Image Credit Maria Chambers

For those of us going through embodied enlightenment…..despite the fatigue and the physical imbalances we may still be dealing with, regardless of the boredom, the lack of passion, and for some still going through the emotional purging and the other frustrations that are natural as a result of a 5D human being in a 3D environment……we are fulfilled.

Some of you might disagree, considering how challenging it can be as a 5D being living in a 3D world.  Some might argue that It’s not very fulfilling to not yet have the physical body that reflects the new consciousness we are in.  “How could I feel fulfilled if my finances are still not to my liking?  And I don’t feel like doing anything these days.  There’s no inspiration.”  Some of you think I must be talking about some other group of people.

No, I’m not.  I’m talking about us.  We are fulfilled.  The rest of humanity is still looking for fulfillment.  They are still feeding outside their trough.  Not consciously, but they are still looking to be filled up from the outside.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in connecting with others.  Or want to enjoy intimate relationships.  Or that we don’t have a desire to create or express ourself in some way.  But we are not looking to those things in order to feel complete.

There comes a point in this awakening where we realize that we no longer need to be completed by someone else, by a career, or any of a number of outer experiences.  We realize that we are WHOLE AND COMPLETE.  We recognize that we have crossed a threshold in which we are being sustained by the expanded part of who we also are.

And that part of us is already fulfilled, already complete.  The eternal, self-sustaining, whole and complete part is who we actually are.  Who we have been and always will be.

You may know this truth already, and probably take it for granted.  It’s probably not your first thought when you wake up in the morning, or what you contemplate before you fall asleep at night.


I released a relationship and told them I now want to have a relationship with my soul.  That I am not interested in a relationship with a man, a woman, or any other gender.

I don’t think that computes to most people in 3D.  They truly think that if you are alone, you are either going through something, or are in between relationships, or, and this is the one they secretly decided is true, you really still want to be with them.

And this gives them what they believe is a sense of entitlement to your attention and affection.  Especially if you are of the female gender.  You must then still be ‘available.’

They can’t imagine that someone could be totally complete and self-fulfilled, because they are still looking outside for their sense of wholeness.

So, what is this special relationship with ourself?  Being in balance, being self-fulfilled can be defined as the integration of the masculine with the feminine, the dark with the light.  The human with the divine.  All sacred unions.  And this balance is called being in the NEW ENERGY.

It doesn’t mean we are super-human.  But it does mean we have an awareness that goes beyond being just human.  It means we are aware of our multidimensional selves.

This awareness, or knowingness, means we are forever changed. It impacts our life like nothing else has.

No relationship, no career, no human experience can match the moment we realize who we are, and that who we are is right here.  Experiencing life through its human counterpart, (your name here.)

Now, having said that, we don’t feel that presence nearly enough, and sometimes it feels as if it has forsaken us altogether.

Of course it hasn’t.  But as I have said before, there is a period of time in which our soul and our I Am are also getting acquainted with us.  Some people believe that our eternal self knows every detail of our life.  But for understandable reasons we have kept that part of us at arm’s length and it has also felt that this crude environment was not compatible with it.

Thats why this experience is so amazing, and so challenging.  That’s why it takes such a commitment from us, the human and from us, our soul.  But not the kind of commitment that we had in 3D, of hard work, and efforting.

It’s hard because it requires a surrender of sorts.  And it requires allowing.  Allowing is one of the highest vibrations.  Allowing of who we are, as the human, is especially challenging.  Because we are all kinds of judgemental about ourself.

But it seems to be the elixir for transforming stuck energies.


And accepting of ourself also means from time to time, setting boundaries with others.  Speaking our truth.  Even if it is uncomfortable for us.

Especially we women, it can be a trigger for so much guilt.  We have been so conditioned, for millennia, to put the needs of others first, before our own, especially their emotional needs.

But we also know that this awakening has reset the whole energy feeding thing.  It no longer works.  We are being cleared of all the emotional care-taking.  Of allowing others to feed off of our precious energies.

It’s a little scary because part of the reason we held energies for others was because we were afraid of what they would do otherwise.  We saw that many of them were reckless and capable of doing harm.

So that piece of our heritage is coming up for some of us now, to be released.  The guilt and the fear.  And, interestingly, as that goes by the wayside, we don’t so much attract those feeders like before.  Because then the feeders don’t sense the fear and guilt in us, and can’t use it to manipulate us.

Essentially they have no where to sink their hooks into.

