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From Walking The Fence To Picking A Side


7B6BC840-8850-4CF5-8056-77998E0B99D4.jpegJust now here at the cafe I was trying to be extra careful with my iPad.  I just bought a new case for it, and it’s nice, but not as protective around the edges as the last one.  So I was being ginger with it. Making sure no liquids were too close to it at my table. It was a concern that ironically caused me to spill my venti cup of water all over the table, the chair and the floor.

And of course my first thought was, damn, it happened!  The very thing I was trying to prevent!  But my iPad was still in my hand, and virtually nothing of mine got soaked.

And on top of that, a woman at the next table rushed over, said she already told the barista, and began moving all my stuff off the table for me. Within seconds, the barista came over with her towel.  I thanked her, too, and she said, “As long as your stuff is o.k. That’s all that matters.”  And she added, “We adore you!”

So I moved to another table, and within moments another barista had a fresh cup of coffee and a new water positioned next to me.

It was all seamless.  Graceful.  Almost magical.

So, a couple of things here.  It’s not an earth-shattering story,  but it is a demonstration of how the universe, or our soul, has our back, regardless of how the mind can become overly cautious about things, overly worried.

It demonstrated how, first of all, worrying can actually create the events we are worried about.  As I look around, most folks have laptops, which are not overly protected with covers.  In fact there are no covers on them at all as they work with them.

I’ve noticed that in some ways I have become more controlling and more anxious and cautious about things in my life.  Things that earlier I didn’t give a second thought.

I’ve become aware that those thoughts erode my sense of joy.  And I notice that there are still many things I am relatively carefree about.  So, the not so carefree thoughts are coming up, no surprise, for a final clearing.  I say that because as they come back, they are not nearly as compelling.

We are all experiencing this, because this is the time where we find ourselves, many of us, at a crossroads.  A time where it’s almost do or die.  We can’t walk the fence.  We have to pick a side.

And most of us are finding that the side we pick determines our next experience.  There is less and less lag time involved for some things to manifest.  It’s good to be hyper-aware of what we are feeling and to ask ourselves, what side of the fence is that emotion on?

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Enjoy my video, My Hat And My iPad


Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

14 thoughts on “From Walking The Fence To Picking A Side

  1. Don’t you love those realizations?

    I had one recently where I noticed that if I got extremely exhausted, it was because I was forcing myself to do and/or be in old 3D ways.

    Just can’t do it anymore.

    We may not appreciate it right in the middle but so fabulous when we get to clear out that old stuff, eh? The Universe, or Multi-Verse, as another friend says, is always looking out for us!

    I love your story! And I love how they ADORE you! and they looked out for you! Magic! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉☕☕☕☕☕☕

    Love you tons and thanks for sharing!

  2. Getting an iPad cover is really about motives then isn’t it? In this situation you looked at if being fear based: protecting you from expense or inconvenience, and aiming to control an outcome.
    I have similar habits that are often respected in 3D that I have been trying to release attachment to. I always buy a (military grade!) protector and cover if upgrading such a device. As a former perfectionist I have always been thorough and sought out the best tools for a job. As a creative person (and amateur digital artist) I have always looked at extending possibilities and researched new options.
    I guess these aren’t necessarily bad habits in themselves. However, they aren’t helpful when they keep me too enmeshed in a material world, which I have basically left and lost interest in, and out of quiet awareness. If there was a delay for a new cover coming, I may feel anxious. However, for me the discomfort is also of the new device not yet being complete (perfectionist habit).
    The creative exploring of ‘what ifs’ and new possibilities (even of purchases) may have served me in my spiritual search and in the 3D world. However, I am now moving from searching to Being where this habit is too mentally based. Even if it may reflect our deeper spirit nature and creativity, I doubt this old way of looking outside ourselves at possibilities will be the future for us.
    There are other old ‘good habits’ that aren’t working for me now. One is striving to protect the underdog or victimised. I have dived in several times in blogs when I saw someone unfairly attacked, when the ‘victim’ probably needed that experience to discern this wasn’t a teacher of. My carefully phrased observations to support the ‘victim’ weren’t posted in either case anyway! (feedback for me to leave this ‘teacher’ alone too).
    Then I decided to forward persistent spam to Government spam reporting (to protect me and others from the invasion of my boundaries, I guess). Not only was this ineffectual (the spam was from another country so they could do nothing), but I got an increase in spam from the same source but now attributed to a range of different senders! “What you resist persists’- when will I finally finish that lesson!
    In short, there is mopping up at even finer levels now that the old ‘issues’ have basically gone. I think this extended ‘bored being bored’ period in between dealing with energy waves, has been fertile ground for my mind to fill time with this old junk. Doubt I’d care about any of these things otherwise. When I am expanded and not engaged with the world as I used to be in linear 3D they just aren’t on the radar.

