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The SOULution



Art by Maria Chambers

The most challenging aspect of embodied enlightenment is the resistant mind.  The mind (mental, male energy) has been allowed to be in almost total control of just about every aspect of life.  

And it’s understandable, since as young children we had to put away our eternal self in order to survive.  It would have been too much for those around us, our parents, our neighbors, and friends.  They already sensed something different about us,  it wouldn’t have been safe for us to shine the light of our soul too strongly.

Consequently, we learned to make the mind, the human personality, represent us.

Many of us felt that this world was too harsh for who we really are, so we learned to compromise.  To diminish our light.

It served us then, but now we can’t continue to do that and expect to move into our freedom.

But now on a heart level, we want that freedom more than anything,  We want to have our authentic self here with us, but it feels like the gap is just too big to bridge.

We keep trying to connect with our soul using our mind.  Our heart’s into it, but our mind isn’t so much.  That means for the mind, conceding control.  It’s saying, “are you joking?  I’m not about to let go of control of my life.  For what?

What am I supposed to trust here?  Some nebulous soul that feels like something in a fairy tale?  That’s kind of ridiculous.  I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing,  I’ll just keep trying to manage my health, my finances and my joy.”

And, as we know, in light of the new energies, that isn’t working very well.  In fact, it’s working less and less.  Many are finding themselves in crises, and are brought to their knees, with no where to turn.

The mind freaks out, it tries to scramble around, looking for solutions, and fixes.  But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t have a clue what to do.

It looks to other humans for answers. But doesn’t find those answers truly satisfying.  To the human personality, it can feel like it’s come to the end of the line.  Maybe even the end of life here.

But that’s just the mind spinning its own wheels.  That’s the mind once again trying to figure it all out.  Insisting that it must do it all alone.  It’s a lonely, lonely place.

Many people leave the planet at that point because they truly believe that they have run out of options.

But those of us who are in the advanced guard, who are in the forefront of the ascension are aware that there is a solution to life’s dilemmas.  But those solutions can’t be found in any religion, medicine, in government, not even in other human beings.



Art by Maria Chambers

The patriarchy is but a manifestation, in a 3D landscape, of the mental, mind aspect of our human personality.  The mind (male energy) has been allowed to be in almost total control of life.

That mental energy has become abusive.  It has not allowed the heart, the soul (the feminine aspect) to have a voice.

Duality is a beautiful mirror of how the mind has been out of trust with the soul.  And the heart, which is the bridge to the soul, has been shut down.

So it’s no surprise then to see what direction this planet begins to take, going further and further toward authoritarianism.  The mind’s insistence on being the sole author and ultimate director of all of life.

But the male energy is weary.  It’s tired of war, of the burden of having to figure all of life out.  Yet it has been so shut down for such a long time that it doesn’t think there is any choice.  It believes it must keep its status and power.  In an attempt to stay in control, it tries even harder than ever to laser focus and dismiss any of the heart energies.

It tries to find refuge in the mind even more.

We see it manifesting in more control over women, and others who they see as a threat.

We can see that manifesting in these new virtual video games, where you don’t even have to be here in this reality anymore.  You can spend endless money and time playing with the mind,  entertaining it, rather than connect with the heart and soul.

But the patriarchal mind can go only so far in trying to wield more power, until it does to itself what it has been doing to the feminine.



Image Credit Pixabay.comfem

And the SOULution isn’t trying to push back against the patriarchy.  The SOULution is simply owning the soul as the authority.  And then the mind serves the soul in the way it was designed to do.

Trying to fight the patriarchal mind without the soul ends up in frustration, because the mind, just like authoritarian governments, can see that the heart energy, with its wounds, isn’t capable of the confidence needed to put the dictators in their place.

In our own lives, we are noticing that if we are not aligned with our soul, things just fall flat.  We are having to be more vigilant than ever about making sure we are not allowing the mind, with all its fears, worries and concerns, to be the final authority on our life.

