New Energy, Cool New Tools

Image credit Maria Chambers

I love creating art using a couple of apps on my iPad Pro. Recently I discovered a much loved app is no longer being supported by my software.  I notified customer support and they said it is being replaced with an upgrade.  But some customer reviews were dissatisfied with the updated version, claiming that it doesn’t have the simplicity, ease or options of the earlier one.

But in spite of my reluctance, I uploaded it anyway.  And as it turns out, all the same features have been enhanced with the addition of some really cool new ones.  And it really wasn’t difficult learning to navigate the newest version.

I can understand the reluctance to change, even if the changes are for the better.  We get comfortable in our patterns, and convince ourselves that they are better than the next version or next generation.

Each time I install software upgrades, I get a little nervous.  What if I have lost a feature I really liked in the earlier iteration?

But for the most part it turns out fine.  And it even makes things more fluid, and quicker and easier.  And the learning curve is less of an issue as the software becomes more refined.

Creating art for example is much easier and more dimensionally interesting.  There is a part of me that feels a bit guilty because creating no longer requires knowledge of many different techniques.

Some argue that a real artist builds images from scratch without any assistance from technology.    I say only if that brings them joy.  Personally, I am finding joy in creating on my iPad.  It’s got all the tools I need.  I can create a simple line drawing right up to a complex multi-dimensional image using a variety of applications.

Image credit Maria Chambers

It actually frees up my imagination to soar to heights I couldn’t go to using more traditional materials such as canvas and paints.  And of course it still requires creative passion and ability.

I can send the finished images right to my photo gallery, which automatically saves them to the cloud.  From there I can easily access them and insert them into my posts on my blog.  And, my iPad is portable.  I can sculpt and paint with words, images, and my music, using a 9 inches by 12 inches device that I can pop into my handbag……all while sipping my morning coffee at Starbucks.

And here comes the analogy…..

As we upgrade our dimensionality, and become more multidimensional, we have access to new tools.  And at first it seems that things are harder because there is a learning curve.  And some resistance.

But we discover that it’s our resistance to the new system, not the system itself, that holds us back from using all the tools available to us.  It is the early stages of being in the newer energy that can make us question ourselves, and wonder if we should have stayed in the old comfort zones.

Or, even worse, we wonder if we are actually in a new place at all.

But as we raise our frequency we naturally create with more ease.  Things flow to us synchronistically.  At first we may not recognize that feature.  Especially since in the old system we tended to push, struggle, and micromanage things.  We may even feel like we didn’t ‘earn’ what comes easily.  That we should know how it works, and we ought to study all the building blocks of creation first.

Kind of like artists did in the old days.  They studied anatomy using cadavers, pulverized their own pigments, learned how to use perspective, shading, and stretch and prime their own canvas.    Not that any of these things are wrong.  I have done many of them myself.  In fact I love original artwork done on canvas, and sculpture.  There is really nothing that can take the place of a piece of art created in an art studio. 

In fact, as I have said in previous posts, art and creativity is not given the honor and priority it deserves in our societies these days.

And just because certain tools and media are enhanced using technology, that doesn’t  mean they are any less valid.  And so it is for our new iteration in the new consciousness.  Because it’s easier, it does not make it any less creative.

In fact, a true artist uses whatever tools and media they enjoy using.  Because it’s not the tools or the media at all.  Those are simply vehicles for expressing.

It just means in many cases the struggle has been taken out of it.

Image credit Maria Chambers

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3 thoughts on “New Energy, Cool New Tools

  1. Sistar…….Love it.
    Great analogy.
    Recently I’ve been feeling slightly antsy because I have some great gifts and almost no one to share with. ♥️ It feels like only 2 people in my world. You and one other friend. ☺️♥️🤗 But, I figure, at some point, this will shift, also.

    I love the idea of my upgrades. Fun way to see it. And it makes a ton of sense.

    My mentor used to say we would gain so many cadre, as soon as they catch up. ♥️♥️☺️☺️😘🤗 So happy to have you as one, now.

    Love love love, E

    1. Aaah, dear siSTAR goddess….I am honored to have you too, to share who I am with!
      It’s hard at times being in an environment where we are not really recognized. And I agree, it will shift. More folks are feeling the dilemma of feeling unfulfilled, regardless of their money or their accomplishments.

      Their lives will begin to fall apart. Which is a good thing. It initiates change on the deeper levels.

      They’re looking for something deeper within themselves, but don’t know yet how to access it. And so they will feel confused, and they will find their way to those of us who embody a new way, and who enjoy sharing our gifts. Of course it may not be a landslide of souls, but I think we’re o.k. with that. Lol.

      Thank you my friend, for being here and shining your light. 💜💜💜

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