    • Lyn, it’s interesting because my old iPad cover was more substantial, but it was worn out. I actually am liking the new one and getting more comfortable with the idea that the iPad is fine. And if something were to happen to it, it would mean another nice upgrade.

      But to my mind, it signals loss and that brings up other emotions.

      Holding onto old energy ideas like resources are limited is one that I’m clearing. Because as a sovereign being I know that whatever I need comes to me.

      And also so interesting how you describe your experience of what we resist persists. And I agree, the boredom is fertile ground for the mind to dredge up some drama. Absolutely! Good one to be aware of.

      It’s difficult because the mind interprets the boredom as a bad thing. It’s uncomfortable for sure. That dear mind doesn’t know what to do with itself. It’s retired and doesn’t like playing golf.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom.

  3. Oh how I resonate with your words, and I too have become more anxious, and worrying about things as of late! I agree, and know all too well that worrying can indeed create the events that we are worried about, so aware in fact that when I catch myself dwelling on something I’m reminded of this very fact! Oh how I then run to the more trusting/flowing thoughts time and time again, and I will continue to do this, and I wish that it was different, that I would finally find/be able to keep that happy/flowing/trusting knowing that the UNIVERSE truly does have my back.
    Oh the ENERGIES are indeed bringing up so much that we still have left to clear!
    I’m still walking the fence I suppose, and I know what side I wish to be on, and ‘do or die’, I will land on the ‘right’ side. Just a bit tired.
    Just a question to you/our group: Is anyone aware/in tune to the Schumann Resonance/ Solar Winds? And if so, maybe we could talk a bit about it and how it may or may not effect you.

    Thank you My Maria, and it did me good to just write, and share. So happy your iPad made it through unscathed! I too adore you!!

    • My dear Annette, first, I, too, adore you!! 💜

      And, I found this info. on the Schumann Resonance from the Crimson Circle from 2002, But I believe it is relevant today…..

      “Question: Can you talk about the correlation between the Earth’s declining magnetic field and the increase in vibration of the planet and what effects we as humans can experience because of it?

      TOBIAS: Indeed as the grids are being changed, this reduces the strong grip of the veil. As the grid work is being completed, it also provides the potential to release duality all around you. Duality, in a sense, is held in place by the magnetics of Earth, so you will find polar shifts occurring more erratically than they have in the past. The magnetic poles of Earth have always shifted, and there are patterns within these shifts. At times they are rapid, and at other times, they are very slow. If you would ever plot these changes in the intensity of magnetic shifts, you will see that they correspond to consciousness changes on Earth. You could almost map these compared to world events.

      So, now you will see more erratic changes in the polarity of Earth. Is that not appropriate, as you release duality, that the Earth poles would also, in a sense, lose their grip? Cauldre asks us to interject that you can literally chart this through your scientific services that are available – through your Internet.

      The magnetic poles of Earth will shift quite erratically and dramatically, and then they will almost come to a standstill. And, all of this will greatly confuse your scientists because they will not understand. But you will. You will, because you will know it’s indicative of the changes that you and humanity are going through.

      At the same time the intensity of Earth’s magnetics will also fluctuate. It will change back and forth. There will be periods where the magnetics will get stronger, and then much weaker. And, again this will confuse your scientists, because it will not follow the patterns of the past. What you are going through is not normal. It has not happened in the past. And, indeed the vibrational resonance of Earth will continue to change. It will continue to increase. It has increased dramatically in these past few years of time.

      In a sense, it is a very crude indicator of your own vibrational changes, your heightening vibration. So, you will see this… what is called your SCHUMANN’s RESONANCE… increase, but it will not be in a predictable pattern. This is similar to what we spoke of at the beginning of our session today. You will see changes all around you. You will see extremes of polarity taking place in human consciousness. Then you can see how this change in consciousness then affects the magnetics and the vibrations of Earth. All of this is a delightful and wonderful way of saying that you are on course, that you are on the path. It is time for the energy of duality to transform into this New Energy of “four” that we have spoken of.

