Our Freedom Requires Us To Close The Old Book

Art by Maria Chambers

Those of us who are deep in the throes of our Embodied enlightenment, who have given permission to integrate our human and our divine self…..we haven’t entered a new chapter in our lives.  We have begun an entirely new book.

Sometimes I lose sight of that fact until I have a conversation with a dear friend.  He and his husband are thriving,  each have passionate endeavors, are creative, and are living fulfilling lives, with ample time to travel and enjoy the theatre, art and other cultural events.

And, I am happy for him, and no one deserves it more.  He is an amazing person!

But talking with him brings me to the stark realization that I am on an entirely different plane,  one in which the joy comes from entirely different places.  Not that this world doesn’t bring joy, and I do enjoy life on a sensual level I have never done before.

But it’s more of a savoring of things, even just the small things.  The first sip of coffee, or a good meal.  And walks in nature.  Listening to music.  I listen with my whole being now.  More and more, I walk with my Divine Self now.  I taste with my human and my Divine senses.

The excitement isn’t so much attaining something in 3D, as it is recognizing who we really are.  And that we are here, in the world, but truly not of this world.

That we are here as ambassadors of light.  But it’s because we have gone through the darkness.  We have compassion for this humanity we live along side, but not pity.  Because we know intimately that they are choosing their experiences, and that the energies are just serving those choices.

We don’t pretend to be perfect or have all of the answers.  So often we feel like we are groping in the dark.  But then we realize that it’s not about being perfect…..which doesn’t exist, which is a man-made idea used to beat ourselves up with…..or about having all the answers.  The mind keeps searching for answers, which just creates endless searching.

We discover, after an exhaustive and exhausting search, that it’s about just loving ourselves so intimately and deeply, and that can’t be done without our soul.

Because our soul loves us deeply and isn’t at all interested in what we said, didn’t say, did or didn’t do.  Or in what we are thinking or have thought.  It doesn’t care what our I.Q. Is.  Where we went to college. How much money is in our bank account.  How much we weigh for God’s sake.  That’s the worst self-inflicted punishment.

That kind of love is uncomfortable for the human, isn’t it?  We are used to conditional love.  Love with a price to pay.

But most of us have left that game behind.  We are kind of radical.  We aren’t so ready to compromise ourselves.  Not for security, or for friendship, or for just trying to fit into a world that is kind of crazy.

In our new book we are writing it is about our own truths.  We still are going to compromise our light to a degree from time to time, maybe in order to navigate through the daily maintenance and in order to find ground to connect with others.  Otherwise it can get pretty lonely.

But we are unwilling to compromise on the bigger stuff.  And if we are, we know in our hearts that we are going to have to move on from that or we will end up paying a price once again.  That price we have been paying ends up in our hearts, our minds, and our bodies.

As women, we are finally letting go of the pain and suffering that has been our gender’s heritage for a very long time.  And that for many of us is challenging, because it goes against not only what we have been taught, but against the planet’s patriarchal system.

And whatever gender we are, or express as, moving into our new book goes against the idea of victimhood, which is very seductive.  It’s much easier to be the victim than take total responsibility for our creator-ship.

In fact, playing victim is one way to feel connected to this place.  To our family, our neighbors, and the people we talk with during the day.

We notice that the ones who are into high drama are less attracted to our energies now.  But feeling like a victim can be subtle and almost undetectable.  It can be expressed in many ways.  One can feel like a victim of illness, or of financial lack.  Of a world that doesn’t understand us.

We can feel like a victim even in this enlightenment and believe we have no free will.  That we are being used by our soul and by the higher realms in order to ground the light.

There are many groups on the planet who are processing light for the masses.  But they did choose that role.  Many of us did that too.  But those of us who have moved into our awakening, have been moving out of processing energies.

There will be others who do that, who hold energies and process energies for humanity. and their services are appreciated and honored.  In fact if you yourself resonate with that role, then I hope you honor it.  We should all do what brings us the greatest joy at this point.

And, that is the operative word.  Joy.  Because now it’s all about following the joy, or get hit pretty hard.  In the new energies, compromising our joy really isn’t pretty.

Even if we don’t feel particularly impassioned it’s important to at least stop doing things, as much as possible, that don’t bring us joy, even if we end up feeling bored.  And that also includes, we have discovered, to not allow our own thoughts to compromise our joy.  Thoughts of not being worthy for example.

Image Credit Pixabay.com

If we want to be in our new book, which by the way is filled with thriving, not just surviving, we are required to step out of the old book in as many ways as possible.  At least energetically.  For many of us that Includes showing up without the guilt, without shame, without the need for pain and suffering.

It’s about detaching from those old, worn out, man-made concepts.  Even if the mind tries to pull us back into its limited thoughts.  Because the mind is channeling the collective consciousness.  The idea that there is never enough, that there is lack everywhere, that life is a struggle, that there is danger everywhere.

Our safety issues have never been more triggered.  Remember when we choose something better, there is the resistant mind that tries to pull us into its fear.

For a while the mind will still be wrestling with the idea that things can come easily, that there is an abundance of energies at our disposal, and that there is no price to pay for that energy.

Our mind will want to stay in the old book.  It feels safe there.  It will try to convince us to just write a new chapter in the old book.  But we know better now.  That is not going to bring us the freedom we want so much to experience in these bodies in this lifetime.

This is the lifetime, for many of us, that we designated to be the one in which we walk into our freedom.  Unapologetically, unashamedly and proudly.

But it really does require us to close the old book.

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

11 thoughts on “Our Freedom Requires Us To Close The Old Book

  1. trickykitty555

    Man oh Man (or…GIRRRLLLLLL!!!)!!!

    You’re hitting the nails and their heads on the same nails I was just banging away on yesterday in my reverie of what’s been brought up lately.

    I was sitting in our garden as the sun set yesterday. Oh…it was SO beautiful! The forecast was for thunder storms, and the sky was roiling with patches of dark blue where it was clear – and where the the storm would break, the setting sun mystically illuminate with marbled peach and orange sorbet.

    Within view of the approaching thunder heads, a dialog ensued inside me. There was a lot of habitual admonishment: For things said, things done; weaknesses and flaws not so obscure or un-effecting. While these thoughts clamored, there was he who was within me and quietly consoled with these words – “All these thoughts are so unimportant. What a waste for the soul to animate this degradation of mind when, if you allow, you could channel that into clearer purpose which none of these chastisements support. Nor do they contribute to ANYTHING of worth. Simplify your life by leaving this all behind and then focus on a discovery of what truly matters to your own life. That will come from nowhere but from inside YOUR SELF. You’ll know it in simplicity. Everything else takes care of itself.”

    Shazam! Woh!

    Thanks Maria!

    In spirit of your personal journey, I’d found similar outlet in my life; more consolation in solitude and nature (and my place within it).

    I took some photos this morning and posted them on my blog site. I had…A REALLY good time loving my garden.

    Peace out.

  2. Elizabeth Sadhu

    Thanks so much, sweet SiSTAR!

    “Even if we don’t feel particularly impassioned it’s important to at least stop doing things, as much as possible, that don’t bring us joy, even if we end up feeling bored. And that also includes, we have discovered, to not allow our own thoughts to compromise our joy. Thoughts of not being worthy for example.”

    AND I am never bored……seriously cannot remember the last time.

    joy joy joy joy joy.

    Love love love, E

  3. Wow – you’re so damn right! We are too dutiful for our own good, often forgetting to follow our own joy. But everything opens up once we realise that connecting to our source is the most important move we ever need to make.

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