the new buzzwords of enlightenment

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Receive.  Open up.  Trust.  Allow.  Feel.  Sense.  Intuit.  How do those words feel to you?  Take a moment to let yourself be in each of those words.

Try.   Effort.  Micro-manage.  Push.  Focus.  Compete.  Worry.  Plan.  Conserve.  Think.   Take another moment and feel into those words.  How do they make you feel?

To some the first set of words feels uncomfortable.  In an action-oriented, mind oriented world, those words are counter-intuitive.  To some, the second set of words feels familiar, comfortable, and logical.  But many people are tired of them, of a life that requires them, and have noticed that in the new consciousness they are not very effective.

Interestingly, the first set of words is not very welcome in a patriarchal world.  Those words are all about the feminine.

In this male, mental, mind-oriented world that we live in, it is going to be much more difficult for the Ascension process. And that is because the Ascension process requires that one let go of all of those concepts, the trying, the thinking, the focusing, the pushing, the competitive energies. It all works against this embodied enlightenment process.

The feminine qualities of allowing, receiving, openness, sensuality, intuition, being sensitive, are going to be our friends in this awakening process.


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If the heart is shut down, it can’t feel the wounds.  It’s why most people have to some degree shut down the heart, and rely on the mind.  But if the heart is closed, one cannot feel spirit.  This process requires an opening up that many are frightened of.

This process requires feeling on every level.  It doesn’t mean those emotions are who we are.  I have said many times that it’s important to allow the full range of emotions, but not identify with them,  most of them are from the mass consciousness anyway.   They are not ours.  The only feelings that are ours are the feelings of lightness, of carefreeness, of playfulness, and of joy!

Those are our soul’s feelings.

And as we open up we are going to feel things on a sensual level like never before.  It’s the soul’s greatest joy, actually.  To experience itself as a sensual physical being.  We begin to feel music like never before.  To taste food for the first time. And other senses beyond our human ones will be activated.  We will have sensory and sensual experiences that can’t be put into words.

And feeling need not be confused with sympathy or empathy.  As we become more conscious, both the latter will be released.  It will require us, especially those of the female gender, to disconnect energetically from humanity.

When I talk about the feminine disconnecting from humanity, I am not talking about shutting down her heart.  But it is going to require creating a new heart.  One that is not wounded.  That way, she will not carry the wounds of others any more.

Then she will be truly free to express her joy and her sensual nature and that is what humanity needs now more than ever.

Human-kind doesn’t need more mental masturbation.  It needs to open up to its soul-based, sensual nature.  

It’s not a coincidence that this is one of the densest planets, one with endless thought forms floating around, and at the same time one of the most patriarchal.  It means that to a great degree the consciousness is shut down.  If consciousness is shut down, that means it has rejected the feminine.  It has cut off its own heart and its own senses and instead relies on the mind to create reality.

It becomes an over-controlling parent, at the expense of alienating its own children.  What better metaphor of an over controlling mind that has disowned its heart and soul is there than some of the world’s dictators.  Even people like Donald Trump and his administration are in control despite the majority of the country’s best interests.

If allowed, the mind can take over and refuse to do things for our true best interests.


If we keep trying to control this enlightenment process in any way, it will backfire on us.  And, when we stop trying to control, It can leave us feeling vulnerable.  A so-called feminine quality that is feared and devalued in 3D.

We can’t bring that perspective with us into the higher realms of consciousness.

The ideas of struggle, self-sacrifice, hard work, efforting, and other linear thinking will hold us back.  The qualities of trust, receiving, allowing, self-acceptance, and unconditional self-love will be the cornerstone of our ascension.

Victimhood will also hold us back.

We are required to accept that we create our own experiences.  That everything we need is within us, and not coming from an outer universe.  This shift into total consciousness will require a radical shift in our perspective.


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We need to let go of the belief in power.  Power is an illusion.  But in a mental construct, a belief in power goes unquestioned.  In power is the idea of exerting force. If one feels inadequate, or believes themselves to be weak, or a victim, they will need to create a sense of power.

There is always someone or some groups or governments trying to exert power over others.  Both sides believe in power as being real.

As we ascend, we realize that we don’t need power to create.  Manifestation uses an entirely different consciousness than most people understand.  And it’s not based in power or force.

But in a dualistic system, it seems that creating must be done by effort, by trying, pushing, and micromanaging.  Creating in 3D has felt difficult and cumbersome because we have been trying to harness and manipulate old, 3D lumbering energies.

