The Time of the Mind


Back then we were experimenting with the mind.  There was a consensus that the mind was basically our identity.  We believed that making everyone similar would bring a sense of equanimity and joy.  Before that we worked on making all humans look relatively standard, physically, and biologically.  Again, we thought standardizing everyone would just make life easier.

As a result the mind and body have been the subject of lots of hypnosis and overlays.

You may notice that even though people try to be unique in their own ways, for the most part they live lives of relative conformity.  In fact in its extreme form, there are wars fought and lives lost in the name of wanting others to comply with a prevailing ideology.

And that desire dates back to a time when conformity was seen as a good thing.

Of course societies flow more smoothly when its citizens co-operate with one another and agree upon the same rules, social customs and laws.  Otherwise getting through traffic could be deadly.

Standing in line for coffee could end up in in a wrestling match, rather than an orderly first come, first served fashion.

But what I’m referring to here is the idea that the mind is supreme, and there is no room for the soul.  Back in Atlantis, we didn’t understand the concept of Spirit, or of having a soul or an eternal self.  We were advanced technologically, but because we couldn’t go beyond the mental-based mind, it led to the inevitable downfall of Atlantean civilization.

What some of us have learned from that experience is that the mind, on its own, is unable to evolve.  True evolution involves the acknowledgement of the soul.

Most major secular religions don’t really consider the importance of the soul.  In fact as recent as a couple of centuries ago, if anyone claimed that they had a soul they could be seen as a heretic.

So even in religion, where there is a belief in a god outside the self, that god is perceived as a kind of mastermind.  Otherwise why would such a god be attributed abilities like overseeing and judging billions of people, and either rewarding them or condemning them.

Those are fabrications of a limited mind.

The concept of reaping what you sow is true in the sense that if the mind believes strongly enough in sin and judgement, it will draw experiences of guilt and punishment.

Some of the greatest philosophers and psychologists have touched on the idea of the soul, but didn’t take it far enough.  It’s one thing to philosophize about the soul and the existence of an eternal self, but quite another to embody it.


The expression, a one-track mind is interesting because the mind, by design has only one track.  It experiences reality in a linear fashion, with a past, present and future, and it rarely spends time in the present.

During the ascension process, the mind is being integrated with a crystalline presence, which is the I Am.  It’s not being left behind, and it’s not unappreciated.  But it needs to evolve beyond its limitations.  And it can’t do that without allowing the expanded self to be part of the deal.

People think that in ascension they become more intelligent.  That they will be able to do amazing things with their mind. Like tap into information they are not aware of now.

But actually focus on intelligence can be a major distraction in this process.  Trying to figure things out with the mind is going to backfire.  Now we are beginning to trust in our innate divine intuition.  Our esoteric senses.  Which have been desensitized for a very long time.

So we are in the process of releasing the control from the mind.  It’s the hardest thing to do.  That’s because the mind has a storehouse of memory and data that it keeps retrieving in order to make choices and decisions.

The problem with that is in the new consciousness those stored memories don’t work.  We are drawing our knowledge from an entirely different source.  Now the mind will be assisting us, and still doing important functions, but not running the show.

It will take some time for the mind to relax and allow this process to unfold.  It’s used to being in charge.

And it’s not really even just moving beyond the mind, but it’s allowing our expanded perspective to now come in and be present, with its wisdom and its abilities to manifest.

The human mind will be relaxing more into trusting that there is an easier way to create.  Part of the standardized mind is its insistence that things should be complicated.  It loves complexity and challenges.  It kind of feels lost without something to solve, or to overcome.


There is a story of a class of graduate school science students who were given an equation to solve.  The professor told them that, while there is a known solution to the equation, Very few are able to solve it.

Image Credit

He challenged them to try.  But after a reasonable amount of time, not one of them was able to.

Then he brought a young junior high school student in and told him to try to solve the equation, but didn’t share that it was nearly impossible to solve.

He was able to solve it within a few minutes.

If the mind is told something will be difficult or impossible, it usually concedes because it’s conditioned to go back in its databank and retrieve anything that was also nearly impossible to do.  And then apply it to the task at hand.

If a patient is told that his disease is easily healed with just a change of diet, or some medication, there is a good chance that they will be healed of that disease.

If another patient is told that the same disease is irreversible, and that they will just be able to manage the symptoms but not cure it, chances are that is what they will experience.

So the mind is a powerful tool but it can go only so far.  If the discordant energies that created the imbalances are not resolved, then something else will just come up.

And the resolution is not within the mind’s domain.  It’s a slippery slope when we try to overcome imbalances of a physical or emotional nature by using just the mind.

It’s why traditional psychology can go only so far.  And it’s why psychiatrists prescribe antidepressants.

There is a phenomenon that happens when someone tries to process their issues through the mind.  They dig themselves in even deeper into the quagmire.

There is an easier way.  It’s just allowing the integration of the soul and the I AM with the mind and the body.

