is really nothing that can remain in shadow anymore.  Personally or globally.  We notice that things out there are heating up in ways we have not seen before.  What’s happening now in politics and across societies is unprecedented.

As we look at history we see that social progress is always met with resistance by those who fear change the most.  And progress is undeniable in areas like civil and human rights.

But this isn’t just your typical, run-of-the-mill backlash.  Something more is at play.  We are seeing extremes from those who believe they have the most to lose.  It’s no coincidence that the United States of America, which has been held up as an example of freedom and democracy to the rest of the world, is seen by most countries now as an embarrassment.

And it’s because it’s had some dark stuff going on under the surface for some time, and in spite of its progress, it’s been mining that darkness for personal power and personal gain.

Globally, the patriarchy is being stretched to its limit.  It’s trying harder than ever to oppress the feminine.  And for the most part, it’s not even trying to dress it up.  The strategies used are beginning to look like throwbacks to the 1800s.  To before women were seen as full human beings.  The current attempts to control women’s bodies are not even being hidden behind a sanctity of all life stance anymore.

Anti-abortion groups and politicians are still using those words, but the draconian policies they are legislating betray their true motives.

There is simply too much awareness now to buy into the rhetoric.  Misogyny is not able to be veiled behind religion or concern for the unborn.  People’s true agenda is being exposed.  And in a way we have people like Trump to thank.  He hasn’t been hiding his own disdain for the feminine or brown or black people.

In fact, it’s why he got into office.  It’s a feature, not a bug.

And that’s why the extremists are getting louder, and why the anti-women ideology has found its way into extreme legislation.  There is no time to waste.  With Trump in power and a conservatively packed Supreme Court, the anti-woman iron is hot.

As well the racist and bigoted extremists who have been given the green light by the current resident in the White House to use violence against other religions and ideologies.

Doubling down on disowning and oppressing the feminine is no surprise as women and others who embody the feminine proudly shine their light.  The feminine is beginning to awaken and recognize that she has been carrying the wounds of humanity, and it’s no longer serving her.

Meanwhile, Paternalism tries to convince us of its concern for the fetus, but not the woman, or the children born who need health care, or the environment.


Artificial crises are manufactured at the border, in women’s uteruses, in Iran, in trade wars, and yet, the real dangers go unaddressed.  And those are right here, in our own back yard.

But it’s all good, because this is what light does.  It disrupts old, stuck systems, and begins to dismantle them.  Even the people who are not ready to go within and see what’s really going on, who continue to project onto others, onto other religions, or the feminine…..will be met with things backfiring on them.  In ways they were not anticipating.

And, they created that very experience in order to move past the stuck energies in their own lives.

And the stuck energies of humanity, actually.  Because humanity is really stuck.  And changing that calls for more extreme measures, because limping along isn’t cutting it.  Progress or you can call it awareness or consciousness has been crawling at a snails pace.

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Everyone on the planet at this time has given permission for their own awakening.  But humanity is at the very beginning stage.  What is happening in their lives is an opportunity to open up more and more to their own soul.  To a new way of being.  But they for the most part will be going through several experiences and more lifetimes before they begin to understand spirit.

The extremes happening in the world is humanity’s version of awakening.

Our version, as new consciousness pioneers, is the extremes that appeared in our lives, on a personal and physical level.  We have already done the work that humanity is beginning to do. Many of us are advanced souls who went through a very human experience this lifetime to reacquaint ourselves with what the rest of mankind is going through, and thus to be better teachers of the new consciousness.

We, as the human and soul, are releasing our galactic stories, our ancestry, our lineage, and our attachment to humanity…..all in service to that very same humanity.

Feeling disconnected from the 3D world is a signal to us that we are here ahead of our time.  But it’s good to remind ourselves that the world we witness outside our door is not so much falling apart as it is just going through its own awakening.

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44 thoughts on “Humanity is just beginning its awakening

  1. sweet pea

    thank u Maria ❤️ this perfectly captures where i’m trying to keep my perspective. when i start taking it all in on a human level without remembering that this is what’s underneath it all, i’m so infuriated i can barely be in my skin 😥 have had to keep taking energetic steps “away” from what’s happening – repeatedly. needed to hear this today ❤️ thank u as always 🤗

    1. Sweet pea…’s easy to feel outraged by the idiotic goings on. I have shouted some profanities while reading the news as I sip coffee at Starbucks. So, yeah, it takes some effort to put things in their proper perspective. So kudos to you on taking ‘energetic steps away.’