As we lighten up so to speak, manifesting is easier.  Not that those creative energies are not available in a third dimensional reality, but few people recognize them.  Primarily because they have chosen to focus on a third dimensional playground.  

Dimensions are not really separate from one another, but that’s how it seems in a consciousness that perceives reality as linear, and recognizes time and space as real.

The human mind is having a hard enough time with this process, and it doesn’t need to know how the new consciousness works in order to utilize it.  Like electricity, we don’t have to be an electrician to harness its capabilities.  We just switch the lights on, fire up our computer, or, for those who get around to it, plug in the vacuum cleaner.

Relaxed, supported, inspired.  Some of the new buzzwords of enlightenment.

Enjoy My Sanctuary from my album, Cosmic Blend

Cosmic Blend Album Cover

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17 thoughts on “the new buzzwords of enlightenment

  1. trickykitty555

    Beautiful vocals on that song. The vocals merge with instrumental sounds are so soothin’ ’ To the soul.

    About your article which is very thought provoking, I have mind centered questions (I hang out in the mind (ironically) “in process.” 🙃

    What existential element will bind engendered humanity once the empowered feminine separates?

    You propose the empowered feminine, for I do recognize what it is to see a truly disempowered feminine. I absolutely and unconditionally support the exalted expression of the empowered feminine because it is absolute folly to oppose either half of current pro-creative aspects of our incarnated physical dynamics…and co-exist.

    And what vision is there of the empowered masculine…separated from his…”power” despite that both masculine and feminine have respective and equal authority to wield power within their respective areas of influence…weather justly or in perversity?

    Conception of a vision for either is beyond me right now. I am not being flippant or sarcastic about that. I mean that literally. Because I feel open and willing, it feels counter intuitive to consider myself entirely out of touch with myself in relation to what you have given a lot of thought to as you’ve lived.

    How do we honor each other from our respective places within and between what is feminine and what is masculine?

    Thanks Maria. I’m going to be considering this, but admittedly I’m going to need some help with this one.


  2. T.k. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the song!

    As far as the masculine and feminine, it’s all about healing their respective wounds, for the masculine, it’s his sense of being betrayed and abandoned by the feminine. And for the feminine it’s her feeling responsible for his anger, her sense of guilt and consequent over nurturing and assuaging of the male anger.

    The balanced masculine has embraced his feminine, and trusts her. The balanced feminine has freed herself from the guilt, and embraces her masculine and his support.

    This is what has been playing out here on Earth between parents and children, husbands and wives, groups, religions, nations, etc. we can boil down the issues between the genders to their need to heal their wounds.

    And, the masculine and feminine doesn’t mean just men and women. It involves all genders. Many women has disowned their own feminine for instance.

    Without getting too analytical about it, though, it’s really just about self acceptance. Not really trying to improve on our human self. Just loving ourselves, just as we are, and allowing our soul to love us, and that is what’s unfolding. And that does all of the balancing for us.

    The moment we try to figure it all out, we are right back in the mental and that stops the flow.

    So the benefit of the feminine right now on the planet is it’s helping to shift us from the congested mental sphere, to the heart-based, sensual sphere. Which is the gateway to our freedom.

    Hope this helps answer your questions.

        1. trickykitty555

          You said, “So the benefit of the feminine right now on the planet is it’s helping to shift us from the congested mental sphere, to the heart-based, sensual sphere. Which is the gateway to our freedom.”

          Don’t we see that? It is exactly as you say.

          Right now I’m thinking of our Nation’s heart. For a nation (It’s collective soul from local perspective) has come through a lot of healing as it, too…separated from where it came from [in History] and fought hard to love herself; be in esteem of herself and not give everything away to others so she could nurture herself and foster freedom.

          You know [any one feel free to jump in on this one], our nation is Feminine [in spirit]. We refer to America as “Her.” Lady liberty. She is also a Cancerian [Independance day is on the 4th of July]…that makes her very…feeling, passionate and sensual; intuitive and quite MOODY (ROFL) in all she may feel. SHE FEELS A LOT THESE DAYS.

          Our Nation[s] move slowly relative to the individuals who make up her populace Just as the Earth herself moves proportionally slower through evolution in time and throughout history. I wonder the exact proportional size of humanity to our Mother Earth? I wonder how to calculate when our respective evolution and healing will actually occur and we will FINALLY find ourselves in sync with ourselves and our Mother Earth?