The mind will get restless and try to scare up some drama.  That’s o.k.  That too will get boring.  Going beyond the standardized mind and into the knowledge of the I Am is not as impossible as it seems.

It requires being in the now moment.  And in a 5th dimensional consciousness, in which there is no time and space as we know it, no yesterday or tomorrow, the now is no big deal.  It’s a piece of cake.

The challenge is the mind is pulled into the gravity of thought of a 3D nature, and then we use that as our default for trying to create.

From the 3D perspective, the mind continues to push for results, or gives into defeating emotions.  It’s a vicious circle.  That’s why this awakening and transformation is going to require us to open up to the broader perspective of who we also are.

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9 thoughts on “The Time of the Mind

  1. trickykitty555

    Ahhh…The mind. G’Bless it!

    The mental field is where I hang out most; where my and previous generations were conditions to “Reason” from…despite, say – what natural inclination would lead us about which there have been countless conflicts and toiling that brought about.

    But it does seem to be changing as of late. Information and change of thought and ideas along what you are saying is, also, being proven by science. It’s amazing what we are discovering.

    Old paradigms die hard. The new kids on the block…do seem different and also fairly frustrated. I was in that school system amongst pre-school and junior high; temperaments…are more nuanced it seems. The school systems and teachers, as required by law, policy and standard, are breaking down. It’s amazing and sad and OH so frustrating for any with a different insight (sigh) about it. The kids pay the greater price, and yet…there is still progress (better than what I grew up with for sure despite the disparity of integrity with actual need and provision for identified need to keep up with who’s coming into the world! LOL

    One thing I recently came across is the idea of the mind being only a tool, and it is limited. I’ve been addicted to NDE (near death experiences) videos on the YouTube of late. A common theme of NDE-ers is that, in our human life, there is only a fraction of the entirety of ourselves that’s able to be accessed through the body. But also it’s been said that…it’s the human body that’s limited in it’s ability to process the mind (an aspect of the self that is expanded…but limited because of current ability to translate and process through programming…the limitation is not the mind but rather what is in the mind as a habitual program enforced by how we are corralled into living by society (and old paradigm). It’s interesting thought…

    It IS incredibly frustrating to “Know” something greater than the ability to express, live…believe in within what is currently expressed, lived and believed in as a culture.

    I really appreciated this posting.

    1. T.k., it is interesting for sure, and I agree the younger generation has their unique challenges given the world as it is today. Many of them seem to have an awareness early on, and I can see how it’s misinterpreted by adults. It’s not the ADD thing that they medicate them for, as much as it is they are just f***ing bored. Also they see through things, don’t they? They spot the b.s. more easily, and they tend not to respect their elders because, frankly, a lot of those elders didn’t really earn their respect!

      I like watching the NDE stuff too. It’s just great that those folks can share their other dimensional experiences.

      And the Embodied enlightenment process that many of us are going through is amazing in that most of the mind’s limitations are resolved. The crystalline energies are extracting the denser aspects of our mind and bodies. It’s hell on the mind and body for awhile, but it’s like going from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

      1. trickykitty555

        Oh yeah! I totally agree on all counts.

        My short tenure at the school district was incredibly eye opening. Most of the teachers were in my generation (late 40s – 60s), And they had amazing tenacity, compassion…BUT they were intrenched in bureauracratic, school and union politics as shields to overwhelming legislations for which no money was allowed to bring in needed resources (more people to get the job done).

        As the nurse, I was handing out those ADHD meds (and I took those medications when I was a kid)…and NO, their behaviors did not change….BUT…they did space out…and weird affects (Which I reported…raised concern about, etc…had some great discussion with parents which my supervisors and school authorities became…concerned about…LOL…like they would know what its like for these kids, but…I did know).

        Anyway…yeah…interesting…but I’m not too worried about stuff as much anymore. I say my peace about stuff…feel my feelings…move on! I have a good sense of what you mean when you say “Energies are extracting the denser aspects of the mind and bodies.” Translation from my perspective; less stress and neurosis over what the mind contrives…take the wisdom and everything else as is needed…let it go when done because the present moment DOES change; never the same. Be open to new wisdom in any given moment. Get out of the habit of the habitual mind.

        Love it!!!😇🤩

  2. trickykitty555

    It’s raining where I am, and I am sitting outside under shelter. We have all kinds of sages that the humming birds love. They are undaunted by the rain…feeding within the bounty of our garden; and chasing each other away from prime spots.

    And our whole garden is a prime spot…so much variety to move within and have a fill even when it’s raining.


    1. Sounds lovely. I just took my evening stroll here in the nature preserve…..this time of year I love the scent of honeysuckle, and the cacophony of crickets and baby frogs…music to my ears. Sensuality at its best. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks. Perfect. Letting go of what does not serve……..

    “There is a phenomenon that happens when someone tries to process their issues through the mind. They dig themselves in even deeper into the quagmire.
    There is an easier way. It’s just allowing the integration of the soul and the I AM with the mind and the body.”

    love you dear SiSTAR!


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