      I remember the movie ‘Idiocracy’ and thought back then how far fetched the concept was. Until now. But, no, I jest. Things won’t go that far…… Starbucks will never cost $500.00 a cup.

      1. sweet pea

        omgggg Maria 😂 hilarious because i literally neeeeeveerrrr cuss. (profanity doesn’t offend me, it’s just never felt right coming out of my mouth cause my personality lol) but this week i was texting a friend right after the alabama bill passed and i was like…. oh hellllll noooo 🙅‍♀️ these f*cking m*ther f*cking a**h*les!!! lollllll and my friend was like… they’ve gone and done it now if they got you to cuss 🔥

        1. One of the Alabama male senators who voted for the abortion ban mansplained how a woman would find out if she was pregnant. He stated, “She has to take a pregnancy test… can’t know that immediately. It takes some time for all those chromosomes and all that.”

          A proud recipient of Alabama sex education… below for further info…..

          click here to Meet Ed.

          1. sweet pea

            lord almighty. 🤦🏼‍♀️

            chromosomes?? lol. he doesn’t know that a pregnancy test tests for HORMONES? i would give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s referring to fetal dna/genetic testing for other things, but i’m pretty sure that it’s just that he doesn’t even understand how a basic pregnancy test works… and yet he gets to make laws about reproduction.

            i. seriously. can’t.

          2. These idiots have been given the benefit of the doubt for way too long. One of the women senators during the Alabama abortion bill debate introduced a bill for a vote. It was to make all vasectomies a felony. The votes were taken, and surprise, all the male legislators vetoed it, while laughing. Of course it’s funny. It’s preposterous to expect a man’s body to be legislated, regulated and policed.

          3. sweet pea

            yup. i’m completely done even having discussions with anyone who isn’t pro-choice. i won’t even discuss the topic with you because 100% of anti-choice people are starting from a dishonest and non-factual place.

            if you can’t come to the discussion already agreeing that zygotes, embryos, and unviable fetuses are not people, and if you equate termination in those phases with “murder”, then we can’t even go any further into the other layers of it. that’s the bare bones science of it. any other view is your religion and personal opinion making stuff up, and i refuse to even dignify that with a legitimate discussion because it isn’t one. 🙅‍♀️

          4. Elizabeth Sadhu

            Geez….I wish I wasn’t married, I would love to meet someone just like ED! hahahahahahahahaha

            I laughed loudly at that one.

            Thanks for all the laughter and joy, dearest Maria and gang.

          5. Wow, sweet pea…quite a fascinating and impassioned article! I feel where she is ‘coming’ from, no pun intended. A Mormon woman with three kids, though? Uggh! Talk about lack of liberty! I can’t even imagine……I have to wonder, how many other women like her who belong to these fundamentalist religious sects feel the same, but are afraid to express their anger and frustration.

            It’s sad that so many women have been conditioned to believe that the pleasure of the man comes first. I grew up with the idea that if a guy bought you dinner, you ‘owed’ him. It took me a couple of decades of dating to realize that I deserved to also orgasm.

            It’s sad that as a woman so many of us are finally relieved to pass menopause, and to relax into our lives as we want to live them. Because I agree sex for so many women has been mixed up with pain and fear.

            I have followed Dr. Ruth’s (the tiny sex therapist) advice of “go to your room and help yourself.” Haha

            But this is why I feel so passionate about women giving themselves permission to let go of that whole business and that includes all of the pain and suffering. Because there is still a consciousness of pain and suffering within womankind on the planet.

            And it will continue if she doesn’t disconnect from her old story. It’s what many of us are doing, those of us who are awakened, we are doing it for ourselves, and then it creates potentials for the rest of our sisters.

            To be a woman who loves herself enough to not allow anyone to feed off of her energies. Letting go of the shame and guilt, and caretaking of humanity. It all has to go..

          6. sweet pea

            yeah Maria, i couldn’t sort her having such impassioned feelings about it all with her life story, so i just appreciated what she said cause it was just too good.

            i’ve never not once seen someone lay out an argument that put the responsibility on men completely from start to finish. yet as a society we put it all in women and act as if that’s just so. and her arguments were sound. i guess it just blew my mind because i’d never even thought about a few of those things… like ever 🙃 especially the part about how a man’s pleasure is directly tied to pregnancy and a woman’s isn’t at all. so unlike a man’s, the woman’s body is designed to enjoy sex with out conception being possible… i feel like that’s the best point i’ve ever heard to throw in the face of all those monsters who believe women are nothing more than human incubators and should only have sex to get pregnant.

            so whenever they go on with their nonsense about how “god made this this way because blah blah” … i am going to bring that up say… “you may wanna talk to y’alls god about…” lol ☺️

          7. Yes, sweet pea, her argument was really a sound and refreshing perspective. It’s been so normalized to see the female gender as here to serve men in every way. And her body as a thing to be used and abused. It’s been such a deep part of the world culture that it became almost unrecognized by both men and women.