If we feel pushed into a corner it’s a sign that we have come to the end of the line.  That it’s time to relinquish control to the part of us that is who we actually are.  Can you imagine allowing our authentic self to finally speak her truth, to finally be able to resolve all our human dilemmas for us?

Because we wouldn’t want to be here as just a shadow of who we are.

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

25 thoughts on “The SOULution

  1. ☺️☺️☺️☺️♥️♥️♥️♥️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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  3. Maria,

    I haven’t even read your new article before I sent you my last email, where I speak about having been guided by spirit to let my soul (my feminine side) into my life more. It’s so uncanny how our paths seem to be so synchronised sometimes. Wow!

  4. love Maria ❤️ so much what i’m feeling about it all but can’t sort or articulate. as always you take things that are weighing me down in the 3d and lift my perspective to the higher view of it all. you writing this out takes the weight of my mind’s need to sort it into to this understanding because you did it so perfectly 💕 breath of fresh air to read, and now my mind can put it down 💆‍♀️💜

    • So glad you connect with it, sweet pea. And THANK YOU for giving your mind permission to put it down. To relax, and just allow. 💜

      • yes Maria, i don’t think there is any good to be found in the over thinking about the 3d version of this stuff 😔soo let it go and relax 🙏

        on a random but sort of related note… lately i’ve had a bunch of annoying things happen with daily technology i use… i.e. all the website passwords mysteriously deleting from my computer browser(years of them), the apps on my phone all going wacky and having to be reset, my wifi went out for a few days and pushed me to data so i had to limit my phone use a ton… at first i thought it was just pointlessly annoying 3d stuff, but after reading your blog i realized it actually disrupted a ton of my mindless daily habits with my work and even just personal behavior… which i feel like was maybe the point 😏 having to stop and reevalute all of those unconscious daily habits has def made me aware of where i was putting a lot of mental energy… and made me sort of gut check how much of that doesn’t align with who and how i want to be 🙈 basically the way my daily flow of habits was going was for sure exposing me to a lot more of that angry masculine mental energy you’re describing. and the changes i’ve had to make to deal with all the technology glitches has definitely shifted the flow of my daily things away from exposure to that stuff. even though a lot of it is for work, i can still be more conscious about the little ways i’m navigating the places i have to be exposed to 🤗

        anyways, just thought it was a nice little extra benefit realization i had from your post haha 💕

  5. Sweet pea, what a fascinating insight into what’s going on with your tech stuff. It sounds like you have reset something within yourself, like when we have to shut down our devices, iPads, etc, so they can be reset, and then we have to put in our passwords again.

    Reevaluating those daily unconscious habits…great way to put it.

    And it’s happened to me too within the past couple of weeks, in a slightly different scenario.

    I got a horrendous flu or something that felt like it, and some other scary physical stuff….and I had to shut down almost everything as far as my daily rituals go. I ended up deleting, on purpose, my apple news app because I couldn’t stomach any of that anymore.

    I stopped watching all news and other political videos on youtube. I literally unplugged from it all.

    As you did, I knew I was absorbing that toxic energy, and I knew it was affecting me physically. But a part of me (my mind) felt like it gave me some kind of connection here on this planet. My mind was scared to detach even more than it was already doing from this reality.

    But I discovered I did not miss any of that news etc and in fact my frequency became faster and lighter as a result.

    But it also was due to realizing that I was giving my mind too much authority in my life. I became even more discerning toward what I allowed to be in my energy, including those dense and depressing thoughts.

    You can turn off the news, but how do you do that with your own mind and its not very uplifting thoughts and emotions?

    So that’s what I’ve been working with lately, and it’s fascinating because my fears of being too out of touch with this world aren’t real. It’s just brought me closer to my soul in a way that is benefitting my body.

    Kudos to you my friend. I am so impressed that you are letting go of those old energies that no longer serve you. A true sign of mastery.

