Art by Maria Chambers

As far along as many of us are in this embodied enlightenment process, we notice there are still parts of us, aspects that do not feel worthy.  It’s the mental part that keeps trying to make things happen by pushing, and applying force.  The part that keeps trying to prove or earn worthiness.

In a Planetary system of hierarchical values from worthy to unworthy, created by humans, it’s natural for the mind to do that.  It assumes that it is being evaluated by a system that is rigged.  And that’s because what constitutes worthy and unworthy moves around a lot.

As we move from that mentally-based to a heart and soul based perspective we understand that there is no worthy or unworthy.  There is just a soul having a human experience.  And whatever we attract to us is from a place of vibrational alignment or misalignment. But the human persona has a hard time with that because its identity rests primarily on proving self-worth.

There is a sense of pride at stake.

Recently someone tried to convince me that they were more ‘evolved’ than me, because they were affiliated with a group of spiritual Starseeds.  They went on to point out where I needed work, and to give me unsolicited spiritual advice that they believed would help me to become as happy and evolved and successful as they are.

This was their way of both trying to prove worthiness, and a passive aggressive way of expressing their own resentment.  There is the part of them that is still not comfortable with their anger.  Or with feeling the sense of abandonment that propels that anger.

So it’s easier to project it outward.

The Mind will employ a variety of tactics to get what it thinks it wants and needs.  It will try to seduce us with flattery, with promises, with old photos of ‘our time together’ and with trying to convince us that it is far wiser than we are.  That we need it, the all knowing mind, because we are somehow flawed.

It will also try to appeal to our sense of guilt.

And, unless we set some clear boundaries, it will be relentless in its pursuit of control.

Art by Maria Chambers

I have had to set some clear boundaries with a few people in my life yet still find myself sucked in from time to time.  It’s important to recognize what is actually happening.  The mind can get easily seduced otherwise.

We are learning to trust our instincts.  We are pretty adept at it.  If someone, even our own mind, tells us something that sounds logical, that sounds even spiritual in nature, don’t take it on face value.

Ask yourself, how does it make me feel?  Is it uplifting?  Or does it feel off somehow? Do I feel joy, or do I feel self-doubt?  Does it make me feel like there is something very wrong with me?

Does it make me feel somehow, unworthy?

Chances are, if the comment or message makes you feel off, it’s trying to appeal to your mind, not your heart or soul.  Because the soul doesn’t engage in those emotions.  It’s not taking the bait.  It’s not interested in defending itself, and will not allow energy feeding.

The mind, on the other hand, can be manipulated much more easily than the heart.  It will begin to feel bad, less than, and fearful.  After reading the email from the more ‘evolved’ person, I spent a good day and a half feeling angry, and triggered.

The person was able to focus in on a part of me, of my mind, that feels vulnerable.  So much that I began second guessing myself.

It took me awhile to recognize that I was reacting from my mind, and that the message was from someone who was trying to manipulate me. (I also asked a fellow master for her perspective which helped me greatly to trust myself.)

It’s also helpful to remember that the same mind that tries to manipulate us is doing so because underneath it feels unworthy.

The people who keep trying to assert themselves back into my life, or get me to be a part of their life again, are subconsciously pushing me even further away. And that’s because they are feeling unworthy.

It’s not about me.  It’s all about them not wanting to face their own sense of abandonment, and their own self-judgment.  It’s easier to cling to the past or an old relationship than to do the inner work.  No, really, it is.  I’m not joking.

But if you resonate with these messages here, you already know that.

And, when our mind tries to trigger us with fear, or self-doubt, it’s good to remember, it’s not about us.  It’s about the mind and it’s own insecurity.

So when these things come up, it’s a kind of rubber-meets-the-road moment.  We can let the mind’s emotions carry us along, or we can claim our mastery, choosing to align with our heart and our soul instead.

Enjoy, Let It In from my album, Simply Divine

Simply Divine Photo

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7 thoughts on “Worthy

  1. Sharleen B

    I can sure relate to you dear Maria! You always nail it precisely as I feel it. I’m in awe at how you describe what I’m experiencing exactly. Such an old soul thing. You gently reassure me with you sharing your authentic self and me relating to everything you share. Oh, I love your music as well…really digging the song you shared here. “Let your mind go, let your soul in…let it in baby!!” Diggin’ it!!

  2. Kat

    “Recently someone tried to convince me that they were more ‘evolved’ than me, because they were affiliated with a group of spiritual Starseeds. They went on to point out where I needed work, and to give me unsolicited spiritual advice that they believed would help me to become as happy and evolved and successful as they are.”

    All this is proof that they were much much less evolved than you because I know for a fact you would never do such an arrogant thing. How utterly annoying!

    1. Hi Kat! Yep,agreed, utterly annoying! This has been their pattern for as long as I have known them, but I finally decided to cut all contact. They obviously are trying to evoke an emotional response in me, and I’m not interested in that game. The energy-feeding,

      And it also brought to my attention that to a degree I am allowing my own mind to play that game with me. To steal energy by trying to evoke fear and concern in me. Trying to convince me it knows better than my heart and my soul. The mind is clever that way!

      So nice hearing from you, my friend! 💕

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