            Lately I have been following very progressive men and women on YouTube channels to remind myself that not all people in 3D are idiots, I mean, unenlightened. Haha. That it’s actually the minority of people who sustain these Neanderthal concepts of women.

            Unfortunately there is still enough of that minority in control of governments. The so-called religious ones who just use their so called religions to continue their war on women. (And the LGBTQ community).

            Maybe things had to get this bad in order for women to say, enough! We are not responsible for anyone’s life or happiness but our own.

            The woman in the article made a bold move to voice that perspective. To not take the blame. To illuminate the truth and the experience of so many women. Especially in her particular situation she could get a whole lot of blowback.

          8. elizabethsadhu

            Sweet Pea! Thanks for sharing that article. Fucking brilliant. And super intriguing that she is a mom and Mormon.

            Love, E

          9. sweet pea

            yes Maria, this…

            “It’s been so normalized to see the female gender as here to serve men in every way.”

            that’s actually what i took as the point of the article – that abortion isn’t even the topic at hand. she has that one comment where she says this..

            “we’ve trained men from birth that their pleasure is of utmost importance in the world.”

            and i feel like you could throw out the rest of the article, and that’s the point. you could throw out any other point about abortion, and that statement is the point. maybe exchange the word pleasure for “power” or “comfort”, or “ego” instead, and that’s the point.

            none if this has to do with anything we’re pretending it’s about. the entire issue is the fact that society has always catered to the idea that it doesn’t matter how miserable, unsafe, unbalanced, inconsistent, untrue – whatever – we’ve live by certain rules and belief system to keep lower masculine energy safely cradled like a baby. and i think abortion is the most metaphorically powerful way that women have ever had to disregard male control, and that’s what they’re actually raging about.

          10. Well said, sweet pea….so many distractions from the real point, which it seems they can’t hide any more. It’s coming to light. Their true motives and beliefs are in clear sight. I think the energies in the world have turned a corner now, and there is no going back. The disowning of the feminine can no longer be dressed up or hidden from sight.

          11. sweet pea

            so good right @elizabethsadhu ???

            i’m glad she had the patience to write all that out for the rest of us. i’ve decided if an anti-choice man ever tries to speak me about abortion ever again… he gets no response whatsoever from me other than me sending him the link to that article lol.

        2. Elizabeth Sadhu

          Sweet Pea…..I am laughing so much………..your awesome cussing is so offensive to me……NOT!

          Your friend is making me laugh, also.

          loving this group and loving our Maria!!!!!


          1. sweet pea

            lollllll… i’m normally really sweet natured, but these fools have done pushed me over the edge these past 3 years 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  2. Cathy Morales

    Thank you for this. I have felt such anger towards what is going on in our country especially towards women. You made me see it in a different way.

    1. You are welcome, Cathy. I have to remind myself often that the feminine is here, and she is a presence to be respected. As hard as the powers to be try to dismiss her, she ain’t going nowhere.

  3. trickykitty555

    “Many of us are advanced souls who went through a very human experience this lifetime to reacquaint ourselves with what the rest of mankind is going through, and thus to be better teachers of the new consciousness.”

    That very same sentiment has been echoing around in my mind for quite a spell! Even so, there is this “Human” that’s being driven around and about on the road through a life that is faced with every single thing every other human is faced with.

    What also rattles around up there in the echo chamber is “You are not excused from any of it. Have humility.”

    Humility is a tough one for me, but ultimately allows for the most compassion; in this, I make due with the degree I have been able to scrape together…so far.

    I’d like to share something that really inspired me; about which I wrote yesterday. It’s from Sister Joan Chisttister; a Benedictine Nun. I don’t know (and highly doubt) if she agrees with the particulars of abortion (for she, too is not excused from participating within the defined scope of the life she’s chosen), but her words speak for a deeper fundamental truth I believe in for my self.

