Art by Maria Chambers

Fear.  It motivates people all of the time.  Fear motivates them to work at jobs that bring them little joy.  It motivates them to be in relationships in which they compromise their freedom, because the alternative is to be alone.  They compromise their joy and freedom daily for a modicum of security.  Fear motivates people to seek medical attention, get the next surgery, because they fear the body can’t rebalance itself.  Some say people die of fear, not diseases.

As we enter the final stages of the ascension process, some of us are faced with fear that has been buried.  But now it comes up so we can acknowledge it.  It could manifest as a fear of a physical condition, an emotional one, a relationship or financial situation.

The fear can be so gripping that we will try to take some action to relieve it.  We may try to continue to bury it.  But we discover that those methods are not working anymore.

No one wants to feel consumed by fear.  It’s not a pleasant emotion.  But the mind has used the emotion to get our attention.  And when we engage it, when we allow it to take us over, we are feeding the mind.

But we are no closer to transmuting the fear.  It just continues, then, to perpetuate situations that create more anxiety and fear.

The mind naturally tries to fix problems with action.  It assumes that the problem needs fixing so we can relax and not experience the fear around the problem.  But we are discovering that it’s engaging the fear that keeps us from relaxing, and from allowing solutions to just come to us, and then so-called issues resolve themselves.

Trusting the process of integrating our soul and our human personality and mind is what is called for.  But that trust is elusive if we are trying to wrestle with our fears.

Acknowledging the fears and concerns, accepting that they are there, is necessary, yes. But then beyond that, not engaging in the battle is imperative.

Art by Maria Chambers

So, that sounds good.  But how the hell do we do that?  Especially as we are faced with what we feel are fearful situations or conditions?

It feels easier to just allow the fear to trigger us, and to run around trying to figure out how to resolve the situations.  Taking action is sometimes required, yes. But if we do it from a place of panic or fear, we know how that usually turns out.

Doing it that way places too much responsibility on our mind, on our human persona.  As that human persona, we tend to trust other humans more than we trust our divine presence.  We tend to trust doctors, or others who we rely upon for our health, safety or security.

That’s understandable. It’s how we have been operating for a very long time here.  But then we end up extinguishing one fire after another, and we can’t move into our joy and our freedom from that place.

And, as we ascend, and as we become more conscious, we discover the only reason we are here at this point is to experience joy and freedom.  And joy and freedom do not come from following our fear.


The good news is, we are moving into our joy and our freedom.  Maybe even unceremoniously shoved into it at times.  We are discovering that we can’t afford to just give into the fears.  It will sabotage our joy, and our desire to be here.

Many of us are finding that those emotions of fear and concern are subsiding nicely, but there may be one or two left that we hadn’t expected.  And they are not there coincidentally. They are there to help us to move beyond the fears and move into our mastery.

And it does take mastery to be discerning when it comes to how we feel.  When we are gripped by fear, that’s not who we are.  Who we are is fearless.  Not the kind of superhero fearless we see in the movies.  But just a knowingness that we are much more than the human personality and the mind.  The mind that doesn’t have a clue how to resolve our issues.

So, in that sense, fear is not real.  It’s an emotion from the mind that we let control us.

Building a trust with our soul and our divinity takes time.  And, actually, the mind would like to trust that our divine nature can resolve these issues for us.  It’s tired of being responsible for our life.

Many of us are at that in-between place, of no longer trusting that conditioned mind to take care of our health, or our financial security, or any other significant aspect of our life.  But we are still not totally convinced that our soul is here, much less can relsolve these things for us.  Or are wondering what we must sacrifice for the soul to be in the forefront.

And it’s why some of us are experiencing situations now in an almost dramatic way, so that we can release the fears, or the remaining sense of needing pain in our life.  So that we can begin to trust in something else.  Something that had always been here with us.  Has always been present, but we kept at arm’s length.

And really, the deepest fear for many going through their embodied enlightenment is that the human mind, the human personality will be annihilated if we allow the soul to take charge.  And that is not true.  In our heart we know that our soul loves us unconditionally, and would never assert itself on us.  If that were the case, it would have done that a long time ago.

In our heart we know this isn’t about trying to perfect anything.  It’s not about working at anything.  It’s not about trying to be worthy of having life serve us.  It’s about relaxing, and being what some consider so vulnerable, so that we can open up to the love and service of that part of us that is……well, it’s who we are.  It’s who we have always been.  It’s who we can rely upon. And, in our heart we know that part…..our eternal self…..that’s the part that is fearless.

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4 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. mm

    “Trusting the process of integrating our soul and our human personality and mind is what is called for. But that trust is elusive if we are trying to wrestle with our fears.

    Acknowledging the fears and concerns, accepting that they are there, is necessary, yes. But then beyond that, not engaging in the battle is imperative. .”

    Yes. Thank you. ❤

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