      That is why we come to you on this day with, not a lesson, but an acknowledgment, saying that you are coming to new understandings of love, a love like you have never known before, and a love like Spirit has never known before. And, it is coming from within you. ”

      • Comforting. Thank you dear SiSTAR goddess. ♥️♥️🌊🌊🌊

        “but an acknowledgment, saying that you are coming to new understandings of love, a love like you have never known before, and a love like Spirit has never known before. And, it is coming from within you. ”

        • Yeah, when I read that part where even spirit is experiencing greater love, it makes me realize just how extraordinary what we are doing is. We’re here to expand the love and take it back home. That was channelled back in 2002. I get the feeling we are seasoned at this, and we are already done and now it’s to just enjoy life.

          • Oh oh oh yes. Everything is happening faster. Intense but over quickly. Love love love love love…. Is all you need…… We are in it. We are IT! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Thanks for bringing us all together….. In love.

      • In tears! Thank you, I guess I must be on course. Big heart burst yesterday when SR peaked at 99 Hz, I knew something was up on my walk with the dogs, felt as if I could just fall over…made it back home to get flat. What a great read, so helpful, as I’ve been so, at times totally freaked out, all the while thinking you’ve been here done this, all is well, yet yesterday was a bit more intense. ❤️

  4. Yes, Love to us all. 💗

  5. I don’t know if this is relevant to you and others, but I was reflecting on the current topic and how I responded. It occurs to me that I am still pouncing on things to fix or transmute, no matter how subtle.
    I was drawn to watching some older Mooji videos on Youtube. He was discussing how we are already fine as we Truly are. However, the human mind, identity, or spiritual ego (ie the human 3D overlay or energy matrix we live focused in daily at the same time) keeps making trouble: criticising, commenting, and focusing on things we imagine we ‘should be’ when we get ‘there’.
    I realise I can read someone else’s experience and compare myself: perhaps seeing them as having something I haven’t got, or at least don’t have all the time. This amounts to my old perfectionist ‘story’ of not being good enough and always striving to control and push the journey in some way, or improve myself. Mooji (who does appear to have been in a consistently awakened state for some time) comments that these are movements of mind observed by our True Self, which is already at peace and complete. This is familiar stuff to any who have explored non-dual and Eastern teachings.
    I felt I now needed to remind myself about this. I realised that truly my True Self doesn’t care about iPad covers either way. I don’t get points for reaching a certain position on that. I think it’s more about how much my identity gets tangled and sees ‘me’ as being good/bad, or having work still to do, if I go cover or no cover. Then I give too much importance to things that really are insignificant and distractions from finally awakening to myself in a more enduring way.
    Mind you, facing old stuff that arrived in my Moment and truly releasing it had its place too. Those who haven’t also done this do seem to carry around stuff they unconsciously keep tripping over, or projecting onto others. Or they can simply become more blocked off and feel stuck.
    Both experiencing my True Self directly (eg as Mooji guides) and also releasing old junk, by entering it and transmuting it, both have been useful to me… at least till now. Now I feel its time to stop finding things to let go of- or the mind will continue to find or construct some nuisance to distract me.
    You commented that we are ‘already done’. I think this says something similar. We don’t need to keep working away as we did in the past.
    Thanks for opening this topic as it prompted reflection on a range of things. Btw you quoted Tobias in this thread. I still think the Tobias material was particularly simple, useful and ahead of its time. It’s a pity Geoff didn’t continue to channel him as I never related to those he channelled after.

    • Probably one of the biggest things that slows down our embodied enlightenment (embodying our soul here in these bodies) is the mind’s resistance . You are spot on, the mind, the human personality operates primarily from a place of fear and not feeling WORTHY. Believing in having to EARN worthiness. So it’s no surprise that in this transformation the mind carries that perception forward and keeps trying to clean up, clear out, and find more and more to improve upon.

      But I’ve said many times in this blog that it’s not about becoming a better human, a greener caterpillar. It’s about just being the butterfly. The butterfly has a memory of being the caterpillar, in the cocoon, but it doesn’t beat itself up for being that aspect of itself. It was JUST AN EXPERIENCE. No judgment, no good or bad, right or wrong.

      You’re right, the soul never judges us for anything. That’s not an easy one for the human. It’s been used to evaluating itself according to outside standards.

      As we awaken, and as we recognize who we actually are, all of that other stuff goes out the window….you called it distraction, and that’s what it is at this point for many of us.

      But still, it’s to accept the mind as it is. It’s a limited and unenlightened part of us. We can’t ask it to do this enlightenment thing for us.

      Kudos for finally saying, I’m done. No more trying. No more looking for things to work on or let go of.

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