    Joan Chittister: Dec. 8, 2017 as interviewed By Tami Simon from

    “Humility is knowing who I am. It is that knowing what I am – is all I am, and that the gifts I have are very limited – and without merger with the gifts of everybody else, the gifts I have will be largely useless anyway.

    So there is a bridge between humility and community. It’s what I know myself to be and the way I respect what everybody else is. I don’t have to suck up all the light in a room. I don’t have to have all the gifts to be a great leader. I have always said, my community and the staff with which I work make me look a lot better than what I am.

    It’s the community gifts coming together and doing something for the common good outside of themselves that’s the real power, and that power comes from the humility to allow other people to have gifts greater then yours; or yours may be equal to theirs, but yours have no right to consume theirs.

    So it’s this notion that, in enabling the human community as a community, [this] leads us then to greatness of country. If you want a great country then you have to see that every body on every level can – live as a dignified human being because humility is truth, and the truth is that everybody has a right to Dignity…and to a sense of self…and to a sense to initiative….and to a sense of equality with every other human-being alive.

    And then the greatness that comes out of that leaves us….each of us satisfied with who we are; each of us respectful of who everybody else is; and all of us together amplifying the voice of the individual in such a way that it changes…it transforms…it informs; it stretches the common good.

    It’s marvelous! It doesn’t take anything away from us. It enables us to throw our gifts into the center of humanity and see humanity become a better place because of it.”

    Let’s keep it up!

    Amen. Peace

    1. True words t.k…….and really, it’s a soul by soul evolution, isn’t it? We can’t enforce equality. Each of us have to love and accept ourselves, appreciate our unique gifts, and that requires much more patience and compassion.

      1. trickykitty555

        As to what you said, INDUBITABLY!!!

        Regarding some specifics of the topic you bring up, I went and reviewed Wikiedia; not an absolute corner on history, but the information there reflects…decent information for the most part…I think.

        There is a chart that reflects public opinion on the matter: For and Con over many decades.

        It is interesting that though “Con” has never gone over 50% of our nations opinion on the matter, it does reflect, on both sides how opinion changes…hearts changes, mind’s change. And it is NEVER static for a society of individuals; each on going through her or his evolution.

        Freedom: To change our minds (either way) may be honored if freedom maintains some degree of integrity. So far…so good….STATUS QUO.

        But it’s still scary as hell, yes?


        1. trickykitty555

          I had a brief but heated debate on what you brought up in your posting today; not sourced from you blog posting but rather from a news article on the topic I read; a conservative view. As is our habit, my spouse and I share what we read…sometimes our opinions clash gloriously!!!

          From that debate, I hold true to my stance: Freedom to choose from what an enlightened (relatively considered, Of Course) has as provision to enable freedom.

          In acquiescence to principles offered in opposition, I agree to personal responsibility to bear consequence for choices; consequence of impact to conscience, censure (as if that doesn’t exists about anything under the sun [eyes rolling]), cultural pressure (of which America has many…local micro cultures and all the implications of that freely expressed in our country); peer pressure…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health potentials and real consequences/impact, and sovereign choice to endure…what ever that may be…etc etc etc).

          As a nurse, my fundamental solution to the entire dynamic is: EDUCATION as the primary intervention ON BOTH SIDES of the matter, so that any choice undertaken is FULLY INFORMED – and all consequences are approached consciously…within self determination.

          For the most part, we have this in place NOW!

          1. sweet pea

            @trickykitty555 unfortunately what you talk about here is just more of why i refuse to discuss abortion with anyone who is anti-choice. you’re speaking from a reasonable, fair, solution based perspective – even offering concessions to the “other side”, but the problem is that the other side doesn’t want reasonable, fair, solutions because abortion and unborn children are not remotely the issue. it’s about control over and cruelty to women, period. so no matter how reasonable and rational and fair you approach it to find a middle ground, that’s not what they’re looking for.

            if we somehow magically discovered some way to solve the issue without anyone ever having to get an abortion, they would then go after that thing and fight to outlaw that based on some made up religious bull poo that makes no sense and has no other purpose than to oppress women.

            these people don’t give a dang about a single on of these zygotes and embryos they are forcing into the world. these men hate/fear women plain and simple. and the women on their side hate/fear something about themselves and other women plain and simple.

            we’ll never reach a solution with them because that’s not the goal for them 😔

          2. trickykitty555

            Hey Sweet Pea,

            I’m male…and gay. LOL

            I have no biological children (never wanted kids…NOT EVER); biologically I can sire (BUT NEVER WILL, thank you very much)…

            I made that choice a LONG LONG time ago…like…when I came out as gay at age 18, I KNEW…I would never have to have kids (HIRAH!!!!!)

