It’s Time To ‘Woman Up’ And Trust The Feminine

Art by Maria Chambers

We have all heard ad nauseum the expressions for being strong, like man-up.  Take it like a man.  Don’t be a girl. (I’m sparing you the really offensive words here.)  They have been used by all genders.  And most people laugh and shrug it off. But if this perspective continues, things will not look good for humanity. They aren’t looking great right now.  So what will save mankind? Certainly not becoming bigger, stronger, more powerful, more stoic, or more intelligent. Certainly not being even more mentally focused.

Sensuality will save mankind. Opening up all of the senses, both physical and ethereal, and experiencing this time and space reality the way it was meant to be experienced.  Being extrasensual.

Experiencing it from the inside out, no longer consuming energies from the outside, but radiating a frequency of balance and joy. And then expressing that joy in tangible and creative ways.

It should be no surprise that art and creativity have become more and more marginalized on the planet.

Yet art and music and other expressions of the soul are what moves societies out of the mental miasma of intellectualism and rationalism.  The Renaissance moved humanity out of the dark ages, and again in the 60s and 70s, with the cultural revolution.

The mind over time became the control center, our identity, and was adept, a master in fact, at luring us in with all the worry, fear and drama.  It became a mental master baiter. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Being in true receivership will save humanity.  Receiving from life from a place of truly feeling worthy.  Not from a place of lack, or neediness, but from a place of feeling fulfilled.  From a place of knowing that energy is limitless.  That there is more than enough for everyone for whatever is needed or desired.

But in order to get there, one has to go through their awakening. And for that to happen, they must embrace their feminine. They must have the courage to be so vulnerable, so honest and open with themselves, and their Soul.

To face their deepest fears, including the one that tells them they are not worthy. To face the biggest lie we have been told.

Men, women, all genders must let go of the old story of the male being angry at the female, feeling abandoned and betrayed by her. And the wounded feminine, the female gender having to be always nurturing of the wounded male, has to be released as well.

So, it’s time to woman-up. Because the feminine aspects are the most closely aligned with our soul. With spirit itself. Those aspects include being open, vulnerable, sensitive, sensual and intuitive.

Allowing, and just being, also feminine qualities, will save humanity. Allowing doesn’t mean giving up, or letting others feed off of us. It means allowing energies to be as they are, and allowing our soul to be in our body and our life. To trust our soul.  Then our soul transmutes those energies that are not compatible with spirit, or with self-love.

Then action flows from a place of inspiration. Not obligation. Then being here feels delicious, because the action is usually just enjoying what we have already effortlessly created.

Allowing means allowing others to be who they are, to have their own perspective, but not getting engaged and entangled, or in battle with them, or with our own mind’s drama.

Being vulnerable.  Most people associate that with being weak, and with the feminine. Another lie.  The mind does everything possible to keep from feeling vulnerable.  It’s why more than half the population on this planet is on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.  The word vulnerable feels like death to the mind. Yet it is necessary to feel it if one wants to set themself free.

In order for the human to open up to spirit, they will have to begin to trust in their soul, even as they are shaking in their boots.  They will have to trust that the fears are not theirs.  They never were.

There is no force necessary in creation. No power. Power, strength, pushing, and trying are all unnecessary. Humanity uses old, fossil fuels to generate power and energy. But did you know that our eternal self has no energy. Consciousness has no energy. Rather, it attracts energies in order to create.

That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy things that are powered by old fuel, like a turbo-charged sports car.  But consciousness creates with ease, not with heavy lifting.

Powering through, pushing, and trying are qualities held in high esteem. They are components of a human who believes he must create from his mind, and does not trust his soul.

To the mind, to the human persona, those qualities are what a person should strive for. Power, strength, achievements, status, stoicism. Anything less is seen as too feminine.

Wielding Power is so alluring that it’s even present in the spiritual community.  Many people who are on the so-called spiritual path want to enforce peace on others, even if those others are not interested or ready for peace.

They use mind games to try to control other groups.  And even to create their own reality.  They try to think their way into health, wealth and happiness.  Trying to force a mental visualization, rather than feel into their souls’s joy.

It’s not easy for the mind to relinquish control to the soul.  There’s a history there of loss of trust.  No one’s fault, just a factor of being here on Earth and having to fit in for survival purposes.  I go into more detail on that galactic story in many of my other posts.

But if enough people on the planet don’t begin to see that the feminine is the cornerstone of creation itself, to trust the feminine, the soul, there is literally no hope for humanity.

It’s no longer a time to man-up. The human species can’t afford it.  And even those of us in the later stages of enlightenment can’t afford it.  We will have to relinquish control to our eternal self.  To allow ourselves to trust in the feminine.

It’s definitely time to woman-up.