          I mean; the first 150 years of our nation; steps were taken to get to the point where slavery was abolished and women gained rights to vote (both were remnants of the culture we separated from). The following 70 something years continued the process; hammering things out as issues came up…and then extended to include Human rights (and we’re in process about that, too…it’s gotten very colorful as new elements are included; elements that were once taboo and shamed…even killed outright).

          I have faith in the feminine despite personal history. What we see on the outside in our nation is very reflective of what I, personally, experience (and continue to experience) within my own life path. It is grueling and brutal as healing of deep and serious wounds go about healing where care is fractured and continuity is in shambles.

          Ironically, the core nature of the divine masculine is always striving for continuity, and the divine feminine DOES seek freedom to just go all over the place. Isn’t that funny?

          By these and through these we pro-create in nature. Which is Control; which is chaos?
          What’s also funny about the masculine and feminine is it is very hard to accept that control creates chaos where ever an element outside of itself seeks freedom from control. Control IS Chaos. From that, Life.

          Healing of this is hard to conceive, but I guess harmony is the hoped for conclusion between control and chaos. In harmony, would then be exemplified by gaining trust; self trust…and love, and then allowing and accepting freedom so deeply that there is never again an issue of abandonment because Freedom is never associated with abandonment. freedom “LIVES” in all.

          Maybe in TRUE freedom, duality is arrested? Now THAT’S a dream worth living for, I just hope it’s not boring as hell!

          Good one, Maria. Thanks.

          1. trickykitty555

            “Illuminating…”….hmmmmmm (giggling). Spirit is a beautiful thing, Maria. I re-read this several times, but when it came out…It came from a place I think you have been driving at. It made its own way freely and without protest by me. It was there.

            Have faith…AND BE FREE. You are not alone. The spirit of our Nation is mother to us all. I would love her. I would not despise her. I would that she be free to go all over the place as she continues a journey that her daughters would follow.

            As to her sons?? (Giggling). I would not care to speculate what her stern look in my direction would indicate. I do know the look. I might wait until the street lights turn on as I make reason to follow my sisters and see what they are up to; might have some tales to tattle to make my punishment less (as I discern Mother’s look to mean)

  3. I love this.

    And I laughed!!!! At this: “Human-kind doesn’t need more mental masturbation.”

    And then I realized that I think too much. Ha! So even though I laughed, and will continue to laugh, I am an expert at mental masturbation. Ha!!! Sheesh. Why would I want to do that? Thanks…. Shift…..

    Beautiful post.

    Loving you, dear SiSTAR!!

    First group of words are words I use often. ☺️☺️☺️

  4. Yeah, siSTAR, I always enjoyed that phrase, (M.M.). It gets the point across. And, who doesn’t overthink things? It’s been our default for eons of time. It’s why we need help in going beyond the mind. And giving it a much needed rest.

  5. Barbara

    Super post, Maria, thank you. I relaxed as I read it and I love when that happens. In my early 20’s I found a slip of paper and on it was written, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” I carried that ‘thought’ with me for a very long time until I began to understand that creating my reality came easier and faster when I relaxed into it, didn’t overthink it, tried to not repeat the same old familiar 3D patterns… they don’t work anymore anyway… and (after I waded through and weeded out those who would not accept my saying “No”) I found myself free (almost) of the drama/trauma and trusting in the process. Now it’s “As a woman feels, so is she.” Love, B.

  6. trickykitty555

    Reblogged this on Pedestrian Prophet and commented:
    In the debate between the highest and best of ourselves, we may allow the possibility of healing consensus, for in consensus we may open our vision to include, not only the cantankerous chaos where in we hammer out, in sparking glory, the template we agree to live by, but also we can see the possible future that harmony would have us strive for – a beautiful place where we live in true freedom.

  7. Annette

    “or, for those who get around to it, plug in the vacuum cleaner.”

    This made me laugh out loud, as when I do get around to IT, it’s usually accompanied by kicking and screaming!! 😜
    Great, and timely post, THANK YOU!!! 💞✨💞

    1. I know, right?? There is a tee shirt that reads: “ I DUSTED ONCE. IT CAME BACK. NOT FALLING FOR THAT AGAIN. “. Which about sums it up for me. Love you back, my Annette. 💜💕💕💕

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