            I had a choice, and I stuck by it.

            This isssue…about abortion. It’s outside of the realm of my whole if to…feel strongly about, so it is EASY to be fair about. See both sides? SURE! Why not!

            I read the Roe V. Wade law…which took DECADES to FINALY reach the decision that was made, and considering the moral implications…ethical implications for all concerned (can’t have a baby without a man…it takes two…both have invested interested in what “Procreation” is.

            I think the current law is fair…because it considers more of the majority of people that it effects…which is anyone who participates in making babies.

            Unless pregnancy is gotten through rape, incest…of pregnancy presents real detriment to the life of the mother! HELL…there are woman who will risk dying just to have a baby because they want motherhood so badly…and some of them die. Before the babies born…during childbirth or from post birth complications.

            She refused abortions regardless of a problem being identified; made her CHOICE…

            Some (under really good care MOST these days) get through it just fine, become great mothers, survive….Storybook ending. Yay!

            People like that don’t believe in abortion. That can not identify with anyone that would want to have one; it threatens them! They get GRAZY over it.

            Let’s not get into religiously driven dogma-manics.

            PERSONALLY though, I do have a personal story. My mother is dead…so it should be ok to speak of. She had an abortion of her 4th child. I was shocked when she finally told me in my mid-40s…disclose to me with…tremendous guilt, shame…haunted because SHE BELIEVED IT TO BE A GREAT SIN (Mama was a devout but incredibly tortured woman…TORTURED).

            And so I know why she chose an abortion rather than…Incure more “Karma” with another kid.

            She chose torture of soul then…another kid. I UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHY because I shared history with her…as a child.

            But here I am, too.

            It’s just to complicated to be “Moral” about for me. So it’s easy for me to be fair…moderate; empathetic (to some degree…and by proxy rather than by directly being a woman)…

            I am pro-choice because it means…EVERYONE has a choice.


            The law addresses it.

          3. trickykitty555

            Also…my Husband WANTED children…has three kids and he was raised Catholic. And he married a man (It’s MIND BLOWING the contradictions and how….EXPRESSIVE life can be; creative…colorful…interesting. LIFE is BEAUTIFUL…and hard as F**k to make sense of.

            Morality…is SUPER tricky to work with. CONSCIENCE…now…that’s easy. I have one. I use it. I vote by it. I write by it. I do my very very very best to live by it, but moralizing…DANGEROUS waters…a moral life is gonna assure a LOT of suffering particularly if it is…cast out as a generalized judgment.

            It’s easy to get caught up into the passions of others….particularly being an empathetic sort of person. That said…MY passion is actually being moderate…I LOVE BEING MODERATE! I am liberal minded….I have an open view, and within that I try to exercise out as much hypocrisy as I can…WHICH IS HARD BECAUSE humans…are humans; not much you can do that I can’t do barring biological differences; Males can sire children’s; women can bear children. Everything else…no one has exclusive rights to anything HUMAN…we all share EVERYTHING about that.

            But when we get moral about something…and it doesn’t matter about WHAT one is being moral about, opposition is going to pour forth. Not new. Expected.

            I don’t like opposition; I prefer peace…LITERALLY…I want peace. What ever I say…that’s in the back of mind as an aim.


          4. sweet pea

            seriously though, as a gay man who isn’t interested in having children and doesn’t feel as directly affected by it, you sound like you’ve given the issue far more evaluation and consideration than i’ve ever heard from literally any anti-choice person who claims to be impassioned about it. i’m sure as sugar that i’ve never discussed it with anyone who has actually read roe v wade. i was raised in the south in a really patriarchal southern baptist family so i was never actually taught anything about abortion other than it was evil, end of discussion, and i’m certain no one in my family ever educated themselves on anything about it other than what the preacher said.

            honestly this is such a great perspective on it…

            “It’s just to complicated to be “Moral” about for me. So it’s easy for me to be fair…moderate; empathetic (to some degree…and by proxy rather than by directly being a woman)…

            I am pro-choice because it means…EVERYONE has a choice.”

            just the “respect of choice” is SUCH a powerful thing. i knew at a really young age that i didn’t ever want to be a mama, and because all the women in my life basically grew up to be housewives and mamas, i grew up with this soul killing terror that i didn’t have a choice and that it was just something i would have to become. and it really was always a soul level knowing for me that i don’t want kids, so i grew up feeling like i was walking down some dark corridor to my eventual prison cell. 😟 i will never understand how it makes sense to anyone that someone who feels like i do should be forced to be a mama? 😟 you don’t care one bit about “the innocent” if you think it makes sense to view children as punishment we force upon people. that’s just sociopathic to me.