  6. oh wow Maria it sounds like we basically had the same kind of shake up just with different details 🤗💕

    i totally resonate with what you say about turning off the news, so “shifting the habits” vs “but what about shifting your mental energy”, cause that’s where i have been stuck too. if i’m honest, it’s old habits i’ve wanted to shift for a while, but it wasn’t instinctively coming to me because the internal/mental shift wasn’t there in me yet, and the habits were easy to mindlessly repeat. and for me its cause that mental shift has to be motivated by a deep internal energetic place…but it’s kind of a catch 22 cause that internal energy is affected by what i’m absorbing into my energy from the habits 🙃. so the tech issues have made the habits tedious and difficult to go back into, and i’m not motivated to “work” to go back into that behavior. so even if i haven’t yet fully grown out of the way i was looping with that energy, i think the fact that i’m not motivated to fight my way back into behavior again is a start? 🤷‍♀️ like my mental patterns that drew me to that stuff maybe haven’t changed much yet, but something in me energetically is disinterested in putting in effort to go back to the loop i was in 🤗

    • That makes sense, sweet pea. And this is great! It’s awareness that is the biggest step and it will take some time to release those patterns, but the good news is we don’t have to do it from the mind. Meaning we don’t have to figure it out.

      It all happens naturally because now that we are more aware, we won’t be going back to being unaware. And it initiates our soul coming in even closer and that in itself shifts the mind’s role from manager to assistant.

  7. Hi everybody! Maria this is so good. I totally had an aha moment with this after stuff sweet pea and i were discussing on an earlier post, about over thinking and just heavy mentalism, because it never occurred to me that it was the MALE energy side of things, and how it has run amok in my head, taking over the place and in fear. Brain patriarchy! Lol. As within so without and all that jazz became much more apparent the way you articulated it.
    And I’m with all y’all about the news and such– was also just talking with sweet pea about how too much screen time (even if it’s not news related) just scrambles my circuits/signals anymore and I have had to make conscious efforts to cut way back and limit it. Especially later in the day–it really affects my ability to get to sleep and sleep well, so no screens after dark anymore for example. Not easy when I realized I’ve become a bit (too) dependent on the screen to entertain me and alleviate the boredom and, ironically, the overthinking–but here’s the rub–i found all the screen time i was using to escape/distract the overthinking was just exacerbating and increasing the overthinking! My brain just ended up with way too much to process and chew on/digest. So now I’m trying to get used to just more quiet and calm, to create some space in the brain and for spirit to move in more fully….and like Kat said allow more of the Feminine in to offset so much of that masculine overthinking energy.
    So glad you are back Maria and hopefully feeling better! 💙💙💙

    • Yay, Elila! I am so happy you are giving yourself the gift of allowing your own heart and soul to come in closer.

      It’s cool how we are all synchronized with this next level.

      And we can use what’s happening in that 3D world as a metaphor for what’s happening on inner levels, without having to get sucked into the drama out there.

      Because basically, we have already been through what they are now going through out there. We are simply not part of that world anymore.

      So interesting how you say getting used to quiet and calm to make more space for spirit to move in more fully….beautifully articulated. And it DOES take practice because the mind loves drama and it extracts it from all those emotions…..fear, worry, anger, etc.

      To stop entertaining those emotions is a little boring for the mind to handle initially.

      I remember being in an emotionally abusive relationship years ago, and when he initiated drama with me, and I refused to participate, he would say. “What are we just supposed to sit around and be happy. That’s not living!”

      So…..the drama is the mind’s substitute for real emotions. It’s like a teenager feeling all the hormones and mistaking it for true love.

