Don’t Drag The Patriarchy Into Enlightenment

Art by Maria Chambers

If you have spent some time here at soulsoothinsounds you’ll notice I bring up the patriarchy a lot.  And it’s primarily to remind us that it hasn’t gone anywhere.  That it’s still here, and it’s trying to maintain control on the planet.  It senses that there’s a new gal in town, and that it may be gasping its last breath.

While many of us have released ourselves from domineering and controlling relationships with all genders, we are still dealing with a mind that is programmed by the patriarchy for the most part.

It often dominates our inner conversation with beliefs and perspectives that will not allow room for trust, for intuition, or for a sensual approach to life.  It doesn’t trust the body, the heart or the soul.

It tries to discipline and laser-focus the human into enlightenment.  It attempts to intellectualize and study its way to enlightenment, to deprive the human of joy, by dismissing the feminine aspects of life, such as sensuality.

And by enlightenment, I mean integrating all of our aspects, our mind, body, heart and soul, and walking around and simply enjoying life.

There is no deprivation involved.  We can’t diet our way, exercise our way, medicate our way into enlightenment.  It’s not about pushing and efforting things into place.  That won’t work.  Many of us already know that. We tried and tried until we just got exhausted, and maybe even depressed.

The reason I bring up the patriarchy is because when something is so woven into the fabric of societies for such a long time, it becomes normalized and almost invisible.  It is unrecognizable.  It is seen as just the way life is.

Patriarchy isn’t necessarily gender specific.

To be clear, many men on the planet have embraced their feminine, and are in balance.  At the same time, many women are imbalanced as they lean toward the mental, masculine approach to life.

The male, mental perspective permeates almost every aspect of life on the planet.  The feminine influence is there of course, but up until recently, it has been mightily suppressed.

In general the feminine has not been trusted by all genders.

So the mind has been conditioned in all humans to one degree or another to not trust the feminine, and consequently to not trust the heart and soul. But in our enlightenment we hit the wall if we try to drag the patriarchy with us.

In our enlightenment we naturally release the old wounds of the masculine and feminine.  We release the idea of pain and suffering.  We release the notion that we must sacrifice our own happiness for anyone else.  That we need to take on the energies of others.

But we are still dealing with a mind that wants to maintain control and will not relinquish that control easily, just as we see in the world outside our door.

So what do we do about it?

We take a deep breath or two, and we do nothing about it.  And, that’s the challenge.  The patriarchal energies are all about doing, achieving, overcoming, Wrestling with energies to get its way.

And, that all falls flat in the new energy we are in now.

We are no longer interested in the wounded angry male, or the over-nurturing female energies.  They are not who we are.  They never were.

Unless we want them to be.  And, that’s mastery.  We can play in any energies we want to.  We can play in pain and suffering.  We can pretend we are victims.  We can also choose to experience our divine nature.

We don’t have to wait until all our issues are resolved.  Because that’s a set up in itself.  The human will always have stuff they have not completely resolved.  Even the Ascended Masters of the past were not so-called perfect human beings.

Dare we say it?  That we are already enlightened?  That we are just pretending we are on a journey, trying to get there?  Trying to become something we already are?

That we can choose to be there?  And then just allow the energies to line up with that choice?

Well, it sounds good on paper.  But living it is another thing.  But, just because it feels impossible at times, that doesn’t mean it is impossible, or difficult.  Remember, the mind will try to manipulate our emotions into believing something is impossible.  That way, it can stay in charge of our life.

But we are not our minds.  We are our soul.  And our heart.  If In our heart something feels wonderful to us, even if it is an idea.  Then it is possible.  That is what we can trust.

We are learning to trust more and more in the magic that is our birthright.  That energies line up to bring to us what we desire.  It’s actually our natural state of being.

We are beginning to feel safe to create our heart’s desires.  Even if we’re not so sure what those desires are and are feeling bored.  We are learning to trust even in the space of boredom.  To not let the mind interpret it for us as a bad place.

So, we can take a few deep breaths and allow the body, mind and soul to continue to integrate in this totally natural process.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Drag The Patriarchy Into Enlightenment

  1. elizabethsadhu

    I think some of the most annoying and clueless patriarchal humans happen to be in female form. It kind of grabs you from behind……But ever since fifth grade when, as a new student, I was terrorized on the playground by a bunch of girls, I think I am a bit careful with women…..I have a pretty good radar for non-supportive, patriarchal supporting, femmes.

    “There is no deprivation involved. We can’t diet our way, exercise our way, medicate our way into enlightenment.” May in include meditate our way into enlightenment?

    Good post…..catching up.

    And I will end with “I am fucking enlightened!” heehee
    I mean, aren’t we all, really?!?! If we would just let it be.

    Love you tons, dear Sistar

    1. Yes it is especially annoying when other women embody the toxic masculine, maybe because we expect them to know better. At least those younger than us who have had less indoctrination in that old system.

      Oh and yes, absolutely, let’s include meditate. I was never a fan.

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