            i’m sorry about your mama 💔 i feel like your story about her though is almost like the perfect example of what is so screwed up about it all. your mama couldn’t win. it sounds like she genuinely made the right decision and considered the life a child would’ve had to live had she gone through with the pregnancy, and yet she had to carry heartbreaking guilt and shame about it. if society didn’t create all these false narratives about abortion and shame women about the decision, then women like her wouldn’t have to be tortured for it.

            but again, that’s the point. they want women to suffer. they want us to either suffer by being stuck in a life we don’t want, or suffer for not falling in line with the life we don’t want. the idea of healthy, happy, free women who love themselves and have good lives, and have purpose that doesn’t center around serving men… they don’t think any of that should ever be a thing 😒

          5. trickykitty555

            Yeah…I hear you. In principle, having no choice PISSES ME OFF. That’s why moralizing issues gets me riled up. I debated with my spouse on EXACTLY the point you made; like…what if the woman KNOWS she doesn’t want a child…knows she would HATE being a mother…has NO INTEREST, KNOWS she would not be a good mother, hates kids…trapped…has other dreams…yet…she gets pregnant because people have sex.

            I was set up…the response was moral. No winning, and also I know the history of the response and the dynamics…so it’s also personal. I will still always vote my own conscience.

            And ultimately this issue has come up nearly my whole life…and no law has been changed. Every election this issue comes up. I just recently (today In fact) read the Roe v wade law…those people tried to find precedent…even in ancient history, it was an incredibly scrupulous process…and STILL people were not happy with it on either side…like it was still not conservative enough or was still too conservative.

            So I get why you feel so frustrated…REALLY!

            Also there are a lot of women pro-lifers, lots of male pro-choicers. There are extremists on both sides of this issue and they both present extreme ideas I am not personally comfortable with.

            You mentioned control of women.

            And there are also women dead set against prochoice; are Pro-life and AGAINST ABORTION!. Their view on sanctity of life (beginning at conception)…might be religious, moral ethical…and so long as there are a significant number of woman on the prolife side, it weakens the argument of patriarchal control…because men who are prolife are also advocating for women who are pro-life and AGAINST ABORTION! Coming from progenitors of the human species MAN!!! That’s a TOUGH case

            I wish it didn’t have to be such a moral thing. Arguments from the extreme of either side always go moral about it…

            But the law…is fair. If they are smart…they will leave it as is…

            And people will make due with it as they have since 1973.

            if there IS any corruption with planned parenthood and federal spending, let them clean it up.

            And if there is ANY religious sanctioning and federal support for religious consideration about abortion Law tinkering…THEN IT BREAKS THE CONSTITUTION…the government will not oppose Religious freedom, nor will it make any laws with consideration to religious practices.

            The current law had to be, like I said, scrupulous In it’s determination BECAUSE it knows religion DOES guide the morals of people.

            And abortion has always been a moral issue of contention.

            One fair consideration that allowed decision for abortion was that medical technology FINALLY advanced enough to make it safe. It’s even safer now 46 years later…contraceptives are more advanced…but education I think has greatly weakened…which is why planned parenthood is under fire.

            Abortion was never meant to be a primary consideration under current law; a right…is acknowledged, but there is a lot of legal consideration…ethical consideration by medical practitioners that hold licenses that, by current law…they may actually be breaking for lack of ethical consideration to the spirit of how and why the law was allowed.

            It’s messy.

            Sorry for going on about it.

          6. And as far as abortion, In the animal kingdom abortion happens naturally all the time. Nature understands that sometimes conditions are not optimal for bringing offspring into the world.

            As most mammals unconsciously, or instinctively abort, or miscarry, humans accomplish it on a conscious level. In both cases, natural decisions are made.

            And as far as pro life women who want to inflict their ideology on other women, they are operating from fear. They will support the patriarchy because they believe it will protect them from a dangerous world. The irony is that they are endangered by the same men who they see as their protectors.

            As far as Roe, remember, this was legislation that basically granted women the right to abortion WITH LIMITATIONS. Again, in a world in which women were trusted, there would not be any need for any law in place to control this natural choice made by women about HER OWN BODY.

