Ascension, Cults and Facing Reality

Art by Maria Chambers

I love studying human psychology.  What I have learned comes from observing others, and especially observing myself.  And as I become more conscious, I realize that there are a myriad of realities.

While each of us sees reality from our own unique perspective, we as a collective consciousness have agreed to a certain set of universal truths that helps us navigate this planet without too much disorder and chaos.

And as a collective we don’t diverge too much from those sets of truths.

Everyone pretty much agrees that we are participating in a reality that consists of time and space, and that gravity keeps us grounded.

But those of us who are on the embodied enlightenment trajectory understand that we are also multidimensional, and exist in many dimensions at once.  That we are eternal beings and are not subject to time and space and gravity in the non-physical.

We are beginning to understand that as we awaken, and claim our multiversal, multidimensional self, we can change this seeming bedrock, physical reality by applying our other-dimensional abilities.   By aligning our human self, with all of its limitations, to our limitless self.


Sometimes I enjoy watching YouTube videos created by cults like QAnon, or other right wing conspiracy theory groups, to try to understand what their supporters are thinking.  It’s hard not to shake your head and wonder how these folks ended up so detached from reality.  And as you observe them from your broader perspective, it’s easy to see how they are projecting their own lack of consciousness onto others.

And they have never been happier now that they have their cult leader as President of the United States to amplify their fears.

And clearly fear is the basis of their world view.  And, as with all cults, their fear is what cements their undying, and fact-defying loyalty to their leader.

It’s clear that nothing, no set of facts could dissuade them from their rabidly protective stance.

And people like Trump are savvy at cultivating their cult.

Most fascist dictators are brilliant in that ability.  Hitler comes to mind.  But of course, these leaders are a manifestation of the consciousness that supports them, not the cause.

Many cults tend to attract extreme religious zealots.  Not just religiously-oriented cults, like the one headed by Jim Jones.  And their leaders are usually sociopaths.  And when politics and religion come together they fuel the destruction of democracies.

When the leader of the free world has cultivated his own administrative cult, with the backing from Christian extremists there is no telling what can happen.

So we have a consciousness that refuses to see the reality in front of them.  That they themselves are at risk, not saved or protected at all by their anointed leader.


Art by Maria Chambers

I realize that others may be deriding those of us on the forefront of the new consciousness.  They may be saying behind our backs that we are in a cult.  I mean, look at us.  We are detached from many family functions, from friends.  Many of us live rather solitary lives.  we talk about our eternal self and our soul just a little too much.

Many of us are not interested in the news, we don’t identify with any political party, or believe that we are affected by an unfair economic system.  We don’t believe that hard work or luck is required to fulfill our dreams.

We understand that we are not victims of a random universe or are being rewarded or punished by god.  In fact we believe that we create our own reality.  That everyone on the planet creates their own reality, regardless of where they find themselves in life.  From the tiniest baby to the person living on the street, those in war torn countries, those living in poverty, those who live in mansions, and everyone else.

We don’t subscribe to any religion, or buy into the idea that doing good things makes you a good person, and doing bad things makes you a bad person.  We have thrown out the concept of good and bad.  We understand that it’s all just experience.

And we are not looking to be saved by someone outside ourself….not a guru, Jesus, Aliens, a messiah, or a political figure.

We seem to display a singular and unwavering devotion to our soul and the ascension, awakening process, regardless of the mental, rational empirical reality we have been indoctrinated into.

In fact, we believe we are really not part of that world. We are in that world, but not of it.

That’s pretty radical. In fact, so radical that some will swear we have fallen into a cult, and may need an intervention. To many observers that sounds like a textbook detachment from reality.

But upon closer observation, they would see that we are not motivated by the very root of cult behavior….fear.  We are not trying to protect ourselves from someone or something out there.  We are not projecting our unconscious fears onto others.

And that’s because for most of us we have moved past being unconscious of our shadow self.  We have begun to embrace those aspects of us that have been in the dark.  the parts of us that felt unloved. The fear, the sadness, the sense of abandonment, the guilt, and the shame.

Once these are brought into the light, they no longer have a hold on us.  We no longer need to externalize them.

Cults are born from the shadow of humanity.  From the unacknowledged parts of the  mind.  Our light can shine brightly only when we acknowledge our darkness.

Art by Maria Chambers


So, there are many realities.  That is something a conscious soul begins to recognize.  And, there should be no issue with that as far as we are concerned.  Reality is actually more flexible that we realized.  We don’t have to face reality if that reality tells us that our dreams are impossible.  That a disease is incurable.  That joy must be earned.

Especially a reality that tells us the mind is who we are, it is supreme, it is the anointed one, and the heart and soul are not real.  We realize that others’ views of reality, no matter how bizarre it seems to us, need not affect us or our joy.

It’s fun to study human psychology.  But as long as people insist there is no eternal self, or that if the soul does exist, it is destined to heaven or hell after this lifetime depending on the humans actions or thoughts….the study could get pretty boring.

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4 thoughts on “Ascension, Cults and Facing Reality

  1. So much here. I liked “cultivate the cult”.

    I kept thinking of Oversoul Seven. Did you ever read that, by Jane Roberts?

    The gap between me and family and so many humans feels wider than ever. Not my children. We are closer then ever. My hubby and I are closer than ever. ♥️♥️♥️

    Great post. Lots to ponder. So many realities.

    Thanks and a lot of love to you SiSTAR! Muah

    Another yearning to sit and have coffee with you and talk talk talk….☕☕😘

    1. Yes, siSTAR, I did read Oversoul 7 although a long time ago. I remember it was fascinating. I really appreciate what Jane Roberts did in her life.

      Sounds like you, your hubby and children are kindred souls. It’s lovely to see that special bond. And, me too, I want to sit and have coffee and conversation with you, dear friend! So much to share with one another. ☕️💕

      1. I’ve still got the book/trilogy. I haven’t kept many of my woo books but this one hold a special place in my heart. I wonder how it reads now? I may try it. Here’s to conversation and coffee!!! ☕☕☕♥️♥️♥️

        1. Interesting….I had several of their books, and at some point gave them away to goodwill I think. Then, a few years later, I was drawn to re-read a couple of them, so I borrowed one or two from the local library. I tried reading some of them online recently, and some of it still resonates, and some of it feels like I have gone beyond even his teachings.

          But, I agree, that it holds a special place in the heart. Connecting with these beautiful teachers opened us up and changed us forever.

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