And as we know, some of those who feed can be perfectly fine people, and they just don’t know any better.  It isn’t necessarily a raving narcissist, or someone emotionally abusive.  It could be those closest to us, in our own family.  Children especially can feed off of their parents.  Husbands, wives, friends can be doing it.  It’s kind of like the way a pet, like a dog, can seem needy of attention.

But when we no longer allow that type of energy feeding, it does change the dynamics with those people.  It may upset them.  But like I always say, they’ll thank us later.

And sometimes, it’s necessary to let a relationship go.  But we all know in our hearts when that time is and with who.

In my own life, I have had to move on from relationships.  I always knew it was time.  It was painful, and I grieved those losses.  Often I experienced the grieving well before the breakup.  But I am grateful that I did grieve them.  Because there are people who do not allow themselves that human emotion of grieving, and end up trying to hang onto a relationship way beyond its expiration date.

And that’s because it’s much easier to pursue the unrequited love from someone, or keep trying to make it work, than to face their own emotions.

it takes personal courage to face our emotions, and recognize that they do not define us, and that they do not have any power over us.  Unless we try to suppress them.

And there is a whole lot of that going on in those who are playing in 3D.  If they insist on not going within, they will invariably be externalizing and projecting those emotions and unresolved issues onto someone else.

And, in that sense, those unresolved emotions and issues will haunt them, follow them everywhere and show up in every one of their relationships, invariably wrecking havoc on those relationships.

Now that’s how something has power over us.


Art by Maria Chambers

So for those of us who are telling some folks in our life to hit the road, that’s fine, and is an often-time necessary step.  But we must also continue to let go of the guilt.  Because it seems that if we insist on holding onto the guilt, we will keep having opportunities to let it go, in the way of relationships that continue to frustrate us and try all of our patience.

(Oh, and by the way, if someone tries to convince you that they can complete you, you tell them to go home and ‘complete’ themselves.)

Anyway, most of those issues are naturally resolved as we integrate our aspects, and as we allow this transformation.

But for most of humanity, it’s going to take much more time.  But fortunately it’s not our job to do anything for them, other than just continue loving ourselves.  Enjoying our life, and then sharing that love from our place of already feeling fulfilled.

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

23 thoughts on “Fulfilled

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Because bottom line, who can you REALLY count on?

    Only yourself. So you better have a good fucking relationship with yourself. 👍


    Good job on letting go of what does not serve you!

  2. Elizabeth Sadhu

    Dear friends here………I just realized that it is 5 years ago today that my longest time best friend (since we were 13) took her own life. I can share this with you all who don’t function in 3D because you will all get this. All 3D folks tend to see this as a tragedy. It is on some level.

    But I don’t really feel intense sadness. I felt that at the first. So MANY people reached out to her for years and she was unreachable. Pretty much never answered her phone. She lived in Tucson and I live in Oregon. It got so we would talk on the phone only on our birthdays. I was in Tucson area about eight years ago to take care of my in-laws. My honey and I ended up being there for about 3 months. I could not even then get my friend to get together. I tried.

    But then you know what you quit trying…..because if someone doesn’t want to connect, if someone doesn’t want to be in your presence, if someone is just done with life……there is fucking nothing you can do. NOTHING!

    This was hardest on those who lived close to her and to her brother and sister. Her brother won’t connect with me anymore. Her brother was like her twin growing up. I believe he feels huge guilt. I cannot reach him. I am close with her sister. Which is comforting to us both. But it is a 3D relationship. And that is ok.

    Since I am also a medium, I was able to talk with her right after she passed to another dimension. She did what she needed to do. She was out of pain and at peace.

    And one of the things that I KNOW is that she gave and gave and gave when she could to those around her. To her detriment. She would sequester herself and only come out when she could and only to be an uplifter. She felt that she could not ask for help. She was so bubbly and joyful when connecting to each person. Everyone felt like her best friend. She could do that. BUT to her detriment. I believe she took her own life because she could not ask for help. She didn’t get the inside job thing that we all talk about here. So she had to free herself in the only way she could.

    One thing she said to me the day after her passing, “What we know is that I (and others) had to leave because the growth was needed by this act of death for our LOVES (loved ones). They would not move forward or learn without this act.”

    So, who knows what our path may bring or how much impact we have had. It is a fucking inside job and cultivating our relationship with ourselves is the MOST important thing.

    Thanks for listening……

    loving us all

      1. sweet pea

        aw hi Ellia 🤗 i rambled back to u over there ❤️ ug i have too much to say on that stuff unfortunately loll 😩

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