            Women are essentially told they should be grateful that they are protected by law for something that the government never should have been involved with in the first place, which concerns her own PRIVATE BODILY AUTONOMY.

            We’re talking about a human being’s liberty. Policing and regulating someone’s liberty and body sounds more like Sharia law to me.

            There is a shame factor associated with women and getting pregnant. Even in cases of incest and rape, she is often given the signal that it’s all her fault. Notice that none of this abortion legislation involves the man who was a voluntary participant.

            As far as morals. I went for an abortion in my 30s. I was worried I was pregnant, and at the time I was having an affair outside my marriage. I didn’t want children, much less possibly one from someone not my husband.

            So I took a female friend, and went to Planned Parenthood, and when I got there it turned out I miscarried.

            I don’t recall feeling guilty, or devastated or tormented by my decision. I actually felt relieved. If there was any sense of fear about any of it, it was from the stigma placed on women around it.

            But I was fully supported by my friend and Planned Parenthood.

            So, morality can take a long walk off a short pier. Women must trust themselves and their decisions, and tell anyone who judges them to fuck off.

            Abortion needs to be treated as the safe and effective procedure it is. All these overlays and moral judgements are nonsense. No one implies that vasectomies are immoral. And yet, if they applied the same thinking to them as they do to women’s contraceptives, according to some religious zealots, vasectomies could be a way of preventing a precious life from coming into the world.

            So where’s the legislation to make it difficult for men to get the procedure? Legislation has made it more and more difficult for women to get contraceptives.

            The undue burden continues to fall on women. It’s definitely a good time for women to set themselves free. The pain and suffering has got to go. True Women’s liberation is all about freeing herself from guilt, shame, and fear.

            It requires walking away from her old story.

          7. trickykitty555

            Hey, Maria…I was a friend that took a friend to planned parenthood. A friend from nursing school. She wasn’t ready to have a baby with a complete ass hole despite good sex.

            Vasectomies are easier than abortions (snip).

            Guilt and shame are evil.

            And…I advocate for empowered choice.

            As long as there are differing opinions, difficult debates and passions may continue. And it has ultimately lead to positive change.

            “Birthing pain” or shall we abort? Give life to your dream by fighting for it in a free nation.

          8. sweet pea

            wow Maria ❤️ that describes feelings about it all that i couldn’t have possibly ever have articulated

            i feel like i don’t need to say anything else but, a-men.

  4. elizabethsadhu

    Totally fucking brilliant! Thank you!

    Getting the light on it all so it all can be healed. And it looks like shit. Armageddon, baby! And we are at the ugly, pus filled, horrible feeling time of healing. Will it ever end? So needed.

    I needed to read this. Confirming. Beautiful.

    Love you tons and tons, dearest Sistar!!

  5. trickykitty555

    To all of you fine women: Maria, Sweet Pea, Elizabeth, and Cathy…and everyone.

    This debate is NOT over on the stage of this country.

    Maria, you say that pro-life women are (Paraphrasing) in bondage to the patriarchy through fear…and so they do not see their freedom, oppression and…so on.

    I am male; not gay, not trans…not any of these things because they are not my core gender. Male…is my core gender. I may claim that by birth. And being in the patriarchy (and I am…by birth), I can tell you…I don’t feel comfortable, particularly, pointing out or referencing the injustices of either gender because BOTH claim victimhood to the other…FACT.

    And the victimized by both default to the most…unjust and unfair denominator; “We are suppressed/injured by the other because the other did (things that are in humane).” Imagine!

    I’ve been in debate with the patriarchy (peers). It’s ugly how victimized they sound. It sounds exactly the same to me as stated by many Matriarchs.

    But only the victims of either.

    I will give testimony to principle of my meaning.

    I was once a victim to matriarchal abuses. And I actually, at the time, DID NOT CARE ONE LICK “Why” these women were so abusive to ME (personally…not by proxy of a story I heard…not what I saw on TV…none of that).” I DID NOT CARE! This abuse was deeply impacted HOLISTICALLY…physical, sexual, emotional and psychological; by not just ONE woman…Two women.

    Ironically, It took a “Woman” in my adulthood to point out…”Hey…are you still a victim to (gender) in old history?”

    STUNNED ME! I was in my early 40s…HAD NOT A CLUE…that I was perceived as a victim; had been in therapy already for YEARS…thousands and thousands of dollar spent on reliving history of abuse; yet it was in my vernacular…my common dialog; it was the primary lens I used to view…most people and how I related to them and STILL had no clue I was a victim. Sure…there was commiseration, sympathy gaining…outbursts; manipulation to make people see how my stance, flaws, weaknesses…could all lead back to (those women).