      • I *do* love how synchronized we are! And yes the metaphor and the way you used it to describe really helped me with some clarity.
        And yes again I AM finding it takes a whole lot of practice to allow the quiet (both in my !mind and even in conversations where I’m practicing not filling the silent spots–whoa that is HARD bcuz I’ve always been a talker and some people have come to rely on me to carry conversations–but I’m even tired of my own voice and superfluous gab). My mind, left to its own devices, wants to fret and worry and create worst case scenarios–its own drama. So I would distract myself with articles and videos in an attempt to reroute that energy and squeeze out the negative while focusing more positive. I was already very careful about what I would watch–no news or violence or drama–or so I thought. I was finding that even watching a few clips from an old sit-com, Id be lying in bed at night and notice my brain ruminating endlessly about fictional characters and their fictional issues! And the brain would just be spinning it’s wheels until everything id allowed in was properly chewed and swallowed, and then I wouldn’t sleep as well for all the “digesting”. Like eating too late at night. So I have to be careful what I ” consume” energetically as well as physically, and stuff I thought was “healthy” wasn’t necessarily so, and also found that “eating” too much of anything, no matter how “positive” or “healthy” it appears, overwhelms my digestion, both physical and mental. Wow the metaphors just keep coming lol.

        Oh I cringed at what your ex said! It reminds me of a friend who said at least she feels alive when there is discord, that it’s better than feeling nothing. Ew. But I can also remember being that teenager and all those hormones, the tumult and turmoil and thinking I was REALLY in love….oh gawd. And how there were times even as an adult where my mind would crave and create drama and wreak havoc on my relationships, making me behave probably not a whole lot unlike the ex you spoke of. Not proud! And now watching my teenage neice trying to navigate her own relationships and dramas–well all this stuff is really at the forefront right now and bringing into stark contrast the way i USED to live and operate & what felt “normal” then, and how that SO doesn’t work, and how I navigate NOW in this new awareness and energy. And there still so much to practice or allow to fall away, even after these many many years of transitioning and evolving. (I mean I know it’s a good thing, bcuz if we stop evolving, well then we may wind up president lol). I mentioned to a friend the other day that I was waiting for inspiration on something, and he said oh it will come. I said yep i know but boy is it slowwww…..
        And he said, “well at least you know you’re not outrunning it!” I laughed so hard, because jeeze doesnt that sum up this whole process we’ve been slogging through? At least we know we are not outrunning spirit lolzzzzz

        • Outrunning spirit….wow, that’s quite the visual. Lol.

          It really is amazing when you put it all in perspective, and then you see, as you say, how we have been evolving. The things that used to trigger us we look at now and are pretty neutral about.

          And I’m with you, it’s not just the news, but the tv shows I used to consume, are now hard to watch, or just boring to me. All the drama is just boring for the most part.

          I can still appreciate the actors, the writing, the humor but it all seems to be wearing pretty thin. Which, to the mind is a little frightening, I believe you mentioned that?

          What’s supposed to entertain mind now? “Dear spirit, you’re taking away all my entertainment!” says the mind.

          Not that there’s anything wrong with a little drama in tv or movies. I like drama if it has resolution. But so many of these shows have unresolved drama. One crisis after another.

          I’ve been binge watching UGLY BETTY again. It’s a great show, and has four seasons, so it’s nice to be able to sink my teeth into something and it’s not dark. It actually has some good messages,

          What’s interesting is that I couldn’t wait for Betty’s ‘Makeover’, where she grows out her bangs, gets classy eyewear, gets some nice outfits, and loses the braces….it took almost four seasons for her to get there.

          I was getting tired of her mousy look. It felt like she was hiding behind it.

          But then something strange happened. When she became transformed, it felt like the show wasn’t as riveting anymore.

          It felt like the drama and the tension and the expectations were what kept me coming back.

          So applying that to our lives here in 3D land….it’s been lots of drama, and tension, for the most part unresolved, lifetime after lifetime. Does this mean that once we reach this place of peace and balance, we are kind of done here?

          This is our ‘season finale’ in some ways. Many of us chose this to be our last lifetime, the one in which we integrate spirit.