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21 thoughts on “It’s Time To ‘Woman Up’ And Trust The Feminine

  1. I was having a conversation with a female friend the other day and talking about very vulnerable and honest feelings and she thought I was being hard on myself and told me to stop perseverating. A lot to f women don’t know how to feel

    1. Absolutely, I also know many women who are shut down. Who haven’t embraced their own divine feminine. Most women on this planet are not free. They are not sure how to get out of that controlling mind. They don’t trust their own intuition. They acquiesce to the patriarchy’s attitude toward the feminine, and toward women. They don’t feel safe to be in their feminine nature.

  2. Yeah, really! Sometimes people love to try to diagnose us but haven’t a clue who we really are and what we are going through. A few years ago a friend suggested I was displaying all the signs of clinical depression. But like you say, they don’t know how to feel. And so they project their own unexpressed emotions onto us. The more stuck they are in their mind, the more thy will deny and externalize their own unresolved issues.

    1. So very very true Maria! I can always tell when me being vulnerable and honest strikes a nerve in someone. They try to shame me or shut me down or distance themselves from the conversation. Being such a strong empath, I can instantly feel when they disconnect.

    2. I am laughing about the depression thing as a couple of years ago I was revelling in some alone time. My hubby was gone for a couple of months helping his very elderly parents. I was trying to explain to a friend here in town and she is a pretty close friend, that I was not wanting to talk to anyone and was really enjoying being alone. She snapped out, “You’re depressed!” I laughed.

      My empath self just really loves my quiet time. 🙂

      I am a crazy mix of appearing to be outgoing and extroverted when I am out and about. But I need to get re-charged a lot. AND I don’t go out and about that much.


      1. Yeah, siSTAR, from a 3D perspective, most of us would be a case study for depression, or worse. (Shrink gets out his notes), let’s see, spends lots of time alone. Has few friends. Disconnected from most group activities. From family. Talks about other worldly beings. Doesn’t believe the mind should be in control.

        Most folks are scared of losing their mind, and we are encouraging them to do just that. Well, not losing it, but definitely loosening it. It’s wound way too tight.

        1. I am laughing so much……I feel us laughing together……So funny…..I have had a few funny moments where I will tell some random person that I talk to “dead people”. And then I’ll say that the dead people don’t like that term, they prefer that we say they are in another dimension. ha!

          Call the shrink!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. Call the shrink…good working title for a tv series….a comedy about an awakened human who is grossly misunderstood by family, friends,…and there’s a family intervention. Big sis says, “we’re all worried about you, little sis. You’ve been acting weird, are you in a cult?”

            And the hilarity ensues.

            Maybe the premise is that our protagonist appears to be crazy, until, as the series unfolds we discover she is just going through ascension, awakening, whatever we want to label it.

            And the viewer begins to see how ‘crazy’ the 3 D world actually is.

  3. Thanks so much for this. When I read the first paragraph I thought of this video, which was so beautiful.

    Your post is so affirming and confirming. At some point quite a few years ago, I heard the phrase, “profound allowing” in my head and it has come to mean so much to me……

    And recently a dear friend and I “heard” to hit the EASY button. Take it easy. WE didn’t need to work at this shit anymore. AND so I put the app EASY on my phone where it is a constant reminder……WE are done with that hard work stuff……and in fact it hinders our progress…you are so right, trust and faith in our soul.

    Mom2bzs—I know what you mean…..I don’t share with many my real journey…..but I had an interesting thing happen recently. I was meeting a woman for coffee from my exercise class and the day before the class she texted me a TON and I started feeling that energy of NEED coming from her. I thought, Oh shit, another person I can’t be myself with and she will be a clinger. AND then I immediately thought, fuck that, I am going to completely be myself and if she doesn’t want to talk about God and angels and all that stuff, I could maybe scare her off. Or best case, she gets it. So, on some level she got it. AND then I realized that putting strong boundaries around myself worked. I think I just freaked myself out thinking I would have to caretake her. hahahahaha…..I realized that it will be a case by case basis and you pretty much find out right away if the person is going to be in your close circle. I don’t know if any of this actually makes sense, but it was a bit revelatory for me. ha!

    love to us all and thanks again, dear Maria, SiSTAR Goddess

    1. Oh yes, Elizabeth, makes perfect sense!

      I understand feeling like you have to caretake. I have to remind myself everyone is where they need to be. It’s not up to me to fix anyone. It’s all perfectly orchestrated.

      1. Yes…..And done with the old feeling of I’m being selfish….ha!

        In my religion it was all about the service (seva) to EVERYONE ELSE! #fuckthatshit


        Thanks Mom2bzs.

        I love connecting with kindreds here. Maria…..I’ll never stop singing Ma……ree……ah……..! heehee Thanks for bringing us together.

        1. I grew up with 3 brothers (and have 2 sons)😳! Surrounded with male energy! I notice there’s a part of me that feels like I have to stand strong. I’m embracing the little girl inside me now; cherishing her and her feelings😁

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