    And I’m not…waxing poetic. THIS WAS MY FACT! But in an instant, I saw this in me when my BFF ‘Mercy” (yes…that’s her name…and one of the very best Hospice nurses I have ever known) pointed out…a simple observation; not with sarcasm…but humor that boarded lightly on the sardonic.

    I cringed! It was not my goal to be a victim. It was my goal to NOT suffer so much; endure so much…mental anguish CONSTANTLY over…what was done to me.

    That woman…I owe so much to. She’s one of a very very few BFFs I have. I think that’s when I decided I REALLY liked her. She was THAT HONEST and THAT COURAGEOUS to point out a wound, stick her finger in it (feel that pain?)…and tell me what it was so I could go about the real work of healing what was done to me; how I was wounded my whole life until…actually just recently. My therapist, by the way (God Love her, she passed away last year…my Ex. Was still seeing her)…she was my BIGGEST commiserator! Word! Seriously! And…I got to…talk for 1.5 hours at 175.00 four times a month for 7 years about…The women in my life ….ROFLMAO

    It took a decade after my Friend Mercy said what she said to…finally get somewhere with the healing of my Gender inflicted wounds…my DEEPEST wounds (SO…FROM THE OPPOSITE ISLE, “I FEEL YOU GIRRRRLLLL!!!). Being victim was just the suffering part for the first 4 decades of my life. I suffered for many years because of…the dynamics of how matriarchy and patriarchy view each other…and what either are willing to do in opposition (for both WERE CO – OPERATING by/through their own respective powers of neglect, hate wounds…retaliations, human politicking, strategies…IGNORANCE and CARE-LESSNESS.

    In light of this, LET THERE BE ABORTION if animosity amongst the co-dependent creators of life are at war and will destroy the happiness of generations to follow…or, at least in order to avoid forced karmic paths by way…BOTH MAY HEAL FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS (?). In stating these options, I state justification and reasons for both pro-life and pro-choice a reason to justify their stance with inherent consequences of both as seen by the other. Goodie!! That’s fair.

    For the big picture, I have no answer except to accept the history of it; the points of view presented, and in empathy and fairness, acknowledge every body has a story, a history and a free will to choose, gain, foster; develop their own human perspective.

    If that perspective is garnered by/through wounding…then I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

    COURAGE: The Courageous will make the changes. The fearful…terrified ANGRY vengeful judgers, haters doing so through the victims path…will perpetuate what they feel by what they do and say. The will be victims. They will create more victims. They will enable victimhood.

    The pitch of the war drums are edging up on this topic. Same targets are in the cross-hairs on both sides; aiming…for the most venerable; the ones in hysterics…flown right outside of themselves because they are giving their power away to those that they hate, fear and Blame.

    I have only my own history to speak from. And I honor…all others. All others…are human. And…I want to keep my own power about it.

    Those voting booths…all the buttons they have; so much work. I gotta keep my reserves up.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE open dialog, free speech…”LET THE POISON OUT!” Get it OUT! BOTH SIDES!


    You know? I could go on and on….but I don’t want to suck up all the light, but I am passionate about healing co-operation (vs. co-operation in destroying something precious…) and finding…common ground. I LOVE RESOLUTION! I LOVE FAIRNESS. I really really do!

    And I love people; and I really feel for all people. All people is “Humanity.” Before I am Male…I AM HUMAN. If the gender thing keeps getting in the way between. Men and woman THERE IS NO HUMAN WAY TO RELATE!


  6. trickykitty555

    I feel I have to share this one final thought: It’s a principle of Nursing regarding “Wound Care.”

    The principle applies only for human wounds; gender is not a significant factor: When wounded, the tissues of the healed wound will never be more than 70% of their original strength and elasticity (which are both preventative and protective attributes of tissue integrity)

    I can’t help but feel this same principle applies to every sort of wound a human being can endure. Once wounded, the area of wounding is never as strong as was originally intended for that area of function of “Tissue” within the human body.

    The wounded are always vulnerable to re-wounding, and re-wounding becomes proportionally easier each time the same wound is reopened; for each healing compounds and integrity of the tissue, and the “Integrity” degrades more and more; 30% less strong than previously.

    We must be careful of our wounds; maintain their healed state. In caring and awareness of this, we may do the same for all wounded people.

    I am a nurse. I am aware of this principle. I care.

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