          And when you think about it, that’s pretty awesome. What better way to go out than to be the living Ascended Master? 💕💕💕

          • Whoa….I spoke too soon about UGLY BETTY. It seems now she has had an enlightened moment. After climbing the ranks of the fashion industry, she realizes it’s not her true passion. She used it as an excuse to put off what she really wanted to create. It was comfortable, and didn’t really challenge her true nature. This was called to her attention by an ex of hers. A defining moment for sure. And a metaphor for this awakening process.

          • Whoa Maria Ive been thinking about this and then re-reading your comment today something hit me more clearly–the part about resolution. YES! It’s resolution I’m wanting when I watch stuff, but also it’s what I crave IRL. All the drama and chaos and tension and expectation are what repel & fatigue me now, even if on some level they can still suck me in. It’s the unresolved drama and constant crisis that just make me cringe. And I wonder if ascension itself has become just that: unresolved drama and one crisis after another. Just when I think something has leveleled out, another blast hits!

          • Good point, Elila….it does feel like this whole ascension process is one crisis after another, more unresolved drama….and of course that’s only because the mind is having a hard time and is still to a degree in resistant mode.

            And from my mind’s perspective, it says, “I can’t deal with another crisis or fallout. I’m already on the edge of losing it!”

            I’ll speak for myself, here. I felt at the end of my rope. I thought for sure that I was going to be checking out of this existence. Things on a 3D level felt overwhelming to me.

            But then I was reminded that it was my mind that felt that way. It felt overwhelmed, and it was at the end of its rope in terms on not being able to figure it out. Those very human issues…it couldn’t figure out how to resolve them anymore.

            And then I saw the blessing. That I needed to be at the end of my rope to finally give permission for my soul to step in. And my mind is beginning to feel the relief of that, along with my body.

            But it took a whole lot of drama in my life to get me to the point of surrender. I just couldn’t be in that chaos anymore. Like you say, it’s exhausting, and it’s depressing.

            So I think a few of us are here, at that point of…enough….of….no more drama. It’s a fragile place because the mind is taking a deep sigh of relief that it is no longer responsible for our life, but also it’s tentative about trusting this soul thing.

            So the drama is all about the battle of the mind with the heart and the soul. And we are being told we can now put down the sword.

            And of course the other part of that is, well, when we are no longer in crisis and drama, isn’t that kind of boring? Not to the soul, of course, but to the mind. It’s definitely a challenging place to be.

          • Yep i agree with all you say, but in some respects “boring” would be the most welcome relief!!! Like with finances. The thing is ascension has kept me on suchh a short leash that it’s hard to feel any kind of expansion. A pattern keeps repeating–reach the end of the rope and think it’s over and then at the VERY LAST SECOND spirit gives you a few more inches of rope. So there is temporary relief until the end is reached again. The surrender has been multiple times, and yes something comes in and prevents disaster but it’s only stopgap until that runs out, and then surrender again, on and on. The stress of this is taking a toll. Nothing gets truly resolved, I just get an extension of sorts. I keep reading that we are moving out of survival mode and into thriving and I can’t even express how much I hope that’s true and mercifully swift haha. Crabby anxious eclipse vibes aren’t helping lol

        • ” I mentioned to a friend the other day that I was waiting for inspiration on something,”

          This is EXACTLY how I am feeling. Just the other I felt depleted and had no motivation to keep writing my stories. It’s as if I m waiting for some fresh energy, fresh motivation, fresh outlook, I don’t know. On the other hand I feel that the solution is within and waiting for something (even if it’s inspiration which is always an internal feeling) feels like I m doing sth. wrong. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, Idon’t know

          • Oh I so know what u mean Kat. I’ve been waiting for my internal inspiration for sooooo long. I can remember it showing itself clearly to me in the past and I miss that feeling. It comes in little spurts here and there like with a recipe or dish, but the big life stuff–the stuff that could get me unstuck and on a fresh new exciting adventure or path instead of the same old ground hog day, that could make life interesting and compelling again, well that seems still on hold. Craving freshness in the respects you mention too!

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