The Mind Will Thank Us Later

Art by a Maria Chambers

Years ago I told a man in my life to relax.  I told him that he was trying too hard, and consequently was pushing me away.  I could see that he wanted to believe it.  He wanted to relax, and stop trying to prove his love to me.  He wanted to trust that he could just be himself.  But it wasn’t long before he once again resumed the trying and the controlling.

And underneath that was his fear that he would be abandoned.  His mind was convinced that he was not worthy of love.  Thus all the trying to prove worthiness.

It’s the classic male energy that we see on this planet.  And it’s not just men that practice it.  All genders can embrace that mind set.

Almost every human, at one point or another has been that trying, pushing and over controlling male energy, and has also been the one on the other end that feels smothered by it and pushes it away.

It could have taken the form of a friendship, parent, child, mate, employer, lover, you name it.  The dynamics are the same.  There is a kind of push-pull going on.

Ultimately what is wanted is pushed away.

The human mind is that over-controlling, insecure male energy in our life. It doesn’t feel worthy, so consequently it tries, it efforts, and it controls aspects of our life to the point where what we desire always seems elusive.

The mind can even get oppressive and abusive.  But not because it is an evil force, but because it feels over-burdened.  It has been given responsibilities that by its very nature it can’t perform.  But it has been performing them for a very, very long time.  It has been solely responsible for our physical, emotional and financial well-being.

As most of my readers know, I like drawing parallels from what’s going on within us to what’s going on in the outside world, in a 3D, duality reality.  I believe it helps us to gain a much needed perspective on how the mind works.  And how it’s not working very well.

This planet was created for us to work out the galactic issues in a tangible, 3D way.  To move stuck energies.  The outside world is always a reflection of the inner one.  As it is within, so it is without.

So, relative to our mind, and its need to control, we have seen the male gender wanting to be in control on the planet.  He has traditionally been the ‘provider’ for the female gender.  But that role cost him and her a great deal.

He sacrificed his own female energies, his intuition, his heart, and she sacrificed her freedom for a sense of security.

And as we look at the political landscape we see more of the same.  A portion of the population is sacrificing its own freedom for a false sense of security, as people blindly support a dictatorial-type regime, whose only motive is to remain in power by oppressing the masses.

In order to remain in control, the mind is adept at creating crises where they don’t exist, just as those politicians in power do. Whether those crises take the form of immigrants at the border, other races, or women’s uteruses.

Or whether it’s an illness, finances or relationships.

As we expand into our broader awareness, our soul, we recognize just how clever that mind has been.  We see how it feeds off of the emotions it triggers in us.

When we watch some of these authoritarian leaders, they also seem to thrive on negative press, on the opposing political party protesting and pushing against them.  In fact it seems their base becomes even more devoted to them as others try to expose their corruption and their racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia.

I wonder, what if the press and all the news media stopped talking about the negative things the one in power is doing and saying.  And instead just focused on what the other politicians are doing and saying, the more progressive ones, who actually have the best interests of their constituents at heart.

And, we know that won’t happen because the news media thrives on all of that drama.

But for the sake of  our theory, would those in power be at a loss, because they are not getting all the attention, albeit negative attention?  Or would they just amp up the rhetoric and inhumane policies?

Are those opposing them really being effective in the long run, or are they just perpetuating the drama?


Art by Maria Chambers

Well, fortunately, none of that is our problem.  And, that’s my point here.  What is going on in that mind of ours is not our problem.  In other words, the mind just does what it does,  it worries, it creates crises that really don’t exist. It provokes us with emotions of fear mostly.

But we know that trying to fight those emotions, or trying to reason with the mind doesn’t work.  If it did, all those in the mental health professions would be heroes.  All those self help books, websites, and seminars would be seeing a lot more success stories.

What we are discovering is that the mind, which was designed to be the support base for the heart and the soul, has instead become the controller-in-chief.

And what better representation of what happens to a democracy when the mind is allowed full control, than with people like Trump?  The mind, when allowed full control, has no heart or soul.  Well, he does have a heart and soul, but he put them in a vault and nailed it shut.

We are discovering that we can choose not to feed the mind.  When we feel the emotions that begin to trigger us, the fear, worry, concern, doubt, frustration….it is up to us, to the part of us that knows better, the heart, and the soul, to not take the bait.

To not argue or resist the mind at that point.  Because that just feeds the drama.  But to recognize that the mind is the part of us that has insisted it is who we are, and that all of those less than uplifting emotions are who we are.

And if we buy into that perspective, we can’t expect to see any significant changes in our life.

But those of us on the accelerated path to ascension are capable of owning who we are.  We are not the mind and all of its control tactics.  That’s a hard one to accept.  It’s a frightening proposition, at least for the mind.  So don’t expect the red carpet treatment from your mind.  At least not yet.  Expect it to double down on its fear mongering.

Don’t take the bait.


And by the way, this also applies to boredom.  Many of us are feeling a type of boredom we didn’t experience in our old, dualistic life.  But I contend, it is our mind that feels bored, not our soul.

And, even further, is it our mind that is bored, or are we (our heart and our soul) just bored with our mind?

Art by Maria Chambers


So at one point our human personality and our soul went our separate ways.  This planet didn’t feel safe for us to be who we actually are.  So we elected our mind to run our life, rather than to have our soul here with us so intimately in such a dense and unconscious environment.

But now, in light of the new energies on this planet, we have the opportunity to re-elect a part of us, our heart and our soul, to be in charge.

And in time the mind will feel greatly relieved of the impossible job it was trying to perform.  It will begin to see the immense benefits of trusting the heart and the soul, as it begins to trust the soul’s unconditional love for it.  Rest assured, the mind will thank us later.

© Copyright 2019 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers

5 thoughts on “The Mind Will Thank Us Later

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thank you!
    After being bored with my old mind I am now bored OUT of my mind with my old mind shit. Ha!

    Shift shift shift.

    Love you dearest SiSTAR!

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Heehee… laughing after I wrote that. It just came out that way. ☺️☺️☺️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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